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					                                                                                                           SPRING 2003

                           Funders’facts                                              The Co-op Funders’ Forum Update

                                                                              Laurence Housing Co-operative in Toronto, and
                           Spring Co-op Funders Forum and                     are in the process of reviewing a health care
                           Affordable Housing Forum – May 8, 2003             co-operative in B.C.

                           N     ottawasaga Community Economic
                                 Development Corporation will host the
                           Spring Co-op Funders’ Forum, at their facility
                                                                                 The Investment Co-op’s newest member is
                                                                              the Canadian Friends Service Committee (the
                                                                              Quakers). The Friends will bring the proceeds
                           in Alliston Ontario on Thursday, May 8, 2003.      of the sale of Grindstone Island and the dissolu-
                              The May Funders meeting will be followed        tion of Grindstone Co-op to enhance CAIC’s
                           by a public forum, Part of the Solution –          social investment portfolio. For more informa-
                           Co-operative Models for Affordable Housing.        tion on the CFSC visit cfsc.quaker.ca.
                           This event will feature presentations on innova-
                           tive co-operative models for affordable housing    Innovation in non-profits – Peter F.
                           that are working – now! Hosted by the Ontario      Drucker Canadian Foundation
                           Co-operative Association, Nottawasaga CEDC,
                           and the Co-op Funders’ Forum, the housing
                           forum will take place at the Nottawasaga Inn,
                                                                              T    he Peter F. Drucker Canadian Foundation
                                                                                   is inviting applications for the 2003
                                                                              Drucker Award by July 31, 2003. The Drucker
                           Alliston, Ontario, from 1:00 – 3:30 p.m. For       Foundation exists to find, recognize, and cele-
                           more information, contact Lynn Chamilliard, at     brate innovation among Canadian non profits
                           Nottawasaga CEDC 1-800-509-7554.                   and to inspire others to action. The winning
                                                                              program receives a $20,000 cash award, recog-
                           Growing alternative investment – CAIC’s            nition at a special national celebration event.
                           tales                                              Honourable Mentions receive $2000. Every

                           L    ast year CAIC saw a tremendous growth of
                                interest in their services leading to an
                           increased volume of applications and approved
                                                                              innovative story will be highlighted in
                                                                                 If you’re interested in assessing innovation
                           initiatives. Find out more about the results by    within your organization, the CED Technical
450 Speedvale Ave. W.      checking out the new features on CAIC’s            Assistance Program (CEDTAP) at Carleton
             Suite 202     website – their loan portfolio and borrower's      University has recently partnered with the
  Guelph on n1h 7y6
                           stories – or link to new materials from their      Drucker Foundation to produce an Innovation
   Phone 519-763-8271
                           most recent newsletter, at www.caic.ca             Diagnostix for organizations. To access the tool,
Toll-free 1-888-745-5521
      Fax 519-763-7239
                              CAIC remains committed to supporting co-        or to find the 2003 Award application check out
    info@ontario.coop      operatives, particularly housing. They have        the Foundation’s Web Site at:
    www.ontario.coop       recently advanced funds to the Margaret            www.innovation-award.ca
                                                                       son, Aurel St. Jean, and Fred Haavisto. For
On Co-op
                 Natural Food Co-op contributes                        more information on the project or Resource
Funders’         to community                                          Jump Team pilots, contact Rita Byvelds, Rural
spring 2003
                 T    he Ontario Natural Food Co-op has created
                      a Community Development Fund to
                 enhance their mandate to educate people about
                                                                       Business Consultant, 613-962-4170.

