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                                                                                           Cooperative, Inc.

                                                                                           JULY 2008

                                                                                      Important informa-
                                                                                      tion about what
                                                                                      you should do to
                                                                                      prepare for a hurri-
                                                                                      cane...pages 4-9

                                                                                      Is your surge pro-
                                                                                      tection equipment
                                                                                      still providing pro-
                                                                                      tection? 2

                                                                                      If you receive
                                                                                      power from an
                                                                                      alternative energy
                                                                                      source, please let
                                                                                      us 2

  Clay Electric’s four Youth Tour participants pose for a photo on the steps of       We need a respon-
  Congress during their visit to Washington, D.C. (l-r) Clint Williams, Drew Bur-
  gett, Lauren Moore and Arielle Claude.                      Photo by John Bennett
                                                                                      sible and reason-
  Teens enjoy their trip to Washington, D.C.                                          able energy policy
                                                                                      for 3
  C    lay Electric’s four Youth Tour to Washington contest winners
       enjoyed an activity-filled five days visiting the nation’s Capitol
  last month. Lauren Moore, Drew Burgett, Clint Williams and Ari-
  elle Claude left Jacksonville International Airport the morning of
  Saturday, June 14, accompanied by their chaperones, Clay Electric’s
  John Bennett and his wife, Shella.                              Continued
   The group arrived in Washington, D. C. around 11 a.m. on page 10

JULY 2008                                                                                        KILOWATT/1
                                                                                   JULY 2008
                                                                             VOLUME 39    NUMBER 3
                                                                          KILOWATT is published four times a year (in
BEELER PROMOT-                                                            January, March, July and October) by Clay
ED...Paul Waters,                                                         Electric Cooperative, Inc., Highway 100 West,
                                                                          Keystone Heights, Florida, as an informational
director of the District                                                  and educational service to its member-owners.
                                                                          SUBSCRIPTION RATE: $1 a year, to Clay Elec-
Operations Depart-                                                        tric members. Periodicals class postage paid at
ment, retired on June                                                     Keystone Heights, Fla. and at additional mailing
                                                                          offices. USPS 783-900; ISSN 1087-4747.
27 with 25 years of ser-
                                                                                   BOARD OF TRUSTEES
vice. Replacing Waters        Waters       Thompson        Beeler              Meets July 31 in Keystone Heights
is Bill Thompson, who                                                                     at 12:30 p.m.
previously served as manager of the co-op’s Salt Springs/ Palatka         Angus Hastings–President
districts. Jim Beeler replaces Thompson as the manager of the Salt         Fort McCoy–District 9
Springs/Palatka districts. Beeler previously served as line supervi-      Floyd Gnann–Vice President
                                                                           Middleburg–District 6
sor in the Salt Springs District. “While Paul Waters will be missed       Kelley Smith–Secretary
very much as director of District Operations, Bill Thompson                Palatka–District 2
                                                                          Laura Dean–Treasurer
brings a wealth of experience and knowledge into this position,”           Keystone Heights–District 1
said General Manager/CEO Bill Phillips. “Jim Beeler brings much           Susan Reeves–Trustee
                                                                           Hawthorne–District 3
of the same in his promotion to district manager. Both long-time          Tommy Malphurs - Trustee
employees will do an excellent job for our members and employ-             Alachua–District 4
                                                                          Robert Mullins - Trustee
ees. Clay Electric is blessed to have employees of this caliber to fill     Starke - District 5
positions as they come open.”                                             John Henry Whitehead - Trustee
                                                                           Lake Butler - District 7
MAKE SURE SURGE PROTECTION EQUIPMENT IS                                   Cedrick Smith - Trustee
CONNECTED...Since 1993 Clay Electric has offered surge pro-                Micanopy - District 8
tection equipment to its members. Co-op personnel have noticed            Bill Phillips–General Manager & CEO
an alarming number of incidences where the surge protection               Henry Barrow–Director
                                                                           Member & Public Relations
equipment has been disconnected. This may have occurred dur-              Herman Dyal–Director
ing the installation of new TVs, entertainment equipment, new              Engineering
computers or associated equipment in your home. All electrical,           Chip Gray–Director
                                                                           Human Resources
coaxial and telephone wires that are connected to any equipment           Mark Maxwell–Director
should be routed through a surge arrester for optimum protec-              Finance & Administrative Services
                                                                          Bruce McHollan–Director
tion, otherwise your system is unprotected and vulnerable to              Information & Communication Technology
damage. Please verify that your surge protection equipment is             Ricky Davis–Director
connected properly to ensure you’re getting the protection you             Operations
                                                                          Bill Thompson–Director
desire.                                                                    District Operations
IF YOU RECEIVE POWER FROM AN ALTERNATIVE                                            DISTRICT MANAGERS
ENERGY SOURCE, PLEASE NOTIFY CEC...The state                              Howard Mott–Gainesville & Lake City
                                                                          Tommy Tomlinson–Keystone Heights
requires that Clay Electric keep track of the amount of electric-         Kerry Page–Orange Park
ity received via customer-owned alternative energy sources.               Jim Beeler–Palatka & Salt Springs
At present, the co-op has seven members who own renewable                       COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION
(solar) systems that generate electricity for their homes. These          L. E. Horne - Manager of Communications
systems supply electricity (up to their rated capacity) for home
                                                                                   Wayne T. Mattox - Editor
use and any excess electricity generated is returned to Clay’s           
distribution system. The co-op records, through a special meter,
the amount of electricity the member receives from the co-op                   PUBLISHING, EDITORIAL AND
                                                                                  ADVERTISING OFFICES
and the amount of electricity returned to the co-op’s system. The
                                                                          CLAY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC.
state wants Clay to record the amount of electricity it receives          P.O. Box 308, Keystone Heights, Florida
via customer-owned alternative energy sources. If you own one             32656 Telephone (352) 473-8000
                                                                          POSTMASTER: In using Form 3579, please give
of these systems and haven’t signed an Interconnect Agreement             key letter and mail to KILOWATT, P.O. Box 308,
with Clay Electric it’s your responsibility to do so. Please contact      Keystone Heights, FL 32656.
Clay Electric’s Energy Services Division to initiate an Intercon-
nect Agreement.
2/KILOWATT                                                                                                    JULY 2008
The General Manager’s Report
   Bill Phillips
We need a responsible and reasonable
energy policy for Florida

