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					                                               ST. ROSE OF LIMA
   THIS WEEK AT ST. ROSE – December 21, 2008

Sunday, December 21
All masses                  Reindeer Food (1)                  Monday, December 22
All masses                  Scout Fundraiser (1)                  6:45  Joan Murphy & Helen Obre                   Family
7-10 pm                     Men’s CRHP (2)                        9:00  Anne Ryan                                  Family
                                                               Tuesday, December 23
7:30 pm                     Narcotics Anonymous(2)                6:45  Mary Abell                   Mrs. John McMahon
Monday, December 22                                               9:00  Otilio Rivera                 The O’Keefe Family
6-9 p.m.                    Toy Closet (8)                     Wednesday, December 24 (Christmas Eve)
Tuesday, December 23                                             4:00   High School - Gary Loomis                  Family
9:00 a.m.                   WEBS                                 4:00   Church - Bernadette Brennan           Daughter &
10:00 a.m.                 Job Network Support Grp(2)                                                      granddaughters
7-8 & 8-9:30 p.m.           Al-Anon (2)                          4:00   Hall – Louise Morello       Gail & Patrick O’Dell
                                                                 6:00   Church – Ralph Bockino          The Moritz Family
Wednesday, December 24 (Christmas Eve)                          11:00   St. Rose Parish Family
10 am-12 noon               Confession (1)                     Thursday, December 25 (Christmas Day)
Thursday, December 25 (Christmas Day)                            7:30   Michael & Jennifer Farkas Mike & Kathy Marusa
All offices Closed                                               9:00   Anna Greco                     Daughter Joanne &
                                                                                               Son-in-law Pierre Rochman
Friday, December 26                                            10:30    Joseph & Lucy Jacovino &
                                                                         Peter & Helen Velykis
7:15 a.m.                    Men’s CRHP Prayer (2)             12:00    Louise Morello           Barbara & David Oleksy
3-4 p.m.                     Stations & Adoration (7)          Friday, December 26
                                                                 6:45   Leonard Calbo            Robert Murray & Family
Saturday, December 27                                            9:00   Eileen Marie Corbett          The LeBlanc Family
10-11:30 a.m.                Prayer Shawl Meeting (2)          Saturday, December 27
6:30 p.m.                    AA Meeting (2)                      8:00   Edward Joseph Steponaites          Edward & Jean
                                                                  4:00  Tom Cunningham            Kevin & Mary Maloney
LOCATION:                                                        5:30   Bethany Mass
  1. Church                  5. Parish Center/Safeplace        Sunday, December 28
  2. 38 Church Hill Road     6. St. Rose School                  7:30   Cosgrove Family                   Maryann Healey
  3. Gathering Hall          7. Chapel                           9:00   Eileen & Kevin Comerford &
  4. Science Room            8.Media Center (New Bldg)                  Sister Marie Ines                          Family
                                                               10:30    Tokarski Family                            Family
                                                               12:00    Irene Murphy Kevin & Mary Maloney & Family
THE DONATION. For those who put loose checks                   Thanks for your generosity!
into the collection basket, please indicate what the           Collection for December 14, 2008        $16,360.00
check is for in the memo section of the check. There           Retirement Religious                    $13,177.00
are many different collections going on at this time of        Children’s Collection                   $    29.80
the year, and we need to post your check to the correct        Collection for December 16, 2007        $13,778.00
collection. Thanks for your cooperation.
                                                               IN REMEMBRANCE
                                                               The Sanctuary Candle will be lit this week for deceased
                                                               family members as requested by Jean Otton and family.
On Christmas Eve, St. Rose will be celebrating 5
Masses including 3 at 4:00 pm (church, hall & the high
school), as well as one at 6:00 pm in the church and
again at 11:00 pm in the church. I’m in need of
volunteers to assist with the collections at all but the
4:00 Mass in the church. If you’ll be attending Mass on
Christmas and would like to help out, please call Bob
Haas at 270-7813, and let me know what Mass that
you’ll be attending. Many thanks for all your help.

