Step by step toward Quebec

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					                                   Step by step toward Quebec
                                            Intensive MBA – Fall 2009

Carefully follow these step by step procedures.

 Step by step toward Quebec

Step       1   - Formalities for entry and stay
Step       2   - Tuitions Fees – Information about exemption from international fees
Step       3 - Preparing your arrival

Step       4   - Welcome session for international students

STEP 1 – Formalities for entry and stay

In addition to meeting the conditions specified by the Canadian government,        European students should
international students who wish to study in Québec must satisfy certain            normally allow between
requirements introduced by the Québec government.                                  4 and 8 weeks for these
First, international students must obtain a Québec Acceptance Certificate
                                                                                   Procedures will probably
(CAQ), then a study permit (from the Canadian government). In some cases
                                                                                   take longer for students
an entry visa or temporary resident visa from the Canadian government may
                                                                                   living in Africa or Asia.
also be required.
You must procure these entry and authorization documents before you arrive in Canada. Note that they
are generally issued only to full-time students.
After you receive the official offer of admission from HEC Montréal, you must contact the Québec
authorities and the Canadian visa office situated in an embassy, high commission or Canadian consulate
in your country of residence. You must demonstrate that you have been accepted at HEC Montréal and
that you have sufficient financial resources.
Consult the International Student Affairs Step-by-step for complete information.

STEP 2 – Tuitions Fees – Information about exemption from international fees

Under Québec regulations regarding tuition fees for Québec universities and colleges, tuition fees for
international students consist of those required of Québec students plus an additional financial
To encourage cooperation, the government of Québec grants an exemption from the additional financial
contribution to students who meet specific conditions. Students who receive an exemption pay the same
tuitions fees as Québec students.                                              1 de 2
                                                                                      Last update on March 16 2009

To receive an exemption from international fees

1. A certain number of citizens from countries whose governments have an agreement on tuitions fees
   with Québec may be exempted from the supplementary tuition normally required of international
      If you are a citizen of any one of these countries, you may apply for an exemption of this type.

2. If your home country is listed in the link above, you must, upon receipt of your acceptance letter from
   HEC Montréal, contact your government authorities (normally the department of education) in your
   home country.
          administrators in each country of origin
          names of their representatives in Canada

3. The student must complete, sign and send the following document:
          Application form for bursaries with an exemption from differential tuition fees

    For complete information, please refer to the Official site of the Government of Québec.

STEP 3 – Preparing your arrival

                                                                              The Website is currently being
Please read the International Student Affairs Step-by-step. You’ll find       updated. If you have any questions
valuable information about HEC Montréal’s health insurance,                   regarding the immigration process
temporary and permanent accommodation and life in Montréal.                   please contact

STEP 4 – Welcome session for international students

An important date to include in your agenda: August 13.
You are invited to meet us at the Decelles building. An official invitation will
be sent out during the summer.                                                     Apart from updating your
                                                                                   file, you will also attend the
You must bring the following documents in order to update your file:               Living and finding housing
                                                                                   in Montréal workshop.
          Your passport valid for the duration of your studies.
          Your Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ).
          Your study permit and temporary residence visa if necessary.
          A social security form from your country duly completed and notarized if applicable, or the amount
          needed to subscribe to HEC Montréal’s medical insurance plan.
          If you were admitted conditionally, official supporting documents requested by the MBA Office.                                                 2 de 2