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					                                              House Wish List (updated 20 November 2006)

Room/area             Description of construction work                                      Décor/Notes
Open questions        If cook top is on island, how to vent?
                      How will kitchen be heated? All walls will have cabinets.             Toe-kick heaters and/or electric radiant mats
                      What about porch in front?                                            See photo from Flock Lane.
                      Greenhouse-type kitchen window or regular?                            Probably regular with granite countertop extending as
                                                                                            sill (see photo)
                      Can front of upstairs bathroom be pushed out a foot or 2 to           Probably not feasible, but see photo.
                      allow for a wider bathtub?

New entry way         Create new front entry using front part of garage & cut entry
                      into kitchen/living room per plan
                      New front door (sidelights?); Solar-powered lighting outside          Mirror, places for shoes, briefcase, jewelry
                      Coat closet (with rod & overhead shelf) for guests, storage           Place for mail-sorting, shredder, and storage for
                      closet (with some shelves) for me. Closets will have sliding doors.   newspaper & magazine recycling (see photo of pull-put
                                                                                            shredder & recycling bin)
                      Heating – electric radiant floor or traditional baseboard?
                      Finish floor, drywall & paint walls
                      Some kind of hanging light fixture near door, task lighting on
                      back wall, light in closets

Kitchen:              Close off old front door
(see details below)   New layout – new cabinets (all or most to ceiling), countertops       One or 2 upper cabinets with glass doors. All lower
                      and backsplash                                                        cabinets (except sink) will be drawers and pull-outs.
                                                                                            Cabinet on top of fridge should be 24” deep.
                      Under-cabinet lighting & electrical strips                            Well-hidden, as in photo
                      Where to put microwave and oven? Warming drawer that can be           Pull-out cutting board under microwave to provide landing
                      used as an oven?                                                      area for stuff coming out?
                      Large under mounted single bowl sink with garbage disposal &          Possibles: instant hot water, tapmaster
                      pull-out faucet & integrated detergent dispenser (under new
                      window)                                                               Also consider extending granite to bottom of window
                                                                                            instead of a sill.
                      Pull-out garbage & recycling (possible foot-pedal door opener)        Next to sink
                      New island – possibly with (induction?) cook top. Bookshelves for     Will serve as prep area, cooking area (?), & seating for 3-
                      cookbooks, storage drawers for pots & pans, maybe wine rack?          5.
Room/area         Description of construction work                                    Décor/Notes
                  Pendant lights above island, controlled by dimmer                   Light should be somewhat diffused
                  New floor that is durable and comfortable underfoot                 Also that is easy to clean & doesn’t show dirt
                  New appliances                                                      Dishwasher next to sink. If cook top is not on island,
                                                                                      then Maytag Gemini range with warming oven.
                  New flat ceiling with pot lights controlled by dimmers & remote-    Bulletin board for photos, notes (get the junk off the
                  controlled ceiling fan                                              refrigerator!)
                  Paint walls & ceiling
                  Phone jack, cable jack
                  New ceiling fan with light fixture

Living room       Floor – replace with wood or laminate.
                  Built-in shelving for books & stereo?                               Create reading area (low window seat?) at back window
                  Replace baseboard heaters, preferably with thinner ones
                  Remove wall at bottom of stairway
                  Replace ceiling fan (remote control)
                  Paint walls

Downstairs hall   Replace ceiling and light fixture
                  New shelving in closet under stairs -- pantry configuration         ? Replace current shelves with pullouts?
                  Seal existing pantries
                  Paint walls & ceiling
                  New floor (continuation of kitchen floor?) including under stairs

Downstairs bath   Possible replace window                                             Low priority, but might do so that all windows on front of
Low priority                                                                          house are new.
                  Possible replace floor                                              Low priority but might do if not too costly
                  Possible replace countertop                                         Low priority but might do if not too costly

Guest room        Repair leaks and paint walls                                        Turn into office with secondary use as guest room
                  Add bookshelves                                                     Move some living room furniture in (file cabinet, table,
                                                                                      sorter, computer & computer desk) – possibly also cable
                                                                                      modem & connections
                  Seal & fix up the closet or convert to another kind of storage
                  New ceiling fan w/light fixture                                     Better lighting
                  Consider new flooring (low priority)
Room/area          Description of construction work                                     Décor/Notes
Storage/Laundry    New window in front (low priority)
                   Remove closet – replace with shelf unit on left side                 Rationalize storage of Mystery News back issues
                   Consider new flooring (low priority)
                   Make sure this room is sealed

Stairway area      Replace paneling with drywall and paint in a light airy color
                   Open staircase to living room at bottom
                   Close off door to outside
                   Remove wall between bottom of stairway and living room – as per
                   plan, add support column and half-wall
                   Repair ceiling and wall – replace lighting fixtures at bottom and
                   top of stairway
                   Remove carpeting – replace with wood/laminate

Upstairs hallway   New floor covering                                                   Check into access to attic/crawl space for storage
                   Replace whole house fan
                   Paint walls & ceiling
                   Possible add hall light

Master bedroom     Knock down wall between book room and master bedroom
                   Upgrade air conditioner (remote control)                             Move existing A/C unit to another room?
                   Build bookshelves in indentation? (low priority)
                   Add a ceiling fan/light fixture with a remote control
                   New floor – wood or laminate
                   Cathedral ceiling with skylights in back per plan
                   New front window with window seat with built-in bookcases            Create an area for a small refrigerator and coffee
                   surrounding it. Possible inglenook-type design, like photo           machine near the reading area
                   Build new closet per plan                                            No doors – some kind of drapery instead

Upstairs           Expand width of bathroom to allow a longer deeper tub & more         Consider storage niche under tub seating (see photo)
bathroom           storage
                   Replace window
                   Gut current bathroom and replace tile, toilet, sink, floor (tile),   Consider electric floor heating (with programmable
                   Pocket door for more wall space
Room/area        Description of construction work                                    Décor/Notes
                 New light fixtures (sconces on sides of sink, reading light above   Book/magazine rack or shelf
                 Tiled niche/s in shower
                 Toilet and vanity to be at “comfort” height
                 New quiet fan, preferably 1 sone or less and with humidity          (i.e. doesn’t turn on or off with light, but when and only
                 sensor. Otherwise, need a timer for the fan so that it will shut    when humidity is too high, shutting off when it’s back to
                 off minutes later                                                   acceptable levels)
                 Grab bar for tub                                                    Curved shower rod

Play room        Ceiling fan
Low priority     Paint walls
                 New floor?

Closet room      Paint walls
Low priority     New floor?
                 Replace window
                 Seal closet

Infrastructure   Rebalance electrical system
                 Fix leaks, repair leak damage
                 Baseboard heaters - any alternatives?
                 Smoke and CO2 detectors as required
                 Insulation as needed to control heating costs

Exterior         New shingles
                 New roof
                 New gutters – self-cleaning
                 Repair & redo side and backyard lighting & ceiling over deck
                 Bring in exterminators to check for unwelcome visitors in the
                 garage & overhang rafters

Garage (back)    Increase usability of loft storage (built-in ladder?)               Install racks for storage (must fit plastic bins)
                 Hose faucets at back & front
                 Improved lighting (low priority)
Kitchen Details

Category                  Manufacturer   Model/details   Budget
Under-counter lighting
Other lighting
Ceiling fan
- Oven
- Cooktop
- Ventilation
- Microwave
- Refrigerator
- Garbage Disposal
- Instant Hot

Master Bathroom Details

Category                  Manufacturer   Model/details   Budget

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