            A MESSAGE FROM MSGR. BOB                             Christmas greetings to everyone in the St. Rose Family,
                                                                 to your relatives and friends. I want to thank everyone
Dear Parishioners,                                               so much for this past year, my 5th year as a priest and
                                                                 being here at St. Rose. Thank you for all the gifts and
Merry Christmas! Once again, we gather to celebrate              sentiments. With Christmas upon us once again, I want
the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of our            to wish all of you a very blessed and grace filled
world. Our hearts should be filled with great joy this           Christmas and New Year, filled with the warmth and
day knowing that all the promises made to us by God              love of Christ. These seasons of Advent and Christmas
are fulfilled in the presence of Christ. Yet, I know that        are seasons of Giving, Hope, Love and Joy, all of which
many hearts are heavy and saddened this Christmas and            come from and are influenced by God the Father, by the
that many individuals and families are struggling.               Gift of His Son through the Holy Spirit. From here on
Those struggles are rooted in many reasons and are due           may the Spirit of the Joy of the celebration of the Birth
to many circumstances, but they will not conquer or              of our Savior increase your faith and joy to overflowing
destroy us if we keep our faith in the Lord.                     to be given to all those we meet. May God bless you
This Christmas must be a time of re-commitment for               all and to all a very merry Christmas.
each of us to the Gospel truths and teachings of Christ.         Fr. John
It is a time to pick up our Bibles and read the consoling
and hope-filled messages that come from the mouth of             My sincerest Christmas wish to all this year is the peace
God. It is a time to return to the sacraments, especially        that only the Christ child can bring – a Christmas peace
Penance where we are restored to God’s grace. Much               that looks to a brighter economic future, a peace that
of what is happening in our world is no one person’s             brings the hope of a new job, a peace that brings
fault but is the result of our dependence on secular             comfort and healing to the suffering, a peace that
values and material goods. The resolution to all these           consoles the heartbroken, and certainly a peace that
issues facing us will not be solved by one person but by         brings an end to war and conflict. Let me add my
each of us taking inventory of our lives and being               special thanks to all for the honor and privilege of
willing to change and work together for the common
good of all. As difficult and upsetting as these times           serving you 10 years as a deacon. God bless you.
may be for us, there are so many more people in the              Peace,
world with worse issues, circumstances and                       Deacon Tom
deprivations. Be grateful for all we have and do not
focus on what may have been lost, for our God is a God           May the joy of Christ’s love fill your heart and may you
of restoration and renewal.                                      be that joy to others. Merry Christmas and a Happy
Thank you in so many ways for the generous support               New Year.
you give to our parish community and its many                    Deacon Don
ministries and projects. I am especially grateful to all
the members of our staff who give so freely and                  “Silent Night, Holy Night!” One silent night in
willingly of themselves. Please add our names to your            Bethlehem, God filled the earth with hope so real, joy
Christmas prayer lists that we may continue to be                so pure, and love so true -- our hearts still rejoice today.
faithful witnesses of God’s love. Much has been given            On this Christmas day I will take each of you with me
to our parish for which we must never stop thanking              in my heart when I visit the Christ Child at the Crib. I
God and one another.                                             pray that He blesses you and grants you the graces He
                                                                 knows you need at this time. May the Christ Child
May these holy days of Christmas be filled with all that         abide in your home this Christmas filling your heart
God has promised, and may your hearts be opened to               with the greatest love you have ever known. I rejoice
the power of His love, forgiveness and peace. May the            with you in God’s endless blessings and wish you many
year ahead with all its challenges be a time of hope for         more in the New Year. Heavenly peace and love to
us and an opportunity to work together for all that we           you!
need for happiness and a reflection of the ultimate truth,       Sister Mary Ellen Genova, CSFN
that of God Himself.
                                                                 Dear Friends,
Christmas love,                                                  This Christmas, as the Body of Christ on earth, we
Monsignor Weiss                                                  gather at the manger with the joy of the angels, the
                                                                 peace of the shepherds, and the wonder of the wise
GREETINGS FROM THE STAFF                                         men. We come to the manger with gratitude to God for
                                                                 bringing us together as a parish family. This year has
As we are facing economic crisis may the light of                been one of joy and one of sorrow -- thank you for
Christ shine even more brightly in our lives.                    celebrating and for comforting in the Spirit of Christ.
Merry Christmas,                                                 Love,
                                                                 Pam Arsenault
Fr. Milan

