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                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS

Pilot Plant Experience on the Bacterial Leaching of Ni/Co Sulphide Concentrates at Bactech
(Australia) Ltd
By J Fewings, T Wilathgamuwa
BioNIC® - An Economically Competitive Process for the Biological Extraction of Nickel
By A E Norton, J J Coetzee, S C C Barnett
CESL Process for Nickel/Cobalt Concentrates, Testing in an Integrated Pilot Plant
By D Jones
Activox® and the Yakabindie Process for Treatment of Nickel Sulfide Concentrates
By G D Johnson, H A Evans
Commissioning of the Base Metal Refinery at Hartley Platinum
By T N Holohan, G W G Montgomery, A J Lathwood
The Browns Cobalt/Lead/Copper/Nickel Project
By R Elvish
Engineering Aspects of a Bacterial Oxidation Circuit for Cobalt Recovery at Kasese, Uganda
By A P Briggs, M Millard
Cu/Co Tailings Treatment Project, Democratic Republic of Congo
By M J Dry, G Irio, D F Jacobs, P M Cole, A M Feather, K C Sole, J Engelbrecht, K C Matchett,
P J Cilliers, P T O’Kane, D B Dreisinger
The Murrin Murrin Laterites Project
By R Weizenbach (Not available at time of printing)
The Marlborough Laterites Project
By A Griffin
Weda Bay Laterite Project, Indonesia
By M G Baillie, G C Cock
Innovative Membrane Applications in Nickel-Cobalt Processing
By V Cinanni, P Macintosh
The Ultrasep: Demonstrated Ultra High Thickening Technology
By Z Smit
Filtration in Modern SX-EW Operations
By W A Greene
Extraction of Nickel from Ammoniacal Leach Solutions: Extractant and Solution
Chemistry Issues
By J M W Mackenzie, M J Virnig, B D Boley, G A Wolfe
Comparison of Some Aspects of the Performance of a Bateman Pulse Column and
Conventional Box-Type Mixer/Settlers
By M H Fox, S J Ralph, N P Sithebe, E M Buchalter, J J Riordan
Occupation Exposure Values and Process Plant Design
By J Davis
Implications of Geological and Mineralogical Aspects of Laterite Deposits for Metallurgical
Plant Design
By P A Burger
Pressure Acid Leaching of Nickeliferous Laterite Ores
By E Krause, B C Blakey, V G Papangelakis
Pilot Plant Testing of Nickel Laterites
By J H Kyle, I J Corrans
Ramu Nickel Process Piloting
By P Mason, M Hawker
Autoclave Design Aspects for Pressure Leaching
By R Clary (Not available at time of printing)
Acid Resistant Bricklining in Pressure Leaching Plants for the Mining Industry
By H Feldheiser
Thermal Design of Pressure Acid Leach Systems
By P Dickson
Issues in Sulphuric Acid Production and Cogenertion Energy for Pressure Leaching Plants
By M Jansen, A Taylor

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