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									                                                                                               FIRBANK GRAMMAR SCHOOL

                                                                                                 HEAD OF TURNER HOUSE

                                                                                                       Role Description

 Key Result Areas                     Key Responsibilities                                                             Key Performance Indicators

1.   Strategic      Providing visionary and innovative leadership in                 Successful implementation of the Strategic Plan.
     Management     implementing the School Strategic plan.                          Demonstrated leadership in the school community.
                    Membership and participation in the Senior                       Professional development and participation in external educational issues and associations.
                    Management Team.                                                 Contribution at Senior Management Team meetings and committees.
2.   School         Enrolments                                                       Achievement of annual enrolment targets.
     Development    The implementation of policy development relating to             Scholarship offerings.
                    enrolments and scholarships and conducting of                    Parent feedback.
                    interviews for prospective parents and students.

                    Facilities                                                       Evidence of current Master Plan documents and implementation achieved within agreed
                    Contribute to the implementation of the Master Plan for           timeframes and budgets.
                    Turner House to ensure the school maintains                      Contribution to building and planning meetings for Turner House.
                    competitively high standards in its educational facilities.

                    Curriculum and Co-curricular Development                         Customer Satisfaction Monitor Survey results.
                    Continual development of the curriculum and co-                  Initiatives introduced to advance the curriculum and co-curricular activities.
                    curricular activities in order to maximize student               Academic results and awards of recognition.
                    potential, academic results and participation in non-            Successful implementation and monitoring of the PYP program.
                    academic fields of endeavor.
                    Knowledge of and support for the continued
                    implementation of the PYP of the International
                    Conduct and discipline                                           Clearly stated and communicated codes of conduct and disciplinary procedures.
                    Policy development and implementation processes for              Staff training.
                    codes of conduct.
                    Marketing and Communication                                      Quality and implementation of Marketing Plan.
                    Contribute to the implementation of the Marketing Plan.          Quality and frequency of communications.
                    Communicate with stakeholders and the wider                      Parent feedback.
                    community to keep them informed and enhance the                  Quality and timeliness of submissions.
                    school’s reputation.
                    Submit a report and oversee the preparation of copy for
                    the newsletter each week.
                    Submit copy for The Green, Gold &White in May and
                    Oversee the production of content for the Turner House
                    section of The Log for submission late in Term 3.
 Key Result Areas                       Key Responsibilities                                                            Key Performance Indicators

                       Wellbeing                                                      Implementation plans in place for the wellbeing of students.
                       Lead all staff in the management of the welfare of             All student and staff needs met with appropriate care and responses.
                       students and ensure that all student welfare needs are         Parent and staff feedback.
                       met in a pro-active manner.
                       Lead all staff in the management of their wellbeing.

2.    School           Spirituality                                                   Student participation and response to Religious Education and worship.
      Development      Ensuring that the school’s base in Christian values and        Support the School Chaplain and staff in the creation of wellbeing and spiritual development
      (cont)           spirituality is encouraged and developed.                       programs.

3.   School Morale     Students, staff and parents are encouraged to feel pride       Low absenteeism of students and staff, excluding illness.
                       in belonging to the school.                                    High participation by students and staff in extra- curricular activities ie. community service, House
                                                                                       activities etc.
                                                                                      Customer Satisfaction Monitor Survey.
4.   Financial         Development and management of the Turner House                 Meeting of annual financial targets and budgets, as approved by the School Board and the
     Management        budgets.                                                        Principal.
                                                                                      Feedback from the Director of Finance & Administration.
5.   Information       Work with the Junior School ICT Co-ordinator to                Consideration and implementation of initiatives.
     Technology        implement school policy to ensure Firbank maintains a          Parent, staff and student feedback.
                       competitive edge in the use of technology as an                Curriculum plans which reflect appropriate use of teaching technologies.
                       educational and communication tool.
6.   Stakeholder       Developing and maintaining effective relationships with        Quality of relationships and extent of interaction.
     Relations         key stakeholders of the junior school.                         Initiatives to extend stakeholder relationships as part of strategic development for the school.
                                                                                      Effective resolution of complaints.
                       (Key stakeholders include: students, staff, parents,
                       Board members, Old Grammarians, school auxiliaries,
                       benefactors, the Anglican Church and the wider
7.   Staff             Detailed and thorough involvement and responsibility           Staff ratios.
     Recruitment and   for all staff appointments, promotions and terminations.       Quality of staff recruited.
     Management        Recommendations to the Principal for staff                     Number and reason for terminations.
                       appointments, promotions and terminations and                  Academic and non-academic results and achievements.
                       subsequent implementation.                                     Staff morale.
                       Implementation of a recognition and rewards system for         Demonstrated leadership of staff.
                       Management of junior school teaching, administration           Annual Performance Reviews.
                       and maintenance staff.                                         On-going feedback and working relationships.

