Vanway Recycling Depot and Transfer Station

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					The Recycling & Environmental Action Planning          PROHIBITED MATERIALS
Society (REAPS, offers work-            The following materials are not accepted at the
shops and provides information brochures on            Transfer Station facility. Alternative waste disposal
home composting. For more information, call            options are available for these materials.
REAPS at 250-561-7327.
                                                       Cattle Carcasses      Refuse (on fire or
The Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill site         Chemical Waste          smoldering)
has a centralized composting operation for             Fencing Wire          Sewage Sludge
recycling yard and garden trimmings (leaves,           Fuels                 Paints/Solvents
grass and hedge clippings, plants, flowers,            Hazardous Waste       Special Waste (Provincial
weeds, vegetable stocks, shrub and tree                Liquids                  Regulation)
branches up to 75 mm (3 inches) in diameter).          Lubricants            Steel/Plastic Drums (if not
Land clearing debris or industrial sources of          Pesticides               cut/crushed/perforated)
wood waste are not accepted for composting.
When delivering loads of compostable yard and          Please contact the Foothills Boulevard Regional
garden waste, please ensure that loads are             Landfill at 250-962-8972 or the Regional District
                                                       Service Centre at 250-960-4400 for more
covered and contained so that material does not
blow out onto the roads.

 Alternate Disposal Site                                      Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill
                                                                       Hours of Operation
 Materials that are not accepted at the
 Vanway Transfer Station, but will be                  Winter: November 1 – March 31
 accepted at the Foothills Boulevard
                                                       Monday to Friday          7 am – 5 pm
 Regional Landfill include:
                                                       Saturday                  7 am – 4 pm
                                                       Sunday                   10 am – 4 pm
 Air                                                   Summer: April 1 – October 31
                   Concrete/         Mattresses
                   Asphalt           Furniture
 Units                                                 Monday to Friday          7 am – 7pm
                   Construction      Dead Animals      Saturday                  7 am – 7 pm
 Anti-freeze                                           Sunday                   10 am – 7 pm
                   Waste             (not cows)
                   Fridges/          Roofing           Holiday Operating Hours are from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.
                   Freezers          Materials         The facility is CLOSED on Christmas Day and New
                                                       Years Day.
                                                                                                                Va n wa y
 Auto              Hot Water         Used Oil/Oil
 Lead Acid
                   Land Clearing

 Bulky Materials

                                     Vehicle Parts
                                                                                                               Depot and
Most of these items can be dropped off at no
charge at the Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill.
Call the Landfill at 250-962-8972 for further
                                                        155 George Street, Prince George, BC V2L 1P8
                                                                 Telephone (250) 960-4400
information.                                                      Toll Free 1-800-667-1959
                                                            Fax (250) 562-8676 /
SITE OPERATION                                                            Location Map
The Vanway Recycling Depot and Transfer Station                                                               •   Appliances and parts such as stoves,
is operated by the City of Prince George. The                                     Vanway                          dishwashers, hot water tanks, washers,
facility is designed to accommodate waste disposal                                Transfer                        dryers and any other non-refrigeration type
                                                                                  Station                         appliance;
needs for residents living in the southwest/west
areas of the City. Commercial and large loads                                                                 •   Bicycle frames and barbecue hulks;
should be delivered to the Foothills Boulevard                                                                •   Metal roofing and siding;
Regional Landfill.                                                                                            •   Lawn mower bodies, snowmobile and motor
City residents wishing to dispose of excess                                                                       bike frames (fuel and lubricants must be
garbage will be required to pay a $4.00 fee.                                                                      removed); and
Residents in the West Lake, Beaverley and Mud                                                                 •   Any steel containers (drums and tanks) must
River settlement areas have a Pass Card that allows                                                               be crushed or perforated to ensure that they
for 50 visits to the transfer station for the purpose of                                                          contain no liquid or hazardous material.
disposing of household garbage.
                                                                                                                  Pressurized containers cannot be recycled.

Waste reduction services such as recycling and             The following waste disposal options and
                                                                                                              Refrigeration Appliances
compostable yard waste drop off are provided at the        services are available at the Vanway Recycling
site. There are no fees charged to access waste            Depot and Transfer Station.                        Refrigeration type appliances are accepted at the
reduction services.                                                                                           Foothills Landfill site for a nominal disposal fee of
                                                                                                              $15. The fee pays for the recovery and recycling
A site attendant is on duty during operating hours to      MULTI-MATERIAL RECYCLING                           of the ozone depleting refrigerant gases and the
maintain the facility and provide assistance to site
users. Please follow the directions of the site            Recycling bins are provided to receive:            recycling of the appliance body. Ozone depleting
attendant.                                                                                                    gas recovery is mandatory and regulated by the
                                                           •     Metal Food Containers and Milk Jugs          Province of BC for the protection of the earth’s
                                                                 rinse cans, remove labels, place lids        ozone layer.
TRANSFER STATION SERVICES                                        inside cans and flatten
This facility provides opportunities for recycling,        •     Mixed Paper
composting of yard and garden waste, and                         cardboard, catalogues, glossy flyers,        Tire Recycling
household garbage disposal by way of the on-site                 cereal boxes, office paper, kraft grocery    When buying new tires, leave your old ones with
transfer station. To make the best use of the                    bags,     phone      books,    envelopes,    the tire retailer and they will ensure that they are
services offered, residents are asked to separate out            magazines, newspaper, cardboard egg          recycled. Otherwise, tires can be taken to the
recyclables from garbage prior to visiting the facility.         cartons (no paper with plastic, foil, wax,   McBride and Valemount Regional Transfer
                                                                 or food residue please)                      Stations. Passenger and Light Truck Tires (PLT’s
HOURS OF OPERATION                                         •     Cardboard Compactor                          <16.5”) off rims can be disposed of at no charge.
The transfer station operates on the following                   remove all non-cardboard material such       There is a disposal fee for medium truck tires
schedule:                                                        as plastic and styrofoam - staples and       (MT’s >16.5” and <25.5”) and off road tires
                                                                 tape can remain on boxes.                    (ORT’s >25.5” and/or with a tread width > 12”) off
Winter: November 1 – March 31                                                                                 rims. Disposal fees are charged at the Foothills
Monday to Friday            7 am – 5 pm                    ALTERNATE WASTE                                    Boulevard facility for MT and ORT tires.
Saturday                    7 am – 4 pm                    DISPOSAL OPTIONS
Sunday                     10 am – 4 pm
                                                           Scrap Metal Recycling                              Yard and Garden Waste Recycling
Summer: April 1 – October 31
                                                           Private scrap metal services are available for     Backyard composting is an effective method for
Monday to Friday            7 am – 7pm                                                                        handling your yard and garden waste. Leaves,
                                                           commercial generators and for auto hulk
Saturday                    7 am – 7 pm
                                                           disposal. Small loads of metal materials are       grass clippings and vegetable clippings can all be
Sunday                     10 am – 7 pm
                                                           accepted at the Foothills Boulevard Regional       recycled in your backyard then added to your
Holiday Operating Hours are from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.        Landfill at no charge.                             lawns and gardens.
The facility is CLOSED on Christmas Day and New
Years Day.