Top Five Reasons To Clean Your Carpet

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     Cleaning carpets manually is a tedious process. It also takes a lot of time. Clean the carpet with a dry cleaner
    and then use a steam cleaner if it still looks dirty. When using a steam cleaner, change the warm water a couple
                                                           of times
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                                    Top Five Reasons To Clean Your Carpet
                                                 By James Carlson

    You hopefully know that carpet cleaning is important for your carpet and your homes health. What
is shocking however is the number of carpets in this country that never get cleaned. If you need some
convincing to clean your carpet, read this article and learn the top five reasons to clean your carpet.

Reason #1. Your carpet is ugly. Do not put up with the spots and dark traffic paths. For the reasonable
price of a carpet cleaning your home can look dramatically better. Do not underestimate the impact of
clean flooring on your homes appearance. Clean it soon before those spots become permanent. Do
you think that your carpet is beyond rescuing? Think again, it might still be restorable.

Reason #2. Your carpet smells. Does the odor of your carpet hit you as soon as you enter your home?
Is a smelly carpet keeping you from enjoying your house or inviting people in to your home? Call a
carpet cleaner to remedy this situation. They have cleaning skills and deodorizers to deal with even the
smelliest of carpets. Call a cleaning company and get your home back again.

Reason #3. It will last longer. A clean carpet will last much longer than a dirty one. Soil is abrasive and
the longer it is on your carpet the more it will abrade your fibers. Get rid of it as soon as possible and
save your carpet.

Reason #4. You have allergies. Your carpet is a giant air filter and traps contaminants from the air. You
must clean this filter on a regular basis to keep it working well. So clean your carpets often and enjoy
relief from allergies.

Reason #5. You want softer carpet. Remember how that carpet felt on your bare feet when it was
new? Clean your carpet and get that feeling again. Add some enjoyment back to your flooring.

You can probably see that there are a number of reasons to clean your carpet. So what are you waiting
for? Call your local carpet cleaner today.

Go to for more information on carpet cleaning.

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                                              Other Reasons To Clean Your Carpet
                                                             By James Carlson

 When your carpet starts to look bad what do you do? You call the carpet cleaner because you want a
clean floor. Yes, it is true that clean carpets look much better but there are other reasons to clean your
carpet. Read this article to learn about some of the other reasons to clean your carpet that are just as
important as looks.

One reason to clean your carpet is to remove dust mites from your carpet. This is especially important
if you have allergies as the waste excreted by these dust mites is very irritable to the sinuses. The
reduction of dust mites in carpet following carpet cleaning is due much in part to the removal of dead
skin and dander from the carpet. This is the mites food and reducing it will reduce the number of dust
mites. Complete removal is impossible though since we are constantly shedding skin cells.

Another reason to have your carpet cleaned is to freshen up your home. Your carpet acts like a giant
air filter trapping contaminants. This filter needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Even if it doesn't
appear dirty, cleaning it will improve the odor of your home and make your house smell fresher.

The last reason to clean your carpet is to remove hidden soil. Your carpet can hold its weight in soil
and this is often not apparent because it is designed to hide soil. This hidden soil will eventually
damage your carpet by wearing down the fibers. So to protect your carpet you should clean it on a
regular basis even if it does not appear to be soiled.

So you see, there are a number of other reasons to clean a carpet besides looks. If it has been a while
since you have had your carpets cleaned, consider calling a local cleaning company today.

Visit for more information on carpet care and cleaning.

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