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					        ALBANY TOWN HALL

                   Technical Specifications

Theatre Technician:     KEVIN BLYTH
   Phone number:        08 9844 2226
   Mobile Number:       0412 535 359
   Fax number:          08 9841 4099
   Email address:

   Phone number:        08 9844 2222
   Fax number:          08 9841 4099
                        Additional contact details are located on the final page

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Brief Stage Description:
 Unraked stage with tormentors and limited flying facilities. Hardwood floor covered
 with masonite sheets. Screwing into surface permitted but larger holes to be
 authorised by Technical Manager. Stage crossover behind US fly line.
 Stage distributed load limit      490kg/m2
 Stage point load limit            unknown
 Stage rake                        No

Stage Dimensions:
 Proscenium                (Tormentors)
    Width                  9090mm, (can be reduced to approx 8000mm with tormentors)
    Height                 4100mm to bottom of black border
 Setting Line
    400mm upstage of edge of stage if house curtain required. Otherwise edge of stage.
 Distance From (SL = Setting Line, CL = Centre Line)
    SL to DS edge of apron                   400mm or 1900mm if stage extension used.
    SL to DS edge of Orchestra Lift/Pit N/A
    SL to first fly line                     700mm
    SL to last upstage fly line              5980mm
    SL to rear wall                          7010mm
    CL to OP wall (or obstruction)           5345mm
    CL to PS wall (or obstruction)           6105mm
    Stage to underside of grid               7250mm
 Overhead obstructions
    Roof truss running across stage, 6500mm above stage, 4000mm from SL.
    P/S gallery 1600mm to 4950mm from SL, 520mm out from P/S wall, 4700mm above
    Chain hoist gantry 4950mm from SL, 1300mm out from P/S wall, 3900mm above

 Auditorium consists of stalls and two galleries running along the sidewalls.

 Seating capacity with additional
 Orchestra lift/pit seating installed        310

 Seating capacity without
 Orchestra lift/pit seating installed        281

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Orchestra Lift / Pit:
 Orchestra Pit
    No orchestra pit
    Stage level at 1110mm above auditorium.
    Lift can be set at any height     N/A
    SWL of orchestra lift             N/A
 Dimensions of the orchestra pit       N/A
 Orchestra pit maximum capacity N/A

Flying Facilities:
 Fly System
    Single purchase and handlines
 Fly System Details
    Operating Position          OP at stage level
    Total number of Lines       17
    Panorama Lines              N/A
    Batten Drift                Counter weighted bars Approx 5000mm. Handlines
    Batten Type                 50mm O/D pipe
    Batten Length               9400mm
    Batten Extensions           N/A
    Batten Pick-ups             (4) P/S 3900mm & 1400mm from C, O/P 3500mm & 900mm
                                from C.
    Batten Point Load           Not Known
    Batten W.L.L.               As per cradle capacity.
    Cradle Capacity             Refer to the Hanging Plot for details
    LX bars can be swung        Yes, but limited.
    Fly bars can be swung Yes, but limited.


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Hanging Plot:
 SL: Setting Line as indicated previously
 Line Type: SP = Single purchase, DP = Double purchase, MW = Motor Winch, HW = Hand Winch, HL = Handline
 W.L.L.: Maximum distributed load including bar weight

          Distance       Line      CRADLE                                      Intended Use
Line #    from SL        Type     CAPACITY         Venue Allocation            (hiring company use)
 Orch     1500mm          SP        200kg          Orchestra LX bar
   1      800mm           HL         N/A           D/S Border
   2        1300          SP        200kg          LX 1
   3        1600          HL         N/A           Free
   4        1950          HL         N/A           D/S legs
   5        2300          HL         N/A           Mid/S Border
   6        2620          SP        200kg          Free (Alt Tabs, alt LX 2)
   7        2950          HL         N/A           Mid/S legs
   8        3150          SP        200kg          LX 2
   9        3450          HL         N/A           Free
  10        3730          HL         N/A           U/S Border
  11        4280          HL         N/A           U/S legs
  12        4550          SP        200kg          LX 3
  13        4750          HL         N/A           Free
  14        5260          HL         N/A           Free
  15        5580          SP        100kg          U/S Tabs
  16        6080          SP        100kg          Cyclorama