                                          FOURTH SUNDAY OF ADVENT
MORE GREETINGS FROM THE STAFF                                                   RELIGIOUS EDUCATION
                                                                             Pam Arsenault, DRE – 426-2333
Christmas is a gift of joyful love wrapped and tied
securely with the strong promises of God. It is a time           Unwrapping the Best Gift
when the sparkle of a shining star brings an anticipated,        As we draw closer to the celebration of the gift of our
steady light of faith into the eyes of a child and a time        Savior, we find ourselves buying and wrapping many gifts.
for each of us to open our hearts so that we may receive         It’s time to think about what is the best gift we have been
and believe. May the wonders of Christmas bring much             given, and it is the gift of that first Christmas – the gift that
hope and peace to you and your loved ones.                       our Creator gave to us. The beauty of this gift is that it is
Mrs. Mary Maloney
                                                                 given every moment of every day – our participation in the
                                                                 life of our God, made possible through Jesus Christ. In the
Each Christmas we are filled with joy and wonder as              Gospel reading today, Mary unwraps the gift with her simple
we celebrate the birthday of our King and Lord. The              reply “I will do whatever He asks.” We unwrap this gift of
promise is fulfilled – the Son of God comes to us as a
little Babe. Let us kneel in adoration before the crib           Christ’s life within us every time we receive communion and
thanking Jesus for the gifts of life, love, faith, family        every time we reflect Christ to one another by doing
and friends. Best wishes for a Blessed Christmas and a           whatever He asks – this is Incarnation – this is Christ’s
New Year full of hope and love.                                  presence among us. Unwrapping the gift means spending
Sr. Thaddeus Rajca CSFN                                          time with Jesus as He shapes our lives; may this year be a
                                                                 time to deepen our relationship with the Giver of the Gift.
Wishing you many blessings at Christmas and much
joy in the new year. God bless,                                  Reflection Activity: Spend the first moments of Christmas
Meg Arena                                                        day reflecting on the gift of Christ, Our Savior, and how that
                                                                 gift is shaping your life.
Each year I give great importance to writing a message
to be read in the Holiday bulletin. Though I am excited          Enriching My Catholic IQ: A “creche” is a (a) holy vessel
and honored to be able to write this message each year,          used at Mass; (b) priest’s vestment; (c) container for
I find the days passing so fast that I am left with just         consecrated hosts; (d) Nativity scene.
hours to write my message. With each day, week,
month and year, I continue to learn more about our               Advent Masses        All families are invited!
Faith and I continue to try and be more like Christ as I         The following is the schedule for Advent Masses for
struggle to cross in and out of church life and life             Religious Education students:
outside of church. Without getting too deep in this
message I guess I am just trying to say that we all get          Sunday, Dec. 21 at 9:15 and at 10:45 in the new parish hall
caught up this time of year and stretched thin with life,        Monday, Dec. 22 and Tuesday Dec. 23 at 4:15 in the Church
school, work, family and “me time”. Sometimes we                 Children who are home/schooled are invited to attend the
feel like it is all just too much and we get bitter about        Mass of their choice.
the Christmas season. I get it, I understand and I am            The children will receive their Christmas gift from Msgr.
with you! The difference between those of you that               Bob at this time.
will actually read this bulletin and those that lose Faith       Special thanks to all our gift wrappers.
in this season is the Joy we share in welcoming Jesus to
be with us again and again. It is the thankfulness we            Children are asked to bring mittens, gloves, hats, socks,
share in His coming to save us. His journey began on             or scarves for the needy during the Advent Masses to
the day we celebrate His birth and the joy should be             present at Offertory time.
shared by all so that everyone knows the love He has
for us! Let’s stop for this moment as you read and just          Second Graders and Their Parents
pray together that more and more can share our                   Sacramental Preparation Day!
joy….for He has come to save!                                    On Saturday, Jan. 10, families will gather at the Church and
God bless,                                                       begin a wonderful time of learning about the Sacrament of
Rodd Blessey                                                     Reconciliation. There are two sessions (9:30 - 12:00 and
                                                                 1:00-3:30), and each class has been assigned a session.
                                                                 Students and Parents sit with their class. (Snow date, Jan.
                                                                 11). Fr. Jim will be joining us again this year!

