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									                                                Standard Hog
                                               Service Program

Commodity markets continue to have very sharp seasonal swings in price. The
inelasticity in demand for pork has and will continue to make price swings more
dramatic. The decisions made today on how to market hogs in the next year will

                                                                                          Risk Management Standard Hog Service Program
significantly impact a company’s financial performance. Marketing more hogs
does not naturally equate to more profits, because falling prices can cancel
out productivity. Too many producers market their hogs in the bottom quartile.

The Objective should not be getting the 100th percentile price - but to avoid
falling into the bottom 75th percentile.

           Content and Features                                Benefits

    Timely Marketing Recommendations                Learn better ideas and
                                                    marketing strategies: simple
    Weekly Newsletter
                                                    answers and smart solutions.
    On-line Tools including a Cost of
                                                    Create a marketing plan which if
    Production Calculator and Break Even
                                                    applied will manage the risk in
                                                    your business and help achieve
    Webinar Sessions to Review the                  performance targets.
    Quarterly Hogs and Pigs Report and
                                                    Save time by having all the
    Discuss its Marketing Implications
                                                    information and market analysis
    Extensive Hog Price Reports, Visual             you need in order to make timely
    Data and Charts                                 marketing decisions available in
    Educational Centre to Examine Hedging           one location.
    and Derivative Concepts                         Convenient and Easy to use
                                                    on-line platform or e-newsletter
                                                    and recommendations can be
                                                    sent directly to your email or fax.
                                                    Low Annual Fee – $399.00.
For more information on the benefits of risk        Over 50 years experience in
management:                                         marketing and price risk
                                                    management in the North
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