Wisconsin Rampage Junior Hockey Spring Program 2010

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					                             Wisconsin Rampage Junior Hockey
                                   Spring Program 2010

       Dates:        April 6th – May 6th

       When:         Practice 3 days/week (T-W-TH) for 1-1/2 ice slots
                     Dry Land Practice 3 days/week (T-W-TH)

       Where:        IcePlex (Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin)

       What:         2 tournaments (1 home, 1 away)

       Time:         t/b/d

       Cost:         $740.00

                                           *    *    *    *    *

Additional Information:

All participants must have their USA Hockey registration confirmation. If not, participants must
register online with USA Hockey prior to attending spring program. Please go to
www.usahockey.com to register your son.

To register, please fill out the registration form, provide a copy of your son’s birth certificate, a copy
of his USA Hockey registration confirmation and a check payable to: Wisconsin Rampage Junior

The format for the tournament teams will be as follows: only 18 skaters and 2 goalies will attend
each tournament. A list will be posted the Wednesday before each one of them with the selected
players. The ones who do not make the list will receive a $50.00 reimbursement check for each
tournament not attended

Please mail to: Wisconsin Rampage Junior Hockey, 8317 312th Avenue, Burlington, WI 53105 or for
your convenience, you can register online by visiting our website at

For more   information, please contact:
Contact:   John Blankenship, Coach/Owner @ 847-529-8248 / Email: jblankship@netzero.com and/or
Contact:   Dave Damos, Coach @ 847-587-2934 / Email: hockeymon2@aol.com and/or
Contact:   Rich Teglia, Coach @ 847-977-5796 / Email: tteg1@aol.com.

                         Wisconsin Rampage Junior Hockey
                      Spring Program 2010 - Registration Form

Player Information:

Last Name _____________________________ First Name _________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________ State ________________ Zip _________________

Home Phone ________________________________ Date of Birth ___________________________

Fall 2009-2010 Hockey Team __________________________________________________________

Position:     ________ Defense ________ Forward ________ Goalie

Player’s Last Season Stats and Hockey Information:

Previous Team: _____________________________________________________________________

Coach Name: ______________________________ Coach Phone No. _________________________

Coach Name: ______________________________ Coach Phone No. _________________________

Player’s Last Season Stats: Goals ________ Assists ________ Points _________ PIM ___________

Goalie’s Last Season Stats: Wins ______ Losses ______ SOG ______ GAA ______ Save % ______


Name: _____________________________________ Phone No. _____________________________

Name: _____________________________________ Phone No. _____________________________

Parent/Guardian Information:

Mother’s Name ______________________________ Home Phone ___________________________

Mother’s Email ______________________________ Cell Phone _____________________________

Father’s Name ______________________________ Home Phone ___________________________

Father’s Email _______________________________ Cell Phone _____________________________

                           Wisconsin Rampage Junior Hockey
                        Spring Program 2010 - Registration Form

   Player birth years (1990 – 1995)
   Player background requirements: If from a Travel Program, player must be in upper 50% of team
    stats. If from a High School team, player must be in upper 50% of team stats.
   We have the right to refuse any player and refund that player.
   Player shall provide all required equipment to practice and play.
   A jersey will be provided to each player, which is included in fees.

                                         Payment Information

Cost:                                                                                   $740.00

Payment Method:
 Check # _____________ Amount Paid _______________
  Payable to: Wisconsin Rampage Junior Hockey

 Visa/MC/Paypal _______________________________ Expiration Date ____________
Name as shown on Credit Card _______________________________________________
Complete address on cardholder account _______________________________________
Signature ________________________________________________________________

                             Wisconsin Rampage Junior Hockey
                                   Spring Program 2010

About Us:

The Rampage organization is pleased to announce that the Pleasant Prairie Rampage’s first season
with the Great Lakes Junior Hockey League was a success.

Here are the highlights of our success:

   Five of our players (Defensemen: Alex Murphy and Brenner Blankenship; Forwards: Mark St.
    Martin II and Sam Holeczy; and Goalie: David Heflin were selected to participate in the
    GLJHL/CHA All-Star Weekend comprised of two teams by birth years (89-91 and 92-94) last
    January 2010 in Buffalo, New York. In addition, David Heflin and Brenner Blankenship won a
    medal for best goalie and team relay race, respectively in the Skills Competition.

   Made the playoffs on our first season with the Great Lakes Junior Hockey League.

   Advanced three players to Junior A Tier III organizations.

John Blankenship said, “We are proud of our players on the roster for their hard work, dedication and
commitment to the sport they love and enjoy.” He added by saying, “the Rampage organization will
continue to work hard in order to provide our players the best program to help them achieve their
goals and move to the next level of hockey.”

John Blankenship also added, “It is exciting to have the phone ringing from schools and organizations
who have followed our players during the season. A number of scouts have came through and
observed the players and it shows that hard work all season is paying off with the interest our players
are receiving.”

About RexPlex and IcePlex:

RecPlex and IcePlex are located on the shore of Lake Andrea inside Prairie Springs Park in Pleasant
Prairie, Wisconsin. With a combined square footage of over 260,000 sq ft, these two impressive
facilities create a family-oriented recreation destination offering four main activity areas: an aquatics
center, fitness center, athletic field house and two NHL-sized ice rinks. A wide variety of recreation,
sports and fitness classes and programs are available year-round for all ages and abilities.