                 natural and organic foods and sustainable food         One of a kind – credit union enterprise
                 systems. ONFC will fund research and educa-           facilitation pilot project
                 tion projects that meet their eligibility require-
                 ments up to a maximum of $2000 in cash or in
                 kind in products.
                                                                       C     redit unions in southwestern Ontario and
                                                                             the Credit Union Central of Ontario have
                                                                       formed a unique collaborative to implement the
                    Some of the recipients of the fund include:        first ever “Enterprise Facilitation” (EF) pilot proj-
                 the Everdale Environmental Learning Centre,           ect of its kind.
                 the BioDIVERSITY picnic, the Canadian Insti-              “Enterprise Facilitation” is a trademarked
                 tute for Environmental Law and Policy, and            management coaching and networking support
                 GeneACTION. For more information, visit the           approach to entrepreneurship developed by
                 ONFC Web Site at www.onfc.ca or contact Kim           Ernesto Sirolli of the Sirolli Institute. The model
                 Delallo at 416-503-1144.                              is adopted to increase the success of entrepre-
                                                                       neurs and small businesses. Not only is the
                 Woodlot co-op keeps MMA jumping                       credit union pilot project the first test of the

                 A    Woodlot Sector Resource Jump Team has
                      been set up by the Ministry of Municipal
                 Affairs to help a group of woodlot owners form
                                                                       “Enterprise Facilitation” model in Ontario, it is
                                                                       also the first project to utilize the EF approach
                                                                       specifically for a credit union “community of
                 their co-operative in east central Ontario. This is   interest”; that is, for the members of the credit
                 one of MMA’s five pilot Resource Jump Teams            union partners. Expected project outcomes for
                 created to help rural communities address             the 2.5 year pilot include: the creation of small
                 specific economic challenges they have identified.      businesses, new jobs created, enhanced co-ordi-
                    Since its first contact with the Ontario Co-        nation of business support services in the project
                 operative Association two years ago, the Upper        region, increased efficiency of credit union lend-
                 Canada Woods Co-op now has twenty-five                 ing services, retention of small businesses and
                 potential members, an inventory of their private      local jobs, and enhanced leadership development
                 woodlots, a marketing study, and they are now         and networking among civic leaders participat-
                 benefiting from the Resource Jump Team’s               ing in the project’s Board of Management.
                 support. The Team’s objective is to assist the co-        The Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs
                 op to develop an appropriate co-op governance         has recognized the value of the project with a
                 and business structure, a business plan and a         commitment of $223,800 through their OSTAR
                 marketing plan identifying wood product               RED (Ontario Small Towns and Rural, Rural
                 marketing and niche opportunities. Hopefully,         Economic Development) program.
                 they will provide a model for other Ontario               For more information on the Enterprise
                 woodlot owners to manage their forests sustain-       Facilitation approach, check out the Sirolli Insti-
                 ably and add market value.                            tute Web Site at: www.sirolli.com. To inquire
                    Three experienced co-operative developers/         about the Ontario Credit Union E F Pilot
                 managers have been contracted by MMA as part          Project, contact Jenn Galt at CUCO,
                 of the Jump Team, including Russ Christian-           905-238-9400 ext. 235.

              www.ontario.coop                                                                                          2
                                                                     $25,000 or less. Three new program goals were
On Co-op
                 The Co-operators’ community                         identified: to build healthy communities and
Funders’         contributions                                       strengthen volunteerism; to increase accessibil-
spring 2003
                 T    he Co-operators Group has supported a
                      number of diverse co-operative and CED
                 initiatives across the country since late 2002.
                                                                     ity and celebrate Ontario's diversity; and to
                                                                     stimulate economic growth and innovation.
                                                                         For more information contact a Trillium
                 Three are located in Ontario.                       regional program staff person. Contact informa-
                    Ontario based grants include $23,000 for         tion can be found on the Foundation’s Web Site.
                 staff support of the Centretown Laundry
                 Co-operative in inner city Ottawa; $7,000 for       CEDTAP funds co-ops coast to coast
                 the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto
                 to translate and publish large print communica-
                 tion materials; and $6,000 for the Positive
                                                                     C     o-ops made up 35% of the projects funded
                                                                           in 2001 and 2002 by the CED Technical
                                                                     Assistance Program at Carleton University.
                 Power (energy) Co-operative to do wind              CEDTAP provided seed capital to a total of 15
                 resource assessments.                               co-operative initiatives from coast to coast in
                    In addition, The Co-operators has provided       2002 and 2 to date in 2003 as part of their pan
                 grants to Assiniboine Credit Union in Winnipeg;     Canadian program to support community based
                 Wave Publications in BC; the Mennonite              economic development. Co-ops that have
                 Central Committee in Abbotsford; the Tignish        received support in 2002/03 include:
                 Seniors Home Care Co-operative in PEI; the          • Nottawasaga CEDC, ON – business plan for
                 Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada;            rural community internet co-op
                 and the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation’s          • Fromagerie St. Albert, ON – feasibility study
                 Tenacity Works fund.                                  for rural community festival
                    For more information on The Co-operators’        • Common Ground Co-operative, Inc., ON –
                 CED and Co-op Development grants, contact             kitchen design for co-op operated by adults
                 Laura Gregson at 519-767-3007,                        with intellectual disabilities
                 laura_gregson@cooperators.ca                        • Mornington Cheese & Dairy Co-op, ON –
                                                                       strengthening business management systems
                 New Trillium Foundation guidelines                    for goat milk producers co-op
                 released                                            • Canadian Worker Co-op Federation, Atlantic –

