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Standard CPU


									Standard CPU
The SIMATIC S7-400 is the power PLC for the mid and upper performance ranges.
The modular fan-free configuration, the many expansion facilities, the comprehensive
communication and networking possibilities, simple implementation of distributed structures,
and user-friendly handling make the SIMATIC S7-400 the ideal solution even for extremely
complex tasks in the medium and upper performance ranges.
Several classes of CPUs with graduated performance capabilities and an extensive module
spectrum with many user-friendly functions allow the user to customize a solution for his/her
automation task.

Applications for the SIMATIC S7-400 include:

•      Automotive industry (e.g., production lines)
•      Machine construction, including special machines
•      Bearings technology
•      Steel industry
•      Building services
•      Power generation and distribution
•      Paper and printing industries
•      Timber processing industry
•      Food and drink industry
•      Process engineering, e.g., water supply and conservation
•      Chemical and petrochemical industries
•      Control engineering
•      Packaging machines

The number of CPUs standard are9,that contain as following:

CPU 412-1,CPU 412-2,CPU 414-2,CPU 414-3,CPU 414-3 PN/ DP, CPU 416-2,CPU 416-
3,CPU 416-3 PN/DP, CPU 417-4

    Each of them are contain technical information , for example:
CPU 416-3DP

Standard CPU for the upper performance range and additional communication tasks

    •   RAM 11.2 MB
    •   MPI/PROFIBUS DP-Master-Interface
    •   2 additional PROFIBUS DP-Interfaces
    •   Slot for additional IF-Module
    •   Memory Card slot

•        fast RAM for parts of the user program relevant to execution.
•        Flexible expansion:
    Up to 262144 digital and 16384 analog inputs/outputs.
•        Multi-point interface MPI:
    With the MPI it is possible to establish simple networking of max. 32 stations at a data
    transmission rate of up to 12 Mbit/s
•        Combined MPI/DP interface and integrated PROFIBUS DP interface .
Some Technical Information :

          Order NO.             6ES7416-3ER05-0AB0            -------------
      Version of software      Step7 V5.4 SP2 or higher       -------------
           Memory                  RAM: 5.6 MByte         Load memory: max
                                                              64 MByte

    Number of Data Block               10,000                 -------------
   Number of Function Block             5,000                 -------------
     Number of Function                 5,000                 -------------
    Number of organization            64 Kbyte                -------------
        S7- Counter                     2,048                 -------------
         S7- Timer                      2,048                 -------------
   max. devices, Expansion                21                  -------------
          Interface                 MPI Network             Profibus DP,

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