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					                                                                 Speak English Café
                                                                    The Working Centre

Description of Service    •Practice conversational language skills and learn about other
                          community supports

                          • A project offered in cooperation with the Mennonite Coalition for
                          Refugee Support

Who is service            New Canadians interested in improving their English speaking
designed for?             skills in a casual environment. Everyone is Welcome.
Who is eligible?

How can this service be   Drop-in any Thursday evening, from 6:00 p.m., 43 Queen Street
accessed?                 South or call for more information

Name of contact within    Julia Beddoe
agency for more
Hours for service         Thursday 6pm to 9pm

Address for service       Located at:
                          43 Queen Street South

                          For more information come to:
                          58 Queen Street South
                          Kitchener, Ontario N2G 1V6

Phone contact for         519-743-1151 ext 114
Email address for         juliab@theworkingcentre.org
Can you offer any         All are welcome. This is an excellent way for someone to
further information or    practise conversational language skills, gain support from others
recommendations for       and have some fun.
referring agency?
What is the best way to   It is best if someone drops in on a Thursday evening. They can
refer/connect someone     introduce themselves to Julia or James. New people come
interested in this        weekly. For those who would like more information before
service?                  coming, call Julia.

     Waterloo Region Immigrant Employment Network - Service Provider Expo
                                April 30, 2008