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									performance you can depend on
performance you can
depend you
can aspire to.
From the past comes experience...100 years spent perfecting appliances
until they deliver the peak of performance and the ultimate in reliability.

From the present comes aesthetics...state of the art materials, 21st century
styling and cutting edge design to complement the most sophisticated interiors.

And the future? Simple. Ongoing, relentless dependability from models
destined to be design classics for many years to come.

Maytag. Aspiration becomes reality.
Four stunning all-American models to choose from, countless
innovative features, and style reflected in every inch.

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Hi-performance laundry products, with world-leading features and
an even bigger range of models to suit every possible lifestyle.

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Whatever your style of kitchen, choose a model rich in
genuine class leading features.

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The ultimate range cooker.
Your only decision is which colour to go for?

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New to the UK, Maytag's range of floorcare products introduces
the style and performance demanded by the tough US market.

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                T R I L O G Y - F U L L S TA I N L E S S S T E E L S O V 0 2 6 T B
America keeps its cool with Maytag. Not just by making sure fresh food is always at the perfect

temperature. Or that chilled, filtered water is always on tap. Or that freezers are quick and easy

to access. But also because of what Maytag says about style...imagination...a flair for the sleek,

the beautiful, the refined. And with four stunning models to decide between, choice is simply a

matter of taste.

                      TRILOGY                                                                 ZIGZAG
                      Maximum use of space                                                    Ingeniously designed to make
                      inside, minimum use of space                                            the most of every single inch of
                      in your kitchen.                                                        interior space.

                      pg. 4 - 7                                                               pg. 8 - 11

                      22 SERIES                                                               26 SERIES
                      A true design classic.                                                  A huge 26 cu.ft. of space...
                      The definitive side-by-side                                             and still one of the most stylish
                      American refrigerator.                                                  models in the world.

                      pg. 12 - 13                                                             pg. 14 -15

                T R I L O G Y - F U L L S TA I N L E S S S T E E L S O V 0 2 6 T B
In Trilogy, sheer style meets the ultimate in practicality and performance. And appearances are

anything but deceptive. This is pure sophistication, inside and out. The soft hues of the finest

stainless steel would grace any location. The simple but inspired triple-door format is a benchmark

in ergonomic design, creating the minimum intrusion into your kitchen space. And the ingenious

layout of the interior is packed with features to make the optimum use of every inch of

storage...including the glide out freezer drawer which brings everything within easy reach.

                          TRILOGY                                                               TRILOGY
                          FULL STAINLESS                                                        STAINLESS
                          STEEL                                                                 STEEL DOORS
                          SOV026TB                                                              G32026PEKS

FULL-WIDTH                        SELF CLOSING                       H   U M I D I T Y-               FLEXIBLE
ADJUSTABLE                        FREEZER                            C   ONTROLLED                    SPILLSAVER
GLASS                             DRAWER                             C   RISPER                       S H E LV E S
S H E LV I N G                                                       D   RAWERS
                                  Ingeniously closes the last                                         Easily moved and adjusted
Perfect for accommodating         few mm by itself. Perfect          Ideal for maximising the         to make the best use of
large items, tall items and       for when the drawer is             shelf life of your fresh         space. A liquid retaining lip
pre-prepared dishes.              ‘accidentally’ left partly open.   fruit and vegetables.            contains any spillages.
Trilogy’s interior is a masterpiece of versatility,

flexibility and efficiency. In the refrigerator, five

separate zones allow for the storage of food at

precisely managed humidities. Humidity in the

crisper drawers can be controlled too. Extra wide

shelves and a full-width Chef’s Pantry create

space for even the largest items. Full opening

doors offer unhindered access. And the pull out,

self-closing freezer drawer makes it easy to see

and reach every single item you store.

   Dairy Compartment
   M a i n I n t e r n a l A re a
   Left Hand Humidity
   C o n t ro l l e d S a l a d C r i s p e r
   Right Hand Humidity
   C o n t ro l l e d S a l a d C r i s p e r
   F u l l W i d t h C h e f ’s P a n t r y

                              TRILOGY                                                                  TRILOGY
                                WHITE                                                                    BLACK
                             G32026PEKW                                                               G32026PELB

2 WIRE FREEZER                                     FULL WIDTH                   SELF       SEALING                       INTERNAL
      BASKETS                                   C H E F ’S P A N T R Y                      CENTRE                    ELECTRONIC
                                                                                           MULLION                      CONTROLS
 Just part of the ingenious                     One of 5 zones, the chef’s
freezer layout which brings                       pantry is ideal for storing      Sealing the refrigerator         Touch-sensitive controls,
 all your items within quick                    cheese, meat and delicate          door gap keeps interior          for precise management of
 and easy reach, thanks to                      items that need to be kept      temperatures at the perfect        temperatures in the freezer
the fully extending drawer.                      at a finely tuned humidity.    level for optimum efficiency.        and the refrigerator zones.


                Z I G Z A G - F U L L S TA I N L E S S S T E E L S O V 6 2 6 Z B
ZigZag by name perhaps, but this is straight from the pages of tomorrow’s style guide.

By ingeniously adapting the proven versatility of a side-by-side, this ‘wide-by-side’ redefines

storage, creating a radical, unique and totally new approach to refrigeration. On the outside,

ZigZag exudes hi-tech individuality. On the inside, 26 cu.ft. of space has been brilliantly

arranged to make this probably the most adaptable and practical concept on the market today.

                             FULL STAINLESS

E L E V A T O R™                   ELECTRONIC                        ADJUSTABLE                   WATER
SHELF                              ICE & WATER                       DOOR STORAGE                 F I LT E R
To make room for bulkier                                             Change the door storage      Removes 99.9% of
items, this is a seriously         Touch-control electronic          quickly and easily, as       impurities from your
cool way to adjust a               dispenser, door mounted           often as you need, to        mains water supply
shelf - even when it’s             for instant iced water and        make room for the tallest    for ‘bottled’ quality
fully loaded.                      crushed and cubed ice.            bottles and containers.      water...instantly.
Throwing convention to the wind, ZigZag sets

new standards in space management, with varying

width storage in the refrigerator and freezer

compartments. This makes the upper section of

the refrigerator wider than expected and makes

room for the unique elevator shelf system.

The lower section of the freezer also has extra

wide extendable freezer baskets for those bulkier

items. Result...amazing flexibility.

   Dairy Compartment
   M a i n I n t e r n a l A re a
   H u m i d i t y - C o n t ro l l e d S a l a d C r i s p e r
   L a r g e H u m i d i t y - C o n t ro l l e d S a l a d C r i s p e r
   Deli Drawer for Meats and Cheeses

                                  ZIGZAG                                                                       ZIGZAG
                                   WHITE                                                                        BLACK
                            GZ2626GEKW                                                                      GZ2626GEKB

      SPILLSAVER                                           H U M I D I T Y-               H U M I D I T Y-                     T I LTA B L E
        S H E LV I N G                                   CONTROLLED                     CONTROLLED                                   DOOR
                                                              CRISPER                   DELI DRAWER                                 RACKS
 Can be easily adjusted to                                  DRAWERS
      make the best use of                                                                  Keep cooked meats,          Make the most of every
  interior space. Retaining                            Helps maximise the shelf         cheeses, pies and all deli   inch of freezer door space
     lips around the edges                                 life of your fresh fruit,   items in this temperature-       with shelves that tilt for
    prevent messy upsets.                               salads and vegetables.                 controlled drawer.       quick and easy access.

Z I G Z A G - F U L L S TA I N L E S S S T E E L S O V 6 2 6 Z B

                                                                2 2 S E R I E S - F U L L S TA I N L E S S S T E E L S O V 2 2 5 G B

                                                                   22 SERIES
                                                                   WHITE WITH
                22     SERIES           22    SERIES               PANEL KIT
                        BLACK                  WHITE                   GC2227HEK3

                  GC2225GEKB             GC2225PEKW                Also available in black

                      Option without         With ice & water          GC2227HEK5

                ice & water dispenser              dispenser
                                                                               Illustrated with
                  GC2225PEKB            GC2225GEKW                         cut out inset panel
22 series
This elegant side-by-side model is a true classic. Stunningly clean lines. Subtle styling.

