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					       Cambridge Test Preparation Courses
  Cambridge Certificates in English are recognised worldwide by businesses and academic institutions.
    Students on Cambridge Test Preparation Courses at SELC consistently achieve excellent results.

                   Cambridge General Certificate Preparation Courses
SELC runs 12-week courses for the June and December Cambridge exams and 10-week courses for the March exams.

                                               FCE – First Certificate in English
                                            CAE – Certificate in Advanced English
                                           CPE – Certificate of Proficiency in English
                   COURSE DATES                         EXAM CLOSING DATES               WRITTEN EXAM              COURSE FEE A$          EXAM FEE*
                                                                                            DATES                                            A$

                   10-week courses:                                                                                 10-week courses

FC E     4 January            -   12 March                     15 January                     13 March                   $3800              $362

CA E     4 January            -   12 March                     15 January                     6 March*            (Tuition + Excursion)     $368
                              * Despite changes in Cambridge Written Exam Dates in March 2010, SELC will still offer a 10-week course for CAE
                              Preparation as well as the usual 10 weeks for FCE. The Speaking Exam for CAE will be held in the last week of the
                   12-week course:                                                                             12-week course

FC E    22 March          -           11 June           25 March 24 September         15 June 7 December                 $4560              $362

CA E                                                    25 March 24 September         16 June 8 December          (Tuition + Excursion)     $368

CPE     13 September      -       3      December       25 March 24 September         17 June 9 December                                    $376

                                                             About the courses
                SELC Cambridge Test Preparation Courses teach all the language skills, with emphasis on:

                      ♦Writing Skills                                       ♦Interview Skills / Speaking Skills
                      ♦Reading Comprehension                                ♦Listening Comprehension
                      ♦Vocabulary Building Skills                           ♦Examination Skills
                      ♦Advanced Grammar

The Cambridge Test Preparation Courses include 21 hours of lessons and an additional 4 hours of organised self-study after
                                    class, focusing on exam techniques, every week.
The 12-week courses include a 3-day excursion and the 10-week courses include a 1-day excursion in a location outside

  NB: Students doing the Cambridge Test Preparation course must complete the full course (10 or 12 weeks) and
                               must also sit the exam at the end of that course.

                                                Every student pays A$200 enrolment fee and a materials fee.
                                                 *All examination fees to be paid by the student after arrival.

                               ABOUT THE EXAMINATIONS

               Ca m b r i d g e G e n e r a l C e r t i f i c a t e E x a m i n a t i o n s

The examination for each level consists of five exams: Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening and Speaking

FCE – First Certificate in English                                 - Upper Intermediate

FCE is the most popular of all the Cambridge examinations. It is for students who can use English confidently in a variety of
situations and is proof of ability to do office work or take a course of study in English. Students who pass the FCE can work
effectively in many clerical, secretarial and managerial positions.

CAE – Certificate in Advanced English                              - Advanced

CAE is an increasingly popular examination for students at advanced level who may need English for work at a professional
or managerial level or who want to follow a course of academic study at university level.

CPE – Certificate of Proficiency in English                        - Advanced

CPE is a very advanced examination for students whose level is approaching that of an educated native speaker. It is proof
of ability to cope with a high level of academic work. The course is suitable for those who have a wide vocabulary, enjoy
literature and a range of other reading material, and can talk fluently about any topic.

                                                        TO ENROL

                   You can enrol by email, by fax, by post or online at
    All candidates for the Cambridge General Certificate Preparation courses should first complete the
          SELC Cambridge Qualifying Test. Contact SELC to arrange your test, or ask your agent.

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