                                                                 Please remember to hand in paperwork that is due for
                                                                 children who will be celebrating Sacraments this year

                                                DECEMBER 21, 2008
Religious Education Class Openings                                      SOCIAL CONCERNS COMMITTEE NOTES
Just a reminder to parents that St. Rose has classes for          This weekend: After each Mass, religious articles are
children to have the opportunity to grow closer to Christ         available for purchase in the vestibule. Also the St. Rose
within this vibrant community of faith. Religious Education       Cares box is in the front of the church, near the new St. Rose
classes begin at age 4 and continue through grade 8. There        statue. Your contributions go directly to our neighbors in
is a very active youth group as well. Grade 1 is a pre-           need. Thank you
requisite for celebrating the Sacraments of Reconciliation        Parishioner to Parishioner: (“Available” items are offered
and First Communion in second grade. There are openings           without charge; just make arrangements to pick them up)
in some classes on most days. If you desire additional            Available: Dishwasher, GE Nautilus, 3 yrs old and Maytag
information, kindly call the Religious Education Office at        21 cu. ft. refrigerator, freezer on top, 7-8 yrs old. .
426-2333 – we welcome your call and your children!                Needed: For lady parishioner: A small sofa and a recliner. 
                                                                  Needed: Loveseat 
Holy Childhood Association                                        For information, please call: Joan Dwyer, 426-9337.
Annual Christmas Artwork Contest
The Holy Childhood Association is looking for artwork that
                                                                  PASTORAL OUTREACH
will appear as Christmas e-greetings on HCA’s website for         The Outreach Ministry Office is seeking your help in
kids – -- and displayed at the Basilica of        identifying those parishioners who are home-bound or in
the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in               Nursing Homes, and those recuperating from surgery or
Washington, DC during Advent and Christmas 2009.                  serious illness and cannot come to church but would like to
Twenty-three drawings will be chosen as winners. The              receive Holy Communion or a visit. Also, many times a
deadline for submission is January 31, 2009. The subjects         parishioner is in the hospital and we at St. Rose are unaware
are: The Nativity, Three Wise Men, Shepherds, Mother and          of this. Weekly visits are made to parishioners in Danbury
                                                                  Hospital who list themselves during their admission process
Child, Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem, Newborn            as St. Rose parishioners. Parishioners in other hospitals can
Jesus in manger, the Angel Gabriel. For more specific             be visited if a family member calls the parish and requests a
information about the artwork, either go to the website, or       visit. If you have a family member in any of the above
stop in St. Rose Rel Ed Office.                                   situations and would like someone to visit, please call Sister
                                                                  Mary Ellen at the Outreach Office 426-2572, ext. 11. If
Spiritual Journey                                                 Sister is out visiting parishioners, leave a voice message &
Spiritual Journey will begin the new year of sessions             she will get back to you.
beginning on Thursday, Jan. 8, at which time, Fr. John
                                                                             PARISH NURSE MINISTRY
Inserra is the guest speaker. This will be held at the
Religious Education Office at 38 Church Hill Road.                   KRISTEN VELSMID, COORDINATOR- 426-2573

                                                                  Merry Christmas! A special thank you to our parish nurses
Refreshments are served, and all are welcome.     We look         and staff that help make blood pressure screenings and other
forward to seeing you.                                            events possible month after month, throughout the year.

