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					  How to Make a Fortune Using Dirt Cheap Email
   Leads to Explode Your Business... Never Pay
  Another Dime for Leads... and Create Multiple
   Streams of Income with the Push of a Button
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                           It's December, 1990. I'm 29 years old and homeless.

                           I sleep on a urine-stained mattress I found on the side of the road and
                           tossed into the back of my truck.

                           I have less than $20 in my pocket, and owe tens of thousands of dollars
                           in bank loans and credit card debt.

                           One wrong decision, a nasty shift in the economy, and I literally went
                           from "having it all" to "hungry and homeless" in less than 30 days.

                           Fast Forward to 2010...

Today my wife Lisa and I work together from the comfort of our home. We earn a very nice
comfortable income, attend church, drive new cars with personalized plates, give to charity, travel
when and where we want, and spend lots of time with family and friends.

We Enjoy Financial Freedom

Meaning we now make more than enough money each and every month (on complete autopilot) to
pay the bills, feed the dog, and have plenty of money left over for fun.

And in this report I will show you exactly what I do to pull that off!

Sound too good to be true? Listen. You are about to discover...

          l   The SECRET of MLM Heavy Hitter success.
          l   The MAGIC of generating cash on demand.
          l   The POWER of massive action email marketing.

You are about to discover a GUARANTEED system for generating wealth so simple it may surprise,
even shock you.

Let's get busy.

                         Heavy Hitter MLM Secrets Revealed
Tuesday, 7:34 am.

I sit down at my computer and log into my bullet-proof autoresponder. 

      NOTE: A bullet-proof autoresponder is simply a system that lets you send out a series
      of email messages to ANY number of email leads you have. Normal autoresponders like
      aweber, getresponse, and icontact DO NOT let you import leads. So they cannot be
      used for massive email prospecting campaigns.

It takes me less than 5 minutes to upload 10,000 (or more!) fresh business opportunity seeker
leads in to the system and the program immediately starts to send out the first email "invitation"
to visit my web site and see if my network marketing opportunity is what these people are looking

Over a period of 10 days, these same 10,000 hot business opportunity seekers will automatically
receive a total 7-10 personalized emails encouraging them to visit my web site and learn more.

Six and a half hours later (after taking my youngest son to school, grinding it out at the gym,
and hanging out with family and friends) I'm back in front of the computer checking email.

I find four solid leads - people who visited my site, read a report or watch the online business
opportunity video presentation... and asked to receive more information. And I OFTEN forward all
these hot prospects to the leaders on my team because I already have too many potential
prospects to personally follow up with.

Can you imagine? Too many leads to handle!

              On the following Tuesday I'll upload another 10,000+ leads, then another,
              and another, and by the end of the month I will have painlessly and
              effortlessly contacted over 40,000 people about my primary business
              opportunity. Net result? I always have more people to follow up with than I
              have time to do it. I call it being in "Lead Prosperity" and it is the only way
              to build a business. No begging, pleading or chasing people who may or may
              not be interested. Whew!
Now Listen - Here is THE SECRET
Within a couple weeks this "Automatic Marketing System" will have easily generated more than
enough hot prospects to keep me and my team busy for a few days, so I quickly write another
email to promote another money-making opportunity.

For example, I might promote my 2nd biggest money-maker:

               SUBJECT: [Name]... Mail Order Millions IS BACK!

               It's true. This SIMPLE money-making system created MILLIONAIRES before
               anyone even knew what the internet was. And now we are bringing it back
               to life for YOU to take advantage.

               If you can pick up the phone to order a pizza... or click a mouse on your
               computer... you can start getting a flood of $100 bills straight to your
               mailbox every single day. Mailbox money. How sweet is that?

               FREE online report reveal how. Click Here Now

I press "SEND" and tens of thousands of people - who all said NO to my primary program - now
have the chance to see if this program is a better match for them.

Some will sign up. Simple as that and notice what happened...

                                I was paid TWICE for the SAME leads!

A few joined my PRIMARY BUSINESS and a few joined my SECONDARY BUSINESS.

