Council welcomes removal of special levy 030210

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					Media release: Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Council welcomes removal of special levy

Wollongong City Council has welcomed a decision by the NSW Minister for Planning, the
Hon Tony Kelly, to remove a special contributions levy for development in the commercial
core of Wollongong.

The one percent levy was introduced in Wollongong by the NSW Department of Planning
in January 2007 to collect funds for improvements to Wollongong Railway Station and
Wollongong Harbour.

Director of Planning and Environment, Andrew Carfield, said Council wrote to the
Department last year requesting the special contributions levy be removed to encourage
more investment in Wollongong’s city centre.

“The cost of the special levy was seen as a disincentive to developers looking to invest in
Wollongong’s city centre,” Mr Carfield said.

“Council also felt that because the levy did not apply to any of the other five key regional
cities in NSW, Wollongong was at a competitive disadvantage for investment.”

“During the past year Council has updated all the city’s planning documents to set the
framework for future development in Wollongong and outline the standards both Council
and the community expect from future development.”

“With a new Local Environment Plan and updated planning controls for the city now
complete and waiting final approval, Council is getting ready to welcome a new phase of
growth and development in Wollongong.”

“The decision by the Department of Planning to remove the special levy will add to
Council’s suite of planning improvements, making Wollongong a more attractive and viable
city for investment.”

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