With a footprint that allows it to integrate perfectly with the depth of a normal British kitchen, and a

base model option you can personalise with your own panels. And inside...22 cu.ft. of brilliantly

designed storage space with room for everything, and with special zones for those items that need

to be kept at precisely managed temperatures. Now include a whole collection of adjustable shelves,

drawers and baskets. And add the option of a filtered fresh water and ice dispenser. Peerless.

                       22 SERIES
                       FULL STAINLESS
                       SOV225PW                                                                   22 SERIES
                       Option with                                                                STAINLESS
                       ice & water dispenser                                                      STEEL DOORS
                       GC225GB                                                                    GC2225GEKS

ELECTRONIC                           BEVERAGE                         ELECTRONIC                           CHILLKEEPER
CONTROLS                             CHILLER                          ICE & WATER                          CONTROL
For accurate management              A dedicated zone drawing                                              Allows extra cold air into
of temperatures there are            extra cold air straight from     Touch-controlled                     the beverage chiller or the
touch-sensitive controls             the freezer compartment          electronic dispenser, for            refrigerator, quickly
for both the fridge and              for the serious chilling         filtered fresh water and             reducing the temperature
freezer.                             of drinks.                       crushed or cubed ice.                for newly bought items.

                                           2 6 S E R I E S - F U L L S TA I N L E S S S T E E L S O V 6 2 6 G B

                26 SERIES
                STAINLESS    26   SERIES       26     SERIES
                    STEEL          BLACK               WHITE
                  SOV626GB    GS2625GEKB         GS2625GEKW
26 series
If the 22 series is everything you want in refrigeration, but you could use even more storage space,

this is perfect for you. With an extra 4 cu.ft. of interior storage, there’s room for more food, more

chilled drinks, more items in the freezer. And with the 26 Series, the electronic ice and water dispenser

comes as standard. We’ve kept the width the same as the 22 series, but made the depth a little greater

so this model will stand slightly proud of the other kitchen units...making a style statement all of its own.

                                                         Dairy Compartment
                                                         M a i n S t o r a g e A re a
                                                         Beverage Chiller
                                                         H u m i d i t y - C o n t ro l l e d S a l a d D r a w e r
                                                         H u m i d i t y - C o n t ro l l e d F r u i t a n d Ve g e t a b l e D r a w e r
                                                         Meats or Cheese Drawer

ELECTRONIC                         ADJUSTABLE                                  ELECTRONIC                                          WATER
ICE & WATER                        DOOR                                        CONTROLS                                            F I LT E R
DISPENSER                          STORAGE
                                                                               The fingertip controls of                           An easy-access water filter
Fitted as standard to give         With so much space it’s                     this electronic system let                          removes 99.9% of impurities
you chilled fresh water,           hard to know why you’d                      you accurately manage                               in your mains water, for
crushed or cubed          need more. But the door            both the                          ‘bottled’ quality water at
the touch of a button.             storage adjusts just in case.               refrigerator and the freezer.                       the touch of a button.

          6 0 S E R I E S W A S H E R - S TA I N L E S S S T E E L M A F 9 8 0 1 A E S
            6 0 S E R I E S D R Y E R - S TA I N L E S S S T E E L M D E 9 9 0 1 A E S
16          D R Y I N G C A B I N E T - S TA I N L E S S S T E E L M D E 1 1 0 0 A E S
                     L A U N D R Y C E N T R E S H E L F - S TA I N L E S S S T E E L
In America, Maytag is a byword for performance when it’s time to choose the best laundry products on

the market. For over 100 years the name has epitomised appliances built to the most exacting standards,

designed to respond to the growing demands of consumers, and guaranteed to provide optimum results...

time, after time, after time. Now, the UK can enjoy these same values from the biggest collection of

Maytag laundry products ever to reach these shores.

                   NEPTUNE 8KG                                                            60 SERIES WASHERS
                   Brilliantly engineered washers and                                     All-new range of stylish washers,
                   dryers. More features, more options,                                   built to the European format...
                   more striking good looks.                                              and built to last!

                   pg. 18 - 19                                                            pg. 22 - 25

                   AT L A N TA 8 K G                                                     60 SERIES DRYERS
                   Tough, strong, good-looking                                           High performance models that
                   washers and dryers, deal easily                                       can carefully tumble dry a 6kg
                   with even the biggest loads.                                 no time at all.

                   pg. 20                                                                pg. 26 - 28

                   OSIRIS 7KG                                                            DRYING CABINET
                   Unique space-saving washing                                           No more wet clothes left to ‘drip dry’
                   and drying combination, for the                                       around the house...Maytag invents
                   ultimate in speed and efficiency.                                     the perfect answer.

                   pg. 21                                                                pg. 28 - 29

                                                                                                 NEPTUNE WASHER - MAH7550AGW
                                                                                                  NEPTUNE DRYER - MDE7550AGW

             WASHING         FEATURES

                     EASY               E A S Y- T O - U S E          FAVOURITE                         STAINBRAIN
                  LOADING                   CONTROLS                PROGRAMMES
                                                                                                        When you’re not sure
          The extra large porthole       The touch-screen LCD        Need an extra rinse or a         how to treat a stain, the
               makes loading and           and soft-touch, push      specific temperature for        StainBrain offers top tips
            unloading larger wash          button controls allow   certain items? Save up to 6       on stain removal. Simply
           loads and items less of              simple and easy     tailored programmes and           select the type of stain,
18                        a strain.       programme selection.     select with a single touch!     then follow the instructions.
With a massive 8kg wash load, Neptune makes light work of a heavy day’s laundry. Rugged build

and advanced features mean brilliant performance every time you pile on the pressure. The fully

programmable washer delivers “A” class wash results in surprisingly quick time...every time.

The ‘intelligent’ dryer means your fabrics are looked after with care and attention, even when it’s full.

And the extra wide hinged doors mean effortless loading and unloading.

                              NEPTUNE                                                           NEPTUNE
                              WASHER                                                            DRYER
                              MAH7550AGW                                                        MDE7550AGW


INTERIOR                           8KG OF                            DRYING                             MOISTURE
LIGHT                              LAUNDRY                           RACK                               MONITOR

Illuminates the interior of        Coping with up to 10 bath         By supporting woollens             To make your ironing easier,
the drum to ensure you             sheets at a time, the large       and delicate clothing in           the Neptune tumble dryer
don’t leave that last sock         drum means you can dry            the warm air stream, the           has a monitor to give total
or handkerchief in the             more...less often. That’s         drying rack prevents               control over the amount
machine.                           more time for you too!            mis-shaping and damage.            of moisture removed.

                                             These perfect examples of American build-quality give you more...more precision engineering,

                                              more programmes, more options, more sheer load capacity than the average washer or dryer.

                                         Maximum efficiency is delivered through LoadSensor™, Triple Helix™ and TurboRinse™ technology.

                                              Rotary controls click smoothly into place. Wash and dry times are super fast. And the striking

                                                                porcelain enamel finishes look superb...wherever you locate the appliances.

                               ATLANTA                                                                 ATLANTA
                               WASHER                                                                    DRYER
                              MAV5920AGW                                                             MDE3706AGW

           TRIPLE          HELIX                         ROTARY                               8KG OF                         MOISTURE
                                                       CONTROLS                             LAUNDRY                           OPTIONS
          The Triple Helix™ keeps the
            wash load in the solution                 Large, chunky rotary           The truly spacious drum          Some clothes are easier
          in the bottom of the drum,                       controls ensure         in the Atlanta top-loading       to iron when they’re damp.
            while the agitator rotates              programme and option                    washing machine          This option allows you to
               through 155˚, carefully                  selection is simple            can take up to 10 bath       control how much moisture
20                moving the clothes.                            and easy.                sheets at one time.              is left in the laundry.
This unique washer and dryer combination elevates space-saving technology to new heights.

Ingeniously mounted, one on top of the other, both machines incorporate Maytag’s renowned

quality, durability and reliability. Both can cope easily with a 7kg load. Both deliver fast,

efficient laundry cycles. And, although they can be used independently, together they can

wash then dry a less than 1 hour!