                 T    he Ontario Trillium Foundation has
                      released their new guidelines.
                 You can download them from www.trillium-
                                                                       support for Tenacity Works fund
                                                                     • Confederation quebecoise des cooperative
                                                                       d’habitation, QC – co-op housing asset mobi-
                 foundation.org                                        lization study
                    Effective April 1st, local services boards and   • Regroupement québécois des coopérateurs et
                 municipalities with a population of 20,000 or         coopératrices du travail (RQCCT),QC– organi-
                 less will be eligible to apply for grants in the      zational planning support
                 Arts & Culture or Sports & Recreation sectors.      • Canadian Co-operative Association, BC – rural
                 Eligible non-profit groups in areas with higher        health co-op development
                 populations will now be able to access up to        • Canadian Eco-Lumber Co-op, BC – business
                 $100,000 per capital project, an increase from        plan development
                 $75,000. The foundation also simplified the          • Kootenay School of the Arts Co-operative, BC
                 application process, making it easier for all         – technological upgrade for communications
                 applicants to apply, especially for requests of       and computer systems

              www.ontario.coop                                                                                    3
                 • Kootenay Community Services Co-operative,         funding for youth interns through the Youth
On Co-op
                   BC – shared service co-op development             Employment Initiatives program administered
Funders’         • BC Maritime Resource Co-op, BC – develop-         by the Ontario Co-operative Association.
 facts             ment and promotion of a co-operative lease-           Norma Tobey, the co-op’s office manager,
spring 2003
                   hold system for small shellfish producers          notes the challenge of establishing co-op eligi-
                 • Wild Island Food Co-op, BC – micro food           bility for various federal programs. She herself
                   processing training program                       is receiving support through the HRDC Self
                 • Malcolm Island Shellfish Co-operative, BC –        Employment Assistance Program – an outcome
                   training program for abalone fishers               she had to negotiate hard to achieve.
                 • Crocus Co-op, SK – capacity building for              The co-op operates under the brand name
                   mental health self help co-op                     Turtle’s Fish, and sells fish locally as well as
                 • Saskatchewan Commercial Co-op, SK – estab-        through southern markets such as the St.
                   lishing a fish processing plant                    Lawrence Market in Toronto. Thirty five fishers
                 • Saskatoon Credit Union, SK – training for         gain their livelihood from the fishery while 10
                   Individual Development Accounts program-          others, mostly single moms, work to process
                   ming                                              the fish. The legal access issues within the
                     More information on the CEDTAP program          Saugeen/Nawash fishery have recently been
                 can be found at www.carleton.ca/cedtap.             resolved, enabling the development of the co-
                 Giigooghkea Co-operative leverages                      The co-op looks forward to a second phase of
                 funding                                             development and will soon be seeking financing

