Curriculum Vitae Example

					                           Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine
                                Professional Learning Portfolio 2004

                                   Curriculum Vitae Example

There is no set formula for writing a curriculum vitae. An example of a curriculum vitae
has been provided to assist you.

             a. Personal Data

                   Name (do not include information such as date of birth, gender, marital
                   status, spouse, children’s names or ages, etc.)

             b. Educational Background

                   List year, school and degree for each

             c. Postdoctoral Training

                   List dates and institutions

             d. Academic Appointments

                   In sequential order, list dates, title and institution of all academic
                   appointments. Examples include:

                       −    Lecturer

                       −    Research Investigator

                       −    Assistant Research Scientist

             e. Clinical/Hospital Appointments

                   List dates and types of appointments. Examples include:

                       −    Staff Physician

                       −    Physician Volunteer

             f.    Consulting Positions

                   List dates and types of consulting positions held; these are usually
                   affiliations with industry. Examples include:

                       −    Memberships on Advisory Boards

             g. Scientific Activities

                   List dates and names of journals or institutions. Examples include:

                       −    Study Sections

Section 4: Background and Additional Information

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