                       Initiating programs for staff professional development in      Evidence of high quality and appropriate professional development completed by staff.
                       the junior school.

                       Development of effective performance appraisal                 Appraisal program for all staff clearly defined and implemented.
                       systems and processes for administration and teaching

                       Participate in the annual review and salary                    Completed and timely
                       recommendations for all junior school staff.
 Key Result Areas                        Key Responsibilities                                                         Key Performance Indicators

8.   Reporting          Regular reporting to the Principal in relation to Turner      Timely
                        House.                                                        Quality of reporting

9.   Risk               Management of all issues relating to risk management          Issues management to reduce risk and damage to school.
     Management         within the Turner House environment, including                Effective communication with the Principal.
                        contributing to the development of a total school             Complaints managed to resolve issues and minimize escalations.
                        complaints management strategy and the effective
                        resolution of complaints.

10. Occupational        Compliance with OH & S legislation and Firbank                Level of documentation
    Health & Safety     OH & S policy including but not limited to:                   OH & S audits
                          Documented and effective induction and training of         Accident rates / near misses
     Managing              all staff, contractors and volunteers on your              Pro-active in developing and promoting the implementation of Health & Safety Policy and
     Occupational          campus                                                      Procedures
     Health and           Emergency and evacuation procedures on your                Level of staff OH & S engagement
     Safety as             campus documented and effective                            Compliance with WWC requirements for all staff, contractors and volunteers
     Management           Use of materials including art, science, food
     Representative        technology etc.
     for Turner House     Provision and maintenance of the workplace in a
                           safe condition.
                          The provision of resources to meet the School’s
                           health and safety commitment.
                          Compliance with Working With Children
                           requirements for all staff, contractors and
                           volunteers in your campus.
                          Level of O H & S documentation and staff O H & S
                          Accident rates / near misses.
Qualifications Required:         Tertiary Qualifications from a recognized University and appropriate primary teaching qualifications.

Previous Experience Required:    Senior Management, curriculum development and knowledge of the Primary Years Programme.

                                                                Critical Role Competencies

Technical/Functional Knowledge

Education                        Sound knowledge of educational and learning principles.

Financial                        Ability to understand financial analysis, budgets and financial reports and make financial recommendations and business management

Spiritual                        Spiritual awareness, understanding and commitment to the Christian faith in an Anglican context.

Interpersonal                    Ability to build strong relationships, resolve conflict and maintain staff morale.

Communication                    Ability to communicate with stakeholders to disseminate information and promote the strategic goals of the School.

Occupational Health and Safety   Sound understanding of the School’s Legal obligations

Key Management Skills
                                 Leadership                                 Time Management                           Decision Making
                                 Strategic Thinking                         Problem Solving                           Relationship Building
                                 Communication                              Creativity                                Teamwork

Key Attitudes
                                 Achievement orientation                 Organisational Commitment                    Marketing focus
                                 Customer Service orientation            Enthusiasm                                   Consultative style
                                 Self Confidence                         Initiative
                                 Alignment with School philosophy and strategic directions and budgets

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