                 G     iigoogkea Co-op, a co-op of fishers and
                       fish processing plant workers from the
                 Nawash and Saugeen First Nations within the
                                                                     for construction of a plant that will process
                                                                     2 million pounds of fish – the total catch for the
                                                                     fishery. For further information contact Norma
                 Bruce Peninsula, has successfully leveraged         Tobey, 519-534-0003. tobeynorma@hotmail.com
                 funding from a variety of sources to expand the
                 business to a profitable position.
                    According to a business plan completed with      National co-op development funds soon
                 the assistance of the Worker Co-op Federation,      to be released
                 Giigooghkea required $235,000 in financing.
                 The Canadian Worker Co-op Federation
                 provided $65,000 of this financing which was
                                                                     A     Co-op Development Committee has been
                                                                           struck at the Ontario Co-operative Associa-
                                                                     tion, to advise the Board and assist in the
                 matched by the standard matching equity             creation of a regional co-operative development
                 program of Department of Indian and Northern        strategic plan in anticipation of the federal Co-
                 Affairs (Resource Acquisition Initiative).          op Secretariat’s release of Strategic Investment
                 However this was not possible without advocacy      Funds for co-op development as announced in
                 and until the eligibility of a co-op business for   June 2002.
                 this program was negotiated.                           National Co-operative Development Initiative
                    The Tecumseh Community Futures Develop-          (CDI) funds will enable regions across Canada,
                 ment Corporation, also a designated Aboriginal      including the north, to develop or enhance
                 Capital Corporation, financed the co-op for          co-operative development advisory services. As
                 $115,000. In addition several federal programs      well, funds will be available through the Co-op
                 were accessed, including a marketing grant          Secretariat to directly support community based
                 from Aboriginal Business Canada and HRDC            innovative initiatives and research in co-op

              www.ontario.coop                                                                                     4
                 development. It is expected that both the CDI       opment by providing access to capital and
On Co-op
                 program and Innovations funding will be opera-      expertise, while creating up to 275 long-term
Funders’         tional in the near future.                          jobs.
 facts                                                                  Project partners include the Community
spring 2003
                 Co-op members and Metro Credit Union                Ventures Capital Fund Inc.; Prescott and
                 enjoy mutual benefits                                Russell Community Futures Development

                 M       etro Credit Union has been busy support-
                         ing co-ops, and visa versa.
                    On April 1st the Alexandra Park Public Hous-
                                                                     Corporation; Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry
                                                                     Community Development Corporation; Thou-
                                                                     sand Island Community Futures Development
                 ing Project will officially become the Atkinson      Corporation; Grenville Community Develop-
                 Housing Co-operative Homes. This conversion         ment Centre; Valley Heartland Community
                 will make it one of the largest housing co-opera-   Futures Development Corporation; United
                 tives in the Toronto area with approximately 415    Counties of Prescott and Russell, Economic
                 units. The Atkinson Housing Co-op has joined        Development; Caisse Populaire de Hawkesbury
                 Metro Credit Union and become part of their         Ltee; Eastern Ontario Training Board; and the
                 Co-operative Housing Investment Pool (CHIP)         United Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glen-
                 program, operated in conjunction with the           garry. They will provide the balance of the
                 Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto.         $5.9 million funding for this initiative.
                 The CHIP program allows co-ops to pool their           For more information contact the Commu-
                 corporate deposits to achieve special interest      nity Ventures Capital Fund Inc. Fund Manager,
                 rates and credit union banking services.            James DePater, at 613-258-3919.
                    And in December 2002, Metro Credit Union
                 assisted Windshare Co-operative to achieve its      Nottawasaga CEDC becomes co-op
                 sales target of $800,000 for the first of two        innovator
                 Toronto wind turbines, by purchasing the final
                 $20,000 in shares. Windshare has over 450
                 individual and corporate members, and is
                                                                     N      ottawasaga CEDC, a supporting member
                                                                            of the Co-op Funders’ Forum, has become
                                                                     an innovator in co-op development. The CEDC
                 co-owner with Toronto Hydro of an operational       is developing a business plan for a community
                 wind turbine at Toronto’s Exhibition Place.         based internet access co-op in their rural region
                 (www.windshare.ca)                                  of south Simcoe, building on their role as a
                     For more information on Metro Credit            founding member of the Simcoe Community
                 Union’s community and co-op investments,            Access Network (SCAN).
                 contact Kimberley Ney at kney@metrocu.com              SCAN is a sophisticated community-based
                                                                     telecommunications network infrastructure
                 New Community Venture capital fund                  developed as a unique partnership to facilitate
                 established                                         the delivery of services through IT applications