S   ky high energy costs are
    impacting all of us in one
way or another. Rising electric-
                                     It’s difficult to predict how
                                    much public support these
                                    energy priorities might re-
ity bills, canceled vacations due   ceive because there has been
to high gas prices and higher       so much misinformation and          tion that employs a variety of
priced groceries are just a few     misunderstanding regarding the      fuels - coal, natural gas and nu-
of the problems caused by high      realities of energy generation in   clear, for example. An additional
energy prices. Understandably,      our state. What is clear is that    amount of electricity could be
members of the Legislature are      current policies have energy        provided by renewable sources
hearing from their constituents     prices going through the roof.      like solar and wind facilities and
about this energy crisis. Folks     A change in course is evident       biomass generators.
want solutions before high en-      in order to keep gasoline and        Believing that renewable
ergy prices eat up their budgets    electricity available and afford-   energy sources can be somehow
and cripple Florida’s economy.      able, while also looking out for    “ramped up” to replace present
 In recent correspondence           the environment.                    forms of base load generation
with a state legislator, I shared    In summary, I believe the key      on a large scale is a departure
some “Energy Priorities” which      to meeting this state’s grow-       from reality. Energy sources
I thought should be key to a re-    ing demand for electricity is       like solar and wind will have a
sponsible and reasonable energy     through the use of a diversified    role in the state’s energy future.
policy for our state (see below).   portfolio of electricity genera-    However, unless these technolo-
                                                                        gies experience breakthroughs
 Energy Priorities for the State of Florida                             in efficiency (for example, in the
  • Encourage utilities to use a variety of generation fuels, includ-   ability to store energy for use
 ing clean coal, nuclear, natural gas and renewable energy op-          when the sun isn’t shining or the
 tions, while requiring the reduction of emissions levels.              wind isn’t blowing), and their
   •Adopt policies that spur the development of renewable energy        high prices come down, they’ll
 sources.                                                               remain a small player for quite
   •Avoid establishing a generation portfolio standard that forces      some time in our state.
 utilities to use energy sources that aren’t cost effective.             The growing demand for
  • Encourage the building of nuclear generation facilities by          electricity can be tempered
 reducing red tape and bureaucratic roadblocks.                         somewhat through conservation
   • Encourage the development of offshore energy sources, to in-       and energy efficiency efforts. It’s
 crease the domestic supplies of energy and reduce the state’s and      reasonable to encourage folks to
 the nation’s dependence on imported oil and natural gas.               use the electricity they pay for in
   • Expand efforts to encourage the residential use of energy ef-      a wise manner. It’s also wise to
 ficiency devices through rebates and tax credits.                      encourage the use of renewable
   • Require “retail electric rate impact studies” to accompany all     energy when it’s economically
 proposed state energy legislation. No energy legislation should        feasible. However, no amount
 be considered without knowing its potential economic impact on         of conservation or curtailment
 the citizens of this state.
                                                                        of usage will change the fact
   • Encourage the state’s Congressional delegation to increase
                                                                        that additional generation will
 federal funding for renewable energy technologies which will
                                                                        be needed in the near future to
 benefit our state, and increase federal funding for the develop-
                                                                        meet our increasing demand for
 ment of carbon capture and sequestration projects within our