Answer to Catholic IQ: (d) Saint Francis of Assisi (1181-         HEALTH TIP:
1226) began the custom of having a Nativity scene at              How to save your sick days: Want to avoid that “thing” that’s been
Christmas. The word derives from the place where he               going around? Your mood may have something to do with it.
                                                                  People who are carefree and calm seem to have extra armor against
arranged it: Grecchio in Italy. St. Rose celebrates this
                                                                  winter bugs. They get sick less often – and even if they do pick up
custom every year in the “stable” on the parish grounds.          a bug, they tend to have fewer symptoms. Yep, putting on a smile
                                                                  could be just the ticket. Don’t Worry, Be Happy. Researchers
Please Note: There will be no Religious Education classes         recently asked healthy volunteers to describe their moods and then
from Dec. 24 - Jan. 3. Classes resume on Sunday,                  exposed them to a cold or flu virus. People who described
January 4. During this wonderful Christmas season,                themselves as happy, full of pep, and at ease – versus depressed,
spend time talking about Jesus with your children –               anxious, or hostile – had fewer symptoms like coughing, achy
                                                                  joints, and sinus pain. The researchers concluded that positive
pointing out the wonders of His presence all around us.           emotions may strongly influence the human immune system. How
While the children may not be in class, these informal            to get there: Everyone wants to be happy, but what makes one
times with our children are powerful times of growth for          person light up may do little to lift another. Step one is figuring
their spiritual formation.                                        out what makes you happy. Try these other tips and tricks for
                                                                  boosting your emotional well-being: Do a plate check. Certain
The Religious Education Staff extends our hopes and               foods—like those rich in healthy omega-3 fats—can be good for
                                                                  the spirit. Grab your trainers. A simple walk or light workout is
prayers for a peaceful time of hope and joy for you
                                                                  a surefire way to elevate your body’s natural “happy” chemicals.
during this Christmas Season.                                     Phone a friend. There’s a reason why social butterflies seem so
                                             FOURTH SUNDAY OF ADVENT
            Pro-Life/Pro-Family Corner
Sponsored by St. Rose Pro-Life/Pro-Family Committee
                                                                         REMEMBERING THOSE WHO ARE SERVING US
                                                                         May God keep special watch over these men and women
MARK YOUR CALENDARS!: 36th Annual March for                                      serving in the United States Military
Life in Washington D.C.; Monday, January 22,
2009; coach bus departs St. Rose at 4:45 A.M. for                    United States Army                United States Navy
                                                                     Capt. Andra Allison               Aman Michael Carter
mass at noon in Washington, followed by the march to                 SSG. Anthony T. D’Aquila          CEI Daniel J. Kearns, Sr.
the capitol; return to St. Rose about 10 p.m. - $45 per              Sgt. Daniel Dobbs                 Lt. Cmdr Timothy Krippendorf
person                                                               SSG. Michael Dobbs                Lt. Commander John Porado
SIDEWALK PRAYER: Saturday, December 20, and                          Major William Gottmeier           PO Christopher Szabo
                                                                     Cpl. Marc Hellig                  Army National Guard
the third Saturday of each month                                     1st. Lt. Rachel (Askue) Hoffman   CSM Al Almeida
                                                                     Lt. Kathryn Hughes                Spc. Carl Bergquist
NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, January 3, 2009 at 7:30 in                    1st Lt. Tucker Hughes             Pfc. Matthew Bergquist
the rectory - please join us!                                        Major David A. Johnson            Major Todd Bookless
                                                                     Capt. Berny Klaus                 United States Marines
                                                                     Capt. Brooke Klaus                Gy. Sgt. James A. Allen
ROSARY FOR LIFE: Saturday, December 27 after the                     Capt. Matthew A. LaRocco          WO Michael Costello
8 A.M. mass and on the last Saturday of each month                   CWO Joseph Letourneau             2nd Lt. Christopher J. DiNoto
                                                                     Sgt. John Martus                  Cpl. Robert W. Hoyt, Jr.
                                                                     Lt. Col. Mary Sara Moore          Major David G. Irving
YOU CAN SAY MERRY CHRISMAS TO ME & PRO-                              2nd Lt. Stefania Naiman           Major Benjamin Krippendorf
LIFE BRACELETS are available in the back of the                      Lt. Eric O’Donnell                Lance Cpl. Rylan McCollum
church. Suggested donation: $2                                       Capt. Sean Pond                   Pfc. Luke T. Miller
                                                                     Major Benjamin Wallen             Pfc. Ian Montgomery
                                                                     United States Air Force           Col. Will F. L. Rodgers
INSPIRATIONAL CATHOLIC EDUCATIONAL CDs and                           Capt. Christopher J. Calero       Lance Cpl. John Tamborino
BROCHURES are available in the vestibule.                            Airman Kurt Kling
Suggested donation: $3.                                              Airman Travis Mueller
                                                                     2nd Lt. Donald B. Naiman
                                                                     Capt. Gregory Zencey
Regarding working in the pro-life movement: God is not so            2nd Lt. Phillip Zencey
much interested in our ability as much as in our availability
to Him. Surrender to God’s will, join pro-life today.
                                                                     KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS
                                                                     The Toy Closet needs donations especially teenage gifts or
                                                                     certificates. We will be open in the Media Room from 6-9
                                                                     PM on Monday, December 22nd. Anyone needing toys are
The Friday Morning Bible Study Group meets at 10:30                  welcome. Volunteers are there to help and keep everything
a.m. at 38 Church Hill Road. Experience God’s Word in                in strict confidence.
Holy Scripture. All are welcome. If you have any questions
please call Blanca Sheehan at 426-3253.                              Family Rosary Night – Thursday, January 8th 6:45 in the
The JOB NETWORKING GROUP meets every Tuesday
at 10 a.m. on the second floor of 38 Church Hill Road. We            Next monthly meeting Thursday, January 8th 7:30 in the
offer positive support, counsel, advice, and networking ideas        Gathering Hall.
to those looking to get back into the job market or seeking to
make a career change. Contact Harry Dieck 426-3386 or
Michael Ronan at 733-9186 for information.                           Ever thought of becoming a Knight? For more information,
                                                                     contact Kirk Babyak by phone at 270-6265 or by email at
                                                                     THE         CONCERT           SOCIETY           CHAMBER
                                                                     ORCHESTRA’S 8TH ANNUAL HOLIDAY CONCERT
                                                                     & RECEPTION:
                                       Renowned cellist, Richard Serbagi, will conduct the Concert
5/6 & 7/8 Youth Group: Check in the back of church for               Society Chamber Orchestra’s holiday program which will
our 2009 calendar of events.                                         feature noted soprano Maria Ferrante and include a musical
                                                                     montage that will surely delight the listener as it highlights
Senior Youth Group: The next meeting is Sunday,                      the holiday season. Sunday, December 28, 2008 at Trinity
December 21 from 6-8:30 p.m. in the Safeplace. There will            Episcopal Church, 36 Main Street, Newtown, CT 06470 at 8
be no meeting on December 28th - Enjoy the Christmas                 p.m. Call 270-1600. Proceeds Benefit the Newtown Parent
Holiday with your families.                                          Connection.