E A S Y- T O - U S E               W A S H & D R Y. . .                35 MINUTE                     7KG OF
CONTROLS                           AT SAME TIME                        FULL WASH!                    LAUNDRY

Rotary controls allow quick        The separate tumble                 When time really is of the    Drums that can take up to
and easy selection of              dryer allows you to dry             essence, the top-loading      22 hand towels allow you to
programmes and options             the laundry you’ve just             washing machine has the       wash and dry truly large
…for total control over            washed, while another               ability to wash 7kg in just   loads, reducing laundry time
the laundry process.               wash is already underway.           35 minutes.                   to an absolute minimum.

          6 0 S E R I E S W A S H E R - S TA I N L E S S S T E E L M A F 9 8 0 1 A E S
60 series                                                                                     washers
The all-new 60 Series range of six washing machines combines all the benefits of a 60cm euro

format with the outstanding durability and reliability demanded by the US market ...qualities

synonymous with the Maytag brand for over 100 years. Only the highest grade of stainless steel is

used, with steel always chosen for essential components in preference to plastic. We pack in

features and programmes - like text not symbols - that lead the market…not follow it. Then we

test…and test…until we’re happy your machine could last for up to 15 years!*

                                                                                                        60 SERIES
                                    60 SERIES                                                           WASHER
                                    WASHER                                                              WHITE
                                    STAINLESS                                                           MAF9601AEW
                                    STEEL                                                                Also available in stainless steel
                                    M A F 9 8 01A E S                                                   MAF9601AES

*Tested to 3,000 cycles at the industry standard of 200 cycles per year.

FOLD DOWN                                     LCD         DISPLAY          FLAT GLASS                           TEXT
DOOR                                                                       DOOR                                 CONTROLS
                                              Allows you to tailor a
The door ‘hides’ the washer                   programme to suit your       By the clever attachment             Instruction book not to
so it blends into the room,                   needs, giving you total      of the porthole door,                hand? All our programme
then folds down to prevent                    control over the process     we’ve made it less chunky,           graphics are in easy-to-
laundry from falling on the                   and offering the ultimate    allowing easier access               read text, so they’re
floor when unloading.                         in progress feedback.        to the inside.                       easy to understand too!

                                       15 years is an unusually long life for a washer. To have the potential to last that long it needs to be strong

                                           and dependable. But it’s the thought given to detail that makes a massive difference too. Like the

                                           unique 4-point suspension system, with its unrivalled stability...for less vibration and noise. Or the

                                            seal mounted on the door, not the machine, to reduce wear and tear when clothes are pulled out.

                                       Or the choice of programmes which help you wash perfectly - every time - without the machine running

                                       a second longer than necessary. It’s not so much a case of whether to choose a 60 which one?

                             60    SERIES
                                    WHITE                                                              60    SERIES
                                MAF9501AEW                                                                  WASHER
                   Also available in stainless steel                                                          WHITE
                                MAF9501AES                                                              MAH2440AGW

            EXTRA RINSE                                UNIQUE 4 POINT                         DOOR                                    6KG OF
           PROGRAMMES                                   SUSPENSION                    MOUNTED SEAL                                  LAUNDRY

          For small babies and people                   4 shock absorption units        By mounting the seal on            The 6kg wash load means
             with sensitive skin, all 60               support the drum, reducing      the door, not the cabinet,           you can launder as many
          Series machines have extra                     vibration, knocking and        wear and tear is reduced              as 8 bath sheets or an
          rinses for clothes and linens                    noise, and eliminating     because laundry isn’t being            amazing 19 hand towels
24             ...some up to 5 in total.                              floor creep.    pushed or pulled across it.            one wash.
6 0 S E R I E S W A S H E R - S TA I N L E S S S T E E L M A F 9 5 0 1 A E S

                                                     6 0 S E R I E S D R Y E R - S TA I N L E S S S T E E L M D E 9 9 0 1 A E S

                CONDENSING            CONDENSING                       CONDENSING

          60    SERIES          60    SERIES                   60     SERIES
                 DRYER                 DRYER                           DRYER
               S/STEEL               S/STEEL                           WHITE
           M D E 9 9 01 A E S    M D E 9 8 01A E S               MDE9701AEW
60 series                                                                                  dryers
Designed to look stunning by themselves, or to sit perfectly alongside the 60 Series washers,

these high-performance tumble dryers are built specially to the European 60cm format...but

with all of Maytag’s legendary strength and durability. The ‘Figure of 8’ drying system allows the

gentlest of tumbling, but still dries quickly. Moisture sensors control programme times to perfection.

A full 6kg load can be dried in no time at all. And all 60 Series dryers are tough enough to give up

to 15 years of service.


                           60 SERIES
                                                                         VENTED                                        VENTED
                           M D E 9 6 5 1A E S                         60 SERIES                                    60 SERIES
                               Also available                         DRYER                                        DRYER
                           in white                                   WHITE                                        WHITE
                           MDE9651AEW                                 M D E 9 6 0 1A E W                           MDE2440AGW

CONDENSER/                              ‘F I G U R E    OF     8’     MOISTURE                         6KG LOAD
VENTING                                 DRYING                        SENSOR                           CAPACITY
Opt for the flexibility of a            By tumbling the clothes in                                     With the ability to dry
‘plug in and use’ condenser             a ‘Figure of 8’ motion, the   Humidity sensors monitor         8 bath towels or 19 hand
dryer, or a model venting               clothes stay in the drying    the air stream and stop the      towels, you can dry
to the outside through a                air stream for longer...and   drying process at the            more laundry, less often.
venting duct.                           so dry quicker!               chosen level of dryness.         That’s efficiency!

          6 0 S E R I E S W A S H E R - S TA I N L E S S S T E E L M A F 9 6 0 1 A E S
            6 0 S E R I E S D R Y E R - S TA I N L E S S S T E E L M D E 9 6 5 1 A E S
28           D R Y I N G C A B I N E T - S TA I N L E S S S T E E L M D E 1 1 0 0 A E S
                     L A U N D R Y C E N T R E S H E L F - S TA I N L E S S S T E E L
drying cabinet
It’s goodbye to the airer and homes that look like a launderette. Maytag’s revolutionary new drying

cabinet is perfect for all those clothes you’d prefer not to tumble dry...expensive shirts, delicate

blouses, precious fact anything you would normally drip dry. You can even dry your

wet outdoor clothes...coats, gloves, even boots! With amazingly versatile racks, prongs and hanger

attachments, there’s room for loads of items. And thanks to the constant flow of gently heated air,

things are dry in no time at all.

                     STAINLESS                   STEEL

                       Also available in white


DRIES                                   ROTARY                        CLOTHES LINES                    DOOR        RACKS
OUTDOOR                                 CONTROLS                      & HANGING
CLOTHES                                                                                                Specially designed drying
                                        Simple to use rotary          Three racks give the             racks on the inside of the
The Drying Cabinet can also             controls for easy selection   equivalent of over 16m of        door allow the organisation
dry wet outdoor clothes...              of one of three possible      clothes line and two bars        of gloves, socks, ties
coats, boots, shoes, etc.,              temperatures and a drying     allow normal coat hangers        and scarves when being
usually in a couple of hours.           time of up to 4 hours.        to be used in the cabinet.       carefully dried.

              V A R A D I S H W A S H E R - S TA I N L E S S S T E E L M S E 8 6 0 F A R S
Vara is built with next-generation technology...features that give it class-leading performance and

equip it perfectly to deliver superb results, not just today, but well into the future. Just as well,

because Vara’s use of the highest grade stainless steel and superior components means it has been

tested to do up to 15 years* of work...with a triple A rating for the lowest possible energy and

water use. Stunning yet subtle styling also means it will look sensational, no matter how simple or

sophisticated your kitchen may be.

                                    VARA                                                                       VARA
                                    860S                                                                       760S
                                    MSE860FARS                                                                 MSE760FARS

                                    L C D d o o r e d g e c o n t ro l s                                       L E D d o o r e d g e c o n t ro l s

*Tested to 3,000 cycles at the industry standard of 200 cycles per year.

