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                                              “The National”
                    HOTEL MOTEL
                            OFFICIAL MAGAZINE OF THE HMEA
                 Minute Maid Field
                  Houston, Texas

                                                                     Eric Kennedy
                                                                   Tower Performance
                                                                  HEA/ACOE Engineer

                                                            Become a Certified Chief Engineer
                                                                     See Page 30
                                                                      For Details            1
                                                     Hotel Motel Engineers Associa-
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       Letter From The President
                                           s all of you are aware, we are in a recession. Each day I read where it is getting better,
                                           but it is hard to see the end. Per the U.S. Government a small business performs at 20
                                           million dollars and under per year. I doubt many of our hotels, motels or suppliers (ven-
                                   dors) do over this amount. Statistics claim it takes as long as five years for a change in the
                                   economy to filter down to small businesses.

                                          sing at the internet will make us “Green” by not using paper although I feel our best
                                          communication has been through our magazine. The HMEA wants everyone to help
                                          and spread the word as all readers are not members and the hospitality engineers profile
                                   has never be as good as before 9/11.

                                          s you are probably aware, we were holding certification classes across the United States.
                                          After the first of the New Year we will discuss starting classes back up again. But in the
                                          meantime, we will offer new members and current members a reduced price of $219.00,
                                   which includes the certification manual and testing and a one-year membership.

                                             hen the economy improves we will look again to produce our printed publication.
                                             We, of course, will make a comparison before making a decision.

                                             e still intend to run the association as always and will still highlight engineers as
                                             before; and we will still have a publication except it will be on our website

                                           lways be a “Make It Happen People”. Today is a good day to join the HMEA!

                                   Harold Hogue

                                                             Hotel Motel Engineers Association                                       3
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                    “The National”
           “The make it happen people.”                                             October/November/December 2009
                            Fall 2009                                                           Volume 11, Number 3

     HEA/ACOE APPRECIATION DAY                                                                INSIDE THIS ISSUE:

             JULY 2009

                                                                                         HEA/ACOE Appreciation Day . . . . .4
                                                                                         Advantages of Flushmate . . . . . . . . . .7
                                                                                         NFPA 80 2007 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
                                                                                         Master Plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
                                                                                         Tourism Tidbits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22
                                                                                         PSG . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25
                                                                                         Tourism-Spanish... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26
                                                                                         Board of Directors . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28
                                                                                         CCE Registration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30

                               Minute Maid Field
                                Houston, Texas

     HMEA (Hotel Motel Engineer Association) used this event to show that
     local associations can be a great success. This requires a lot of work with
     the cooperation of vendors and manufacturers where it can be a “Make                 H.M.E.A. is published quarterly by the Hospitality Sta-
                                                                                          tionary Engineers, Inc. (HSE). Nothing in this publica-
     It Happen” situation.                                                                tion shall be an endorsement by the Hotel Motel Engi-
                                                                                          neering Association (HMEA) or their agents. HMEA
     The following is a note from Eric Kennedy, Tower Performance of Texas                disclaims any liability with respect to the use of or
                                                                                          reliance on any such information.
     and Co-Chairman of the Committee that handled the Appreciation Day.
     ‘Due to the hard work and participation by the Committee Members,                    The information contained in this publication is in no
                                                                                          way to be construed as a recommendation by HMEA of
     Vendors and Sponsors the Engineer Appreciation Day 2009 at Minute                    any industry standard, or as a recommendation of any
                                                                                          kind to be adopted by or binding upon HMEA or any
     Maid Park in Houston, Texas on July 24, 2009, was a wonderful success.               member of the association. HMEA reserves the right to
                                                                                          reject any advertising materials they deem unacceptable
     There were over 600 in attendance for the event. The Astros played the               or inappropriate for publication in HMEA. The material
     NY Mets winning 5 to 4. Boy, what a game! The point of this event is                 in this publication may not be reproduced in any form
                                                                                          without permission.
     to show “Appreciation” to all of the engineers in the city of Houston.
                                                                                          The HMEA is not connected to an engineering firm nor
     With today’s hectic pace, sometimes there isn’t even time to have a cup              do we do any engineering. Our publication is for the
                                                                                          Head of Maintenance or Stationary Engineer of Hospi-
                                                                                          tality Industry.
                                                            ——Continued on Page 5»»»

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     4                                         Hotel Motel Engineers Association
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          Eric Schwausch and Vic Caso
                 TDT Plumbing
         HEA/ACOE Appreciation Day

                                                                                Tiffany Davidson, LiquaTech
                                                                               HEA/ACOE Appreciation Day

     «««Continued from Page 4—Appreciation Day                       Committee Members
     of coffee together. Our sponsors have found a great             Eric Kennedy, Co-Chairman (Tower Performance of
     venue to get back to the basics and enjoy a game of             Texas)
     baseball, hot dogs and suds with friendship as the              Danny Rodriguez, Co-Chairman (Metro National)
     common bond.’                                                   Pat Sanchez, University of Houston
     “It was electrifying to see the enthusiasm displayed            Bill Simmons, Robco Pump Services
                                                                     Frank Williams, Hunton Distribution
     through participation in July 24th’s ‘Second Annual
                                                                     Rachel Barnett, SouthPro Restoration
     HEA/ACOE Appreciation Day’ with the Astros. I had
                                                                     Mike Skaer, Enterprise Electric
     several calls from sponsors expressing what a success
                                                                     Richard Holmes, McCrory Engineering
     they thought the event was. Sponsors, you are what
                                                                     Richard Luce, RW Luce
     made the event a success through your participation.
                                                                     Hettie Allsup, Houston Chem Safe
     The Committee Members worked tirelessly on this
                                                                     Mary Scaggs, Houston Chem Safe
     and it truly was worth the effort. I am ready for it to
                                                                     Chuck Olson, Hunton Specialty Products
     happen again next year! THANK YOU to all
                                                                     Vic Caso, TDT Plumbing
     exhibitors and contributors. Without you there would
                                                                     Event Sponsors
     have been no Appreciation Day!” per Dennis Wingo,
                                                                     McCrory Engineering
     President of the ACOE.
     The Host Organizations for this event were HEA –
     Hotel Engineers Association, the ACOE – Association
                                                                     FT Group
     of Chief Operating Engineers and the SEAS School
                                                                     Tower Performance of Texas
     (educational arm of the ACOE).
                                                                                                       ——Continued on Page 6»»»

