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									                    Spring 2010 Issue

Spring Registration Information
Our spring registration is now available on our website. The deadline for ensuring you
have a space on a team is March 31, 2010. After that date you may be waitlisted,
depending on the numbers in your Division. Check out the website and get your
registration in as soon as possible. As we noted in our last newsletter, due to cutbacks in
Gaming Funds we have had to implement an increase in rates. If the Provincial
Governments funds us to a higher level than anticipated we may be able to look at some
type of reimbursement program.

As you may know, we have added a Policy Page to our website. Over time we will post
many of the key policies that parents and players should be aware of when registering for
baseball. The first three policies that have been posted relate to: our boundaries and
player releases; moving up to play in an older Division; and, our registration refund
policy. Please check out www.kelownaminorbaseball.com for this and other information
about KMBA.

Concession’s Looking Good, Deserves Our Support!!

Last fall announced some very significant changes to our Concession in 2010. Feedback
from parents indicated that you want to be able to rely on the concession to be open when
you come to the park. Also, that you want a healthier menu so your kids can get
nutritious meals and healthy snacks on those days when you are rushed and don’t have
time to prepare a meal before leaving for the game. We heard you.

This year the concession will be opened one hour prior to all scheduled games at
Lombardy and will not close until just prior to the end of the last game. Most
importantly, KMBA is getting on board with the City of Kelowna’s Healthy Food and
Beverage Program. Our menu will offer healthier choices so your family can get to the
park early and feel confident that you can select healthy options from the concession.
The menu will include wraps, pizza, chili, fresh fruit and veggies, apple chips, trail mix,
water, juice, milk G2 and many other healthy options. Burgers will be served on whole
grain buns and have fresh tomatoes, lettuce and onions as options to top them.

To make this a success we ask that you give the concession a try next season. Make it
your first stop before the game, rather than stopping on the way to pick-up a sub. With
support from our members we can improve the quality of service and increase our sales.
Profits from the concession will be used to up-grade our facilities.

Umpire Clinics - Help Wanted

If you are interested in becoming a baseball umpire this season please contact our
umpire-in-chief Darcy Rysz by calling (250) 718-7820 or by emailing drysz@shaw.ca.

Below are the clinic levels, location, dates and times. Your registration fee will be
reimbursed as long as you umpire with KMBA during the season.

Level 1 (1st & 2nd year umpires born in 1998 or earlier)
Saturday, March 27, 2010 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
Rutland Middle School

Level 2 (born in 1996 or earlier)
Saturday, March 27, 2010 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Rutland Middle School

Level 3 (Level 2 umpires born in 1994 or earlier)
Saturday, March 6, 2010 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sunday, March 7, 2010 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Rutland Middle School

Team Sponsors Still Needed for 2010 Season
This year more than ever before, KMBA needs Team and Division Sponsors to help
offset costs of uniforms, baseball gear, field fees and tournaments. With drastic funding
cuts announced by the province, KMBA needs to raise funds to compensate for this loss
and protect it's programs. If you own a Company or work for one that would like to
sponsor, it is a great way to show your support for your kids and baseball in the
community by promoting this healthy activity.

Team Sponsorship is $500. For this, your company name becomes part of the team name,
and is embroidered on the sleeve of each child's keeper T-Shirt. Also, each team receives
a large, full color 2' x 5' KMBA team banner professionally made and
bearing your company name and logo. The banners are proudly carried by each team on
Opening Day in April and are also hung on the fences during team games and practices
every week. If you prefer to sponsor privately or on a greater level, Division and
Tournament Sponsorships are available as well.

Please contact Sponsorship Coordinator, Romany Runnalls at romany@silk.net or by
phone: 250 862-1794 for more information and a sponsorship package.

Clinics Offered by Okanagan Athletics and
Okanagan College Baseball Team

We are fortunate to have so many highly qualified instructors here in the Okanagan. The
OC Baseball Team with Geoff White and his coaching staff will be working with KMBA
and offering our Fall Ball Program again this year.

This spring, the Coaching Staff for our Premiere Midget and Junior PBL Teams, along
with Graham Johnson, Head Coach of the Bantam AAA team are combining forces to
offer an early spring clinic that will be of interest to players and coaches. Check out our
webpage for full details on the Spring Clinic offered by the Athletics.

2010 Girls Baseball Programs with KMBA
The Okanagan Halos Girls Baseball Program is looking forward to another great season.
The Okanagan Halos Girls Baseball Program is registered with KMBA. The Head Coach
is Danny Jones. Danny started the program four years ago and continues to oversee
player and coach development. The Okanagan Halos cooperate with Kelowna, West
Kelowna and Rutland Minor Baseball Associations to form teams specifically designed
to meet the needs of female athletes. There is a growing interest in girls’ baseball in the
Okanagan Valley and we were very pleased to have had three “all-girls” teams compete
in the mosquito and peewee 2009 spring leagues. Our peewee team was invited to the
Canadian Western Girls Baseball Invitational Tournament in July where we played well,
had lots of fun and met other girls from the lower mainland, Victoria Island and even a
team from Quebec.

Any girls from West Kelowna, Kelowna or Rutland, interested in playing baseball are
encouraged to contact Byron Miki by email at byronmiki@shaw.ca or by phone 250-764-

Any adults with an interest in helping the Okanagan Halos can also contact Byron. As our
program continues to grow, we will need additional coaches, trainers, fundraisers,
sponsors, and organizers of all kinds.

For more information about the Halos, please go to our website at www.HalosBaseball.ca

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