P E R F E C T LY                                  M U LT I P L E                 H O L D S A 12                              UPPER BASKET
BALANCED                                          SPRAY ARMS                     PLACE DINNER                                & KNIFE RACK
DOOR                                                                             SERVICE
                                                  Multiple spray arms                                                        The upper basket can be
Thanks to perfectly                               maximise the use of water      Vara can wash 12 IEC                        configured to take different
balanced engineering,                             and up to 8 different          place settings, so it can                   types of crockery and
opening and closing                               spray zones help ensure        easily cope with the daily                  glasses. A knife rack keeps
Vara’s door is effortless.                        optimum cleaning efficiency.   dishes of a family of four.                 sharp knives separate.

                                           The moment you first open a Vara dishwasher, the perfectly balanced door is your introduction to

                                               unparalleled design and performance. Construction is solid, but beautifully finished, with fine

                                           attention to every detail. Spacious bins and trays have ample room for 12 settings. Multiple spray

                                                     arms and two power sprays cut through grease and food. The filter spray cuts down on

                                                                  regular maintenance. And only using as little as 9.9 litres of water per cycle!

                                      VARA                                                          STAINLESS
                                     WHITE                                                              STEEL
                               MSE661FARW                                                              MSE661FARS

                          F I LT E R                   DOOR-EDGE                                    EXTRA                      ENCLOSED
                           SPRAY                             LCD                        LARGE        TUBS                      ELEMENTS
              A special spray ensures                                                Most dishwashers have a             The heating elements are
               the filter stays clean...                 With a clean, sleek,             washing cavity that is         enclosed, so little fingers
               wash after wash. So it               built-in appearance, the         52cm high. At 56cm high,           can’t touch them. This also
              hardly ever needs to be             LCD display gives valuable           Vara’s tub lets you wash           makes the interior much
32              removed for cleaning.                         user feedback.          bigger items more easily.                    easier to clean.
VA R A D I S H WA S H E R - W H I T E M S E 6 6 1 FA R W

          R A N G E C O O K E R - S TA I N L E S S S T E E L S O V 1 1 0 R C
34           S P L A S H B A C K - S TA I N L E S S S T E E L S O V 1 1 0 S B
             R A N G E H O O D - S TA I N L E S S S T E E L S O V 1 2 0 H D
range cooker
Truly a timeless classic, Maytag’s famous design succeeds in combining the countless strengths of

a traditional range cooker with a stunningly simple, contemporary design. The result is a thoroughbred.

A cooker that delivers outstanding performance for even the most demanding of cooks...and does

it in a way that is the essence of pure American chic, pure style, pure Maytag. As a stand-alone

feature, or an integral part of your kitchen, this lifestyle statement is in a class of its own.

                               RANGE COOKER                                                             RANGE         COOKER
                               STAINLESS STEEL                                                          BLACK
                               Cooker             S O V 110 R C                                         Cooker            S O V 110 R C B

                               Splashback         S O V 110 S B                                         Splashback        S O V 110 S B B

                               Hood               S O V 12 0 H D                                        Hood              S O V 12 0 H D B

SPACIOUS                                HIGH-POWER                      NON-STICK                                RESPONSIVE
OVENS                                   WOK BURNER                      GRIDDLE                                  FINGERTIP
A spacious 62 litre multi-              Two 3.5 kW wok burners,         Fitting neatly over either of
function electric fan oven,             give the heat needed to         the middle burners, this is              A gas hob, with electric
warming oven, 2 grills and a            stir-fry or griddle, together   perfectly suited to cooking              grills and ovens, gives the
conventional oven satisfy               or separately...for cooking     steak, tuna, Mediterranean               perfect mix of flexibility
the most demanding needs.               with total flexibility.         veg…and loads more!                      and responsiveness.

                                                                               S AT E L L I T E - S TA I N L E S S S T E E L S 3 3 4 0 0 0 1

                         FLOOR2FLOOR                                       AGILITY

                With the Floor2Floor, Maytag has          On carpets, rugs or upholstery,
            thrown out the rulebook and redefined      Agility’s ingenious design produces
                the concept of cleaning hard floors.     deep-cleaning performance you
              Forget the idea of hands and knees            can see. Twin, easy-remove,
    is a powerful piece of    clip-on tanks deliver then collect
            technology that lets you vacuum, wash          the heated cleaning solution.
             and dry your hard floors, producing           A CleanSurge™ button deals
               results even the most demanding of      with heavy traffic areas. Even the
             perfectionists would be impressed by.        handle folds for easy storage.
The Maytag brand is synonymous with quality, innovation and design...and the Floorcare range

is no exception. Now, with Maytag’s recent arrival on the UK floorcare scene, you can choose

the same compelling combination of design and class-leading performance that the American

home market already enjoys. From the ‘weightless’ Satellite to the versatile Agility, Maytag really

does deliver effortless performance.


                                A ‘floating’ feat of precision
                                engineering...with genuine design
                                icon status. The all-surface floorcare
                                cleaner - weightless, frictionless
                                and effortless. A powerful 2000w
                                motor generates an impressive
                                290+ air watts.

WEIGHTLESS                               STAIR/SPOT                      SPINSCRUB™                     M U LT I - F U N C T I O N
CLEANING                                 HAND TOOL                                                      CLEANING
                                                                         Featured on Agility and F2F,
Satellite’s unique air-lift              Agility delivers SpinScrub™     Spinscrub brushes gently       With two interchangeable
technology means dirt is                 cleaning performance on         remove ingrained    cartridges, F2F switches
easily lifted and carpets and            stairs and in any tricky        reason why Agility outscored   quickly between general hard
upholstery quickly cleaned               corners. There’s a nozzle       every other cleaner in the     floor cleaning and grout
...whatever the surface.                 to clean upholstery too.        Good Housekeeping Review.      cleaning your tiled surfaces.
                                         Maytag refrigeration

                                         Models                                                                                                               Maytag TriLogy                                                             Maytag ZigZag
                                         Model Number                                                                                 SOV026TB               G32026PEKW/ S                     G32026PELB                 SOV626ZB                 GZ2626GEKW / B
                                         Description                                                                              Full Stainless Steel   White or Stainless Steel Doors              Black              Full Stainless Steel         White or Black
                                         Capacity (cu. ft.) Litres Gross / Net                                                      (19.6) 561/ 552             (19.6) 561/ 552                 (19.6) 561/ 552          (25.6) 715 / 696            (25.6) 715 / 696
                performance & capacity

                                         Fresh Food Capacity (cu. ft.) Litres Gross / Net                                           (14.1) 404 / 399            (14.1) 404 / 399                (14.1) 404 / 399         (16.34) 469 / 460          (16.34) 469 / 460
                                         Freezer Capacity (cu. ft.) Litres Gross / Net                                                (5.5) 157 / 153            (5.5) 157 / 153                 (5.5) 157 / 153         (9.24) 246 / 236            (9.24) 246 / 236
                                         Total Shelf Area (sq. ft.)                                                                        22.2                       22.2                            22.2                     23.7                          23.7
                                         Energy Class / Climate Class / KWH per year / DBA                                            A / T / 547 / 44           A / T / 547 / 44                A / T / 547 / 44          A / T/ 657 / 44               A / T/ 657 / 44
                                         Freezing Capacity                                                                                  9.5                        9.5                             9.5                      19.4                          19.4
                                         Star Rating of Freezer                                                                            ****                       ****                            ****                     ****                          ****
                                         Four Point Levelling System                                                                         •                          •                               •                        •                             •
                                         Voltage / Hertz                                                                           220-240V / 50HZ             220-240V / 50HZ                  220-240V / 50HZ          220-240V / 50HZ            220-240V / 50HZ
                                         Control System                                                                                Electronic                 Electronic                      Electronic                Electronic                    Electronic
                                         Water / Ice Filter                                                                                                                                                                      •                             •
                                         Water Filter Indicator – On Controls                                                                                                                                                    •                             •
                system controls

