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The Standard


									                                                   July 2005 The Standard - Appalachian newsletter - 1

                The Standard
               Monthly Newsletter of APPALACHIAN Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc.
                             Demand the Appalachian Standard
 Since 1928
                                           July 2005

Timber Resource, Oak Effort Lead Agenda
     Changes in forest land ownership and manage-
ment goals and the Appalachian Hardwood Manu-                      APPALACHIAN
facturers, Inc. Oak Promotion will be the top issues                Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc.
for the 2005 AHMI Summer Family Conference.              2005 Summer Conference
     Meeting registrations are increasing for the July          July 24-26
24-26 at the newly redesigned Nemacolin Woodlands
Resort and Conference Center in Farmington, PA.
The summer meeting is usually hosted within the
Appalachian region and is billed as a family affair
with participants encouraged to bring their families.         Betsy Ward - The Hardwood Federation, in her
     AHMI returns to a redesigned and expanded           first address to the industry since becoming execu-
Nemacolin. “The additions, improvements and              tive director of the federation May 1, discussing her
changes at the Nemacolin Resort are spectacular,         goals for the new federation, and what we need to
making this a true one-of-a-kind location,” said AHMI    be doing right now to stay active in federal affairs.
President Mark Barford.                                       Industry Issues - Other topics will include an
     In addition to the outstanding facility, AHMI has   update on the recent pallet heat treating and no bark
developed an interesting and timely business pro-        requirements on exported lumber.
gram. Issues to be discussed include forest re-               AHMI will offer a special session on Tuesday
sources, export promotion, politics and the AHMI Oak     morning hosted by the AHMI Board of Trustees to
Promotion.                                               review current promotion projects. The meeting will
     The business session speakers are:                  begin with an update by staff on the AHMI Oak Pro-
     Chris Zinkhan - co-founder of The Forestland        motion, followed by member comments and sugges-
Group, on the changes in forest land ownership and       tions, and conclude with a board meeting to discuss
management goals from emerging timber land own-          and act on those ideas.
ership groups that are becoming dominant in the               “This is another opportunity for AHMI leaders to
Appalachians. Through its funds, the company man-        reach out and listen to members,” said Barford. “The
ages 1.8 million acres of largely hardwood-oriented      board and staff are working hard on several issues,
timberland in 15 states. Zinkhan has researched the      including a targeted promotion of Oak and we want
application of modern portfolio theory and financial     to be sure we are on the right track, and hear other
models to timberland investment.                         suggestions for ways to advance these efforts.
     Mike Snow - American Hardwood Export Coun-               "The session is open to all meeting registrants,
cil, on the new business climate and economic chal-      and in fact all members are invited to attend even if
lenges and opportunities in China. He will discuss       they are not able to attend the entire Summer Con-
the effect they will have on the hardwood business       ference,” he said.
in the future.                                                          (See Meeting on page 2)

                                                           APPALACHIAN Future Meetings
 AHMI, P.O. Box 427, High Point, NC 27261                2005 Summer Meeting - July 24-26
  phone: 336-885-8315 fax: 336-886-8865                    The Nemacolin, Farmington, PA
                                                         2006 Annual Meeting - Feb. 23-26
       e mail:                         The Registry Resort, Naples, FL
     web:                        2006 Summer Family Conference July 22-24
                                                           The Homestead, Hot Springs, VA
2 - July 2005 The Standard - Appalachian newsletter