      *Type                   Material              Colour             Width         Height      Quantity
      House Curtain           Velveteen             Dark Red       6500mm each      6500mm        1 pair
      Borders                 Velveteen             Black            11000mm        3100mm          3
      Legs                    Velveteen             Black             4000mm        6000mm        3 sets
      Tabs                    Velveteen             Black          6500mm each      6000mm        1 pair
      Cyclorama               Filled cloth          White             9500mm        6500mm          1

    Access Equipment:
      Elevated Work Platform
      EWP Restrictions
         1 x 10m Extension ladder.
         1 x 4.5m ‘A’ frame
         1 x 3.5m ‘A’ frame
         1 x multi-fold ladder

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Staging Units:
 (10) Aluminium framed, timber top, 1200mm x 1500mm. Height changed by insertion of
 different sized legs – 205mm, 315mm, 605mm, 1110mm. These units are used to make
 the stage extension.

Stage Covers:

Stage Traps:

 Patching dip traps only. DS 1600mm from SL, US 6000mm from SL, 4700mm from C.

Safety Curtain:

 Safety Curtain installed      NO

Loading Dock:
    Truck access via car park off York St. Truck able to reverse up to loading dock area.
    Loading dock access via 1 tonne electric chain hoist.
    Alternate access via FOH passenger lift.
    Loading Dock Height           5700mm above street level
    Door Dimensions               3260mm High
                                  1075mm Wide
 Restrictions / Obstructions
    Strong wind conditions may make it impossible to hoist large items

Staging Notes:
    Limited rigging gear available in house. Including lifting straps, shackles and pulleys.
    All flown items must be rigged with rated equipment and is subject to approval by a
    venue representative.

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 Lighting Positions:

  Stage LX Bars                     LX 2 can be swung from line 8 to line 6. Brailing of bars
                                    is very limited due to lack of height in fly tower.

                          See hanging plot for standard LX bar locations

  Orchestra Bar
     Usable bar width               9400mm
  FOH Bridge
     Setting Line to lighting bar   Approximately 9800mm throw, 40 degrees.

 Lighting Control:
  Lighting desk         COLORTRAN INNOVATOR 48/96
  Control channels      144
  Signal output         DMX 512
  Remote riggers available onstage     YES

  Dimmer Racks:
  Total Dimmers                             72
  Dimmer Locations                          48 in dimmer room behind control room. 24
                                            on P/S gallery
     2.4Kw Dimmer Racks                     48 Theatrelight, 24 Strand analogue packs.
     Total dimmers @ 2.4kw per dimmer 72

     5Kw Dimmer Racks                       N/A
     Total dimmers @ 5kw per dimmer         N/A

 House Lights:
  Independent control         YES, no DMX.
  Control positions           PROMPT CORNER, CONTROL BOOTH.
  Fade time adjustable        NO (12 SECONDS)

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Stage Luminare:

 Make          Model              Angle    Detail / Accessories                Watt     Total
 ETC           Source 4 JNR       25/50    (4) Gobo holders to suit           575w       24
 Selecon       Pacific            12/28                                       1000w      12
 Selecon       Pacific            23/50    (2) Gobo holders, (2) 90 Lenses    1000w       2
 Strand        Harmony            15/28    (6) Gobo holders, (5) Irises       1000w      16
 Strand        Prelude            16/30                                       500w       19

 Make             Model               Detail / Accessories                    Watt      Total
 Strand           Harmony             (6) barndoors                          1000w        6
 Strand           Cantata             (6) barndoors                          1000w        6
 Strand           Prelude             (20) barndoors                         500w        20

 Make             Model                   Detail / Accessories                Watt      Total
 Selecon          High Performance        (9) barndoors                      1000w        9

 Par Cans
 Make             Model               Angle      Detail / Accessories        Watt       Total
                  Par56                MFL       4 x NSP lamps available     300w        12
 Kupo             Studio Multipar     25/42                                  750w        18

 Make             Model               Detail / Accessories                   Watt       Total
 Selecon          Cyc 3               Cyc Unit                               500w         5
 Selecon          LUI Cyc 1           Cyc Unit                               500w         5
 Jands            Light Brick         Linear Flood                           500w         3

 Make            Model                     Detail / Accessories                Watt     Total
 Futurelight     SC-780         16         Moving mirror, rotating gobos      575w        4

 Make             Model         Angle       Detail / Accessories            Watt      Total
 Strand           818                       5 colour magazine              1200w        1