                                         Elevator Shelf                                                                                                                                                                          •                             •
                                         Water                                                                                                                                                                                   •                             •
                                         Cubed Ice                                                                                                                                                                               •                             •
                                         Crushed Ice                                                                                                                                                                             •                             •
                                         Lock                                                                                                                                                                                    •                             •
                                         Dispenser Light (Manual/Auto)                                                                                                                                                    Off / Auto / On            Off / Auto / On
                                         Water Filter Indicator – Façade                                                                                                                                                Dual Button Reset           Dual Button Reset
                                         A Cabinet Height: With Hinge (mm)                                                                 1796                       1775                            1775                     1815                          1778
                                         Cabinet Height: Without Hinge (mm)                                                                N/A                        1743                            1743                     N/A                           1740
                                         B Cabinet Width: (mm)                                                                             910                        905                             905                       910                           905

                                         C Cabinet Depth: Without Door (mm)                                                                599                        597                             597                       713                           711
                                         Cabinet Depth: With Door (mm)                                                                     679                        666                             677                       781                           781
                                         Depth With Door Open to 90 degrees (mm)                                                           1160                       1160                            1160                     1340                          1340
                                         Distance from Side Wall to allow 90 degree Door Opening (mm) *                                    140                        140                             140                       160                           160
                                         Carton H x W x D (mm)                                                                     1836 x 997 x 815             1815 x 997 x 815                1815 x 997 x 815         1865 x 997 x 864           1816 x 997 x 864
                                         Approximate Shipping Weight (kgs)                                                                 168                      138/150                           138                       186                           156
                                         Anti-bacterial Protection                                                                           •                          •                               •                        •                             •
                                         Auto Defrost                                                                                        •                          •                               •                        •                             •
                                         Freezer Shelves                                                                                   N/A                        N/A                             N/A                        4                             4
                                         Fridge Position                                                                                   Top                        Top                             Top                Right Hand Side            Right Hand Side
                                         Fridge Shelves                                                                                      4                          4                               4                        5                             5
                                         Frost Free                                                                                          •                          •                               •                        •                             •
                extra features

                                         Freezer Lights                                                                                      •                          •                               •                        •                             •
                                         Tilting Door Baskets – Freezer                                                                                                                                                          •                             •
                                         Ice Maker (Optional Extra)                                                                          •                          •                               •
                                         Fully Extendable Crisper Drawers                                                                                                                                                        •                             •
                                         Fully Extendable Freezer Baskets                                                                                                                                                        •                             •
                                         Humidity Controlled Crisper Drawers                                                                 •                          •                               •                        •                             •
                                         Humidity Controlled Meat and Cheese Drawer                                                          •                          •                               •                        •                             •
                                         Refrigerator Lights                                                                                 •                          •                               •                        •                             •
                                         Fitted Panel Kit for 6mm Panels
                                         Power Cut Safe Time                                                                             7 hours                    7 hours                         7 hours                   7 hours                       7 hours
                                         * Removing the shelves and drawers requires the doors to be open wider than 90 degrees
                panel kit dim’s

                                                                                                                                         Height                      Width                    Max Panel Thickness
                                         Refrigerator Door (mm)                                                                            1695                       481                               6
                                         Ice & Water Door Upper (mm)                                                                       460                        354                               6
                                         Ice & Water Door Lower (mm)                                                                       815                        354                               6

                                                                                          A                                                              A                                                          A

                                                                                       C                                                                 C                                                          C                                                C
  38                                                      B                                                                       B                                                       B                                                  B

                                                    TRILOGY                                                                 ZIGZAG                                                   22 SERIES                                         26 SERIES
                            Maytag 22 Series                                               Maytag 22 Series without ice & water                                     Maytag 26 Series
  SOV225GB                GC2225GEKW/ B / S                  GC2227HEK3 / 5                SOV225PW              GC2225PEKW/B                        SOV626GB                   GS2625GEKW/B
Full Stainless Steel   White or Black or S / Steel Doors White or Black with Panel Kit   Full Stainless Steel        White/Black                   Full Stainless Steel           White or Black
 (21.57) 610 / 594             (21.57) 610 / 594               (21.57) 610 / 594           (21.5) 625 / 616        (21.5) 625 / 616                  (25.6) 712 / 693             (25.6) 712 / 693
 (13.48') 395 / 386           (13.48') 395 / 386               (13.48') 395 / 386         (13.51) 395 / 386        (13.51) 395 / 386                (15.83) 454 / 446            (15.83) 454 / 446
 (8.09') 215 / 208             (8.09') 215 / 208               (8.09') 215 / 208           (7.96) 230 / 230        (7.96) 230 / 230                  (9.77) 258 / 247             (9.77) 258 / 247
        18.6                         18.6                            18.6                        21.3                    21.3                              22.1                          22.1
   A / T/ 593 / 44              A / T/ 593 / 44                 A / T/ 593 / 44             A / T / 584 / 44        A / T / 584 / 44                  A / T / 635 / 44             A / T / 635 / 44
        12.0                         12.0                            12.0                        13.1                    13.1                              13.4                          13.4
       ****                          ****                            ****                        ****                    ****                              ****                          ****
         •                            •                                •                           •                       •                                 •                             •
 220-240V / 50HZ              220-240V / 50HZ                  220-240V / 50HZ            220-240V/50HZ            220-240V/ 50HZ                   220-240V/ 50HZ               220-240V/ 50HZ
    Electronic                    Electronic                      Electronic                 Electronic               Electronic                       Electronic                      Electronic
         •                            •                                •                                                                                     •                             •
         •                            •                                •                                                                                     •                             •
         •                            •                                •                                                                                     •                             •
         •                            •                                •                                                                                     •                             •
         •                            •                                •                                                                                     •                             •
         •                            •                                •                                                                                     •                             •
         •                            •                                •                                                                                     •                             •
  Off / Auto / On               Off / Auto / On                 Off / Auto / On                                                                      Off / Auto / On               Off / Auto / On
Dual Button Reset             Dual Button Reset               Dual Button Reset                                                                    Dual Button Reset             Dual Button Reset
       1815                         1778                             1778                        1815                    1778                              1815                          1778
        N/A                         1740                             1740                        N/A                     1740                              N/A                           1740
        910                          905                             905                         910                     905                               912                            905
        599                          597                             597                         599                     597                               713                            711
        666                          666                             666                         666                     666                               781                            781
       1160                          160                             1160                        1160                    1160                              1330                          1330
        140                          160                             160                         140                     140                               140                            140
1847 x 1005 x 815             1822 x 1003 x 813                1822 x 1003 x 813          1847 x 1005 x 815       1822 x 1003 x 813                 1865 x 997 x 864              1816 x 997 x 864
        166                     136/136/148                           136                        166                     136                               186                            156
         •                            •                                •                           •                       •                                 •                             •
         •                            •                                •                           •                       •                                 •                             •
         4                            4                                4                           5                       5                                 4                             4
 Right Hand Side              Right Hand Side                  Right Hand Side            Right Hand Side          Right Hand Side                  Right Hand Side              Right Hand Side
         5                            5                                5                           4                       4                                 5                             5
         •                            •                                •                           •                       •                                 •                             •
         •                            •                                •                           •                       •                                 •                             •
         •                            •                                •                           •                       •                                 •                             •
                                                                                                   •                       •
         •                            •                                •                           •                       •                                 •                             •
         •                            •                                •                           •                       •                                 •                             •
         •                            •                                •                           •                       •                                 •                             •
         •                            •                                •                           •                       •                                 •                             •
         •                            •                                •                           •                       •                                 •                             •
      7 hours                      7 hours                         7 hours                     7 hours                 7 hours                           7 hours                        7 hours

                                                                                                                   We at Maytag are constantly working to make our products better. We therefore
                                                                                                                   reserve the right to change designs or specifications without any notice. E&OE.

   To ensure adequate ventilation, please allow 10mm on each side
   and 25mm on the top and rear of the installation. Heights may vary
   slightly due to levelling adjustments.

   For appliances with ice and water dispensers, allow an extra 25mm
   at the rear for plumbing connections and a minimum water
   pressure at the point of connection of between 30 and 120 PSI.