But wait! There's more...
Because by the end of the month I will have emailed the SAME LIST multiple offers to purchase a
product or service of some type in addition to promoting my primary and secondary businesses. 

Net result?

   l   311 Opt-In Subscribers
   l   42 Hot, Fresh Leads
   l   7 New PRIMARY BUSINESS Sign Ups ($1,540+ Commissions)
   l   5 New SECONDARY BUSINESS Sign Ups ($500+ Commissions)
   l   $2,688 Quick Affiliate Cash (from various affiliate products)
   l   $320 Additional Monthly Residual

              THE SECRET is to leverage your list and promote many different
              products, services, and opportunities because not everyone will be
              interested in your primary business. And if that is all you are offering... you
              only have one chance to cash in. But if you offer a TON of different
              products, services, or opportunities your chances of getting paid go up
              dramatically. Make sense?

                                Are You Ready to Cash In?
There are five main elements to a creating a profitable email marketing campaign:

       1.   A legal "opt-in" email mlm lead
       2.   A bullet-proof autoresponder service
       3.   Your Own Web Site
       4.   A follow up autoresponder service
       5.   A number of great offers to send

The Money is in the List
Sending Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) to people who have not asked to receive it is called
"spamming" and it is NOT ADVISABLE. It will cause nothing but trouble. Spam and you will lose your
internet connection, you will have your web site shut down, and worse... you could find yourself in
civil court being ordered to pay a hefty fine!

Sending an offer to someone who has requested to receive more information about a particular
product, service, or opportunity is 100% legal, ethical, and amazingly profitable.

There are four primary ways email lists are compiled:

   l                          c
       Check Box Opt-In:   g Yes! Tell me more about this powerful, profitable business. I would
       also like to receive occasional offers from your carefully screened partners. Check the box
       and you have legally opted-in to receive email offers for various products and services. This
       constitutes a LEGAL, ethical opt-in lead. Click Here for a sample.
   l   Web Site Forms: Complete a form on any web site and you have given that web site the
       LEGAL right to email you. Read their terms and conditions and you may also discover you
       have given them the LEGAL right to sell or rent your contact information to anyone who also
       wants to email you. Again, this constitutes a LEGAL, ethical opt-in lead.
   l   Pop Up Forms: See above. Same deal. Fill out a pop up form and you have legally opted-in
       to receive email offers of all kinds.
   l   Email Harvesting: Post your email address on any web site, online classified ad, chat room,
       or online directory and someone WILL create a program to find, strip, and capture your email
       address. Since no permission was granted by the address owner to send email - this a NOT
       considered a LEGAL opt-in address. Any email sent to this list would be considered spam and
       is unethical.

A LEGAL opt-in email list consists of four pieces of information:

   l   Name
   l   Email Address
   l   IP Number (computer fingerprint)
   l   Date Stamp (documents opt-in date)

Visit any search engine and search for "leads", "email leads", "opt-in leads", "mlm leads", "business
opportunity leads", or "co-registration" and you will find a number of lead brokers offering legal
opt-in leads ranging from $0.01 per lead for aged leads to over $15.00 per lead for fresh, phone
surveyed leads.

            To explode your primary business and make a fast fortune, you need
            a large opt-in list of people who have expressed an interest making a
            change and market to them again and again.

Think big. Think relatively fresh (15-90 days old). Think inexpensive. DO NOT pay more than a
penny per lead to acquire legal opt-in lists. It is not necessary. You can BUY GREAT MLM LEADS
here for less than a PENNY - a lot less!

       Here's the deal: the QUALITY you are looking for (the person who signs up) is found
       in the QUANTITY you mail. The person who EXPOSES their opportunity to the most
       people WINS. Because massive marketing to produces a massive result. 

Bullet-Proof Autoresponder
Assume it takes an average of 10,000 emails to produce ONE solid lead for your primary business
opportunity, and let's assume you close 50% of all good leads.

To sign up one new person, you will need to send at least 20,000 emails. And the ONLY WAY I
know for the average person to safely send out this many emails is to use a Bullet-Proof

There are two flavors I'm familiar with:

   l   Self-managed. You buy your own leads and upload them (it's easy!)
   l   Fully-Managed. You simply write the email messages. Leads are automatically uploaded for
       you by the company and this is as plug-n-play simple as you get.