Mark my words........                                                  MEMBERSHIP
              By Mark A. Barford, CAE, CF
                         President                              HIGH POINT - Appalachian Hardwood Manufac-
     Based on a recent announcement by Bowater,             turers, Inc. welcomes the following new members to
Inc., it seems as though some companies are trying          the association:
to cooperate with people that have been bent on put-            Distributor
ting us out of business. Bowater recently announced             Timberland Wood Products, Inc.
it had entered into a Memorandum of Understand-                 Danny Conkin, Wendy Jeske, Mike Mallow
ing (MOU) with several leading conservation groups              920B Indiana Ave.
in order to “protect” the forest.                               Sheboygan, WI 53081
     This has long been a
question for our industry: Do                               Meeting from page 1
we try to work with those                                       The meeting begins with a welcoming reception
groups that oppose us, or just                              on Sunday night, July 24, followed by the general
go head to head and confront                                session on Monday morning. There will be tourna-
them? The question is often                                 ments for golf, tennis and sporting clays on Monday
resolved by delineating                                     afternoon followed by a reception Monday evening.
groups that are working for a                               The meeting will conclude Tuesday morning with the
long term healthy forest, and                               open members session and board meeting.
those that are just dedicated                                   AHMI would like to thank the following compa-
to stopping timber manage-                                  nies for their sponsorship of Summer Family Con-
ment through harvesting for Mark A. Barford                 ference events:
any reason.                                                 Sporting Clays Tournament - Farm Credit of the
     An organization like AHMI has been promoting           Virginias
sound forestry for decades by working with schools,         Golf Tournament prizes - Aurora Timberland Whole-
organizations and government. We are all for coop-          sale Hardwood Lumber Co. and Sisler Lumber
eration of the first type. But we have also seen the        Co.
futility of talking with groups who have a clear nega-      Tennis Tournament - U*C Coatings
tive agenda.                                                    AHMI meeting registration materials are on pages
     The other problem of working with any one group        5 and 6. Please complete and return to the AHMI
is that they only represent a small segment of the          with your check as soon as possible. A list of partici-
environmental community. MOUs with one group                pants who have pre-registered for the meeting is also
does not always solve problems with others.                 enclosed. This list was printed on July 5.
     Take certification for example. There are con-             There are also a few rooms available at The
servation groups that support AF&PA’s Sustainable           Nemacolin. Please call 1-800-422-2736.
Forestry Initiative (SFI) and others that support the
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and some that                     Summer Conference Agenda
do not support either. Certification in itself will never   Saturday, July 23
appease everyone, so there needs to be a different           Informal reception for early arrivals
reason for doing it.                                        Sunday, July 24
     In the case of Bowater, they have come to this          9 a.m. - Early golf at Mystic Rock Golf Course
MOU with two groups (The Dogwood Alliance and                6:30 p.m. - Reception in Lafayette Gardens
the Natural Resources Defense Council) of the lat-          Monday, July 25
ter-type described - generally anti-industry and anti-       8 a.m. - Business session in Lecture Hall
timber cutting. Bowater has taken a bold step here           11:30 a.m. - Golf tournament tee times begin
in order to inspire future cooperation.                      1 p.m. - Sporting Clays Tournament
     We will watch to see if the protest activity from       2 p.m. - Tennis Tournament
these groups quiets down, which may point the way            6:30 p.m. - Reception in Mulligans
towards more cooperation. A nice idea, but we won’t         Tuesday, July 26
stop our other more practical long term educational          8 a.m. - Membership meeting in Salon 4
efforts to promote forest management.                        10 a.m.- Board of Trustees meeting
                                                       July 2005 The Standard - Appalachian newsletter - 3
Appalachian Forest Research Kicks Off
     For the past year, a number of representatives
from the forest industry, government and forestry
universities have been meeting to put together an
alliance for the purpose of promoting forest research
in the Appalachian forest.                                        The U.S. Forest Service has recently approved
     Initiated by long-time Appalachian Hardwood             matching funds of $55,000 over a two-year period
Mannufacturers, Inc. member MeadWestvaco, the                for the group to help kickoff the project. The group is
idea of the Alliance is to pull together existing research   expected to officially begin work later this summer.
and determine what research is yet to be done. The                Four or five major landowner companies have
final step will be to originate new research either co-      already committed to participating, and work will be
operatively with government and universities or in-          done this summer to gain support from other com-
dependently.                                                 panies with Appalachian timberland holdings.
     “This will truly be a one of a kind alliance with            “The Steering Committee has been careful and
fantastic potential to be of great assistance to the         deliberate to launch the program by hitting the ground
Appalachian Forest Industry,” said AHMI President            running,” Barford observes, “so that the industry will
Mark Barford. “The chance to bring together all of           see fast results. AHMI is assisting with the organiza-
these resources to accomplish research that is di-           tion with no overhead expense to be sure that all
rected by the industry that will use it should be of         monies are used for research purposes.”
great benefit to the long term health of the Appala-              To learn more about the research alliance, please
chian forest”                                                contact Barford at the AHMI office at (336) 885-8315.