                                          December 21, 2008


                                         HEAR US NOW!!

       "Strengthening the Catholic Viewpoint in the Political Arena"
                   Workshop sponsored by the Connecticut Catholic Conference

     This workshop is for anyone interested in bringing the Catholic viewpoint to our elected officials,
   organizing a parish advocacy group, and learning about the Conference’s 2009 legislative priorities.

                                 Some of the topics covered will be:

                                     - Overview of the Legislative Process
- The political challenges faced in making the moral and social concerns of the Church heard at the Capitol
          - How to effectively interact with your elected officials and make them more responsive
                               - Organizing an advocacy group in your parish
              - Coordinating our efforts at the parish and state levels (Speaking as one voice)
                      - 2009 Legislative Agenda of the Connecticut Catholic Conference

                       Registration 5:30 – 6:00 p.m. (light supper provided)
                                     Program 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.

                                         Dates and Locations:

       Monday, January 5, 2009 – St. James Parish, 767 Elm Street, Rocky Hill

       Tuesday, January 6, 2009 – St. Joseph Parish, 11 Baltic Road, Norwich (Occum)

       Thursday, January 8, 2009 – St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, 203 East Avenue, Norwalk
                                         (Parish Center across the street from the Church)


                    Email the Connecticut Catholic Conference at:

                                          Or Call: 860-524-7882
Fourth Sunday in Advent

                                              December 21, 2008
Saint Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Parish                              Mrs. Anne Marie Hayes, Special Moms
46 Church Hill Road, Newtown, CT 06470                                Mrs. Queta Donovan, Cenacle

