Automatic 3 step charging cycle with soft (low) start voltage by lindahy


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									                          12VOLT 25AMP
                                                           "   Automatic 3 step charging cycle with soft (low) start voltage.
                                                           "   Automatic Charge resumes after AC supply interruption.
                                                           "   User selectable charging parameters.
                                                           "   Rear mounted on/off switch with optional remote control.
                                                           "   Wide ranging AC mains input.
                                                           "   Can be connected continually without overcharging.
                                                           "   Simple charge status & completion 3 colour LED.
                                                           "   Fully automatic proportional timing.
                                                           "   Charges batteries from 20Ah to 300Ah
                                                           "   Worldwide approved.
EPS1225TB is a smart technology based switch mode battery charger for use with all 12 volt lead acid batteries of any technology,
including Gel and AGM types. Apart from being compact it is designed to start charging deeply discharged batteries and batteries that
are running appliances like refrigerators on board boats. EPS1225TB can be configured to (a) charge one battery at 25A, (2) charge
two batteries at 12.5A each, (3) charge one or two batteries while they are in use.
EPS1225TB also has user selectable charging parameters for Wet, Gel, AGM batteries. It is both short circuit proof and reverse polarity
proof, has low ripple and noise and has a 3 colour LED indicator for charge status.
This sophisticated charger is a high performance battery charger for use in demanding applications where optimal performance coupled with a
high service life is critical, such as Caravans, Golf Carts, Leisure Cruisers, Motor Homes, Yachts, Commercial/Emergency Vehicles and Off Road
OptionsThe unit can be switched over between normal operation (cooling fan activated) and quiet operation (no cooling fan) with the sleeping
function. A remote control can be also obtained from us as an accessory for the charger. The remote control allows you the possibility of remotely
switching the fan on and off.
1. (Red LED) Hi-speed Bulk Charging: initial charge current is held at maximum output until the voltage reaches a predetermined set point
above the end-charge voltage. Battery attains 80% of full charge at maximum speed.
2. (Amber LED) Relaxed Charge to 100% capacity: the charge current is slowly ramped downward to the end-charge level. . Built-in timer
prevents over charging in boost after 60 minutes. Boost can be reset for larger batteries by reconnecting the charger.
3. (Green LED) Maintenance Charge: voltage drops to end-charge voltage value. A controlled trickle current compensates for self discharge
of the battery. It is highly recommended that the charger remain connected and switched on to maximise battery life.

Input                                                                    Electrical
Input Voltage                   98-132VAC, 207-253VAC                    Topology                             Switching DC Power
Frequency                       50Hz -60Hz                               Efficiency                           > 85%
Current                         ~1.5A                                    Boost Charge Voltage                 13.8VDC, 14.4VDC, 14.8VDC
Protection                      Internal Primary Fuse                    Float Charge Voltage                 13.8VDC
                                Inrush Limiting                          Output Charge Current                2 x 12.5A, 1 x 25A
Power Factor Correction         Passive                                  Ripple & Noise                       50mV
Isolation                       Input - Output 3000VAC                   Line Regulation                      +/- 0.5% Over Input Range
                                Input - Case 2500VAC                     Load Regulation                      +/- 1% 0-100% Load
                                Output - Case 500VAC                     Rise Time                            300mS
Safety                          Designed To IEC 950 1 UL 1950            Hold-Up Time                         20mS @ Nominal Input
                                CSA T-mark LR104697                      Short Circuit Protection             Output Shutdown
                                UL E149540                               Over Current Protection              Total Power Limiting
RFI                             FCC Class A                              Over Voltage Protection              Output Shutdown
EMI                             FCC Class B                              Reverse Polarity Protection          Output Shutdown
Standards                       AS3193 & AS3696-14                       Environmental
Input Connection                1m IEC 3 Core Cable                      Operating Temp. Range                -50 to 500C @ Full Load
                                                                                                              Auto Shutdown above 800C
Case Dimensions                 310 L x 240 W X 77 H (mm)
                                                                         Storage Temperature                  -30C to +85C
Casing Material                 Extruded Anodised Aluminium
                                                                         Relative Humidity                    10% to 95% non-condensing
Weight                          3500 grams
                                                                         Altitude                             0-3000m
Warranty                        24 Months
                                                                         Cooling                              Fan Assisted

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