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Business Support in Leeton

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									                             Business Support in Leeton
Leeton is a major regional centre offering a wealth of support services to new and existing
businesses. Servicing an economy as diverse and significant as Leeton requires an understanding
of local issues and opportunities.

The providers listed in this brochure are locally based and their services include, but are not limited

Business planning, training and professional development, investment attraction/expansion
incentives, coordination of international trade missions, general business advice, advocacy for
business, network development, co-operative marketing and import replacement advice.

For more information on assistance available to establish or expand your business, please contact
any of the providers listed or the Manager, Economic Development, Leeton Shire Council on (02)
6953 0911.

NSW Business Chamber
NSW Business Chamber is a membership-based service, offering the following services:

Seminars and in-house lectures on issues such as staffing, managing finances, training and
development, business and communication issues

    •          A dedicated phone line giving access to a team of professionals for advice and services
    •           Unlimited access to New Members Directory on the website
    •            Interpretation of discussion papers, changes to legislation and economic information
    •        Invitations to seminars, networking and events run throughout the year
    •         Access to the latest industrial awards and assistance on interpretation
    •    Specialist legal advice in areas such as workplace law, industrial relations, enterprise
                  bargaining, and strategic planning and access to NSW Business Chamber lawyers
    •     Access to international and business trade groups
    •      Access to Australia’s independent think tank and
    •       Representation at all levels of government

Contact details:
Address: Suite 8, 620 Macaulay Street, ALBURY NSW 2640
Telephone: 02 6041 4867, Facsimile: 02 6041 5617

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Regional Development Australia

Regional Development Australia (RDA) is an Australian Government initiative that aims to bring
together all levels of government to enhance the growth and development of regional Australia.

The RDA network is being established throughout Australia to provide a strategic framework for
economic growth in each region. There are four key functions that underpin the role of the national
network of RDA committees:

         provide advice on consultation and community engagement;
         regional planning;
         promoting whole-of-Government programs, policies and initiatives; and
         community and economic development.

The network will ensure that input is provided to the Australian, State and Local Governments on
regional development issues and priorities; promote regions to secure sustainable long term jobs;
promote investment and regional prosperity; and raise awareness of programs and services
available to regional communities.

The network will also play a key role in ensuring that advice about key issues in the regions is
provided to all levels of government.

Contact Details:
Suite 12a – 14, First Floor, 130-140 Banna Avenue GRIFFITH 2680
Postal Address: P0 Box 8025 GRIFFITH 2680
Telephone: (02) 6964 5540, Facsimile: (02) 6964 4090

Lani Houghston — Executive Officer
Mobile: 0429 444 213

New South Wales Department of Industry & Investment
The New South Wales Department of Industry & Investment is the first point of contact within state
government for companies wishing to do business in Sydney and regional New South Wales

The Department works with business to save them time and money when establishing or
expanding in NSW by:

    •    Offering tailored assistance to help them set up and grow in NSW
    •     Providing a wide range of business and investment information
    •      Assisting business to find new markets for their products and services
    •       Actively securing and sustaining investment
    •        Organising trade missions for NSW business
    •         Driving policy change to improve the business climate in NSW

Contact details:
48 Fitzmaurice Street WAGGA WAGGA 2650
P0 Box 1156 WAGGA WAGGA 2650
Telephone: (02) 6921 6422 Facsimile: (02) 6921 0780

Jeffrey Stein - Business Development Manager
Mobile: 0428 609 193

Jane Barnes – Business Development Officer
Mobile: 0428 424 568

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TAFE NSW Riverina Institute
The Institute offers a range of nationally recognised TAFE courses and other customised corporate
training services. This allows for on campus, on the job and online learning, or a combination to suit
individual and organisational training needs.

Customised Corporate Training Services include:

    •    Provision of personnel to undertake tailored organisational training needs analysis
    •     Planning and delivery of training at your organisation
    •      Assessing current competencies for recognition where applicable
    •       Arranging a training partnership with your organisation to enhance workplace skills, deliver
             training solutions and meet legislative requirements

Contact details:
Jacqui Walsh — Business Development Manager
TAFE NSW — Riverina Institute, Leeton Campus
Phone: 02 6953 9600 Facsimile: 02 6953 4552
Mobile: 0427 534 927

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