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									                          FIRE PERFORMERS

Heat up your event with Fire twirling performers & African Drumming. Gold Coast based fire twirlers
and/or tribal percussionists are available for hire. Certain to add a great atmosphere to any event from
the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast to Byron Bay areas.
Powered by African Djembe, congas, Dun Duns and Tribal percussion, it is the perfect recipe to bring
the night to life and give spectators a story to tell, a never to be forgotten fireshow experience.

Fire Up Production
If it big flames and fast spinning that you envisage then this is the show for you.

Eastern Dance
Three fire dancers start the show with a choreographed veil dance. Followed by feature fire

Fire Spectacular
We have several excellent professional fire dancers and an impressive percussion ensemble
working collectively to meet the greatest expectations. Talk to us about customizing a
performance package to compliment your event and venue. We can tailor a special show with
extra performers, effects and instruments to bring your ultimate vision to life.

Panoramic Spectacular
Have you got a wide open space for us to really spread our wings. Then get ready for a jaw
dropping finale that fills the air with wow. Our open air finale arrests your Gaze with Glittering
cascades of glowing gold while the rhythm and dance peaks in crescendos of spectacular.
Running time is 20 mins

Spirit Fire Show
Our feature show is a sure fire way to heat up the night and raise the energy of any crowd.
Running time is 15- 20 mins

Golden Greeting

Let us greet your guests as they arrive with a fiery display of welcoming warmth and tribal
rhythm. This is our most popular service making a great first impression and setting the mood
at your event. Running time is 1/2 to 1 hour.

Flame & Shadow
This fluid performance is the perfect way to work the entire floor of your event offering an up
close and personal experience of roving entertainment. Running time is 1/2 to 1 hour
The professional team of expert performers off choreographed fire dance shows, tribal
drumming and interactive drum circle experiences at your events.
Here are some addition options.

Individual bookings and Freestyle Entertainment (Meet and Greet) 1 hour:

Spirit Fire Duo Show (Two Performers):
This dynamic feature fire show showcases elegant costuming,
synchronized choreographies, acro balance sequences and ecstatic fire dance
performed to a unique soundtrack.

We include 1/2 hour of Ambient Freestyle Entertainment
with every Spirit Fire Duo Show booking.

Choose from the following Freestyle Entertainment options.

1. 'A Golden Greeting' offers your guests
a warm and fiery welcome as they arrive at your event

2. 'Follow the Flames' allows us to lead your party by fire light
to a new location in your event space for the Fire Show

3. 'Free Style Fire Dance' adds atmosphere and energy to any event space
and can be performed throughout your venue around tables,
by the poolside, on decking, the courtyard or beachfront.

Spirit Fire Duo Show and Tribal Drumming:
You receive 1/2 hour of ambient free style roving entertainment
performed to the driving rhythms of two expert Tribal Drummers
plus the 15 min choreographed Feature Fire Show.

Spirit Fire Duo Show, Drumming and Byron Style Workshop Jam:
Be part of the action.
We recommend including an interactive drumming Jam for you and your guests.
Equipment provided includes seating, lantern lighting
and workshop drums for six guests at a time.

Spirit fire and Eastern dance trio:
Introducing Victoria, our amazing contemporary middle eastern dance goddess.
Her entrancing belly dance sequences give our Spirit Fire Show an evocative edge of Goddess

We have several costume themes available Tribal, Golden Arabian or Elegant Black.
Your Investment will be:-

                                                     Gold             Brisbane
                                                     Coast             Bryon
Fire Dancer, (1 hour call)
meet and greet with a 15min           $330          $385
Each additional hours per performer   $140          $140
Tribal Drummer (1 hour)              $300           $350
Each additional hour per performer    $100          $100
Duo Shows includes
1 hour meet and greet with
                                      $660          $715
choreographed 20 min show to
Duo Show and Tribal Drumming         $1100         $1320
1 hour meet and greet with the Duo
Show, Drumming and Byron Style       $1200         $1430
Workshop Jam
Eastern Dance Trio (1 hour)           $880          $935
*Brisbane and Byron Bay please add an additional $40 travel

$20 million Public Liability insurance covers all our Fire entertainers.

         Safety is our priority
         Risk assessment before each event
         Incident free record
         Fire safety equipment on hand.

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Fire Twirling Equipment
The multi-talented fire twirlers use Fire Staff, Fire Poi, Fire Fans, Fire Palms, Fire Wands, Fire Ropes/Snakes and Double

The entertainers use the cleanest and safest fuel for all of our fire twirling performances

Firelight is:

         Low odour
         Low burning temperature
         No kerosene
         Very little black smoke

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