Ministerial Staff                                              Youth Ministry
       Rev. Msgr. Robert Weiss, Pastor                               Mr. Rodd Blessey, Youth Minister
       Rev. Milan Dimic, Parochial Vicar                             Mr. Joseph DeMaida, Youth Minister
       Rev. John Inserra, Parochial Vicar
       Rev. Mr. Thomas Curran, Deacon                          Parish Committees
       Rev. Mr. Donald Naiman, Deacon                                 Mrs. Joan Dwyer, Social Concerns Committee
       Rev. Mr. Norm Roos, Deacon                                     Helga & Bernhard Roegele, Pro-Life/Family
       Rev. Mr. Daniel O’Connor, Deacon
       Rev. Mr. Kenneth Stroud, Deacon Emeritus                       Committee
       Sr. Mary Ellen Genova, CSFN, Outreach Min.                     Mr. Harry Waterbury, Finance Council,
St. Rose Rectory Staff
        Ms. Frances Gargano, Parish Secretary                  Bereavement Ministry
        Mrs. Roberta Shea – PT Secretary                              Deacon Don & Stephania Naiman
        Mrs. Jean Otton, Parish Census Coordinator
        Mrs. Doreen Morrissey, Bookkeeper
                                                               Natural Family Planning
Lay Members of the Corporation                                        Al and Adrienne Keogler, Instructors
      Mr. William Calderara
                                                               St. Joseph Project
St. Rose School                                                        Mrs. Queta Donovan, Contact Person
        Mrs. Mary Maloney, Principal
        Sr. Thaddeus Rajca, CSFN, Pre-K Coordinator
        Mrs. Lori Cash, Secretary                              Marriage Encounter
        Mr. Patrick Simms, HSA President                             John and Bev Maley, Parish representatives
        Mr. Dan McCarthy, Board Chairman
                                                               Marriage Preparation Program
St. Rose Religious Education                                         Mr. Tim Reilly, Coordinator
        Mrs. Pam Arsenault, DRE
        Mrs. Meg Arena, Coordinator (Grades PreK-6)            Eucharistic Adoration
        Mrs. Janice Lindsay, Sacrament Coordinator
        Mrs. Nancie Hubbard, Administrative Assist.                  Mrs. Queta Donovan, Contact Person
        Ms. Kate Kunze, Database Administrator
        Rev. Mr. Tom Curran, R.C.I.A. Coordinator              Lay Missionaries of Charity
        Rev. Mr. Norm Roos, Adult Formation                          Queta & Kevin Donovan, Coordinators
        Mrs. Dea Herring, Spiritual Direction-Individual       Altar Angels
Parish Nurse Ministry                                                 Mrs. Kelly Gerbo (Church Cleaning)
       Mrs. Kristen Velsmid, BSN, RN                                  Mrs. Laurie Murphy (Altar Linens)
       Mrs. Katherine Sugarman, RN, OCN
                                                               Garden Angels
Parish Organizations                                                 Mrs. Eileen Gallo, Coordinator
       Mr. Bill Oravecz, Men of St. Rose
       Mrs. Cathy Hickey-Williams, Women's Club                Job Network Support Group,
       Grand Knight Jim Tevnan, Knights of
       Columbus, 270-8787                                             Harry Dieck, Michael Ronan, Contact Persons

Liturgical Ministries                                          Telephone Numbers
       Mr. Joseph Jacovino, Music Director                     Rectory/Parish Office 203/426-1014
       Mrs. Kim Braun, Special Minister Coordinator            Parish Fax      203/426-6222
       Mrs. Peggy Baiad, Lector Coordinator                    Parish Center Offices 203/426-2572
       Rev. John Inserra, Altar Server Coordinator             St. Rose School Office 203/426-5102
                                                               St. Rose Pre-School Office    203/426-3405
Parish Prayer Groups                                           St. Rose Religious Education Office 203/426-2333
       Mrs. Martie Williams, Rosary Prayer Group               St. Rose Religious Education Fax     203/426-8074
       Mr. Ken Adams, Worship Prayer Group

                                     END OF BULLETIN

CHURCH NAME:             St. Rose of Lima

CHURCH CITY:             Newtown

ROUTING CODE:            R

RUN NUMBER:              7

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                         PHONE NUMBER:                      203-426-1014

                         FAX NUMBER:                        203-426-6222

                         EDITOR/ CONTACT:                   Fran / Jean


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