                 I  n December 2002, the Ministry of Municipal
                    Affairs announced that it is investing
                 $548,478 of OSTAR RED funding in a project
                                                                     for the citizens and businesses of Simcoe
                                                                     County. Partners include the County of Simcoe,
                                                                     Simcoe County District School Board, Simcoe
                 that will provide small business with access to     Muskoka District Catholic School Board, Geor-
                 start-up and venture capital funds in rural         gian College, the Land Information Network
                 Ontario. The “Bridging the Liquidity Gap” proj-     Co-operative (LINC), Royal Victoria Hospital,
                 ect is intended to help communities overcome        North Simcoe Hospital Alliance, 17 local munic-
                 rural and industry barriers to economic devel-      ipalities, 17 local libraries and BANAC.

              www.ontario.coop                                                                                     5
                    The Network is the fibre optics backbone
On Co-op
                 that will provide the foundation for the            Women’s economic development
Funders’         Nottawasaga Broadband Co-op’s “last mile”           consortium launches Phase 2
spring 2003
                 service. The CED Technical Assistance Program
                 (CEDTAP) has provided a grant to assist in the
                 development of the Co-op’s business plan.
                                                                     T    he Canadian Women’s Foundation is
                                                                          launching Phase 2 of their Economic
                                                                     Development Collaborative Fund program this
                    For more information, contact Valerie Ryan       spring with a new National Skills Institute. The
                 at Nottawsaga CEDC, 705-435-1540.                   Institute, a series of workshops across Canada
                                                                     for up to 130 CED practitioners and 65 women’s
                 Private companies share the wealth                  groups involved in CED, will support the selec-
                 through Tides                                       tion process for the CWF Collaborative Fund.

                 T    ides Canada is one of only a few charities
                      pioneering the acceptance of privately held
                                                                     The Fund will select 7 organizations to receive
                                                                     multi-year grants starting in December 2003 to
                                                                     support community business/social purpose
                    The new gifting option enables smaller and       enterprises and self employment training.
                 newer companies, not as yet trading on a stock      Priority will be given to projects initiated by,
                 exchange, to integrate philanthropic values into    and/or serving the needs of, low income
                 their businesses at an early stage. While these     women facing multiple challenges.
                 companies and their owners might not be cash           For more information on the CWF Commu-
                 rich, they are making a statement about the         nity Economic Development Collaborative Fund
                 importance of philanthropy to their company by      check CWF’s Web Site at: www.cdnwomen.org
                 donating privately held shares. And the dona-       or contact Debra Campbell at
                 tion allows the charity to benefit from the          dcampbell@cdnwomen.org
                 company's potential success.
                    This form of donation is more complicated
                 to organize than the donation of publicly traded
                 shares, due to valuation and other issues. Yet it
                 can be actively considered by values-driven
                 owners of private companies. For more infor-         Want to know more?
                 mation on this investing option, or on the Tides        Past issues of the Co-op Funders’ Facts are
                 Foundation, check out their web site at:             posted at www.ontario.coop.
                 www.tidescanada.org                                     For more information on the Co-op
                                                                      Funders’ Forum, this bulletin, or the work
                                                                      of the Ontario Co-operative Association in
Thanks extended to Supporting Members of the Co-op                    supporting co-operative economic
Funders Forum                                                         development, contact:
• First Ontario Fund             • Metro Credit Union                    Denyse Guy, Manager
• The Co-operators Group         • Robert Owen Foundation                Ontario Co-operative Association
• Canadian Alternative           • Social Capital Partners               450 Speedvale Avenue West, Suite 202
  Investment Co-op               • Nottawasaga Community                 Guelph, ON N1H 7Y6
• Credit Union Central of          Economic Development                  Telephone: 519-763-8271 x27
  Ontario                          Corporation                           Toll Free: 1-888-745-5521
• The CED Technical Assistance                                           Fax: 519-763-7239
  Program (CEDTAP)                                                       E-mail: info@ontario.coop

              www.ontario.coop                                                                                         6