Fall Fashion for Furry Fashionistas by lindahy


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                                                            Fall Fashion for
                                                           Furry Fashionistas
                                                                                           Photography by Animax
                                                     Fall fashion for the furries just got a little more stylish in these great jackets, hoodies and T-shirts. Whether it’s coverage
                                                              for cooler conditions or just a little something to make you snug, these funky fashions are fur-fabulous.

    fine art hand painted portraits
  of your best friend in oil or pastel
 0422 378 576 anne@frescopet.com.au

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   1 Urban T range features great designs      2 The Combat is urban cool with cargo                  3 Seize the power and overthrow                4 Long before Snoop Dog there was
   and fitted comfort. Adorned with little     fabric, studs and contrast overstitching.         other shabby fashions in the Coup D’etat.        the original–Snoopy. Your dog will be Joe
  birds, flowers or a hydrant, they’re made   Crystal embellished back pocket gives this       Lightweight, yet warm for winter, this great       Cool wearing this faux leather jacket with
 in the USA, are 100% cotton and provide              little jacket a sparkly edge.            little jacket has a water resistant outer and     embroidered World War Ace emblazoned on
           protection from UV rays.                                                                  comes in a range of colour combos                            the back.

urban animal February 15, 2008 • 36
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                                                 Stockists and suppliers:
                                                 Combat Harness Jacket by Hip Hop Doggy                                       A unique and fun way to shop for
                                                 www.hiphopdoggy.com.au ph: 0412 551 176                                        your pets has finally arrived!
                                                 Urban T range Urban Hund available from MuttSpace
                                                 www.muttspace.com.au or ph: 9557 7631                                                                   We specialise in:
                                                 Coupe D’etat from Puppia www.puppyco.com.au                                  • Party Plan services • Shopping Consultations • Unique Pet Products
                                                 ph: 0421 018 122                                                                             • Pet Care Advice • Product Education
                                                 Snoopy Jacket & T-shirt through Sperling Enterprises
                                                 ph: 9821 1444                                                                         Owned & Operated by Qualified Veterinary Nurses!
                                                 Genuine Jacket from Puppia                                                     For more information visit:www.petwiz.com.au
                                                 www.puppyco.com.au ph: 0421 018 122                                                or contact - email: info@petwiz.com.au ph: 0421578844
                                                 Playboy range through Sperling Enterprises
                                                 ph: 9821 1444
                                                 Genuine Jacket, Houndstooth & Diamond Hood
                                                 from Puppia www.puppyco.com.au ph: 0421 018 122





 5 Genuine charm and genuine good looks                6 You may never get an invitation to the          7 Wear the Diamond Hood and look like                 8 Release the hounds in these
give this jacket a distinct edge. Available in         Playboy Mansion or meet Hef but at least         a million bucks. This great little jacket has    Houndstooth Jackets. Warm and elegant,
 a range of colour combinations as well as           you can look like a centerfold in these great        some fine detailing like the detachable           the houndstooth pattern may have
             well as camoflage.                      little jackets and Ts from the Playboy range.                         hood.                          originated in the Scottish Lowlands but
                                                                                                                                                         you’ll be hitting the fashion highlands in
                                                                                                                                                                  this fur-trimmed jacket.

                                                                                                                                                                 37 • February 15, 2008 urban animal

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