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									         ASBESTOS FIRE DOORS                                                                                                                # 91

         SUMMARY OF INCIDENT                                                      backing of fire doors due to its
                                                                                  excellent fire resistance properties.
         Whilst cutting a door to install a new lock,
         two contractors were exposed to dust,                                    All ACM in workplaces should be
         potentially containing asbestos fibres. The                              labelled. However there is no guarantee
         door had previously been a fire door, which                              that all asbestos has been identified in a
         was constructed of material containing                                   building and a risk assessment should be done
         asbestos.                                                                before work commences in older
                                                                                  buildings, particularly on fire doors.
         As the workers started cutting the door with
         a hole saw, dust that potentially contained                              ACTION REQUIRED
         asbestos was produced.
                                                                                  Always consult the building’s asbestos register (the
         Caution should always be used when cutting                               register) [OHSW Regulations: 4.2.10] prior to
         into or working with old fire doors in buildings                         commencing work at a site.
         as these may be constructed of asbestos
         containing material (ACM).                                               In the event a fire door must be worked on in a
                                                                                  manner that may disturb the core of the door (where
                                                                                  no building records exist to verify the contents of the
                                                                                  door), one of the following must be done:

                                                                                  1. Presume that the door contains
                                                                                  asbestos. Note the suspect door in the register.
                                                                                  Carry out the task in accordance with Safe Work
                                                                                  Practices developed for potential asbestos

                                                                                  2. Examine the plate or label on the door spine. The
                                                                                  door core material may be listed on this plate. The
                                                                                  information on the plate may be used to confirm the
                                                                                  presence of asbestos, but the plate alone is not
                                                                                  sufficient to determine that asbestos is not present.

                                                                                  3. Assess whether a door has an asbestos core by
                                                                                  sampling. This may be done by:
                                                                                       getting a tradesperson to temporarily remove
                                                                                          a number of the door-hinge screws and look
                                                                                          for the core material within the screws'
         Asbestos fire door.                                                              threading. Often enough core material is
         (Photo: courtesy UnitCare Services                                               stuck in the threads to recover a sufficient                     laboratory sample, or
                                                                                       checking whether the core is exposed along
         PROBABLE CAUSES                                                                  the top or bottom door edge, enabling
         Asbestos, which is now banned from use,                                          sampling.
         was widely used in the construction or

This information is provided to offer guidance on a particular aspect of legislation. It is not to be taken as a statement of law and must not be construed
to waive or modify any legal obligation.

Asbestos fire doors must be included in                               Examples:
asbestos registers and be labelled with a
warning label to alert persons to the hazard.

Risk assessment
If asbestos fire doors are identified in a
workplace, the responsible person must
ensure the associated risks are assessed, in
consultation with workers and/or their
representatives. This is the same process for
all ACMs.

The purpose of this risk assessment is to
enable informed decisions to be made about
control measures, induction and training, air
monitoring and health surveillance

Only competent persons should perform risk                            Safe Work Practice
assessments or any subsequent reviews or                              Asbestos fibre exposure must be minimised by the
revisions of risk assessments. Decisions                              development of a Safe Work Practice. For a task
about control measures to protect workers                             involving asbestos doors this may include: working
will depend on the assessed risks to health.                          on plastic sheeting, dampening down the work area
                                                                      with water spray, wearing respiratory protection,
The risk assessment should take into                                  monitoring the work area and decontaminating both
account:                                                              the work area and the equipment used.
    the condition of the ACMs (e.g.
       whether they are friable or bonded                             The National Code of Practice for the Management
       and stable, and whether they are                               and Control of Asbestos in Workplaces [NOHSC:
       prone to damage or deterioration)                              2018(2005)] provides guidance.
    the likelihood of exposure
    whether the nature or location of any
       work to be carried out is likely to                            FURTHER INFORMATION
       disturb the ACMs.
                                                                      SafeWork SA
                                                                      GPO Box 465
If the asbestos fire door is in good condition it                     ADELAIDE SA 5001
can remain in place but should be labeled to
alert people to the hazard present.                                   Country Offices
                                                                      Berri, Mount Gambier, Port Lincoln, Port Pirie and
All identified or presumed ACMs – or their                            Help Centre
enclosures if they are inaccessible – should                          Library and Bookshop
                                                                      100 Waymouth Street, Adelaide
be clearly labelled.
                                                                      Telephone:          1300 365 255
In conjunction with warning signs and the                             Website:  
register of ACMs, these labels should warn
people of the presence of ACMs. A                                     Issued:             December 2009
competent person should determine the
number and positions of the labels required.

The location of labels should be consistent
with the location of the ACMs as outlined by
the information in the register.

Labels used for this purpose must identify the
material as containing asbestos.

Hazard Alert # 91 Asbestos Fire Doors. This information is provided to offer guidance on a particular aspect of legislation. It is not to be
taken as a statement of law and must not be construed to waive or modify any legal obligation

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