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AFP moves toward the future


AFP moves toward the future

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Page 18 / Platypus Magazine / Edition 103 / October 2009
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AFP moves toward the future
     The AFP’s first office was a clutch of rooms in downtown Canberra. Thirty
     years later, it is preparing to move to a customised headquarters building in the
     Parliamentary Triangle.
     In 1979, the AFP’s first                  As part of the refurbishment and        and now has new carpets, ceilings
     headquarters was a small                 fit-out, the AFP is committed to         and bathrooms on all floors. New
     suite of rooms in the National           achieving a high environmental          electrical, plumbing, heating and
     Mutual building in London                rating in the building.                 cooling, and fire and emergency
     Circuit, Canberra. In 1983, the                                                  systems have also been installed.
                                              Environmental features in the EBB
     AFP relocated to NRMA House
                                              will include a 280 kilolitre tank       The AFP portfolios to be housed in
     on Northbourne Avenue and,
                                              to harvest rain-water for use in        EBB are currently located across
     around three years later, moved
                                              toilets and landscape watering,         the ACT. Housing its headquarters
     to its current headquarters at 68
                                              improved access to natural light,       function in a single building
     Northbourne Avenue.
                                              high performance double glazing         will achieve business and cost
     The Edmund Barton Building (EBB)         on all windows and chilled beam         efficiencies through centralisation
     in Canberra’s Parliamentary precinct     environmental air conditioning.         of national leadership, operational
     has been selected as the new site        Another feature will be the use         strategy, management and
     for the AFP’s national headquarters.     of energy-efficient T5 fluorescent         enabling functions.
     During 2010, around 2000 staff            lighting with movement detectors
                                                                                      After such a humble beginning
     will relocate to the building.           that will switch lights off when
                                                                                      30 years ago, the AFP is now
                                              offices are unattended.
     After touring the building recently,                                             looking forward to bringing its core
     Chief Operating Officer Andrew             The EBB is on the Commonwealth          business areas together under
     Wood said the AFP’s new home             Heritage List because it exhibits       one roof.
     would allow the AFP to more              various heritage criteria including
     efficiently deliver its charter, as        its rare and unusual features.
     well as providing a better working       It has aesthetic appeal and is
     environment for its staff.                associated with significant people
                                              such as its architect, Harry Seidler,
     “This building fulfils all of the AFP’s
                                              and Australia’s first Prime Minister,
     requirements,” Mr Wood said.
                                              Sir Edmund Barton.
     “It is large enough to house our
                                              The AFP is working to uphold the
     headquarters operational functions
                                              heritage values of the site. The
     and support staff, and is very
                                              development of a café in one of the
     close to Parliament and other
                                              courtyards will realise Mr Seidler’s
     government departments.
                                              original intention for the courtyard
     “The relocation will bring about         area by encouraging greater
     positive change for the AFP and          use of it.
     its staff. We will be able to perform
                                               The building has been refurbished
     our work more effectively and staff
                                              in line with the Property Council of
     will have access to facilities such as
                                              Australia’s A-Grade office standard,
     break-out areas.”
                                              which means the building has

     The EBB is a heritage-listed building    floor plates greater than 900
     with five levels above ground, sub-       square metres, is well located, has
     basement office space and over             basement parking, good views
     300 car spaces. Approximately            and high quality finishes and
     40,000 square metres of office             building services. As part of the       01: The Edmund Barton Building
     space are contained within the           refurbishment the building was          02: Chief Operating Officer
     building which was built in the          stripped back to its concrete base      Andrew Wood

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