JULY 2008                                                                                    KILOWATT/3
                                                                Clay Electric Co-op offers this information in hope
                                                               that it will help you protect your loved ones and
                                                              property when a hurricane threatens our region.

                          until the last minute to begin preparations. Stock up on needed items at the be-
 DON’T WAIT...            ginning of the hurricane season and take necessary steps to protect your family
                          and home when the first watches are issued.
                                                                             “Failure to prepare for a hur-
                                                                             ricane could be the difference be-
                                                                             tween life and death. Ultimately,
                                                                             if individuals don’t create their
Things to consider before the storm hits                                     own hurricane plan, this is all
         A Hurricane Alert is announced when a hurricane poses a             for naught. We live in paradise,
         possible threat to an area. If the hurricane is believed to be      and that is the price we pay.”
         an appreciable threat, the area is put on a Hurricane Watch.            - Former Florida Gov.
         Tune to your local news station for further advisories. Safety      Jeb Bush, speaking at the
precautions should be started if an Alert is announced.                      2005 Governor’s Hurricane
   A Hurricane Warning is issued when it is expected an area will be         Conference in Tampa.
hit by a hurricane. At this time, all safety precautions should be taken.
If you live in a low-lying area prone to flooding, be ready to evacuate
early. Pre-storm rains and flooding may cut you off if you don’t move
soon enough.                                                               Hurricane Checklist...
 If you are asked to evacuate, do so as quickly as possible. Bring
necessary medications and such children’s needs as diapers and baby         • Battery-powered radio
food. Also bring blankets and pillows. Understand that most shelters        • Extra batteries
do not allow pets.                                                          • Flashlights
 Stay away from beaches or other low areas which may be flooded             • Extra flashlight bulbs
by high tides. Haul boats out of water and tie down or strongly moor        • Lantern
                                                                            • Fuel
 Mobile homes are particularly vulnerable to winds of hurricane
                                                                            • Matches
force. You should move to safe shelter when a hurricane warning is
given. You may secure all outdoor objects and awnings over doors            • First aid kit
and windows, and tape or board windows and doors. Do not stay in            • Bleach
your mobile home during a hurricane.                                        • Plywood to cover windows
 Stay at home if your house is safe from high water and flash               • Emergency cooking supplies
flooding. Bring in everything that could blow away – garbage cans,          • Manual can opener
garden tools, furniture and plants. Remove limbs from trees that could      • Pantry well stocked with
damage your house or utility wires. When you’re taking down limbs                 canned goods, drinking
or antennas, keep in mind that even the slightest contact with a power            water, baby food, etc.
line can cause a fatal electrical shock.
                                                                            • Extra medicine
 Turn your refrigerator and freezer to colder settings. Open only
                                                                            • Extra ice in freezer
when absolutely necessary and close quickly. If used carefully, a good
refrigerator/freezer can maintain food-preserving temperatures up to        • Tub filled with water
two days without electricity. Fill empty spaces with frozen plastic jugs    • Full tank of gas in vehicle
of clean water.                                                             • Important papers in a water-
 Prepare your emergency water supply. Sterilize the bath tub and                  proof and portable container
other jugs, bottles, pots and other containers. Scrub thoroughly, let dry   • Pets protected or inside
and fill with water. Boil this water before drinking.                       • Loose outside objects stored
 Secure garage doors, shutters, awnings and brace sliding glass                   or secured
doors and French doors. Board windows securely with plywood.                • TV antenna taken down