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                                                 Hotel Motel Engineers Association                                           5
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      «««Continued from Page 5—Appreciation Day                       Servpro
     TDT Plumbing                                                     Heat Shield Solutions
     Hunton Distribution                                              American Patriot Industries
     Amarillo Gear                                                    Collonade Lights International
     FireTron                                                         Instar Services Group
     HMEA – Hotel Motel Engineer Association                          Hunton Specialty Products
     HD Supply Facilities Maintenance                                 Sunset Window Tinting
     All-Type Roofing & All-Type Construction                         Facilities Solutions Group
     MFR Fluid & Air                                                  Spring Glass & Mirror
     Scott Equipment                                                  Spot Cooling of Houston
     SouthPro Restoration Services                                    Armco Industries
     Kratos                                                           Event Media
     Blackmon Mooring                                                 HMEA – Hotel Motel Engineer Association
     E Sam Jones Distributor                                          3 G Printing
     Houston Chem Safe                                                NBIZ Magazine
     Flexim Americas                                                  Tanner Graphics
     RW Luce                                                          In appreciation of our “Engineer Appreciation Day
     Perlex Pumps                                                     2009” group event, the Astros organization donated
     Voss Lighting                                                    170 tickets to the Astros game for September 13,
     Johnson Controls                                                 2009. We distributed the tickets to a few engineers
     Brentwood Industries                                             who missed the appreciation day game and the
     Roadrunner Restoration                                           remaining tickets were donated to the “Ronald
     Custom Air Products & Services                                   McDonald House” a chance for kids to have fun at
                                                                      the baseball park.

                                                                             Scott Martin, Scott Equipment
                                                                             HEA/ACOE Appreciation Day

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     6                                            Hotel Motel Engineers Association
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                                         SUMMARY: Report Confirms
                                           Advantages of Flushmate®
                                                    Article By: Flushmate®
     FRANKLIN PARK, IL — A new report confirms                     by an average of 29 gallons per fixture per day, which
                                                                   results in a water bill reduction of $170,000 a year for
     what FLUSHMATE® customers have known all
                                                                   the hotel.
     along — the installation of pressure-assist toilets with
     FLUSHMATE flushing systems can save thousands of                                                 ——Continued on Page 8»»»

     dollars while significantly boost-
     ing overall water efficiency and
     reducing maintenance costs.
     Koeller & Company and Veritec
     Consulting, Inc., known for their
     independent research of residen-
     tial and commercial flushing
     products, found that FLUSH-
     MATE pressure-assist systems
     made a significant impact on
     water usage at the Parc 55 Union
     Square Hotel in San Francisco.
     FLUSHMATE systems were
     installed as part of the hotel’s
     program to replace aging fix-
     In their 10-page report titled
     “Evaluation 20 of Water Use
     Reduction Achieved through
     Hotel Guest Room Toilet Fixture
     Replacement,” Koeller and
     Veritec explain that the hotel
     began replacing all 1,030 of its
     3.5 gallon-per-flush (gpf) gravity
     fed toilet fixtures in 2007, with
     project completion in late 2008.
     They found that after the systems
     were replaced, monthly water
     consumption fell from 3.52 mil-
     lion gallons to 2.59 million gal-
     The study also found that both
     the number of maintenance calls,
     as well as average time spent on
     a maintenance call, fell about
     Water consumption has dropped

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                                                Hotel Motel Engineers Association                                           7
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     «««Continued from Page 7—Flushmate

     “We are not surprised by these findings; they simply
     reiterate the fact that installing FLUSHMATE sys-
     tems often results in significant water efficiency and
     cost reductions,” said FLUSHMATE Director of
     Sales and Marketing Paul DeBoo. “The number of
     toilets at the Parc 55 hotel helps illustrate how pro-
     found the impact of FLUSHMATE pressure-assist
     systems can be on a hotel’s bottom line. These toilets
     with FLUSHMATE inside literally pay for them-
     selves several times over during their use.”
     To download a copy of the report, visit www.flush-        or     call    1-800-580-7141.
     Sloan FLUS HMATE, headquartered in New Hudson,
     Mich., manufactures FLUSHMATE Operating Sys-
     tems at its state of the art design and manufacturing
     facility and has been ISO-9001 certified since 1994.
     Sloan FLUSHMATE is a division of Sloan Valve                     Carrie Broussard, Instar Services Group
     Company in Franklin Park, Ill. Sloan has been in
                                                                          HEA/ACOE Appreciation Day
     operation since 1906 and produces plumbing prod-
     ucts for commercial, industrial, and institutional mar-
     kets worldwide.
     For more information, contact: Sloan FLUSHMATE,                           Become an
     Sales Dept., phone: 800-580-7141. Or visit the
     FLUSHMATE website at                               HMEA Member Today

                                                                                                is gearing up to go
                                                                                                    Members &
                                                                                                   Non Members
                                                                                                     Please call
                                                                                                     or E-Mail
                                                                                                        us at
                                                                                                to ensure we have
                                                                                                   your correct
                                                                                                 E-Mail address
                                                                                                      on file
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     8                                          Hotel Motel Engineers Association
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         NFPA 80 2007: Now Requires Annual Inspection of Fire Doors
                                                       Article By: DHSI

     The following 5 points summarize the New NFPA 80               Explanation: Filing of strike plates voids the label
     2007 and ONLY DHSI has a complete sealing system               on the opening. ONLY DHSI warrants filing will
     that complies with all requirements. C of O Inspec-            not be necessary.
     tion is supposed to in include the following:                  (11) Gasketing and edge seals, where required, are
     SUMMARY                                                        inspected to verify their presence and integrity.
     Pg. 14 The requirements of this chapter shall          Explanation: The inspection process now includes
     apply to new and existing installations.                       verifying the “integrity” of the smoke gasket.
     Explanation: No Grand Fathering.                               ANY light passing the frame perimeter is cause for
     Pg. 15 As a minimum, the following items               rejection. DHSI warrants no light will pass the
     shall be verified:                                             frame perimeter. DHSI warrants the frame seals
     (9) Auxiliary hardware items that interfere or prohibit        will not come off the frame due to adhesion fail-
     operation are not installed on the door or frame.              ure.
     Explanation: “Auxiliary hardware” items, such                  Pg. 13 Combustible floor coverings shall be permit-
     as the “swing guard” privacy, do not satisfy this              ted to extend through openings required to be pro-
     criteria. Only DHSI “Secur-A-Latch” privacy                    tected by 1-1/2 hour, 1-hour or –3/4-hour rated fire
     meets this condition.                                          protection fire door assemblies without a sill where
     (10) No field modifications to the door assembly               they have a minimum critical radiant flux of .22
     have been performed that void the label.                                                        ——Continued on Page 25»»»

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                                               Hotel Motel Engineers Association                                            9
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                            Have You Put Together Your Master Plan?
                                    Article By: Joseph A. Gaccione, CEOE, CHE

