Botanas (Appetizers) Entremeses (Entrees) Ostras Cosas (Side Orders) by lindahy


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									                            ZAPATA’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT
                        42 MELBOURNE STREET, NORTH ADELAIDE
                          PH: 8267 4653 – EMAIL:

                                    Botanas (Appetizers)

Dips                                                  Nachos
(to share) - all served with crunchy tortilla chips   Crispy hot tortilla chips smothered with melted
                                                      cheese and crowned with jalepeno peppers
A creamy blend of ripe avocados, onions and           Half serve $10.90 Full serve $15.90
our special sauce $9.50

Tomato Con Chilli                                 Baby Nachos Supreme
Cold and spicy tomato, onion and chilli dip $8.90 For those who don't want to share $11.90

Frijole Con Queso                                     Special Nachos
A flavourful blend of beans, cheese and spices        Nachos as above with a delicious topping of
$8.90                                                 guacamole, tomato con chilli and sour cream

Chilli Con Queso                                      Half serve $16.90 Full serve $23.90
A tasty blend of cheese, hot chillies and spices

Combination Dips                                  Nachos Supreme
A platter of all 4 dips for those who cannot make As above on a bed of frijoles
up their minds.
                                                  Half serve $17.50 Full serve $25.90
Small $16.90 Large $24.90

                                   Entremeses (Entrees)

Chicken Flautas
Two flour tortillas fried to crispy perfection with
a delightfully seasoned filling of chicken topped
with guacamole and salsa $9.50                        Ostras Cosas (Side Orders)
Ribs Zapata                                                                                 $6.50
                                                      Guacamole Salad
Pork spare ribs, basted with a spicy marinade,                                              $4.50
barbecued and smothered in our special sauce
                                                      Garden Salad
                                                      Frijoles                              $3.50
$10.50                                                                                      $2.50
Chilli Con Carne                                                                            $3.50
A rich stew made from beans, ground beef,                                                   $2.50
                                                      Sour Cream                            $1.50
tomatoes, chilli and spices, served with crunchy
                                                      Hot Sauce
corn chips $10.50
                                                      Corn Chips - Extra
                                                      Small                                 $1.95
Prawn Taquitos                                                                              $3.50
Two fingers of succulent prawn cutlets rolled in
corn tortillas fried to crispy perfection.
Guacamole and salsa on the side. $11.90

Prawns in Mexican Batter
Succulent prawn cutlets, deep fried in a crisp
and lightly spiced Mexican beer batter, served
with sweet jalepeno jelly $11.90
                                   Comidas (Main Meals)

Enchilada Chica                                     Carne a La Tampiquena
Corn tortilla rolled around chicken breast and      Combination plate of barbecue fillet Steak with
cheese together with a beef taco served with        onion and capsicum, a Chicken & cheese
rice & frijoles $16.90                              Enchilada coated With hot mole sauce, frijoles &
                                                    salad $20.90

Los Tacos                                           El Bandido
Your choice of beef, chicken or frijole in crisp    Beef and cheese Enchilada, beef Taco, Chilli
folded corn tortillas complimented with onion       Relleno, served with rice and frijoles $19.90
lettuce & tomato salsa served with rice $16.90

Tostada                                             Pollo El Salsa De Cacahuate
Giant crisp flour burrito layered with rice,        A tender piece of chicken breast with a chicken
shredded lettuce, cheese, guacamole, sour           meat and spinach filling, coated in a spicy
cream and salsa. Served with frijoles Choice of     peanut sauce. Served with rice and salad $19.90
chicken, beef or vegetarian $17.90

Sin Carne                                           Pescado Veracruz
A vegetarian medley of two different enchiladas,    Succulent pieces of fish sauteed with onion,
and chilli relleno served with rice and salad       capsicum, olives, roasted tomatoes, capers and
$17.90                                              garlic , served with rice and fresh garden salad

Enchilada Grande                                    Burrito Del Mar
One beef and cheese and one chicken and             A soft flour tortilla wrapped fully around a
cheese enchilada, served with rice and frijoles     seafood filling of prawns, scallops and fish in a
$16.90                                              mild creamy sauce, served with rice and fresh
                                                    garden salad $21.90

Chimichanga                                         Bistec Ranchero (250 grm)
A golden deep fried flour tortilla with a spicy     Prime fillet steak which has been marinated,
chicken filling, topped with salsa and sour         then barbecued, served with rice, frijoles and
cream, served with rice and salad $18.90            fresh garden salad $22.90

Chilli Colorado
A typically Mexican dish of hearty beef chunks in    FAJITAS
a spicy sauce of red chilli served with rich,
frijoles and fresh garden salad $18.90
                                                     Your choice of tender fillet strips or
                                                     chicken breast(or both) sauteed with
Childrens Menus Available on Request
                                                     capsicum and onion in a spicy chilli
**Some dishes contain traces of nuts. If you         sauce brought sizzling to your table
have a food sensitivity or allergy please advise     ready to wrap in warm, soft flour
the staff.                                           tortillas accompanied by salsa fresca,
                                                     guacamole, frijoles, sour cream and
"prices subject to change"                           grated cheese. A fun meal for a
                                                     minimum of two people $21.90 per

                                                     Vegetarian $19.40 per person

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