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									              Appetisers                                          Oysters
GARLIC OR HERB BREAD                   $3.00
                                                      Rock oysters premium "A" grade
BRUSCHETTA                             $6.50
TARAMA         Greek dip of red caviar $8.00       NATURAL Freshly shucked, served with
TZATZIKI Yoghurt/cucumber/garlic dip $8.00         home-made cocktail sauce.
OLIVE TAPANADE Home style olive dip $8.00                                  1/2 DOZ $15.90
MIXED DIPS - All three dips            $18.00
                                       $18.00                                      $27
                                                                               DOZ $27.90
   ALL DIPS SERVED WITH TOASTED PITA               KILPATRICK Topped with bacon & grilled
                    BREAD                          with Worcestershire sauce.
                                                                           1/2 DOZ $16.90
                  Entree                                                           $29
                                                                               DOZ $29.90
                                                   MORNAY Baked with Mornay sauce & grilled
                                                   parmesan                1/2 DOZ $16.90
BBQ OCTOPUS                           $19.90
Baby octopus char-grilled and finished                                             $29
                                                                               DOZ $29.90
with olive oil, white wine, lemon and              .
oregano or with chilli tomato sauce.
FETTUCCINE BOSCAILOLA -              $19.90
Fettuccine with ham, mushrooms, white wine
and a cream sauce.                                             Side Salads
SEAFOOD COCKTAIL –                   $22.90
Selection of fresh seafood served with home
                                                   FRENCH             PER PERSON $4.50
made cocktail sauce.
                                                   THOUSAND ISLAND     PER PERSON $4.50
PRAWN CUTLETS –                      $21.90
                                                   GREEK SALAD        PER PERSON $6.00
Crumbed and served with tartare sauce.
                                                   AMBROSIA SALAD     PER PERSON $8.00
GARLIC PRAWNS -                      $21.90
                                                   CAESAR SALAD       PER PERSON $10.90
King prawns cooked in sizzling garlic oil.
AMBROSIA PRAWNS                      $22.90
King prawns served on a bed of sautéed
mushrooms and topped with Béarnaise.
BABY CALAMARI -                        $22.90               Children’s Dishes
Seasoned with crab meat, baby spinach
                                                   STEAK OR GRILLED CHICKEN WITH SALAD &
and sun-dried tomatoes.
                                                   CHIPS                           $20.00
SPAGHETTI MARINARA -                  $22.90
With fresh seafood, garlic and wine in creamy      VEAL OR CHICKEN SCHNITZEL WITH SALAD &

tomato sauce.                                      CHIPS                           $20.00

SAGANAKI PRAWNS -                     $22.90       FISH & CHIPS WITH SALAD         $20.00
King prawns served in sizzling garlic oil, fetta   SPAGHETTI NAPOLITANA OR FETTUCCINE
cheese and fresh tomato.                           BOSCAIOLA                       $20.00
BBQ PRAWNS -                          $24.90
King prawns BBQ with Tabasco, lemon juice,
white wine and garlic.                                                 12,
                                                    ALL CHILDREN UNDER 12, CAN EAT FROM
                                                       OUR BUFFETT FOR ONLY $19.90.
                                    Main Courses
LOBSTER AMBROSIA      With prawns, scallops, mushrooms, in a tomato & cream sauce.
LOBSTER MORNAY        Sautéed in Mornay sauce and topped with grilled parmesan.
LOBSTER THERMIDOR     Lobster in hot English mustard and cream sauce
LOBSTER NATURAL       Fresh Lobster served cold with a selection of salads and fruit.
                HALF LOBSTER $38.00 WHOLE LOBSTER $65.00

SEAFOOD PLATTER (FOR TWO)            (additional 1/2 lobster extra $25.00)           $125.00
                   Selection of hot and cold seafood served with salad &fruit .
BARRAMUNDI FILLETS - Grilled and served with lemon butter sauce.                          $26.90

SNAPPER TAIL         Wrapped in foil and baked with herbs and vegetables.                 $29.90

BABY BARRAMUNDI      Whole fish, de-boned and stuffed with bacon,                         $31.90
                     crab meat, mushrooms and Bok Choy.

CATCH OF THE DAY     Please ask waiter for details.                                       $ M/P

POSEIDON’S DELIGHT Whole baby lobster, barramundi, prawns, scallops,                 $36.90
                   baby calamari, sautéed in a garlic cream sauce
SEAFOOD ALA GREEK                                                                    $34.90
                   Balmain bugs, scallops, prawns, calamari and mussels with garlic,
                   white wine, cream, tomato, shallots and fetta cheese.
BALMAIN BUGS         Grilled and lemon butter or garlic butter.                           $48.00

SCAMPI               Grilled and lightly brushed with lemon butter.                       $58.00

SHIP ‘N’ SHORE        Combination of a grilled full lobster tail and fillet mignon        $65.00

CHICKEN MIGNON   Grilled chicken wrapped in bacon and topped with seafood                 $28.90
                 and garlic butter or with mushroom and cream sauce
CHICKEN AMBROSIA Stuffed with prawns, scallops, garlic-cream and white wine               $27.90

VEAL SCALOPPINE      Sautéed in butter with cream, white wine and mushrooms               $26.90

VEAL AMBROSIA        Veal sautéed with scallops prawns, and creamy mushrooms               $28.90

TENDERLOIN STEAK     Eye fillet with Pepper sauce or Dianne sauce.                        $26.90

T-BONE STEAK         500grams! Char grilled, served with a creamy mushrooms.              $26.90

Fillet Mignon        Tenderloin Steak wrapped in bacon, topped with mushrooms.            $27.90

Tornados Steak       Tenderloin in bacon, topped with Lobster and Béarnaise.              $29.90
                      Ambrosia’s House Rules

                                  Rule One
If you have been sitting for a long time and have not been waited on, don’t sit
                                 another second.
          Wave, snap your fingers, psst or holler. But don’t walk out!

                                  Rule Two
We have an extremely unusual variety of drinks. If you should order a unique
 drink that you had on your honeymoon and it doesn’t taste the same, don’t
                   Things taste different on honeymoons.

                                  Rule Three
Should your food not be what you expected, don’t be shy, send it back. The
  Chef may come after you with a chopper but don’t be afraid. Be calm.
         You and he can get together and work out a new recipe.

                                  Rule Four
Dancing is on the dance floor. If you are the first couple to dance, watch how
everyone else will join you and wish they had the guts to be born leaders like

                                  Rule Five
 Our waiting staff, whilst all quite intelligent, (they are studying to be brain
surgeons and rocket scientists) cannot get past two-plus-two so we do not
                    allow them to accept cash for drinks.
All food and drinks will be itemised by our computer on your account for the

                                   Rule Six
 Management will only accept your cheque providing you leave your dinner
  guest or girlfriend as collateral (wives or husbands are unacceptable).

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