POSITION DESCRIPTION

                                          STAGE MANAGER

INCUMBENT:                                        DIVISION:      Education
GROUP:          SSA                               DEPARTMENT:    Performing Arts
CLASSIFICATION: Level 8                           DATE REVIEWED: November 1998


Responsible for the efficient organization and operation of Centre Stage production in conjunction with
the Theatre Studies Program. Assumes part-time instructional responsibilities and practicum supervision.


Reports to:                      Chairperson of The Centre of Learning for the Performing Arts

Subordinate Staff:

Other internal contacts:         Designers, Department staff, Theatre management staff, students and
                                 Facilities Coordinator

External contacts:               Resident and visiting directors, designers, performers, technicians, and
                                 workshop leaders


1.      Responsible for the organization and efficient day-to-day operation of stage management area in
        the Arts Centre, Centre Stage Productions.
2.      Supervision and Instruction of:
        a)       2 student assistants for Mainstage Production.
        b)       Student Stage Manger and assistant for Studio Show.
        c)       8 Student Stage Managers and 1 Student Production Stage Manager for One Act Festival.
3.      Development of:
        a)       Rehearsal schedule in conjunction with the Director.
        b)       Technical schedule in conjunction with the Technical Director.
        c)       Costume fitting Schedule in conjunction with the Head of Wardrobe.
        d)       Coordinate all other schedules: directly relating to the production.
4.      Scheduling and supervising auditions.
5.      Supervision of rehearsals throughout the production process.
6.      Assisting in the instruction and supervision of all technical students during production
7.      Full responsibility on opening night for running the production. Expected to function on the
        director’s behalf, giving all artistic and technical notes to students and staff required to maintain
        the production.
8.      Calling the show. Calling – during performance, the SM directs the execution of all technical
        cues (lights, sound, flys, scene changes, special FX) and performer cues.
9.      Creating a Prompt Script containing all current production information and technical cues
        recorded in a calling sequence.
10.     Information liaison between artistic and technical staff.
11.     Scheduling and conducting Theatre Department Production Meetings.
12.     Assist coordination and scheduling of all show related workshops.
13.     Assisting Marketing Manager in arranging interviews or any publicity related events.
14.     Coordination of involvement of community performers.
15.     Related Theatre studies duties as required. This position requires a willingness to work overtime,
        evenings, and weekends.

Teaching/Practicum Responsibilities:

1.      Provide classroom instruction for 1st year technical students in the fundamentals of Stage
        Management. The production process and production team duties/skills.
2.      During some studio shows, duties are performed by 1-8 student stage mangers, 1 assistant, and 1
        student Production Stage Manger. Close and ongoing supervision will be provided by the
        Production Stage Manger. All scheduling and final prompt scripts must be approved by the
        Productions Stage Manger.
3.      Assist in supervision and instruction of all involved Performance, Costume Cutting and Technical
        students throughout production process through the final performance.


•       Graduate of a recognized technical theatre program
•       Teaching competency in stage management
•       A minimum of two years experience in a stage management environment
•       Excellent leadership, interpersonal skills, even temperament, ability to supervise effectively
•       Practical knowledge of theatre operations and a commitment to department activities and
•       Work experience in one or more professional theatres or institutions of theatre training
•       A working knowledge of Production Stage Management
•       Musical Theatre experience
•       Strong organizational and management skills


Personal commitment to the job at practical and ideological levels while maintaining objectivity and good
judgement. High competency in standards related to: tasks set out in the position description, annual
major objectives, and special assignments.

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