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									                                          ISO 27001 standard compliance service

                  24/7                  Whether it is to prepare your organization for an ISO
                                        certification, an audit or simply to better implement the best
                Audits                  practices held in these standards, the Above Security
                                        compliance consultants will guide you through the
            Gap management
                                        necessary steps of the implementation.
          Operational Audit

      Management Framework              What is ISO 27001?
                                        The ISO-27001 standard was created to manage the development and the
Above Security considers that there     setting-up of an Information Security Systems Management program. In this
  are 5 levels of information risk      case, the term “information” covers information under all its forms, electronic
       management needs.                or physical. The ISO 27001/2005 standard specifies conditions to establish,
                                        implement, set up, manage, review, maintain and improve the documented
  Managed Security Services are at      management of the information security systems in a global context of
    the 2 level of this pyramid.        business risks for the organization. This standard was created, like the ISO-
                                        9001 (Quality) and 14001 (Environment), to allow the business certification as
                                        part of an ongoing improvement process.

                                        Why proceed to an ISO-27001 certification?
                                        There are many reasons to initiate a ISO-27001 process. The most important
                                        ones are based on the increasing regulation and the business risks
                                        management factors.

                                        On one hand, throughout the world, the regulation requiring the businesses
                                        transparency and responsibility awareness is constantly progressing.
                                        Generally, we observe a strong tendency towards the increase of the
                                        executives and administrators individual responsibility.
                                        On the other hand, the management of the risks related to information and
                                        their impact on the businesses reputation are becoming more and more

                                        The initiative towards a support service for the ISO 27001 compliance allows
                                        the business to address its concerns in terms of information security and
                                        compliance to international requirements while showing an organizational
                                        maturity and a real objective of continuous improvement. This initiative
                                        relieves administrators and allows executive members to make sure the
                                        situation is managed in accordance with the international applicable

                                        What methodology is used?
                                        The support service process for the ISO 27001 standard compliance consists
                                        in determining how the information and the systems associated are protected,
                                        in assessing the processes and policies in place and in diagnosing with a
                                        maturity grid the business situation.

Peace of mind… for the last 10 years!
  ISO 27001 standard compliance service

The security audit will be first performed on the existing documentation
regarding the design and implementation of the information security
management system. In fact, the auditor gathers all information and meets
the appropriate external professionals. In the course of these meetings, the
auditor, with the help of proprietary tools, gathers information on each of the
clauses of the standard ISO 27001:2005 as well as on the 133 ISO
27002:2005 control standard – Best practices guide for the information
security management supported.

Control points
The five ISO 27001 clauses and the eleven ISO 27002 control points are
defined briefly below. For most of these clauses and control points, we first
use questionnaires and forms to be filled by the client as well as meeting
reports with the client's key personnel in order to better understand the actual

The ISO 27001 : 2005 control criteria that will be assessed is:
1. Information Security Management System (ISMS)
2. Management Responsibility
3. ISMS Internal Audit
4. ISMS Management Review
5. ISMS Improvement

The ISO 27002 : 2005 control criteria that will be assessed is:
1. Risks management
2. Security policies
3. Organizational security
4. Assets classification and control
5. Human resources security
6. Physical and environmental security
7. Communications and operations management
8. Access control
9. Information system development and maintenance
10. Information security incidents management
11. Business continuity management
12. Compliance

                                                                                   Peace of mind… for the last 10 years!
  ISO 27001 standard compliance service

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