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                               June, 2007                                                Brief: HUNGERFORD
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 Going for Broke                                   the previous owners-we've had the
                                                   property for two and a half years-and
                                                   we're delighted that Andrew has continued
 July will see the opening of a new cellar
                                                   making wines for us," Carol said.
 door at Broke's Promise Vineyard and Olive
 Grove in the Broke Fordwich area of the Hunter
 (pictured right).
                                                   Cellar door of the year
   Owner Carol Re said an old barn was
 being converted for the cellar door, which        Calais Estate is clearly doing something
 would also feature a fine arts gallery. Windows   right. It's won Best Cellar Door in the Lower
 across the front open to look over the olive      Hunter region for the past three years, and
 grove and vineyard, and tables and chairs         the wine company prides itself on its top
 will be provided for visitors to sit and relax.   notch hospitality.
    Carol said she plans to feature glassware,        The cellar door is a charming colonial-
 timber products and paintings in the gallery.     style structure built from convict hewn
    "Our son Sam is an artist and he lives and     bricks and solid timber bridging beams and
 works up here. Some of his sandstone              boasts one of the largest collections of
 sculptures are featured throughout our            quality boutique wines in the region.
 garden and that really interests people. It       Verandahs provide views across the Valley to
 gives them something to think about               the Brokenback Ranges.
 besides wine," Carol said. "When the cellar         The winery was established in 1975 and
 door is completed, we'll put some of Sam's        the cellar door was added 10 years later.
 pieces in the gallery."                           The Bradley family purchased Calais Estate
    Twenty-five year old Sam, who runs the         in 2000 and in their first year as owners
  business Samuel Re Sculptures, is also a         undertook extensive renovations. The
  keen skydiver, and jumps out of planes most      grounds were landscaped, hundreds of
 weekends.                                         trees, shrubs and flowers were planted, and
    "I do a lot of bushwalking, rock climbing      the winery, cellar door and winemaker's
 and so on and I suppose it's a good outlet        cottage (available as accommodation) were
 for me. I take a lot of photos when I'm           given a facelift.
 bushwalking and this provides inspiration            Matt Dillow recently opened the
 for my sculpture. I carve a lot of animals        Verandah Restaurant at Calais, which sits
 and people seem to love them," he said.           above the cellar door and looks out across
   Sam has been sculpting for six years and        the vineyard.
 started his own business two years ago.              The estate is known by the Calais Bus, a
                                                   fully restored 1927 Chevy, which picks up
    Broke's Promise also includes an olive         wine club members and brings them to the
 grove which produces award winning extra          winery for a tasting and a meal.
 virgin olive oil and products.                       Hannah, the resident Calais hound, is a
    Andrew Margan makes Broke's Promise            chocolate brown German Shorthaired
 wines under contract. "He made wines for

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                                  June, 2007                                                          Brief: HUNGERFORD
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                                  Section: Supplements
                                  Region: National
                                  Type: Magazines Trade
                                  Size: 618.65 sq.cms.
                                  Published: Monthly

    Pointer, who entertains the masses with ball             "The Hunter Valley is such a visited region
    games most weekends. She has her own                 now, we knew we had to do something a
    Pinot Noir-Hannah's Run.                             little different. We sponsor Starlight Cinema
      As well as wine sales via the cellar door,         in Sydney and after two years we decided
    Calais Estate runs a popular wine club and           to take it to Hungerford Hill," she said.
    also offers Corporate Solutions-a range of               "The first year we expected to make a
    gifts and incentives that can be used for            loss. The second time we expected to make
    friends, employees and associates.                   a profit, but we didn't. We pretty much
                                                         broke even. But if you look at the wider
      Gifts include single and twin bottle sets          picture, 15,000 people tried Hungerford Hill
    presented in natural timber boxes,
                                                         wines who may not have otherwise done
    corrugated carry packs or leather cases, and         so. There are so many other marketing
    a range of indulgent hampers filled with             benefits for us, such as brand awareness."
    Hunter Valley cheeses, nuts, crackers and               Hungerford offers a dining terrace experience
    Calais wines. All gifts from Calais are              for cinemagoers who want more than a picnic.
    customised with personalised messages,                 Speaking of eating, there isn't much
    labels and packaging.                                Terroir Restaurant at Hungerford Hill hasn't
                                                         won. It took out the Savour Australia
    Hungry for success
                                                         Restaurant & Catering Australia Awards for
                                                         Excellence, Best Restaurant in a Winery gong
    Hungerford Hill general manager of
                                                         last year. It also won the Restaurant of the
    marketing Kylie Teasdell is pretty honest
                                                         Year award for the Hunter Region in June
    when it comes to the winery's recent foray
                                                         '06 and was named the '06 Regional New
    into the arts-Starlight Cinema.
                                                         South Wales Restaurant of the Year by the
      This summer will be its third year of
                                                         Restaurant & Catering Association of NSW.
    operation and Kylie says the event hasn't
    yet made a profit, but that's not the point.


                            A      Hannah, the resident Calais hound and, inset, Calais owner Richard Bradley.

                                  Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) licensed copy                                   Ref: 28679609

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