North Square Neighborhood Association Meeting notes August 9_ 2007

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					     North Square Neighborhood Association Meeting notes
                       August 9, 2007

President: Connie Zeigler
Vice-President: David Moore
Secretary/Treasurer: Katherine Hall

It was also decided that Vice-Presidents will rise to the office of
President following their term as Vice-President.
 Office terms are one year.

Association Name:
The group unanimously voted to name the group The North Square
Neighborhood Association (NSNA).

Meeting Locations and Dates:
Meetings will occur on the second Thursday of each calendar month
at 7pm.
The next meeting (9/13/07) will be held at Katherine and Drew's
home (1045 Elm). Thereafter, we will rotate amongst member homes.
There will be a sign up sheet at the next meeting for this purpose.

Crime Follow-Up (from last meeting):
To keep up-to-date on current crime....
Under the Public Services drop-down menu, select Incident Reports
This website is maintained by Crimestoppers of Central Indiana. You
can view information about wanted criminals and you can also submit
a tip or a new case. The group began in 1985. Through September
2005, tips to Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana have led to the arrest
of 2,700 felony suspects and the recovery of over 3 million dollars in

Neighborhood Watch:
Signs are being ordered. Thanks to Andrea for completing this task!
Thanks to our Street Captains.... David (H and Elm - Carolyn
We are still in need of a Street Captain on Lexington. Are YOU
interested! Of course you are!

Indy Star Blog on abandoned homes
Connie has submitted four homes on the abandonded home blog.
Procedures for submitting new homes:
1. Take a digital photo of the home or ask Connie - she has offered to
take photos if you email her the address
2. Submit to

Tree Planting with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB)
**KIB is moving in to the Roger Popp building at the corner of
Fletcher and Shelby

At the next meeting there will be a sign-up sheet for volunteers to
organize a Tree Planting Committee in hopes that we will be awarded
a tree grant through KIB. The Committee will map out a planting plan
for trees (where and what type of tree) and submit an application to
The tree grant will increase our property value which will eventually
lead to a decrease in crime.

Nancy Cloe - Guest Speaker from (

The difference between an abandoned home and a vacant home can
be summed up by this question: Is the house costing the city money?
If the owner is at least one year behind on taxes, if the owner is not
attending to fines or requests, if there is criminal activity or if the
owner is ignoring the health department or Nancy then the home is
"abandoned" and immediate action can be taken. If the home is
secure and there are no delinquent taxes, etc...the house is 'vacant.'
Nancy inspected four homes on Hosbrook: 1037, 1048, 1050, 1064.

1037 Hosbrook:
This house is considered ABANDONED.
The property has been owned by Harriett Chaney since 2001. She
just married Charles Price (another local property owner??) and now
lives in a large home in Lawrence. This property is one year behind in
taxes. There are multiple citations. Demolition on the garage has
been set. The home itself is considered a nuisance (but not
structurally unsound). There has been activity within the
house. Nancy will take care of boarding up the front and back porch
and requesting weed removal so that we can better monitor activity
on the property.
There have been five police runs at this house this year: two
investigations, two complaints about activity within the house, and
one arson.

Nancy will be at court on AUGUST 22nd (3838 North Rural, Marion
County Health Department) to address this house. Please check your
calendars to see if you can attend. More information will be coming
when it is available! The more members that are in attendance, the
bigger the chance that action will be taken!

1048 Hosbrook:
This house is considered VACANT.
Owned by RKM Investments @ 600 Banta Road, 46219
There is a dumpster and new appliances are in the building - looks
like they are slowly working on the property. However, the house is
unsecure and there is at least one broken window. There have been
no police runs on this property.

1050 Hosbrook:
This house is considered VACANT.
Also owned by RKM Investments.
This house appears secure but there is also suspicion of homeless
people sleeping in it. There is a trash order and repair order on the
property. There has not been a hearing...Nancy has requested a
hearing. There have been no police runs on this property.

1064 Hosbrook:
This house is considered VACANT.
Owned by Michael Hammonds since 2005. He lives on Linden. There
are repair orders on both properties. This means he is considered a
blight owner. Property is unsecure....but recently there are been
boards put over windows.
Tips from Nancy:
If you see a broken window, etc...DO NOT fix it! We need to
be 'bad' neighbors if we want to be able to take action against these
Report these to the Mayor's Action Center at 327-4622. Write down
the complaint confirmation number and follow-up! If you don't see
progress, call or email Nancy so that she can follow-up!

Send concerned addresses to Nancy via Connie Z.

More Comments from Nancy:
Nancy is going to see if she can get a Mayor Liaison to attend our
next meeting.

If a property is more than a year behind on taxes it may go to a tax
sale. The Department of Metropolitan Development can sell to
individuals they deem to be financially responsible. There's a website
to show what land is available.

There is a website that tells you the owner of a vacant piece of land.
Someone said the website was This website did not work
for me. I have sent an email to Nancy to see if she can give us the
correct address.

Nancy will request an enforcement sweep. She needs approval by
the IPD. A sweep would include every law enforcement agency. They
would research every house on the map....walk to every
person they see...knock on doors, etc. We would not know ahead of
time when the sweep was occurring.

In Attendance:
Tori Calvert, Katherine Hall, Drew Reed, Dave Ridge, Deanne Roth,
Tim Harmon, Karl Mueller, Nicci Herren, Bernice Corley, David
Moore, Loua Kelly, Carolyn Key, Connie Zeigler