   Dimensional specifications are provided for planning purposes only.
   For complete details see the installation instructions that accompany
   each product before selecting cabinetry, making cut-outs or
   beginning installation.

                                Maytag washing 60 series

                                Models                                                                                                                Washing
                                Model Number                                               MAF9801AES            MAF9601AES            MAF9601AEW           MAF9501AES               MAF9501AEW           MAH2440AGW
                                Colour                                                     Stainless Steel       Stainless Steel           White                Stainless Steel           White                   White
                                Energy Rating *                                                  A                       A                   A                          A                    A                      A
                                Washing Efficiency *                                             A                       A                   A                          A                    A                      A
                                Spinning Efficiency *                                            A                       A                   A                          B                    B                      B

                                Water Consumption (Litres) *                                     54                     54                  54                         54                   54                      75
                                Energy Consumption (kWh) *                                      1.14                    1.14                1.14                      1.14                 1.14                    1.45
                                Annual Water Consumption (Litres) †                            10800                 10800                 10800                     10800                10800                  15000
                                Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) †                               228                     228                 228                       228                  228                     290
                                Noise Washing dB(A)                                              47                     52                  52                         54                   54                      54
                                Noise Spinning d(B)A                                             72                     74                  74                         73                   73                      73
                                Load Capacity (kg) *                                            6kg                     6kg                 6kg                       6kg                  6kg                    7.5kg
                                Spin Speed (rpm) *                                              1800                  1600                 1600                       1400                 1400                   1400
                                No of Programmes                                                 12                     11                  11                         10                   10                      11
                                Cottons                                                          •                       •                   •                          •                    •                      •
                                Synthetics                                                       •                       •                   •                          •                    •                      •
                                Wool                                                             •                       •                   •                          •                    •                      •
                                Handwash                                                         •                       •                   •                          •                    •                      •
                                Quick Wash                                                       •                       •                   •                          •                    •                      •
                                Variable Temperature                                         Cold – 95°            Cold – 95°            Cold – 95°             30°, 40°, 50°, 60°   30°, 40°, 50°, 60°   30°, 40°, 50°, 60°, 95°
                                Rinse Hold                                                       •                       •                   •                          •                    •
                                Variable Spin                                                400 – 1800            400 – 1600            400 – 1600               400 – 1600           400 – 1600                   •
                                Extra Rinse                                                      •                       •                   •                          •                    •                      •
                                Automatic Half Load                                              •                       •                   •                          •                    •                      •
                                Delay Start                                                     24hr                  24hr                 24hr                        5hr                  5hr                   19hr

                                Memory Programmes                                                4
                                LCD Display                                                      •
                                LED Display                                                                              •                   •                          •                    •
                                Fuzzy Logic                                                      •                       •                   •                          •                    •
                                Rotary Control Programme Selector                                                        •                   •                          •                    •                      •
                                Push Button Programme Selector                                   •
                                Drop Down Door                                                   •                       •                   •                          •                    •
                                Chrome Porthole                                                                                                                                                                     •
                                4 Point Suspension System                                        •                       •                   •                          •                    •
                                Door Seal on Door                                                •                       •                   •                          •                    •
                                Rubber Bellows Gasket                                                                                                                                                               •
                                Porthole Width (mm)                                             310                     310                 310                        310                  310                    300
                                Cottons Programme Time 60° (mins)                               130                     135                 135                       120                  120                     124
                                White / Coloured Cottons 40° (mins)                              65                     65                  65                         65                   65                     101
                                Wool / Handwash (mins)                                           40                     40                  40                         40                   40                      40
                                Quick Programme Time 40° (mins)                                  35                     35                  35                         35                   35                      45
                                Nett Weight (kg)                                                 78                     78                  78                         78                   78                      75
                                Gross Weight (kg)                                                80                     80                  80                         80                   80                      77
                                A Appliance Height (with maximum foot adjustment) (mm) 850 (+30)                   850 (+30)             850 (+30)                 850 (+30)            850 (+30)              850 (+20)

                                B Appliance Width (mm)                                          595                     595                 595                       595                  595                     597
                                C Appliance Depth (mm)                                          595                     595                 595                       595                  595                     609
                                Maximum depth with door/shelf open (mm)                         1040                  1040                 1040                       1040                 1040                   1030
                                * All measurements are based on 60° cotton cycle
                                † All annual values are based on 200 x 60° cotton cycles

                                A                                                                            A

                                               B                        C                                           B              C

                                             60 SERIES WASHER                                                        MAH2440AGW

              Maytag drying 60 series

              Models                                                                                             Condensing
              Model Number                                    MDE9901AES            MDE9801AES                  MDE9701AEW                  MDE9651AES                MDE9651AEW
              Colour                                           Stainless Steel       Stainless Steel                  White                  Stainless Steel                 White
              Energy Rating                                          C                     C                            C                          C                           C

              Typology                                          Condenser             Condenser                    Condenser                  Condenser                  Condenser
              Energy Consumption (kWh)                              4.38                  4.38                         4.38                       4.38                        4.38
              Display                                               LCD               3 digit LED                   3 digit LED               3 digit LED                3 digit LED
              Load Capacity (kg)                                     6                     6                            6                          6                           6
              Time Remaining Display                                 •                     •                            •                          •                           •
              No of Programmes                                       6                     6                            6                          6                           6

              Sensor Programmes                                      4                     4                            4                          4                           4
              Timed Dry (mins)                                       90                    90                           90                         60                         60
              Aired Dry (mins)                                       90                    90                           90                         60                         60
              Number of Temperatures                                 2                     2                            2                          2                           2

              Delay Start                                            •                     •                            •                          •                           •
              Figure of Eight Drying                                 •                     •                            •                          •                           •
              A Appliance Height (mm)                               850                   850                          850                        850                         850
              B Appliance Width (mm)                                595                   595                          595                        595                         595

              C Appliance Depth (mm)                                595                   595                          595                        595                         595
              Total Depth with Door Open (mm)                       1140                  1140                         1140                       1140                        1140
              Adjustable Feet                                        4                     4                            4                          4                           4
              Nett Weight (kg)                                       47                    47                           47                         47                         47
              Gross Weight (kg)                                      49                    49                           49                         49                         49
              Noise                                                  69                    69                           69                         69                         69

              Models                                                                                   Vented                                               Drying Cabinet
              Model Number                                                          MDE9601AEW                  MDE2440AGW                 MDE1100AEW                  MDE1100AES
              Colour                                                                     White                        White                      White                  Stainless Steel
              Energy Rating                                                                C                            C                         N/A                         N/A

              Typology                                                                  Vented                       Vented                     Vented                       Vented
              Energy Consumption (kWh)                                                    4.02                         3.93                       3.15                        3.15
              Display                                                                 3 digit LED                   3 digit LED                  None                        None
              Load Capacity (kg)                                                           6                            6                         3.5                         3.5
              Time Remaining Display                                                       •                            •                        None                        None
              Sensor Programmes                                                            6                            9

              Timed Dry                                                                 60mins                       60mins                       4 hrs                      7 hrs
              Aired Dry                                                                 60mins                       125mins                      4 hrs                       4hrs
              Number of Temperatures                                                       2                            3                          3                           3

              Delay Start                                                                  •                            •
              Figure of Eight Drying                                                       •
              A Appliance Height (mm)                                                     850                          845                        1730                       1730
              B Appliance Width (mm)                                                      595                          597                        595                         595

              C Appliance Depth (mm)                                                      595                          609                        609                         609
              Total Depth with Door Open (mm)                                             1140                        1069                       1204                        1204
              Adjustable Feet                                                              4                            4                          4                           4
              Nett Weight (kg)                                                             45                           35                         60                         60
              Gross Weight (kg)                                                            47                           37                         62                         62
              Noise                                                                        64                           69

                                                                                                        We at Maytag are constantly working to make our products better. We therefore
                                                                                                        reserve the right to change designs or specifications without any notice. E&OE.

                                                Laundry note
                                                When placing the drying cabinet next to a stacked tumble dryer
                                                and washing machine it is necessary to use the pull out shelf
                                                accessory in order for the heights and control panels to line up.

