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From: Bronwyn van Schalkwyk <mailto:tollfree@environ.co.za>
To: 'Ernst Eiselen' <mailto:eisoz@amnet.net.au>
Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2007 4:18 PM
Subject: Dark circles

Dear Ernst

What thoughts do you have on dark circles around the eyes, and the treatment

Kind Regards

Bronwyn van Schalkwyk

Reply from Ernst

On 10/4/07 5:54 PM, "Ernst Eiselen" <eisoz@amnet.net.au> wrote:

Dear Bronwyn

The dark rings around the eyes are caused by allergy, fatigue and heriditary
I am not sure about the exact histology , but in allergy it is thought to be due the
dilatation of venous vessels in the skin leading to the darker appearance. I would
think that in fatigue a similar mechanism applies. I know that some fashion
models are reputed to use Preparation H (which contains vaso-constrictors and
shark oil and is used for haemorrhoids) to clear the dark rings after a wild night
In the heriditary forms I would imagine that pigment or prominent vessel beds will
be the cause.
I will have a look on the Internet and see if I can find something.
Treating allergies effectively, getting enough rest and making a better job of
picking your parents should clear the problem. Environ AVST will help if
damaged skin is to blame, but may not have a dramatic short term effect.
Des have you got specific experience with this?
Kind regards
Reply from Des:
Dear Bronwyn and Ernst,
In some cases the dark rings are due to conditions as you describe. More
commonly the cause is due to some swelling of the fat in the pocket that
surrounds the eye. In the early stages this is due to sinusitis, not sleeping well,
late nights, drinking alcohol, etc and this may be improved, they say, by using
Preparation H. I have heard this but all the models that I have asked have never
used it. I tried it on myself to see if I could reduce the swelling that often follows
long-airstrips. I didn't notice any change – maybe I am just too far gone! We
have also worked on a special product and we are researching this again to
reduce this slight swelling. This level disappears when the people sleep well,
don’t have hectic nights etc. The swelling causes a shadow in the so-called
As one gets older, this gets worse and does not disappear. This swelling and the
dark ring can only be treated by surgery. No topical cream will help.

In many cases we find that prolonged vascular states result in a deposition of
iron as well as melanin. The iron gives a more blue colour to the skin. In people
of Indian descent one often sees rather dark rings which in my experience are
usually associated with both.
What can we do for this?

If the colour is due to melanin then prolonged use of topical vitamin A will reduce
the colour. I am an example of that. I used to have dark rings which made me
look tired all the time. I have treated many people this way, but many people
become impatient and expect results within weeks. It takes months! The
Clarifying Lotion should also be used but it may cause some stinging and even
some swelling in the beginning.
Indians and other darker skinned people will respond slower and not get full
clearance. I think they have more iron deposited and so far we have not been
able to get rid of that iron. You could look at this with a “Wood’s Black Light” and
see that the dark colour does not get darker, as it would if the colour were due to
melanin. I theorise that vitamin C may have a role to play but no clear cut

In summary: Most of the dark rings that I see in my practice are best treated with
surgery, but we should look at changing the colour of the skin with vitamin A, in
all cases and vitamin C and Clarifying Lotion in many others. In some younger
people the swelling of the fat can be reduced with special products like
Preparation H?, and in darker skinned people `I would treat primarily with
vitamin A – the higher levels are generally when one sees results, and also
vitamin C. Of course the Clarifying lotion can also be used for melanin.
Kind regards

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