     The master plan is a road map for you to follow for         The master plan, along with value engineering, will
     REHAB & PROJECT planning. It identifies all                 help you make decisions on equipment end fixture
     anomalies that should be addressed, including the cost      selections and they should be looked at under a micro-
     estimate of each with suggested timing. A master            scope, especially for durability and lifetime. Some
     plan is set up on a 5, 10 and 15 year cycles and should     equipment is designed with a “throwaway” minds
     be updated each year. Upper management uses this            set and other equipment may be suitable for residential
     information to help develop the capital and expense         use, but not durable enough under constant usage in the
     budgets for rehab and project funding. The master           hospitality or commercial environment.
     plan is an ever-changing document and is a guide for        A case in point is bathtub selection, such as cast iron
     you and upper management to follow. It can also be          versus steel and fiberglass. For the manufacturer to
     used for the development of yearly operating budgets.       stay competitive in today’s marketplace, they intro-
     The master plan will help you set up your priorities        duced the steel and fiberglass units. The initial cost
     and control company dollars.                                savings of the tubs are around 1 to 2 hundred dollars per
     To set up a master plan, you start by providing esti-       unit. However, the life cycle dramatically reduced to
     mates. Each department should be responsible for            around 5 to 10 years, versus 50 years plus on cast iron.
     developing its own master plan. In some cases you           The durability and appearance cannot compare to cast
     will need to hire professional help such as engineer-       iron. The first thing you lose on steel tubs is their slip
     ing firms and consultants. They will provide you with       resistance, followed by rust spots, chips and tub bottom
     data, cost estimates and ‘time to life’ failure analysis    failures. With the fiberglass, you experience all of the
     reports by doing a complete inspection of your facil-       same except the rust.
     ity and listing all anomalies along with a projected        The costs associated with tub replacement are not just
     cost.                                                       unit cost in most cases. Room revenue is lost for two
     The master plan allows you to be proactive instead of       or three nights. The renovation cycle for guestrooms is
     reactive. This in turn gives your corporation the time      around five to seven years. However, it is rare that tub
     to provide the funding necessary to stay competitive        replacement is figured in this cycle, neither is the cost
     in this fast changing market. Planning is the key to        of the tubs, tub surround or associated plumbing fix-
     success. Without it you are bound to waste money and        tures. Bathtubs are not figured in the above rehabilita-
     fail. After you have completed your master plan and         tion cycle because their life cycle is based on cast iron
     submitted it for approval, funding for expense and          tubs, not steel or fiberglass. Cast iron tubs have always
     capital projects will be added to your budget. Your         been considered as part of the building structure.
     next step will be to use the information (gathered dur-     With steel and fiberglass, you must be overly cautious
     ing the development of the master plan) to send out         with the chemicals that are used for cleaning. Scrub
     bid packages for the approved projects and secure a         pads are not to be used at all, because a steel tub has a
     contractor to do the work.                                  painted surface and fiberglass will scratch if abrasive
     Questions:                                                  pads are used.
      When was your roof replaced?                               To sum all this up, steel and fiberglass are not cost
      How old are you’re A/C units?                              effective in the long run and your risk of guest’s slip-
      Do you have a Master Plan in place?                        ping and falling is greatly increased. You can extend
      Have you updated your Master Plan this year?               the life of the slip resistance by dry etching, but in the
                  Are Bath Tubs In Your Plan?                    long run the tub will have to be replaced
     In today’s competitive market, Master Planning has                                 Tubs On Trial!
     never been more important, both in new construction         Value engineering means different things to different
     and in rehabilitation.                                      people. In today’s highly competitive market place, the
                                                                 hospitality industry is faced with many challenges. On
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     10                                        Hotel Motel Engineers Association
HMEA Body #43   pages.qxd   12/22/2009       6:38 AM   Page 11

     «««Continued from Page 10—Master Plan
                                                                     of these tubs is around 5 to 10 years as compared to
     top of the list after safety and security is value.             cast iron with 50 plus years when properly main-
     During new construction and rehabilitation the value            tained.
     issue is upper most on the owner and operator’s mind            If we as consumers are not going to demand a design
     in order to achieve and maintain profitability. We try          change and go to shower stalls in our guest rooms to
     to provide for the needs of all our guests. One major           alleviate the liability from slips and falls in tubs then
     area that has been overlooked during the Design and             we should demand that the manufacturer of tubs meet
     Value Engineering phase is the Bath Tub.                        certain slip-resistant standards when wet!
     Over 90%of all guests take showers not baths for                If the tubs were gone so would 90% of the slips and
     many reasons. When was the last time you took a bath            falls along with all the costs associated with
     in a hotel tub? For most it is the perceived lack of            employee back injuries caused by bending over to
     cleanliness. Bath tubs are not designed to stand in             clean the tubs! If 90% of our guests take showers
     and take showers. They were designed to “ sit in.”              instead of baths then why have tubs? For bathing
     This is why the slip and fall rate is so high. The man-         small children of course! So how about a small tub
     ufacturers have attempted to correct this problem of            for them and a stall shower for adults or maybe a
     slips and falls by trying to provide a non-slip surface         shower/small tub combination?
     on the tub bottoms.                                             So the next time you are in the process of new con-
     The bath tubs that are available on the market today            struction or rehabilitation and going through the
     are not ergonomically designed. Think about what                Value Engineering Steps look real hard at “the tub
     you have to do to get in and out of one, and what the           issue.” It can and will improve your bottom line for
     housekeeper goes through to clean it! The manufac-              years to come. When you make a tub selection,
     turers, instead of re-designing the tub came out with           choose cast iron it will be there for a very long time!
     steel and fiberglass tubs to hold down costs. The life                                           ——Continued on Page 12»»»

