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Spring into Innovation_


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									                       Spring into Innovation!
                       Did you hear? Our economic forecast is starting to        their discretionary dollars on “tired”! You need to      Food Centre. Clearly, there is a prix-fixe revolution
                       brighten up. Just like a beautiful spring day! In fact,   innovate to survive! Some keys to innovation in this     afoot – and everyone is embracing it!
                       economists say it’s bullish for the Canadian dollar.      economy:                                                 Revitalize your decor (when a full retrofit is not
                       Over time, Canada is going to be viewed as the
                                                                                 Develop a core value proposition                         a financial option)
                       Bastion of Stability!
                                                                                 In these times, consumers want a casual, clean           Look at your operation as a marketing device that
                       Well, doesn’t that sound better than what we’ve           and service-oriented environment. They want to           can mold and proactively shape your customers’
                       been hearing for quite a while!?                          be comfortable – to relax and enjoy their night          experience.
                       We’ve been talking to restaurants about how               out. Re-think your menu, and re-think your pricing.      You don’t need to reinvent your brand. In fact, with-
                       they’ve been coping the last few months. You know,        Good food is not good enough if it’s served more         out hiring an architect and smashing down walls,
                       many are doing better than expected. They’re not          attractively and at a better price by your competi-      you can shift your interior design to create more
                       broadcasting that fact from the roofs – even though       tion. Be both budget and quality conscious!              of a welcoming atmosphere. Revitalize your brand
                       some are actually seeing an INCREASE in business.                                                                  through a cosmetic approach. Consider simple
                                                                                 In praise of Prix-Fixe
                       For example, we waited in line for 40 minutes to                                                                   adaptations that don’t require significant invest-
                                                                                 Not too long ago it would be difficult to find a
                       get into a favourite restaurant recently, and couldn’t
                                                                                 fixed price restaurant in Toronto with street-cred. In   ment dollars – like putting a fresh colour on your
                       even get a pre-theatre seat at another. Obviously,
                                                                                 Europe, prix-fixe meals are part of the culinary life-   wall! Sometimes even the slightest change can
                       these places are doing something right!
                                                                                 style, and can be enjoyed everywhere from bistros        have a major impact on your overall success.
                       Savvy restauranteurs have embraced this recession-
                                                                                 right up to three-star wonders. We’re now, latently,     Make your restaurant more productive
                       ary climate as a time to reinvent what doesn’t work.
                                                                                 discovering the power of prix-fixe, and how it           Efficiency is more important than ever. Take the
                       As they say, necessity is the mother of all invention.
                                                                                 makes a multi-course meal affordable – and enjoy-        time now to re-train your entire staff, and go over
                       Recessions can actually be starting points for new
                                                                                 able! Look at the success of Toronto’s Winterlicious     methodologies that might have been overlooked
                       opportunities! The initiatives begun now will create
                                                                                 – prix-fixe menus during a traditionally slow season     or forgotten. You’d be surprised at the difference
                       the success stories we’ll read about in the months
                                                                                 entice customers to spread their dining wings and        it can make. Take it even further – investigate food
                       and years ahead.
                                                                                 try new establishments. This year, the February          storage and preparation methods that cut waste
                       So how do you innovate in ways that draw customers        event was extended by two weeks. And in March,           and reduce energy consumption. Control the con-
                       through your doors?                                       over 20 Toronto restaurants participated in the Stop     trollables!! Once we begin to make the economic
                       I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – don’t let     For Food $50 prix-fixe menu promotion, with $10          climb back, it’ll be the operators who have sprung
                       your brand become tired! Nobody wants to spend            from every meal benefiting the Stop Community            into innovation that lead the charge!