                                                The drying cabinet should be vented into an extraction duct if
              A                                 surrounded by cabinetry, or situated in a small room.

                                                Dimensional specifications are provided for planning purposes only.
                            B              C    For complete details see the installation instructions that accompany
                                                each product before selecting cabinetry, making cut-outs or
                            60 SERIES DRYER     beginning installation.

                                Maytag American laundry

                                Models                                                                 Washing                                       Models                                                 Drying
                                Model Name                                                   Neptune             Atlanta                             Model Name                             Neptune                       Atlanta
                                Model Number                                               MAH7550AGW         MAV5920AGW                             Model Number                       MDE7550AGW                   MDE3706AGW
                                Energy Rating *                                                B                   A                                 Energy Rating                             C                             C

                                Washing Efficiency *                                           A                   G                                 Typology                           See note opposite            See note opposite

                                Spinning Efficiency *                                          B                   C                                 Display                                  LCD
                                Water Consumption (Litres) *                                   88                128.2                               Load Capacity (kg)                        8                             8
                                Energy Consumption (kWh) *                                    1.83                1.81                               Time Remaining Display                    •
                                Annual Water Consumption (Litres) †                           17600              25640                               No of Programmes                          6                             3

                                Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) †                              366                362                                Sensor Programmes                         4                             2
                                Load Capacity (kg) *                                            8                  8                                 Timed Dry (mins)                          45                           100
                                Spin Speed (rpm) *                                            1000                1000                               Aired Dry                                 20
                                No of Programmes                                                9                  3                                 Number of Temperatures                    4                             4
                                Cottons                                                        •                   •                                 A Total Height (mm)                      700                           700

                                Delicates                                                      •                                                     B Total Width (mm)                       1080                          1080
                                Reduced Ironing                                                •                   •                                 C Total Depth (mm)                       690                           690
                                Wool                                                           •                                                     Adjustable Feet                           4                             4
                                Quick Wash                                                     •                                                     Nett Weight (kg)                          73                            73
                                Variable Temperature                                           •                   •                                 Colour                                  White                         White
                                Prewash                                                        •                   •
                                Rinse Hold                                                     •

                                                                                                                                                     Model                                                           Washer Dryer
                                Variable Spin                                                  •
                                                                                                                                                     Model Name                                                            Osiris
                                Extra Rinse                                                    •                   •
                                                                                                                                                     Model Number                                                    LSE7806AGE
                                Stain Brain                                                    •

                                                                                                                                                     Energy Efficiency                                                       F
                                Memory Programmes                                              •
                                                                                                                                                     Washing Efficiency                                                      G
                                LCD Display                                                    •
                                                                                                                                                     Spin Efficiency                                                         C
                                Fuzzy Logic                                                    •
                                                                                                                                                     Load Capacity (kg)                                                     7.25
                                Touch Screen Controls                                          •
                                                                                                                                                     No of Wash Programmes                                                   3
                                Rotary Control Programme Selector                                                  •
                                                                                                                                                     Wool                                                                    •
                                Colour                                                        White              White
                                                                                                                                                     Regular                                                                 •
                                Cottons Programme Time 60° (mins)                              131
                                                                                                                                                     Delicates                                                               •
                                White / Coloured Cottons 40° (mins)                                                27
                                                                                                                                                     Wash Temperatures                                                       3
                                Wool / Handwash (mins)                                                             15
                                                                                                                                                     Load Setting                                                    Small / Med / Large
                                Quick Programme Time 40° (mins)                                57                  9
                                                                                                                                                     No of Drying Programmes                                                 4
                                Nett Weight (kg)                                               91                  91
                                                                                                                                                     No of Sensor Programmes                                                 2
                                Gross Weight (kg)                                              96                  96
                                                                                                                                                     Timed Dry (mins)                                                        60
                                A Appliance Height (with maximum foot adjustment) (mm)1080                        1350

                                                                                                                                                     Air Fluff (mins)                                                        20
                                B Appliance Width (mm)                                         690                690
                                                                                                                                                     Washer Height (mm)                                                     870
                                C Appliance Depth (mm)                                         700                700
                                                                                                                                                     Washer Width (mm)                                                      700
                                * All measurements are based on 60° cotton cycle
                                † All annual values are based on 200 x 60° cotton cycles                                                             Washer Depth (mm)                                                      700
                                                                                                                                                     Dryer Height (mm)                                                      870

                                                                                                                                                     Dryer Width (mm)                                                       700
                                                                                                                                                     Dryer Depth (mm)                                                       540
                                                                                                                                                     A Total Height (mm)                                                    1860
                                                                                                                                                     B Total Width (mm)                                                     700
                                                                                                                                                     C Total Depth (mm)                                                     700
                                                                                                                                                     Nett Weight (kg)                                                       158
                                                                                                                                                     Gross Weight (kg)                                                      163


                                A                                                                         A

                                                 B                           C                                      B                  C
  42                                                                                                                                                                             B                   C
                                              ATLANTA WASHER                                                           ATLANTA DRYER                                           OSIRIS
               Maytag dishwashing

               Model                                                                                     Dishwashing
               Model Number                                      MSE661AES/W                             MSE760AES                                      MSE860AES
               Colour                                          Stainless Steel / White                    Stainless Steel                                Stainless Steel
               Energy Efficiency                                         A                                      A                                              A
               Washing Efficiency                                        A                                      A                                              A
               Drying Efficiency                                         A                                      A                                              A

               Energy Consumption (kWh) *                                1                                      1                                              1
               Water Consumption (Litres)                                11                                    9.9                                            9.9
               No of Place Settings (IEC)                                12                                     12                                             12
               Display                                                 LEDs                                   none                                            LCD
               Time Remaining Display                                    N                                      N                                              •
               No of Spray Areas                                         7                                      8                                              8
               No of Programmes                                          4                                      6                                              10
               Heavy Soil                                                •                                      •                                              •
               Normal                                                    •                                      •                                              •
               Quick                                                     •                                      •                                              •

               Delicate Wash                                                                                    •                                              •
               Autowash                                                                                         •                                              •
               Mixed Wash                                                                                                                                      •
               Half Load Upper Basket                                                                                                                          •
               Half load Lower Basket                                                                                                                          •
               Rinse and Hold                                            •                                      •                                              •
               Rinse and Dry                                                                                                                                   •
               No of Wash Temperatures                                   6                                      8                                              9
               No of Drying Options                                      3                                      3                                              3

               Delay Start                                                                                    5 hour                                        24 hour
               Express                                                                                          •                                              •
               Super Rinse                                                                                                                                     •
               Half Load                                                                                        •
               Divisible Cup Shelf                                       •                                      •                                              •
               Foldable Glass Support                                                                                                                          •
upper basket

               Fixed Glass Support                                       •                                      •
               Wine Glass Shelf                                          •                                      •                                              •
               Adjustable Plate Rack                                                                                                                           •
               Fixed Plate Supports                                      •                                      •
               Dedicated Knife Basket                                                                           •                                              •
               Knife Stand                                               •                                                                                     •
               Foldable Plate Rack                                                                              •                                              •
lower bskt

               Fixed Plate Rack                                          •
               Cutlery Basket                                            •                                      •                                              •
               Wine Glass Shelf                                                                                                                                •
               A Dishwasher Height (mm)                                 850                                    850                                            850

               B Dishwasher Width (mm)                                  600                                    600                                            600
               C Dishwasher Depth (mm)                                  590                                    590                                            590
               Adjustable Feet                                           4                                      4                                              4

               Nett Weight (kg)                                          57                                     61                                             67
               Gross Weight (kg)                                         59                                     63                                             69
               Noise dB(A)                                               50                                     48                                             46
               * Inlet water at 15° C

                                                                                                   We at Maytag are constantly working to make our products better. We therefore
                                                                                                   reserve the right to change designs or specifications without any notice. E&OE.

                                                American laundry note
                                                American washing machines require equal water pressures in both the hot and cold water
                                                inlet hoses. The water pressure must be between 30 and 120 PSI.

