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					                                                                                                        October 2009
                                          UPDATE                                               v. 10b

 - - DIVE - - DIVE - - DIVE - -                       CLUB MEMBER INVITATION
                                                     (Not a member yet . . . Sign-up now and join us)
                                                       Swan Wreck Cleanup Session
WOW, what a fantastic turnout to our free diving
event down at Quindalup last Sunday afternoon.               On Sunday the
   It looks like we are all keen to get diving.
                                                      18 th October 2009 @ 1:00pm
    FANTASTIC RESULT !!                            Claim your spot now . . . spots are limited.
                                                    This is a FREE session, we just need your
                                                    help to spring clean the Swan. We will be
                                                   doing an info/planning session at our shop
                                                        on Friday the 16th October 2009
                                                               Please come and Join us . . .
Thank you to everyone who came down
                                                              CURRENT WEATHER CONDITIONS
and joined us and those who participat-
                                                        The weather conditions are rapidly improving
ed in the diving on the day. We would
                                                        and the whales are still entertaining divers
also like to thank our Crew for making
                                                        who have been diving with us.
the day run as smoothly as it did.
                                                        The southerly winds are returning and the div-
The aim of the day was to:
                                                        ing conditions in Geographe Bay is improving
 • Get everyone back in the water
                                                        every day. The forecast for this coming week
 • To showcase the new Scubapro
                                                        and weekend looks to be fantastic.
   Seawing Nova
 • To introduce every-
   one to our completely
   new range of Hire
Our new hire gear con-
sists of the Scubapro
T-Force BCD for the guys and the suitably
tailored Scubapro Bella BCD for the ladies.
The new BCD’s are accompanied by the fan-
tastic combination of the MK-17 1st Stage,
the R395 2nd Stage, the R295 Occy and finally
                                                                     COXSWAIN COURSE $950
the Uwatec Aladin Prime Triple Console.
                                                               We still have 5 spots available so if you
                                                               are interested then please contact us
This season
                                                               as soon as possible so that we can get
has started
                                                               the ball rolling. Normally you would
with a bang
                                                               need to go to TAFE in Fremantle for 2 or
so come on
                                                                3 weeks so this way you can bring TAFE
down, join our
                                                                  to you, save you some money and
dive club and
                                                                  help you get your coxswains at the
get involved.
                                                                  same time.

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                                                                                                                 October 2009
                                                     UPDATE                                             v. 10b

       DIVE COURSES SCHEDULE                                           CHARTER TRIP SCHEDULE
We have received a huge number of                                This coming week is bringing with it some
requests for course dates for this                               glorious weather so seize the opportunity if you
season so we have decided to let                                 can.
everyone know what we are doing
and when we will be doing it.                                    THIS WEEKEND TEMPERATURE IS GOING TO BE IN
                                                                            THE 30’s AND SUNNY
Please note that we are flexible
with our dates so if we don’t have                Mother nature will be sending us Southerly
one listed here then just let us know and we will winds somewhere between 5 & 15 knots for the
try and arrange a course that fits your schedule. duration which means
                                                  the conditions for
Open Water Diver Course                           diving inside the bay
     Date   Course                                are excellent.
23/10/09     Full Time Course : Friday - Sunday
04/11/09     Full Time Course : Wednesday - Friday               This coming weekend is s
13/11/09     Full Time Course : Friday - Sunday                  also looking excellent
18/11/09     Full Time Course : Wednesday - Friday               so if you want to get
                                                                 back into the diving
Advanced Open Water Course                                       routine then book now
    Date     Course                                              and come dive with us.
14/11/09     Full Time Course : Saturday & Sunday
28/11/09     Full Time Course : Saturday & Sunday                As usual, numbers &
05/12/09     Full Time Course : Saturday & Sunday                weather permitting, our r
                                                                 charters will leave at
Rescue Diver Course                                              9am on weekdays and
    Date     Course                                              8am on weekends. Over   r
11/12/09     Friday & Saturday                                   the busier days we will have a second trip that
                                                                 would depart at 2pm on weekdays and 1pm on
EFR Course                                                       weekends.
    Date     Course
13/12/09     Sunday All Day                                      If you are thinking about diving in late
                                                                 November, December or January then I would
Divemaster Program                                               recommend that you book as early as you can to
    Date     Course                                              ensure that you get a spot (especially if you are
14/12/09     One night a week plus one practical day per week    wanting to dive on weekends. We have already
                                                                 started to bookings
Speciality Diver Course                                          for the popular
    Date     Course                                              dates and on some
Anytime      We can accommodate Specialty Courses at any time    days we only have a
             as long as we have at least two on the course. We
             can arrange                                         few spots available

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