interior design
foodservice planning   design insights                                                                       newsletter of Hirschberg Design Group
                                                                                                                                                                 spring 2009
Look Before You Lease                                  Canada’s Newest Upscale Hotel:                        ally increases the credibility of a brand. It’s the
                                                                                                             epitome of urban chic, as appealing to its cor-
                                                                                                                                                                     This chocoholic’s dream is the first of what we
                                                                                                                                                                     hope will be many locations throughout the
                                                       Where Marketing Meets Design
Part II: Getting Off To a Healthy Start                                                                      porate clients as it is to the area’s cool clientele.   GTA. Succumb to temptation – Dahso is the
                                                                                                             Check in... or at least check it out!                   answer to your cravings!
In our Winter newsletter, we outlined some
key steps you need to take before signing that                                                               Tamarind – the Indian Kitchen                           Shoom Shoom Middle Eastern
lease. And once you’ve researched the building
regulations for your new or expanded location,
your next stop is to contact your local Health
Department. Research the guidelines carefully
– they can vary from city to city. And if you’re
unsure about something, meet with your local
inspector. I know most people are tempted to           Hyatt Regency Hotel, 370 King Street West, Toronto
avoid visiting inspectors but you should be up         How do you transform a tired, family-style hotel
front with them – my experience is that this           like the Holiday Inn on King into a sleek, urban-
will save you time and money in the long run.          chic destination?                                     Brookfield Place, Concourse level,                      7355 Bayview Avenue at Laureleaf Road, Thornhill
There is a list of regulations and requirements                                                              161 Bay Street, Toronto
                                                       Check out the new Hyatt Regency Toronto on                                                                    We rocked the Kasbah with our design for
you must follow prior to opening your restau-
                                                       King! The revitalized 394-guest room and suite        Proving that Indian food is getting to be “all          Shoom Shoom Middle Eastern Restaurant!
rant. Most designers know what they are, but
                                                       hotel, located in the heart of Toronto’s pulsing      the raj”, we took a spicy new approach to the           Ditching (rather than pitching) the tent motif
the following are some (but by no means all)
                                                       entertainment district, makes Toronto the only        design of Tamarind. A black backdrop sets off a         that most Middle Eastern restaurants employ,
areas of concern.
                                                       city in North America to offer two Hyatt hotels.      robust colour palette that uses tumeric, cumin          Shoom Shoom is a casual, serene retreat that
Equipment                                              Its new interior design fulfills three mandates:      and coriander as inspiration. The a-typical             caters to family-style dining. Monochromatic
All food service equipment – new or used –             it offers a coolly corporate destination for the      operational layout showcases the work of pro-           shades of the desert, such as camel, tan and
must meet applicable standards. The National           business traveler, an urban oasis for tourists,       fessional chefs in the cooking line, and a mod-         ochre, are employed in meandering patterns
Sanitation Foundation (NSF), Underwriters              and acts as a hip, cool addition to the enter-        ern version of a traditional Jali Wall conceals         to evoke the look of blowing sand. The open
Laboratories (UL) or Underwriters Laboratories         tainment district.                                    the prep area through a translucent black glass         kitchen is the star of the show, clearly visible
Canada (ULC) are organizations that ensure                                                                   panel with an Indian pattern behind it. The             from any table in the dining room. An eclectic
                                                       “Social” is what the rejuvenated and re-branded
construction methods and materials are non-                                                                  concept is unique and the food is excellent –           mix of both modern light fixtures and traditional
                                                        hotel is all about. Its public spaces are designed
toxic and easy-to-clean, and that all equip-                                                                 fresh and flavourful!                                   Moroccan imported lanterns generates the
                                                        to catch the eyes of passersby on the outside
ment holds its temperature under special                                                                                                                             feeling of an outdoor desert oasis, and subtle
                                                        street and invite them inside. This ensures the      Dahso Chocolate Café                                    Moroccan undertones appear throughout the
                                                        new hotel becomes an important part of the
Walls & Ceilings                                                                                                                                                     fabrics and wall coverings. Spanning the back of
                                                        surrounding scene, rather than just a guest-
                                                                                                                                                                     the dining room you’ll find a colourful, 18 foot
The walls and ceilings in food preparation, dish-       specific destination. Not surprisingly, its open-
                                                                                                                                                                     display of traditional Moroccan bowls while cus-
washing, storage, janitor and rest room areas           style restaurant has been named “King Street
                                                                                                                                                                     tom server stations reflect the look of antique
must be smooth, non-absorbent and easily                Social” and its semi-circular lobby bar is “Mix”.
                                                                                                                                                                     Moroccan furniture. Shoom Shoom offers excel-
cleanable. Ceramic tile, stainless steel or dry-       The lobby design is open, with seating areas                                                                  lent shawarma, amazing salads and tasty appe-
wall painted with high gloss enamel is recom-          throughout to invite casual conversation, as                                                                  tizers like whole roasted eggplant. The décor
mended. Your ceiling tile must also be smooth          though in an upscale yet comfortable living                                                                   may be subtle, but the food is sensational!
and easy-to-clean. Splash zones behind the             room. The unmistakable focal point is a float-        15 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto
sink and other high moisture areas should
be outfitted in fiberglass reinforced panels,
ceramic tiles or an equivalent surface (ie. stain-
                                                       ing fireplace surrounded by a double glass
                                                       water wall that cascades from the raised ceil-        Stroll by Dahso Chocolate Café at Yonge and
                                                                                                             St. Clair, and its decadent window displays will
                                                                                                                                                                     Upcoming Shows
                                                       ing. Custom chandeliers reflect off the white
less steel).                                                                                                 pull you in like a sugar-coated magnet!                 June 14, 2009
                                                       leather seating that wraps around a bed of
                                                       black river rock.                                     Black chandeliers, with curls and droplets              Toronto Taste, Yorkville, Toronto
                                                                                                             resembling melted chocolate, hang above                 Annual fundraiser for Second Harvest,
Floors must be watertight, allowing no penetra-        King Street Social offers 170 seats to serve the
                                                                                                             the 1,000 square foot shop’s front counter. The         the charity that feeds the hungry
tion for insects or rodents. Ceramic tile, quarry      needs of the conference centre, hotel guests
                                                                                                             off-white interior with walnut paneling and             www.secondharvest.ca
tile, vinyl tile, or sheet goods are all excellent     and visitors to the area, with a show-stopping
flooring material options.                             open kitchen that prepares international deli-        purple accents highlight its mouth-watering
                                                                                                                                                                     June 28–30, 2009
                                                       cacies with a Canadian flavour.                       wares: dangerously delicious European choco-
Do things right the first time, and you’ll be off to                                                                                                                 55th Summer Fancy Food Show
                                                                                                             late, robust espresso and freshly-made Belgian
a healthy start. As they say, planning makes per-      The new Hyatt Regency Toronto on King is a            waffles.                                                Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, NYC
fect (okay, maybe it’s just me that says that)!        prime example of how intelligent design actu-                                                                 www.fancyfoodshows.com

interior design
foodservice planning           HDG                             www.hirschbergdesign.com _ admin@hirschbergdesign.com _ 416.868.1210
                                                                                                                                                                                      spring 2009

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