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                                                   Hotel Motel Engineers Association                                       11
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      «««Continued from Page 11—Master Plan                           causing untold misery. Downtime is one day.
     But if you really want to give your guest the best               c. Deep clean, dry etch bottoms, & polish? YES!
     value for the dollar let them take a shower without              That is a positive approach; quick, no chemicals, no
     climbing in and out of a tub. Then save your dollars             downtime and guaranteed for the life of the tub.
     for whirlpool type tubs for that special touch in                ‘Kohler’ recommends this process as they them-
     you’re up scale rooms.                                           selves are doing the same technique in-house since
     “It’s your budget, you be the judge!”                            1994 which meets all ASTM standards and be
                   Bathtubs Do’s and Don’ts                           accomplished with guest rooms occupied.
       Bathtub Solutions! The Most Asked Questions                    (2) Our bathtubs lost their slip guard, what do we
     And Their Answers: Information supplied by the                   do?
      inventor of the dry etching process ‘BCD INC’.                  a. Glue down rubber mats or strips? NO!
         This dry etching system is used and recom-                   Within two months the strips will start to peel up and
                   mended by ‘Kohler’ Corp.                           discolor. Human hair will start sticking to the edges
     (1) Our bathtubs are old looking what do we do?                  and mold and mildew will appear causing customer
     a. Re-glaze or paint the entire tub. NO!                         complaints. Very labor intensive, one to two hours
     The paint will crack, peel and chip within two                   for    removal     and     replacement      per    tub.
     months. Very labor intensive call backs to the room              b. Acid etches on tub bottoms? NO!
     and untimely down time will cost you lost revenue,               In most cases, the slip resistance goes away within 2
     not to mention cancer causing fumes, both in the                 months. When these cast iron or steel bathtubs are
     installation and repairing down times. It is a hazard to         manufactured the tub is heated to very high tempera-
     guests and staff. The downtime is 48 hours to cure               tures and boiling air bubbles occur when acids are
     and ventilate.                                                   used. The acid will rust the tub from the bottom out
     b. Cover them up with a tub liner? NO!                           over a few years. Guestrooms are out of service dur-
     The liner may look nice up front, however moisture               ing this process because of the chemical hazards,
     will occur between the old tub and the liner quickly             fumes and burns.
     starting a waterbed effect causing slips and falls, of           c. Apply epoxy and sand? NO!
     which you will be deemed negligent. Cracking will                This is a temporary fix or band-aid. The paint will
     occur around the drain, letting water stand between              crack, peel and chip within two months. The labor-
     the liner and tub. A smell will occur shortly after              intensive callbacks to the room and ultimate down-
     not to mention the immediate start of interior rusting           time will cost you lost revenue not to mention can-
                                                                                         cer-causing fumes. Guestroom
                                                                                         will be out of service for six
                                                                                         hours or more.
                                                                                         d. Dry etch tub bottoms?
                                                                                         A positive approach, quick no
                                                                                         chemicals, no down time, and
                                                                                         guaranteed for the life of the tub.
                                                                                         ‘Kohler’ recommends this process
                                                                                         as they themselves are doing the
                                                                                         same technique in-house since
                                                                                         1994. It meets all AST standards.
                                                                                         (3) Our bathtubs are rusting
                                                                                         around the drains and have
                                                                                         numerous chips, what do we do?
                                                                                         a. Re-glaze or paint the entire
                                                                                         tub? NO!
                                                                                                       ——Continued on Page 14»»»

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     12                                         Hotel Motel Engineers Association
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              Frank Williams
            Hunton Distribution
         HEA/ACOE Appreciation Day

                                                                                   Voss Lighting
                                                                              HEA/ACOE Appreciation Day

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                                               Hotel Motel Engineers Association                               13
HMEA Body #43   pages.qxd   12/22/2009   6:38 AM   Page 14

     «««Continued from Page 12—Master Plan                           -Provide a full time knowledgeable Supervisor who
      The paint will crack, peel and chip within two                 understands the hazards involved with bathtub refin-
      months. The labor intensive call backs to the room             ishing at the job site.
      and untimely down time will cost you lost revenue              -Provide MSDS Sheets on all products used in the
      and downtime, not to mention the hazard of the can-            location where all of your employees have access to
      cer causing fumes to guests and staff, both in the             them and provide a copy of the MSDS Forms to the
      installation     and    repairing    down     times.           Chief or Director of Engineering.
      b. Cover them up with a tub liner? NO!                         -Provide portable fire extinguishers [water and at
      The liner may look nice up front, however, moisture            least a 10 lb. ABC] in every room where the tub
      will occur between the old tub and the liner from              refinish-ing is being performed.
      cracks around the drain and quickly start a                    After Smoke Detectors are bagged, provide a “FIRE
      ‘waterbed’ effect causing slips and falls, in which            WATCH” [especially in the rooms with no sprin-
      you will be deemed neglectful. A smell will occur              klers]. Forman must do this day and night.
      shortly after, not to mention the immediate start of           -Monitor time that each worker is in a hazardous sit-
      interior rusting causing untold misery.                        uation [i.e. fumes, etc.] and record by name and
      c. Purchase a new cast iron tub and replace?                   social security number.
      YES!                                                           -Contaminated rags are to be collected in proper
      A new cast iron bathtub costs about $250.00 plus               metal containers and removed everyday.
      installations of approximately $500.00. Total is               -Post “NO SMOKING” signs on each bottom stair-
      $750.00 over 20 years is about $37.00 a year per tub.          well and on every 4th door sections. Option: One on
      Suggested Minimal List Required For Safety,                    every outside door.
      Health & Fire Protection For Bathtub Refinishing               -EXIT WAYS: 1. Unobstructed 2. Direct-Dis-
      Projects.                                                      charge [if necessary provide directional signs, illumi
                                                                     -Remove window coverings and cover furniture with
                                                                     sheets for protection if recovery has ruptures.
                                                                     -Post a ‘FIRE WATCH’ active for 2 hours after work-
                                                                     ers have completed for the day [very good protec-
                                                                     tion-fire prevention].
                                                                     -Rope off areas [i.e. parking lot sections, walkways,
                                                                     etc.]. Add flashing lights at night.
                                                                     -Shut down or gag-off toilet exhaust.
                                                                     -Shut off room air conditioners and all electrical
                                                                     devices and fan motors that arch and spark.
                                                                     -Use explosion proof fans for exhaust.
                                                                     -Provide fresh air makeup fan for crew. Unit to be
                                                                     placed far enough away from exhaust so that it does
                                                                     not ingest contaminated air.
                                                                     -Have all guestrooms stripped.
                                                                     -Water coolers to prevent heat stroke.
                                                                     -Provide safety equipment and protection clothing: -
                                                                     Full gloves up arms, past elbows and body aprons. -
                                                                     Respirators with the proper canisters to provide pro-
                                                                     tection from vapors released from striping materials,
                                                                     paint, lacquer thinner and any products that you
                                                                     might be applying to the tub during your refinishing
                                                                     process. Information on respirator choices can be
                                                                                                      ——Continued on Page 18»»»

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     14                                        Hotel Motel Engineers Association
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                                                                                       Eddy Russel
                                                                                 HEA/ACOE Appreciation Day

            Fred Blanton
      HEA/ACOE Appreciation Day

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                                               Hotel Motel Engineers Association                                15
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                                               Hotel Motel Engineers Association                               17
HMEA Body #43   pages.qxd   12/22/2009       6:38 AM   Page 18