                                                American dryers and the Osiris require a 30 amp electrical connection. These machines
                                                must be installed by a qualified electrician.
                                                Neptune and Atlanta dryers require venting into a rigid metal duct. American dryers come with
                                                venting to the rear as standard. However, if stated at point of order, we can arrange for venting
                                                to the left, right or even from below.

                                                Dishwasher note
                                                Please allow an extra 25mm at the rear of the appliance to allow for plumbing connections.
               VARA DISHWASHER
                                                Dimensional specifications are provided for planning purposes only. For complete details
                                                see the installation instructions that accompany each product before selecting cabinetry,                                              43
                                                making cut-outs or beginning installation.
                                  Maytag cooking & floorcare

                                  Models                                                 Range cooking                           Model                                                          Satellite floor cleaner
                                  Model Number                              SOV110RC                  SOV110RB                   Model Number                                                          S3340001
                                  Colour                                    Stainless Steel              Black                   Bag Size                                                                4 Litres
                                  HOB                                                                                            Filtration                                                               HEPA
                                  3.5kW Ring Wok Burners                          2                        2                     Weight (kg)                                                                6
                                  3.0kW Burner                                    1                        1                     Dimensions – Body only (mm)                                      H 370 x W 370 x D 370
                                  1.7kW Burner                                    2                        2                     Hose Type                                            Clear Stretch – 3.6 Metre Stretch – Crush Proof

                                  1.0kW Burner                                    1                        1                     Wands                                                       Telescopic Stainless Steel Tube
                                  Cast Iron Pan supports                         Matt                    Gloss                   Hose Swivel                                                               360°
                                  Cast Iron Wok ring                              •                        •                     Maximum Tool Reach                              5m (17ft) (using Hose, Telescoping Wand, Turbine Nozzle)
                                  Sit on Griddle Plate                            •                        •                     Power Cord Length                                                      8m (24ft)
                                  WARMING CAVITY                                                                                 Motor Rating                                                           2000 watts
                                  Temperature Controlled                          •                        •                     Max Airpower                                                          293 air watts
                                  GRILL CAVITY                                                                                   Max Noise Level                                                          74dBA
                                  Electric Dual Circuit                           •                        •                     HEPA Replacement Bag pack (2 bags & 1 filter)                    Part No. 6239111001s
                                  Grill Pan & Trivet                              •                        •
                                  Depth (mm)                                     490                      490
                                                                                                                                 Model                                              Agility deep carpet & upholstery cleaner

                                  MULTI FUNCTION OVEN CAVITY
                                                                                                                                 Model Number                                                          F6212901
                                  Size, litres                                    62                       62
                                                                                                                                 Weight (kg)                                                              10.24
                                  Energy Rating                                   B                        B
                                                                                                                                 Dimensions (Total Extended) (mm)                                H 1095 x W 300 x D 460
                                  No of Functions                                 7                        7
                                                                                                                                 Solution Tank Capacity                                                  4 Litres

                                  Defrost                                         •                        •
                                                                                                                                 Cord Length                                                            8.0 metres
                                  Fan Oven                                        •                        •
                                                                                                                                 Hose Stretch                                                           2.6 metres
                                  Fan Assisted                                    •                        •
                                                                                                                                 Coverage                                                          9.29 square metres
                                  Fanned Grilling                                 •                        •
                                                                                                                                 Motor Rating                                                          1200 Watts
                                  Conventional Oven                               •                        •
                                                                                                                                 Advanced Formula Solution – 1 Litre                              Part No. FCAGADV1L
                                  Browning Element                                •                        •
                                  Base Heat Only                                  •                        •
                                  No of Shelves                                   2                        2
                                                                                                                                 Model                                                   Floor2Floor – hard floor cleaner
                                  Shelf Positions                                 6                        6
                                                                                                                                 Model Number                                                          H3030001
                                                                                                                                 Weight                                                                   7.6kg
                                  CONVENTIONAL OVEN CAVITY
                                                                                                                                 Dimensions (Total Extended) (mm)                                 H 1100 x W 350 x D 350
                                  Size, litres                                    67                       67

                                                                                                                                 Solution Tank Capacity                                     900ml Measuring Cap = 30/60ml
                                  Energy Rating                                   A                        A
                                                                                                                                 Cord Length                                                            8.0 metres
                                  No of Shelves                                   2                        2
                                                                                                                                 Noise Level                                                         81 dBa nominal
                                  Shelf Positions                                 4                        4
                                                                                                                                 Coverage (based on single pass, 0.2 m /s)                         17.2 square metres
                                  Roasting Tin                                    •                        •
                                                                                                                                 Motor Rating                                                           700 Watts
                                  A Height (mm)                                  900                      900

                                                                                                                                 Hard Floor Cleaning Solution - 500ml                                 FCF2FHFC05

                                  B Width (mm)                                   1096                     1096
                                                                                                                                 Grout Cleaning Solution - 500ml                                      FCF2FGCS05
                                  C Depth (mm)                                   595                      595
                                                                                                                                 Filter                                                                 59178287

                                  Models                                                      Hoods
                                  Model Numbers                             SOV120HD                  SOV120HDB
                                  Colour                                    Stainless Steel              Black
                                  Speed                                           3                        3

                                  Noise dB(A)                                  50 – 68                   50 – 68
                                  No of Filters                                   4                        4
                                  Lights                                          2                        2
                                  EXTRACTION METHOD
                                  Recirculation                                   •                        •
                                  External Venting                                •                        •
                                  A Height (mm)                                  1200                     1200

                                  Width (mm)                                     1198                     1198
                                  C Depth (mm)                                   490                      490
                                  B Chimney Width (mm)                           275                      275
                                  Chimney Depth (mm)                             150                      150

                Installation guidelines
                A space of at least 650mm must be left between the top of the pan support to the                                 We at Maytag are constantly working to make our products better. We therefore
                underneath of the hood. The range cooker must be installed at least 130mm from a                                 reserve the right to change designs or specifications without any notice. E&OE.
                side wall, in order to allow the oven doors to be opened.







  44                                                               595mm

                                     RANGE COOKER                                                                             SATELLITE                             AGILITY                                 FLOOR2FLOOR
                                                                                                                                  HERITAGE &
Maytag’s heritage
Frederick Louis Maytag grasped the notion of the American Dream long before he built his first

kitchen appliance. In the late 19th century, as a 16-year-old field hand, he saw an opportunity to

create safe, labour-saving tools to do the work traditionally done by hand. By 1893 he had joined

forces with his two brothers-in-law and George W. Parsons, opening their first factory in Newton,

Iowa and going on to produce, not only the best farm implements in America, but also the world’s

premier home appliances. Throughout the 20th century the company was at the forefront of many

industry-wide debuts, the first being the revolutionary ‘Pastime’ wooden tub washer, followed

shortly by the introduction of the electrically powered washer. Maytag even produced the breathing

equipment for the 1963 Mount Everest expedition. Now, more than 100 years after its humble

beginnings, Maytag still spearheads the development of laundry, dishwashing, refrigeration and

floor care categories worldwide and is renowned for combining time-honoured craftsmanship with

modern technology and contemporary styling...unfailingly serving its customers by meeting their

expectations for long-lasting and dependable products.

The photography in this brochure was shot on location in the Johnson & Johnson Showroom, Trafford Park,
Manchester. We would like to thank Neville Johnson and his team for all their help and co-operation.

                           SERVICE            &   WARRANTY

                           The Maytag brand stands for exceptional quality...from the innovative designs on the drawing board,

                           through the choice of only the finest materials, to assembly by craftsmen who take a genuine pride

                           in their work. But this attention to detail doesn’t end the day you make your purchase. Maytag

                           appliances are delivered by experienced technicians whose job it is to ensure your product arrives

                           in first class condition...and in perfect working order. That’s why all Maytag Laundry, Dishwashing

                           and Refrigeration products enjoy a full 2-year parts and labour warranty. In the unlikely event that

                           a Maytag Range Cooker needs attention, it is covered by a full 1-year parts and labour warranty.
Maytag UK, 2 St. Anne’s Boulevard,
Foxboro Business, Park Redhill, Surrey. RH1 1AX

T E L 01737 231 000 F A X 01737 778 822


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