The autoresponder I use lets me upload and send up to 12 MILLION LEADS per month. So don't
worry about not being able to take massive action. You CAN take massive action! Limited only to
your budget and imagination.

The primary purpose of using a bullet-proof autoresponder is to constantly be uploading new leads
so you can send them multiple offers, over time, without getting in trouble for spamming. The
autoresponder COMPANY takes the heat if something goes wrong. Not you.

                           Secret Money-Making Strategy
            We use DigitalGear to send out a series of emails inviting people to check
            out our primary business opportunity. Some do, but most don't.

                  And that's okay.

            Because we also send EVERYONE at least a dozen more opportunities over
            the next 30-45 days in the hope they will FIND SOMETHING else they might
            be interested in.

                  And this gives us a dozen more chances to make some quick,
                  easy cash.

            Now here is the REAL MAGIC

            Every once in a while you will write an email that produces a GREAT,
            money-making response. And when this happens you want to get it into the
            hands of as many people as you can as fast as you can (strike while the
            iron is hot!) so you can make a small fortune fast.

            We use their automatic mailing service to send this note to MILLIONS for as
            little as $47 per million. This is what I call an email BLAST and it is designed
            to produce quick CASH FLOW and should only be used AFTER you have a
            proven winner.

            See the magic?
Get Your Own Web Site
Do you have your own web site? If not, drop everything and go get one now because if you are
serious about tapping the riches available on the internet you absolutely MUST have your own web
site - even if your company or affiliate program gives you one.

Why? Let's talk about that.

I am currently the #16 top income earner for my primary MLM company and they give everyone
who joins a total of FIVE websites they can use to promote the opportunity. The main company
site looks like this - which is fine - but over 100,000 distributors also have a web site JUST LIKE
THAT! And it brands the company - not me or my team or my system.

And bottom line - people don't join an opportunity - they JOIN YOU!

So, using my own web site, I put together a short 8 minute video that explains exactly what
people need to do, step-by-step, to stop making excuses and start making some serious money. 

                                    Click Here to see this site
                               (USER = serious  PASSWORD = income)

Visit both sites. Which one do YOU think will generate more solid leads?

What You Need to Know to Get Your Own Web Site

If you know how to create a web page, I recommend you simply go buy a good domain name and
cheap hosting service from HostGator for only $5-10 per month.

If you don't know how, drop everything you are doing and make it happen now, because I'm
telling you. you will NEVER make serious money online without your own web site. It just will not
happen. So if you don't know how to build, host, and promote your own web site - the ONLY way
to go is with a proven MLM LEAD GENERATION SYSTEM.

Just sign up and follow the instructions and just a few days you will have your very own money-
making machine. And, I have to tell you, while it might take you a few hours to wrap your mind
around the training and all the ways these guys teach you to promote your business - it is well
worth the effort. It's a great service and I highly recommend it.

Standard Follow Up Autoresponder
The KEY to making a multiple six-figure income on the internet is this - build an opt-in list of
ready-to-do-business minded people like yourself and promote to them again and again and again.

That's it. Really.

There is no magic formula or some super-success secret known only by a select few. THE secret is
to follow up with your list of active prospects, customers, and business partners. TEACH them
everything you know, offer them everything you think is worthwhile, and let the checks start

It really is that easy. And that hard.

To pull it off you need to build your own web site AND you need to start offering a FREE REPORT
(like this one), a free newsletter, or a free gift so you can start building a database of
genuinely interested prospects.

A Great Offer... or Two... or Three
Every top money-making marketing pro - people like Joshua D. Shafran, Brian Garvin, Robert Allen,
David Ledoux, Fred P. Stege, Janet Wilson, Ken Seto, Mark Joyner, Art Jonak (and the list goes on
and on) - use a technique called Self-Liquidating Lead Generation (SLLG) to build their primary
business and amass a fortune. In a nutshell, it works like this:

   l   Buy Opt-In Business Opportunity Seeker Leads
   l   Promote Primary Opportunity to these Leads
   l   Promote Secondary Products/Services to these Leads
   l   Use Profits to Buy More Leads
   l   Repeat Process Again and Again
   l   Teach Downline Leaders to Duplicate

Oh, what do you know!  That is EXACTLY what we have been learning today!!