Additional Lighting:
 Item              Make                 Model      Detail / Accessories        Watt     Total
 Mirror Ball                            20inch                                            1
 Strobe            Botex                SP-750     2 Channel DMX              750w        1
 Stands                                            Telescopic                             6
 Boom Bases                                        Suit 48mm caff Pipe                    6

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  Location                Quantity     Numbering        Detail / Accessories
                                       (PS to OP)
  FOH Bridge                 20          32-13
  P/S FOH Perch               8          57-64
  O/P FOH Perch               8          41-48
  P/S Stage Perch             8          49-56          Shared with P/S Gallery via Ext leads
  O/P Stage Perch             8          33-40          Shared with O/P Stage box via loom
  P/S Gallery                27          65-91          Plus leads from P/S stage perch
  U/S O/P dip trap            3           1-3
  D/S O/P dip trap            3           7-9
  U/S P/S dip trap            3           4-6
  D/S P/S dip trap            3          10-12

  3 Phase Outlets
     5 x 32 amp in dimmer room
     1 x 32 amp in control room
     2 x 32 amp on PS Gallery
     1 x 32 amp USPS (sound power)
     1 x 15 amp USPS (chain hoist)

  240v Extension Cable
     The theatre has a good stock of extension leads to accommodate the venue’s standard
     lighting rig. Any additional equipment will require additional cable stock to be sourced.
  3 phase Extensions

 Additional Effects:
Item             Make          Model       Detail / Accessories                   Watt     Total
Hazer            Unique                    DMX x 2 channels                       1500       1
Smoke Machine    JEM         ZR20 MKII     Remote or via lx desk 1 channel        1500       1

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Audio Control Positions:
 Control Room
      Rear centre of stalls behind removable glass panels. Dedicated position, no seats
      Centre of ‘L’ row. Cabling needs to be run to position.
      Total seat allocation      7
      P/S near SMD, mixer can be connected direct to amps.

Audio Control & Amplification:
 Primary Mixer
      Allen and Heath GL3000 32 ch 8 subgroups, 8 auxiliary sends
 Secondary Mixer
      Yamaha Promix 01
      Soundcraft Spirit Live 16ch 4 auxiliary sends
      (2) Electro Voice P3000 Stereo
      (1) Aust Monitor 1350W Stereo Amplifier
      (2) Aust Monitor 1200W Quad (4Ch) Amplifier
      (3) Fender 450w Stereo Amplifier
      (1) XTA GQ600 Dual Channel
      (2) Yamaha 2031 Dual Channel
      (1) Yamaha SPX 990
 Compression / Limiter / Gates
      (2) DBX 160A Compressor/ Limiter (mono) + one stereo
      (1) Composer Pro-XL MDX2600 Dynamic Processor

 FOH Speakers
      EAW LA Series speaker system including 2 Subs/side
      (6) EV SX300
      (2) EV ZXA5 Powered monitors

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 Item                Make           Model             Detail                      Total
 CD Player           Sony           CDP-D11           Professional CD player        1
 CD Player           Akai           CD-A410           Single CD player              1
 Mini Disc           JVC            XM-228            Recorder                      1

 Make              Model            Detail / Accessories             Use          Total
 Shure             UHF Beta 58      Radio Mic                        Vocal          2
 Shure             UHF Beta 87a     Radio Mic                        Vocal          1
 Shure             FM SM58          Radio Mic                        Vocal          1
 Shure             Beta 87a                                          Vocal          1
 Shure             Beta 58                                                          4
 Shure             SM 58                                                            4
 Shure             SM 57                                                            6
 Audio Technica    Pro 9D                                            Kick drum      1
 Electro Voice     ND 468                                            Instrument     2
 Electro Voice     ND 357                                                           1
 Beyer Dynamic     58               Switchable                                      2
 Sennhieser        Condensers                                                       2
 Realistic         PZM                                                              2

Audio Accessories:
 Item                           Model                  Detail / Accessories       Total
 Microphone stand               Round base             With boom arm                 1
 Microphone stand               Standard               With boom arm                14
 Microphone stand               Banquet                                              3
 DI                                                                                  5
 EV SX300 telescopic stands                                                          2
 EV SX300 monitor feet                                                            6 sets

Line Patching:
 Location           Quantity      Numbering       Detail
 O/P Mid stage        20          1-16 + 1-4      16 sends, 4 returns
 P/S Mid stage        16             1-16         16 sends with stage splits
 P/S U/S               6              1-6         6 returns