     «««Continued from Page 14—Master Plan                            store in locked, fireproof cabinet.
     provided from the manufacturer /supplier of your                 Note: You should check with the General Manager
     materials. Safety goggles - if employees wear pre-               at each property to see if he wants to inform the Fire
     scription glasses you should provide full-face shields.          Department of the tub refinishing job and the chem-
     Provide eye wash bottles at job sight.                           icals being used and stored at this hotel.
     -EXIT SIGNS: ‘NO SMOKING’ signs - fireproof                                       Department Planning
     cabinets for storage of backup materials to be placed            Each and everyday you must plan what it is you are
     and secured to be properly ‘SIGNED IN’ a remote                  going to accomplish and with who you will accom-
     area away from job sight. Fireproof contaminated rag             plish it. You and your staff must know how and what
     containers at job site [MUST BE CONSIDERED                       it will take to get the job done. Do you have the
     HAZARDOUS WASTE].                                                parts, equipment and tools? Have they been trained
     -Bag all guestrooms as required to protect walls, car-           in what it is that you are expecting them to do? Have
     pet and etc.                                                     you notified any affected departments? Have you
     -Seal off all bathroom doorways with double layers of            been given the ‘go-head’ if it is going to impact some
     plastic that are lapped to form a seal.                          service for the hotel?
     -Provide Safety, Health, Fire and MSDS Training                  If for some reason you are unable to accomplish the
     [record on form and worker sign-off] - Name, Date,               task, “Do You Have a Back Up Plan?” If you
     Social Security number and type of training.                     don’t, what are you going to with your manpower?
     -Limit the amount of chemicals in guestrooms to                  You should have a list of work that you want to
     approximately one quart or less if possible. Label all           accomplish and the list should be in priority order.
     containers and remove from guestrooms at night and                                               ——Continued on Page 19»»»

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     18                                            Hotel Motel Engineers Association
HMEA Body #43   pages.qxd   12/22/2009   6:38 AM   Page 19

     «««Continued from Page 18—Master Plan                          ber of things your plan should include. In all cases,
     Safety and guest-related items should be first.                you should maintain a list of suppliers who will
     Remember the above is only a small part of your plan-          deliver on demand to your property all the necessary
     ning.                                                          materials and equipment that you had ‘On Hold’ with
     You must plan what you are going to accomplish                 them. There is no need to purchase and store these
     today.                                                         supplies at your property in the event of a
     You should set up short and long term plans for your            hurricane or another natural disaster.
     department.                                                    Your plan should include a ‘Ride Out’ Recovery
     Check and see if you have the funds in your budget for         Crew To: stand by, take care of and minimize any
     the project, if not, come up with a plan to get a vari-        damage to the property and most importantly, to
     ance to your budget.                                           bring your property back in operation, as soon as pos-
     When you are planning to take guestrooms out of                sible.
     service, make sure you have checked the forecast               You should take the following actions, long before
     sheet, and always notify housekeeping, front office            you receive a hurricane warning.
     and the General Manager. After the guestroom work              -Purchase and install window film that has been
     is completed, turn those rooms back over to the house-         approved for high wind loads. There are films on the
     keeping department.                                            market today that can stand high impact loading
       Plan, Plan And Plan Some More - If You Don’t,                including bullets. It will keep your window glass
                  Your Are Planning To Fail!                        from shattering and prevent your windows from
     Questions:                                                     being blown out.
     Do you have a plan in place for each day?                      -Taping up windows does little good and takes a lot
     Do you have a weekly plan in place?                            of time and labor to remove.
     Do you read the forecast report for expected occu-             -Make sure your emergency generator is in good
     pancy levels?                                                  running condition and have enough fuel on hand for
            Does Your Plan Protect The Property?                    a minimum of three days and come up with a sys-
     Natural Disaster Plan                                          tem to refuel it during the storm if the need arises.
     When disaster strikes, you should have a plan in place         -Test run your generator at full load. This can be
     to protect your property, employees and guests. In the
                                                                                                     ——Continued on Page 20»»»
     event of a hurricane, prepare for it. There are a num-

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                                               Hotel Motel Engineers Association                                          19
HMEA Body #43   pages.qxd   12/22/2009   6:38 AM   Page 20

      «««Continued from Page 19—Master Plan                          that they do not blow in, but will still maintain egress
     done with a portable load bank.                                 from the building.
     -Run the generator and verify that it brings all fire           -The elevator system should be secured and not used
     pumps on line.                                                  during the storm.
     -Secure all gas supply to the building.                         -Use sandbags to protect the lower floors from flood-
     -Secure all of your computer equipment and protect it           ing; dike boards can be put in place instead of sand-
     from any potential water damage.                                bags in some locations. Dike boards can be used on
     -Make sure you have several gas-operated pumps on               the sliding glass doors of first floor guestrooms and
     hand (must be in good working order). Have an ade-              clips can be installed and left in place to receive the
     quate supply of fuel on hand that is stored in a safe           boards when needed.
     place.                                                          -If your property is being used for a storm shelter,
     -Wire up your generator to a transfer switch that will          make sure that you provide all the evacuees with up
     supply power to your freezers and refrigerators after           dated information all the time.
     you have shed selected loads.                                   -Your emergency plan should be in writing and be
     -Locate a secure area in the hotel for your command             approved by your General Manager and updated each
     post.                                                           year.
     -If there is the potential of the sewer system failing or       -Some of the items listed if installed and are on hand,
     the failure of the lift station, then you might want to         could lessen the damage and speed up recovery after
     think about renting enough portable toilets for your            any type of severe storm.
     needs.                                                          -Make sure you have a written Evacuation Plan to
     -Secure all doors in areas that are not occupied in             handle any all emergencies
     order to prevent wind and water intrusion                       -Include any and all information from your local
     -Doors that are in occupied areas should be set up so                                            ——Continued on Page 21»»»

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     20                                         Hotel Motel Engineers Association
HMEA Body #43   pages.qxd   12/22/2009       6:38 AM   Page 21

     «««Continued from Page 20—Master Plan
                                                                     for your staff?
     emergency officials in your plan.                               Have you complied with OSHA FIRE TRAINING?
     -Also include bottled water, first aid kits, flashlights
     and battery-operated radios.                                    Article By: Joseph A. Gaccione, CEOE, CHE
     -Make sure you have CPR trained staff included in
     your ride/recovery crew.
     -If you have guests staying in your property during the
     storm check and see if any of them have any special
     medical needs.
     Note: The above items are just minimum require-
     ments that you may need to address in the event of a
                           Fire Safety
     1. Train your staff in fire safety
     2. Keep all combustibles down to
     a minimum at all times.
     3. Check all fire extinguishers that they are charged
     and inspected.
     4. Test run your fire pumps at least
     once a year.
     5. Keep all storage below 18” of
     all sprinklers heads.
     6. Keep all halls and stairwells
     open and not used for storage.
     7. Store all flammable liquids in
     flameproof storage cabinets out-
     side of the building.
     8. Inspect all panic door hardware
     for proper operation.
     9. Check your elevators for fire
     control response.
     10. Check and inspect all smoke
     and fire detectors for proper oper-
     11. Have a written fire evacuation
     -Do you know how many hours
     your generator will run on full
     -Do you have a plan to top off or
     refill your generator?
     -Have you cleaned your roof
     drains is your roof free
     of trash?
     -Have you had contractor out to
     clean out your storms drains?
     -Do you have rain gear on board