Isn't that exciting! You now KNOW EVERYTHING you need to know to start taking the actions
necessary to accomplish the lifestyle you and your family deserve.

Of course it will take some time and some effort and you may have to learn some things you really
don't have any interest in (like building a web page), but once you grunt through it once... you will
literally be able to write your own ticket.

Where do you start?
                  The secret is to promote multiple offers to the same set of leads. 

When you invest in a set of opt-in business opportunity leads and promote your primary
opportunity... some will sign up. Most will not.

The reasons are varied. Perhaps they never see your offer. Perhaps they don't like network
marketing. Perhaps they don't like the products or services your company offers. Who knows?

What we do know is these people have previously expressed an interest in making more money -
so the magic of Self Liquidating Lead Generation is to give them plenty of opportunities to pay
you for the privilege of telling them how!

Here's how it works:

   l   Visit numerous Affiliate Program directories and find some products or services you feel
       these business opportunity seekers will be interested in buying.
   l   Sign up as an affiliate to earn a commission when you sell these products or services.
   l   Send a series of emails promoting your PRIMARY opportunity. Sign up new business
       builders. (You need a bullet-proof autoresponder for this part.)
   l   Remove new team members from the list.
   l   Send a series of emails promoting your SECONDARY offer (you DO have a secondary offer,
       don't you? If not, see mine here)
   l   Send numerous emails to the SAME LIST offering products and services that pay you a
       commission upon making a sale.
   l   Pocket your profits.
   l   Invest in more leads (at no cost!)
   l   Repeat again and again!
   l   TEACH your downline do the same thing!

"How to Make Money" eBooks in the $19 to $97 price range sell well, but the BEST THING is to find
programs that offer some type of month residual or leveraged income.

Once you have signed up as an affiliate, you will then need to create a series of email offers to
promote these products and services. One email per product or service. Here is a sample email
marketing campaign:

   l   Day   1   -   Promote Primary Opportunity (to get hot leads!)
   l   Day   2   -   Promote $297 Fast Online Profits Marketing System
   l   Day   3   -   Promote $197 Internet Marketing Secrets program
   l   Day   4   -   Promote $79 ClickBank Mall
   l   Day   5   -   Promote $47 eBook "How to Get Rich on eBay"
   l   Day   6   -   Promote $39 eBook "Online Surveys - Earn $15 Per Hour"
   l   Day   7   -   Promote $19 eBook "Free Money Grants"

For me, a normal week will produce a number of hot, fresh leads for my primary network marketing
opportunity and a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in affiliate commissions - more than
enough to cover the cost of the leads.

I then pocket half the profits and invest the other half to purchase even more leads to begin the
process all over again.

                                           Get in the Game Fast

             Owning ClickBank affiliate mall is, perhaps, one of the least expensive,
             fastest ways to find and profit from over 14,000 hot selling eBooks,
             products, and services. Whenever I need a new product to sell, I simply
             visit my own mall, find one, write and email, and point them right back to
             the correct page.

             You can find out more about how to start making a TON of money by
             owning your own ClickBank Affiliate Mall here.

             (FYI - my very first web site was called "Miracle Mall" and I never made a
             dime. Today I make HUNDREDS each month from this clickbank mall. Crazy
             how things work out, isn't it?)

So there you have it - a Proven System for creating a huge downline explosion, getting all leads
for free, and generating multiple streams of income fast.

The system works. Are you ready to work the system?

To your success!

Rob Fore
Multiple Six-Figure Income Earner

PS - I am always looking for sharp, capable, success-oriented people who are SERIOUS about
creating the lifestyle they deserve. If this is you and you are ready to can the excuses and start
making it happen CALL ME and let's talk about it. Call me direct at 775-841-6332 pacific standard

Description: How to drive traffic to any website or promote any business using cheap mlm leads. Complete, proven system reveals $2.7 million network marketing producer secrets.