Speaker Patching:
 Location                      Quantity      Numbering            Detail
 Down stage dip traps           3 each    P/S 1-3, O/P 1-3
 Up stage dip traps             1 each    P/S 5, O/P 5
 Under front edge of stage         3      P/S 4, C, O/P 4

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 Audio Cable
   The theatre has a good stock of cable to accommodate the venue’s equipment.
   1x   50m 16 sends 4 returns
   1x   30m 16 sends 4 returns
   1x   20m 8 sends
   1x   10m 4 sends

Audio Notes:
   FOH speakers are on dollies with locking castors. They normally sit beside the
   Tormentors or off to the side of the stage extension. If they are not required they are
   stored in the top Dressing Room.
   Brackets are available for rigging the SX300s on bars if required

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 Projection Room:

Type                           Model        Detail / Accessories                         Total
Panasonic LCD projector       PT-L785E      3200 ansi, 1:1-1:3 powered zoom/focus lens     1
Hanimex overhead                                                                           1

     Collapsible portable screen.
     Screen dimensions        1460mm wide, 1700mm high, 2240mm diagonal.

 AV Playback Equipment:
  Item                     Model        Detail / Accessories                             Total
  LG DVD player           DF8900P       DVD/VCD/CD with remote                             1

     The Theatre has a limited stock of AV cables.

 Audio Visual Notes:
     Lack of depth on the stage area restricts possibilities for rear projection

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 Stage Managers Desk
    Located in prompt corner, not moveable. Fitted with light, phone, fire extinguisher, B/W
    Master Unit              Jands Ezicom E200
    Total sub stations       3 x Substations 4 x Beltpacks
    Total headsets           8
    Radio Units In-house     N/A
    Talkback patching located at: P/S D/S Dip Trap
                                    O/P D/S Dip Trap
                                    Stage Managers Desk
                                    Control Room
 Paging / Show relay
    Paging to the dressing rooms is via talkback channel two. Show relay is distributed to
    both dressing rooms
 Stage Monitor
    Camera located in front of control room. B/W monitor in Stage Managers Desk.
 Q Light System
    In house Q light system available        NO
    Number of units                          N/A

Dressing Rooms:
 Dressing Room          Capacity   Toilets    Shower     Details
 Dressing Rm #1          Max 27      2          2        Comfortably seat 12-15 people
 Dressing Rm #2          Max 27      2          2        Comfortably seat 12-15 people

Laundry / Wardrobe:
 Washing Machines            1
 Dryers                      1
 Drying rooms                N/A
 Iron / ironing board        1 each
 Clothes racks               N/A

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 Production Facilities:
  Production Desk
  Production Office
  Access to phone for Internet access

  Tea / Coffee facilities      YES
  Fridge / freezer             FRIDGE ONLY
  Microwave                    YES x 2
  Running water                YES

 Stage Door:
     Access through front doors to building


  (1) Steinway B (6.5 foot) Grand Piano
  (1) Yamaha U1 Upright Piano
  (4) Music Stands

 Rehearsal Space:

 Lesser Hall:
  Licensed for 75 people seated. 100 people standing
  Track Lighting for exhibitions

 Meeting Room:
  Licensed for 45 people seated. 50 people standing
  Track Lighting for exhibitions

  12 x Trestle tables

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Venue Contacts:
 Venue Address             Cnr York & Grey Streets
                           Albany WA 6330
 Venue Postal Address      PO Box 484
                           Albany WA 6330

Staff Contacts:
 Theatre Manager           STEWART GARTLAND
    Mobile                 0409 292 510
    Phone Number           (08) 984 2224
    Email Address
    Fax Number             (08) 9841 7614
 Theatre Technician        KEVIN BLYTH
    Mobile                 0412 535 359
    Email Address
    Phone Number           (08) 9844 2226
 Box Office                KAREN COLBENSON
    Phone Number           (08) 9844 2222
    Email Address
    Fax Number             08 9841 4099

Venue Plans:
 Venue Plan Available
  YES, hard copy at 1:50 can be mailed upon request
 Venue Section Available
  YES, hard copy at 1:50 can be mailed upon request

Venue Information:
 A core team of 3 people run the Centre, which is owned and operated by council. There
 are very limited casual staff for production work.

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