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                                                   Hotel Motel Engineers Association                             21
HMEA Body #43   pages.qxd   12/22/2009   6:38 AM   Page 22

                                Tourism Tidbits on the Graceful Exit
                                                   Article By: Dr. Peter Tarlow

     Although no one wants to see a tourism business go            ity to find a new job or start a new business. Often a
     under, the extraordinary times through which we are           business closing comes with a great amount of self-
     living may cause some businesses, state attractions           inflicted guilt. The reality is that almost no one was
     and other tourism venues to close their doors. How            smart enough to see the worldwide downturn. In most
     we prepare for these transitions is important not only        cases, a tourism business closing should not be taken
     to the people being impacted but also to the locale’s         as a personal failure, but rather understand it as sim-
     other tourism businesses. Usually tourism business or         ply an unfortunate part of the business cycle. How-
     attractions that close fall into one of two groups.           ever, having to close a tourism business does not
     There are those business/attractions that are for profit      mean that you should not learn important lessons
     and simply could not survive in a down economy.               from its closing. To help you lessen the pain of a busi-
     There are also non-profit tourism businesses/attrac-          ness or attraction closing, Tourism & More offers the
     tions whose demise may be come from budgetary cut-            following advice and ideas.
     backs, loss of tax revenue or because of other circum-        -Do not take a business/attraction closing as the
     stances     beyond      the    attraction’s     control.      end of the world. There is no doubt that losing or
     According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4.1 mil-         closing a business is hard and many people go
     lion people have lost their jobs in the last year alone.      through a mourning period. Often the same psycho-
     It is hard enough to lose one’s job but how the job is
     lost can mean a lot to a person’s self-esteem and abil-                                         ——Continued on Page 23»»»

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     22                                        Hotel Motel Engineers Association
HMEA Body #43   pages.qxd   12/22/2009    6:38 AM   Page 23

     «««Continued from Page 22—Graceful Exit                         door. Make sure that you speak with your lawyer and
     logical processes that occur with the loss of a loved           accountant. Do not forget to cancel licenses and per-
     one also happen with the loss of a business. When we            mits, make sure to pay all taxes and debts, and make
     first realize that the business/attraction has come to          sure that your creditors know that you will be closing
     the end of its course we often deny the reality, then           the business/attraction.
     we try to bargain with those whom we feel to be                 -Contact other similar tourism businesses that
     responsible for the business’ demise. Often there is a          may be able to take up the slack. Do not allow these
     great deal of anger involved and finally we come to             people to read about your agency’s or business’ clos-
     accept the fact that everything in life has an end and          ing in the media. Chat with them to see if they can
     that it is now time to move on. The bottom line is that         absorb some of your employees or if they can help to
     all of these feelings are normal. Not everyone will             regroup so that the overall tourism community and
     experience them and there is no special order to how            product does not suffer.
     they occur. The key thing to remember is that in an             -Work with your local CVB (Tourism Office) and
     economic downturn many other people are also going              Chamber of Commerce. Give them plenty of warn-
     through their own business mourning cycle.                      ing so that they do not send people to your attraction
     -If you are the boss or owner, prepare your people              and/or business after your close your doors. They will
     for the business’ death. The end of a business is               also want to update their database and may be able to
     never easy on anyone. However, if you are in a posi-            help you place your employees and/or you in new
     tion of administration, then you have an added                  positions, even if these are temporary positions.
     responsibility. It is not fair suddenly simply to               -Think of a business closing the same way you
     announce to your employees that they are losing their           might think of a romantic breakup. There are sev-
     jobs. Prepare them for the eventuality, assure them             eral ways to terminate a relationship, try to apply
     that you will do everything possible to help them               these to a business closing. Try to avoid surprises.
     move on and recognize that they too are now going               Instead deliver bad news directly, rather than beating
     through a mourning cycle. Be prepared for employ-               around the bush. Furthermore, tourism is about rela-
     ees to be angry with you. This is a normal part of the          tionships so do not disappear the day that you
     healing process.                                                announce that the business is closing. Instead try to
     -Do not forget that your customers may also have                keep people’s self esteem in tack and if possible try to
     a stake in your business. Tourism is about people,                                               ——Continued on Page 24»»»
      and if you are closing a tourism
      business or attraction, do not be
      surprised that many of your cus-
      tomers will also go through a
      grieving process. Once you have
      told your employees that the busi-
      ness is to be closed, then make
      sure that you inform your cus-
      tomers. You may have to close the
      business, but do it with dignity
      and grace. Provide recommenda-
      tions as to where your loyal cus-
      tomers may find others who can
      provide them with the needed
      service or experience.
      -Make sure that you have all of
      your legal ducks in a row. There
      is a lot more to closing a business
      than simply putting a key in the

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                                                Hotel Motel Engineers Association                                          23
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                                                                                   Spring Glass & Mirror
                                                                                HEA/ACOE Appreciation Day

        Custom Air Products & Services
        HEA/ACOE Appreciation Day

     «««Continued from Page 23—Graceful Exit

     assure them that there will be severance pay (if possi-
     ble) or at least letters of recommendation. Deliver the
     news at your center or business; do not take people
     out on a social gathering. Finally ask people to write
     exit reports. These can be very cathartic and will
     allow you to learn what you too might have done bet-
     -Do not just disappear. No matter how many
     details you take care of prior to closing the busi-
     ness or attraction there is always something left
     undone. Leave everyone a phone number or email
     address where you can be reached should any ques-
     tions arise after the closing. Remember, the way you
     go out of business is just as important as the way you
     come in. No matter how sad or disappointed you may
     be never sacrifice your reputation and remember there
     may well be a next time.

     Article By: Dr. Peter Tarlow

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     24                                          Hotel Motel Engineers Association
HMEA Body #43    pages.qxd   12/22/2009   6:39 AM    Page 25

                                  Managing Property Energy Costs:
                               Significantly Reduce Your Energy Costs
                                                    Article By: PSG Controls, Inc.

