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									                                              COMPANY PROFILE
Marine Plant Systems Pty Ltd was founded in 1992 in order to support shipbuilding efforts in
                                                                                                                       IN BRIEF
Australia and New Zealand. We are staffed by maritime professionals and offer pre-engineering
assistance, equipment supply, service and after sales support. Our clients include shipbuilding
and conversion yards, luxury yacht builders, defence, offshore and commercial industries. We are     Company: Marine Plant Systems Pty Ltd
a registered defence supplier and a member of the Australian Shipbuilding Association. Products
                                                                                                     Managing Director: John Neskudla
in our inventory include:
        • Hamann - treatment of sewage, ballast water, engine exhaust; desalinators.                 General Manager: Bryan Little
        • Jets Vacuum - vacuum toilets and grey water collection systems.
                                                                                                     Place of establishment: Perth, WA Australia
        • Cathelco - impressed-current cathodic protection systems.
        • Matrix - reverse osmosis water makers.                                                     Address: Unit 6/8 Redemptora Road
        • Neuenhauser Compressor - compressed air systems.                                           !         Henderson, WA 6166 Australia
        • KPS Plug System - bulkhead penetration sealing.
                                                                                                     Post Address: PO Box 603
        • Blucher - push-fit stainless steel drain pipe.
                                                                                                     !             Claremont, WA 6910 Australia!
        • Wallas - diesel stoves and cook tops.
        • Ocean Clean - oily water separators.                                                       Telephone: +61 8 9410 0144
        • Westfalia - fuel oil separators, oily water separators.
                                                                                                     Fax:!      +61 8 9410 0155
        • Uson - solid waste handling systems.
        • Hatenboer Water - potable water production and treatment.                                  Website:
        • Cleemann Chairs - pilot chairs.
        • Leutert - engine measurement devices.                                                      Email:

        • Berg Propulsion - controllable pitch propellers.
                                                                                                     Number of employees: 6
        • HRP - bow and stern thrusters.
        • Heinen & Hopman - marine heating and air conditioning.                                     Sub agents: New Zealand, China, Japan,
        • Weka - box coolers                                                                         Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea.

                                                                                                     ABN: 61 078 997 449
Marine Plant Systems employs full time marine engineers to assist our clients with pre-engineering
consultation, commissioning assistance and field service. We maintain a showroom and
workshop within the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson, Western Australia. Due to our
success within foreign shipyards and at the request of our principals, we support a network of
subagents throughout South East Asia.

                                                                                                                           KPS Plug System


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