Barford Leads AHEC Seminars In Caribbean
     Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers Inc. Presi-          Export Council.
dent Mark Barford recently led two seminars in the                “The market in the Caribbean is relatively small,
Caribbean for the American Hardwood Export Coun-             but with tremendous potential,” Barford noted. “Both
cil (AHEC).                                                  cities have populations in excess of 300,000 people,
     The seminars took place at Kingston, Jamaica            and both areas face a housing shortage that gov-
and Port of Spain, Trinidad, and covered:                    ernment is working to alleviate.
     * natural sustainability of American hardwoods               "Although they import wood from other countries,
     * various species of American hardwoods for sale        they see the United States as a natural close trading
to the export market                                         partner, and are seeking more information about our
     * NHLA grading system and it’s application in the       products,” Barford said.
buying and selling of hardwoods
     * the importance of establishing a relationship with
your supplier to be sure to meet the specific needs of        AHMI Mourns Death
the buyer.
     “I have conducted these seminars many times
                                                              Of Mrs. Eva May Hamer
for AHEC and am always pleased to see the positive                Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc. is
response American hardwoods have around the                   sad to report the death of Mrs. Eva May Martin
world,” Barford reported. “The purpose is simply to           Hamer, 95, of Kenova WV. She was preceded in
interest them in our products, and encourage them             death by her husband, Joe Fisher Hamer, who
to follow up directly with sawmiller/distributors of          was a past President of AHMI and worked in the
American hardwoods to meet their needs.”                      Hamer family lumber business. Mrs. Hamer at-
     Both seminars had about 40 tradespeople se-              tended many AHMI conventions and functions with
lected to be invited who attend at no charge. Attend-         him.
ees came from the construction, furniture and wood                Mrs. Hamer is remembered by those that knew
using industries.                                             her for her grace, exceptional beauty, strength and
     In addition to Barford, presentations were made          loyalty. She is survived by her daughter, Jane
by Luis Zertuche, Director of AHEC’s Mexico City              Hamer Cross and her husband, John Cross of
office, and Dr. Ramon Manrique from the Softwood              Huntington. She had four grandchildren.
4 - July 2005 The Standard - Appalachian newsletter
VA Tech Offers Lean Manufacturing Workshop
    The Sloan Foundation Forest Industries Center          Smoothing production and creating continuous flow;
at Virginia Tech presents the 4th Lean Manufactur-         Cellular manufacturing; Standard work; Implemen-
ing Workshop Series for Wood Products Aug. 8-10            tation of Lean Manufacturing.
at the Wood Education and Resource Center,                      The workshop will be held at the Wood Educa-
Princeton, WV.                                             tion and Resource Center (WERC) in Princeton, West
    Lean manufacturing is a method of doing more           Virginia. WERC just off I-77 at Exit 14. For additional
with less with an emphasis on producing high quality       information about WERC, please call 304-487-1510
products with half the effort, space, inventory, and       or visit
product development time compared with traditional              Lodging is at the Comfort Inn in Princeton, West
mass production. This course is designed for upper         Virginia. The Comfort Inn is easily accessed from I-
and mid-level production managers who want to learn        77. Off I-77, take exit 9 to Rt. 460 West. Participants
how to successfully implement Lean Manufacturing           are responsible for making their own reservations.
concepts in their business. Participants should pos-       Lodging rooms are being held until Aug. 1, 2005 at a
sess knowledge of value flow through their opera-          reduced rate of $58 plus tax. To reserve a room,
tions from supplier to customer and have identified a      please call 304-487-6101. Be sure to mention the
particular product and/or group of similar products        name “Virginia Tech” for the reduced rate.
to be value stream mapped.                                      The 3-day workshop fee is $625 which covers
    Topics covered include: Principles of Lean Manu-       registration, instructional materials, continental break-
facturing; Organizational Culture; Identifying waste;      fasts, coffee breaks, lunch, and dinner on August 11.
Value Stream Mapping; “Push” vs. “Pull” production;        To register, go to Your
                                                           registration should be received no later than July 25,
Barford Attends Furnishings                                2005. Register early because registrations are lim-
                                                           ited to the first 25 applicants. For additional informa-
Caucus Meeting                                             tion, contact Earl Kline at 540-231-8841 or email
     Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc.    
President Mark Barford recently attended the Con-
gressional Furnishings Caucus hearing in Washing-
ton, DC. The caucus was founded by Representa-             AHMI Plans AWFS
tives Mel Watt and Howard Coble from North Caro-
lina and is intended to look at potential federal legis-   Exhibit, Market Visit
lative remedies for the struggling domestic home fur-          LAS VEGAS, NV - Appalachian Hardwood Manu-
nishings industry.                                         facturers, Inc. will exhibit at the AWFS Fair in Las
     The primary speaker was Rob Sligh, Sligh Furni-       Vegas from July 27-30.
ture president and President of the American Home              AHMI has reserved booth 17189 on the first floor
Furnishings Alliance. He spoke of changes in his           of the South Expansion of the Las Vegas Conven-
company that is now dominated by imports with do-          tion Center. It is the first year for the fair in Las Ve-
mestic manufacturing limited to assembling overseas        gas after several years in Anaheim, CA.
manufactured parts.                                            AHMI participated in AWFS in 2001 and had good
     Sligh said furniture manufacturers need to im-        results. More is expected this year with the change
port to stay competitive. He did not place high value      in venue and more than 800 exhibitors participating.
on import restrictions.                                        AHMI will display general information about Ap-
     “The Caucus is clearly looking for a mutually         palachian hardwoods with an emphasis on the Oak
agreed on way to assist the domestic furniture in-         Promotion. AHMI members are encouraged to visit
dustry to keep them competitive and protect them           or participate in the booth if they will attend the show.
from closings,” Barford said. “The big issue is that           For more information or to receive registration
as so many companies fall into importing to keep           materials, contact the AHMI office at (336) 885-8315.
them profitable, there is less and less demand for             The show is operating at the same time as the
the slowing of imported goods. As such, any legisla-       forest Las Vegas Market, the furniture exposition in
tive solution will likely harm as many domestic furni-     the Las Vegas World Market Center. AHMI staff will
ture companies as it may be helping.”                      attend the market and report on its inaugural event.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  July 2005 The Standard - Appalachian newsletter - 5

      Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc.

                                   Summer Family Conference
                                  The Nemacolin, Farmington, PA
          To accurately plan the functions and make sure all participants are included on the
          Registration List, please complete this form and return it with your check to: AHMI,
          P.O. Box 427, High Point, NC 27261.
          T       o               r           e           s           e       r           v           e               y       o                   u           r           r       o           o               m                   a               t           T           h           e           N           e           m               a           c       o           l   i           n           ,   c       a       l       l       1          8       0       0      4       2       2          2       7       3       6       .   T           h       e

          c           u       t                  o   f           f               d           a           t   e                   f           o           r           A                   H           M               I       ’       s               r           o           o           m               b       l           o       c       k                   w               a               s           J       u       n       e           2       4       ,       2       0       0       5           b       u       t       a           f   e       w

          r   o           o               m                   s           a           r           e               s       t           i   l           l           a           v       a           i       l       a       b               l   e           .           C           A           L       L               T           O               D       A           Y               !       !

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              REGISTRATION FEE:
      AHMI MEMBER - $250 per person            GUEST - $350 per person
      MEMBER SPOUSE - $125                     GUEST’S SPOUSE - $225
                          CHILDREN UNDER 16 FREE!
          Full registration fee will be refunded on cancellations received by June 30, 2005.
          Cancellations received after that time will be subject to 50% forfeiture.


Name:________________________________________ Badge Name:______________________ FEE: $______

Name:________________________________________ Badge Name:______________________ FEE: $______

Name:________________________________________ Badge Name:______________________ FEE: $______

Name:________________________________________ Badge Name:______________________ FEE: $______



City/State/Zip: __________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Signed                                                                                                                                                                              Date
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (more on reverse)
6 - July 2005 The Standard - Appalachian newsletter

    Sporting Events &                                APPALACHIAN
                                                     Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc.
     Other Activities                                Summer Family Conference
                                                     The Nemacolin, July 24-26, 2005

    PLEASE REGISTER FOR GOLF (Mystic Rock, Monday tee times 11:30-1 pm Medal Play)

    Name:_______________________________________________ Hdcp _____ FEE: $170

    Name:_______________________________________________ Hdcp _____ FEE: $170

    Name:_______________________________________________ Hdcp _____ FEE: $170

    Name:_______________________________________________ Hdcp _____ FEE: $170

    PLEASE REGISTER FOR TENNIS (Monday afternoon)

    Name: _______________________________________________________ FEE: $25

    Name: __________________________________________________          FEE: $25

    (The Nemacolin Shooting Academy, Monday at 1 p.m.)

    (One round of 100 targets - (Includes gun, ammunition and safety equipment)

    Name:_______________________________________________________ FEE: $99

    Name:_______________________________________________________      FEE: $99

                                                              TOTAL        $________

                          Check # _________________ Received _________

                                         (more on previous)

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