      Hotel owners and facility managers struggle with               have been installed in hotels throughout North Amer-
      high energy costs because rooms are often left unoc-           ica and Europe, including many well-known interna-
      cupied with the HVAC system continuing to heat or              tional hotel brands, Plus, PSG has live Technical and
      cool at comfort set-point levels.                              Customer Service support available Monday through
      With an onboard occupancy sensor incorporated into             Friday during the business day. Call and speak with
      the case, PSG’s new OS-1 solves this problem. The              someone today at 800-782-8412.
      OS-1 determines when a room is unoccupied and
      places it into setback economy mode. To provide                Contact: Terry Chilcote 215-360-5121 or
      flexibility, the length of time without motion before
      going into setback is configurable, as is the tempera-
      ture setting of the setback economy mode, so that the          Article By: PSG Controls, Inc., Perkasie, PA 800-
      property owner or manager maintains control over               782-8412
      the room environment while keeping the guests com-
      fortable.                                                      See Ad on Pages 16 & 17
      Designed to operate fan coil, PTAC and PTHP sys-
      tems with up to three fan speeds and featuring a large,        «««Continued from Page 9—NFPA
      easy-to-read backlit display, the OS-1 is ideal for
      hotels and other lodging facilities where both com-            W/cm2 in accordance with NFPA 253, Standard
      fort and energy costs are a concern.                           Method of Test for Critical Radiant Flux of Floor
      PSG’s thermostats are made in the United States and            Covering Systems Using a Radiant Heat Energy
                                                                     Explanation: 45 minute and higher fire door rat-
                Hotel Motel Saf ety Man ual                          ings no longer allow a class 2 carpeting transition.
                                                                     DHSI FT and adjustable transition strips (thresh-
                   -By Dr. Adrian Estes-                             olds) meet the class 1 fire separation under the
                                                                     Contact Robert Rissone, President of DHSI for more
                              $99.95                                 information at 800-836-8085.

                             Call                                    See Ads on Page 7 and Below
                           HMEA a t

                To Place Your Or der Toda y

            Got at Good Story?
         Share it with our readers
              Contact us at
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                                                Hotel Motel Engineers Association                                     25
HMEA Body #43   pages.qxd   12/22/2009   6:39 AM   Page 26

                                “Turismo & Mas”
       El rol de la seguridad turistica en tiempos de cambios economicos
                                                   Article By: Dr Peter Tarlow

     A pesar de de las platicas optimistas de recuperacion          sita. Esta politica y el recorte en la seguridad es espe-
     economica global, lo mas probable es que la industria          cialmente retador para cualquier forma de turismo:
     turistica aun tenga mas meses o tal vez mas años de            desde los hoteles hasta las atracciones, desde los
     reto por delante. A menudo cuando la economia esta a           restaurantes hasta los proveedores de transporte. Para
     la bajano no solo olvidamos estar “arriba” sino que            ayudarle a colocar esta necesidad en perspectiva,
     tendemos a recortar donde no deberiamos estar recor-           Probaditas Turisticas le ofrece lo siguiente para su
     tando. Lo mismo es verdad en las comunicaciones                consideracion
     alrededor del mundo. Por ejemplo, muchas comu-                 -Nunca olvide que nadie necesita tomar vacaciones. ;
     nidades han recortado en sus campañas de mercadeo              Mientras que la los viajeros de negocios pueden haber
     precisamente durante un periodo donde deberian                 ido a lugares que preferirian evitar, los viajeros de
     deberian estar expandiendo sus campañas. Otra area             placer pueden elegir ir donde quieran o simplemente
     que desafortunadamente esta siendo recortada son los           quedarse en casa. A pesar del hecho de que a la indus-
     departamentos de policia y seguridad. Basado en la             tria de los viajes no le gusta la palabra “quedarseen-
     falsa premisa de que la seguridad en el fondo no               vacaciones”, esta se esta convirtiendo en parte de
     añade nada, los departamentos de policia y las agen-           nuestro escenario economico. Solo toma un incidente
     cias de seguridad profesionales han visto cortados sus         para destruir el sentido de seguridad que demandan
     presupuestos precisamente cuando mas se les nece-              los viajeros
                                                                    -Sin la seguridad turistica aun el mejor mercadeo
                                                                    puede fallar. Numerosos estudios han demostrado que
                                                                    el mercado del turismo puede ser asustado facil-
                                                                    mente. Aun antes de Septiembre 11 de 2001 los visi-
                                                                    tantes querian saber si un local provee buena seguri-
                                                                    dad turistica. La seguridad turistica no solo es acerca
                                                                    de poner oficiales de policia en las calles, tambien es
                                                                    acerca de asegurar que los alimentos son buenos, que
                                                                    las pandemias no han declinado la industria o que la
                                                                    reputacion de una localidad no ha sido destruida por
                                                                    pandillas o prostitucion.
                                                                    -Use la seguridad turistica para atraer baby boomers.
                                                                    A pesar del derretimiento economico, el mejor mer-
                                                                    cado nicho a traves del mundo desarrollado, o para
                                                                    los paises que buscan visitantes del mundo desarrol-
                                                                    lado, es la decada por venir de la generacion de baby
                                                                    boomers. Estas son personas que pronto se retiraran
                                                                    por montones y quienes buscan divertirse, asi como
                                                                    buscan experiencias educativas y significativas para
                                                                    ellos, sus hijos, y sus nietos. Cuando la gente enve-
                                                                    jece el asunto de la seguridad se mueve al frente. La
                                                                    presencia es esencial y el costo de la seguridad profe-
                                                                    sional es mucho menos que el costo de la propaganda
                                                                    adicional debido a la perdida de ganancias. Lo que es
                                                                                                      ——Continued on Page 27»»»

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     26                                        Hotel Motel Engineers Association
HMEA Body #43   pages.qxd   12/22/2009     6:39 AM   Page 27

     «««Continued from Page 26—Graceful Exit                          - Piense profundamente cuales son sus prioridades de
     verdad de la generacion baby boom tambien es cierta              seguridad turistica. ¿Cuales son los mayores retos de
     con las “mujeres solteras de viaje” (una mujer que               su destino cuando lo percibe como un destino seguro?
     viaja sola). Las mujeres de negocios quieren saber que           ¿Como esta impactando la crisis habitacional en su
     estan seguras y que no tienen que preocuparse acerca             realidad de seguridad? ¿Hay mas personas sin hogar
     de su seguridad. Promueva los programas de seguri-               en las calles desde que empezo la crisis economica?
     dad para la gente en este nicho                                  ¿El bandalismo y la prostitucion son un problema
     -El equipo de seguridad pasiva es de ayuda pero no               para su comunidad? ¿Los elementos de seguridad pro-
     toma el lugar de los seres humanos reales. Un gran               fesional y policia estan sobre trabajados y mal paga-
     error de mercadeo es creer que las camaras y otras for-          dos? ¿Los medios tienden a enfatizar lo negativo y
     mas de tecnologia pueden reemplazar a seres                      entones crean una realidad percibida que es muy
     humanos. Esto no significa que no hay lugar para la              diferente a la verdadera realidad?
     tecnologia, todo lo contrario, los nuevos aparatos tec-          -Promueva la seguriad turistica como promueve su
     nologicos pueden ser de tremenda ayuda para los pro-             negocio. Clasicamente durante los tiempos dificiles
     fesionales de la seguridad. Las maquinas, sin                    los CEOs, Presidentes Municipales, y Gerentes hacen
     embargo, no proveen un sentido de hospitalidad                   recortes en seguriad turistica. No hay error mas
     empatica que es esencial para la industria turistica exi-        grande. Estos son los tiempos para pensar fuera de la
     tosa. El mejor curso de accion es mezclar la seguridad           caja. Cuando la gente esta asustada, la seguridad es
     umana con la tecnologia                                          parte de la seguridad economica. Lanze su producto
     -No permita que los medios lo asusten por el aumento             de seguridad como si fuera un producto nuevo. Trate
     del crimen debido a la baja economia. No todos los               de ver maneras nuevas e inovadoras en que pueda
     pobres son criminales. De hecho, la mayoria de la                usar la policia y profesionales de seguridad como un
     gente pobre son seres humanos muy decentes y hon-                medio para resaltar su producto o añadirle un valor
     estos. Mientras que en casos raros algunas personas se           extra. Trabaje con universidaes locales para desarrol-
     convierten en criminales para satisfacer el hambre o             lar paradigmas nuevos, y para transformar sus meto-
     adquirir medicinas, estas personas son la excepcion de           dos de seguridad de ser reactivo hacia ser proactivo.
     la regla y no la regla. No obstante, en la percepcion            -Anuncie tanto a sus clientes como a sus locales y ase-
     turistica a menudo gobierna una realidad en el turista           gurese de que entiendan que usted tiene un plan de
     y si sus visitantes creen que una baja economica pro-            seguridad turistica. Demasiados CEOs y Gober-
     ducira el aumento del crimen, entonces mostrar la                nadores aun sostienen la atrasada nocion de que los
     presencia de los elementos de seguirdad turistica se             agentes profesionales de seguridad y los policias
     vuelve aun mas importante. Lo que produce crimen,                espantaran a los visitantes. La realidad es todo lo con-
     sin embargo, es la falta de embellecimiento. Ase-                trari o, mientras la percepcion de que tanto su local
     gurese de que sus calles estan limpias, que se recoge            como su destino son mas seguros, mas grande es la
     la basura, que la vegetacion es podada y que el grafiti          oportunidad de aumentar el margen de ganancia. La
     es removido. Lo que es verdad de el escaparate urbano            linea del fondo aqui es la publicidad, y entonces
     tambien es verdad tanto en areas rurales como en edi-            anuncie su seguridad aun mas.
     ficios principales tales como los centros de conven-
     ciones                                                           Article By: Dr. Peter Tarlow
     -No use profesionales de seguridad, ya sean privados
     o publicos, solo como meros oficiales pasivos. Piense
     como un negocio. ¿Como le pueden dar estas personas
     un limite competitivo? ¿Salen al campo a trer clientes                     THE
     para usted? ¿Tiene usted un folleto de seguridad turis-
     tica que atrae a los visitants mientras les da infomra-                ENGINEERING
     cion mas que asustarlos? ¿Su gente de mercadeo se                     SEARCH ENGINE
     reune con sus proveedores de seguridad en una base
     regular?                                                            WWW.GLOBALSPEC.COM
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                                                 Hotel Motel Engineers Association                                       27
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                                 HMEA BOARD OF DIRECTORS
     JOHN KING                                                    KEITH A. LUKA
     538 COVERED BRIDGE TRAIL                                     WYNDHAM ORLANDO RESORT
     FAIRBURN, GA 30212                                           8001 INTERNATIONAL DRIVE
     PH: 404-253-3865 OR 3862                                     ORLANDO, FL 32819
     JOHN.KING@FOURSEASONS.COM                                    PH: 407-355-3609
     420 FRYING PAN LANE                                          RANDY GAUDET
     PITTSVILLE, VA 24139                                         3300 YORKTOWN ST. #5
     PH: 434-656-3520                                             HOUSTON, TX 77056
     J240PAYNE@YAHOO.COM                                          PH: 713-629-4677
     605 BROLLEYCOURT                                             ERIC TRAVELSTEAD
     WOODSTOCK, GA 30189                                          SEA MIST OCEANFRONT RESORT
     PH: 404-926-6714                                             1200 SOUTH OCEAN BLVD.
     CENGEL@AOL.COM                                               MYRTLE BEACH, SC 29577
                                                                  PH: 843-448-1551
     STAN HANNIBAL                                                ERIC @SEAMIST.COM
     11719 BEE CAVES RD., STE 201                                 JOHN LAHAISE
     BEE CAVE, TX 78738                                           WHITE LODGING SERVICES
     PH: 281-914-7359                                             11719 BEE CAVES RD., STE 201
     STAN.HANNIBAL@WHITELODGING.COM                               BEE CAVE, TX 78738
                                                                  PH: 512-638-0250
     BILL REILLY                                                  JOHN.LAHAISE@WHITELODGING.COM
     6520 SOUTH CICERO AVE.                                       SCOTT MITCHELL
     BEDFORD PARK, IL 60638                                       WHITE LODGING SERVICES
     PH: 219-793-5279                                             11711 N PENNSYLVANIA ST., STE 220
     BILL.REILLY@WHITELODGING.COM                                 CARMEL, IN 46032
                                                                  PH: 317-573-6539
     SCOTT JONES                                                  SCOTT.MITCHELL@WHITELODGING.COM
     4070 BUFORD HWY., STE 5
     DULUTH, GA 30096-4183                                        DAVID DUNHAM
     PH: 770-354-1398                                             WHITE LODGING SERVICES
     SCOTT@ALLSHORESFLOORING.COM                                  934 SPARROW HAWK DR.
                                                                  LONGMONT, CO 80501
     HAROLD W. HOGUE                                              PH: 303-772-7784
     10089 FM 1960 EAST                                           DAVID.DUNHAM@WHITELODGING.COM
     DAYTON, TX 77535
     PH: 800-222-8134                                             TOM GANT
     HHOGUE3606@AOL.COM                                           GOOD HOSPITALITY SERVICES, INC.
                                                                  1351 SILHAVY RD.
                                                                  VALPARAISO, IN 46383
                                                                  PH: 219-462-6265 EXT. 220
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     28                                        Hotel Motel Engineers Association
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                                                                         Energy Star Programs
                                                                    Energy Star offers many programs
                                                                    ideal in saving energy in our
                                                                    homes and businesses.

                                                                    In fact, Energy Star offers on-line
                                                                    training to improve the perform-
                                                                    ance of your organization.
                                                                    Log on to:
                                                                    training or a live web conference.

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                                               Hotel Motel Engineers Association                               29
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     30                                        Hotel Motel Engineers Association
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