4/KILOWATT                                                                                               JULY 2008
Things to consider during the storm                                      Restoring your
           Stay indoors. Don’t go out at all, except in emergencies.     power after the
           Stay tuned to your local news station for up-to-the-
           minute advisories and remain indoors or in a shelter until
                                                                         storm - a look at
           the all clear announcement is given. Use your phone for       the restoration
emergencies only.                                                        process
   If the electricity goes out, use flashlights instead of candles or
kerosene lamps when possible. And be careful with cooking flames.
A gust of wind through a door or window could start a fire and the
fire department may not be readily available during the hurricane.
                                                                         I  f a hurricane should cause
                                                                            widespread power outages
                                                                         in Clay Electric’s 14-county
   If the eye of the hurricane passes directly over your area, skies     service area, co-op personnel
may clear and there may be a lull in the wind that lasts a few min-      will be involved in the power
utes or a half hour. Remain in a safe place. If absolutely necessary,    restoration process even be-
make emergency repairs quickly. Be careful, the wind will return         fore the storm leaves the area.
from the opposite direction suddenly and maybe with even greater         And they will continue their
force.                                                                   efforts, with the help of many
                                                                         crews from other areas of
                                                                         Florida and from other states,
Things to consider after the storm                                       until your power has been
           Stay away from disaster areas so you don’t hinder first
                                                                            Understand the co-op’s
           aid or rescue work.
                                                                         concern for the safety of its
           Be on the alert for rising water in streams and rivers even
                                                                         employees means no out-
           after the heaviest rain has ended.
                                                                         door work will be performed
   Stay away from broken or low-hanging power lines, as well as
                                                                         during dangerous high-wind
metal objects which may be in contact with damaged power lines.
                                                                         conditions. But as soon as
   Be assured your co-op will restore electric service as quickly
                                                                         conditions allow, employees
and safely as possible. The co-op has an emergency plan to follow
                                                                         will be out in force assessing
that allows power to be restored to as many customers as quickly as
                                                                         the damage to the system and
possible. First, power is restored to substations. Next, main feeder
                                                                         getting the restoration effort
circuits are brought back on line. Then work crews repair secondary
lines and tap lines. Finally, individual customers still without power
                                                                            Electric utilities follow a
are concentrated on. See story at right for more on this topic.
                                                                         specific restoration plan dur-
    If you have lost power during the storm, it is not necessary for
                                                                         ing widespread power out-
you to immediately call and report your power outage. Clay Elec-
                                                                         ages. The first step is repairing
tric’s automated equipment identifies main feeder lines that are
                                                                         transmission lines, which
not in service. You’re asked to help keep the phone lines open for
                                                                         carry high voltage electric-
emergency calls only. If your neighbors have had their electricity re-
                                                                         ity from generating plants
stored and you’re still without power, please call the co-op’s outage
                                                                         to transmission substations.
reporting line at 1-888-434-9844.
                                                                         Transmission substations are
   If you use a portable generator during an extended outage, do
                                                                         also among the first items to
not connect it to your home’s wiring unless your home is equipped
                                                                         be repaired.
with a double throw-back switch installed by a licensed electrician
                                                                            Next to receive the atten-
and you understand its proper use. For more about portable gen-
                                                                         tion of repair crews are the
erators, please see additional information in this section.
                                                                         distribution substations and
                                                                         their respective main feeder
   To report an outage, call our automated                               lines. The co-op has over 50
   outage reporting line at 1-888-434-9844.                              substations on its system and
                                                                         there are about 12,000 miles of
                                                                         distribution lines, which carry
   To view outages in our service area, visit                            power out from the substa-
   our online outage map at                            tions to homes and businesses.
                                                                                      Continued on page 7

JULY 2008                                                                                    KILOWATT/5
Important information on the safe
& proper operation of generators

      he power outages caused by hurricanes in recent years have created a lot of
      interest in generators. If you are shopping for a generator or have already
      purchased one, please keep the following information in mind.

Safety First
   It is extremely important to follow all the instructions provided by the manufacturer
of the generator. An improperly connected generator can create an extremely danger-
ous situation because it can backfeed electricity into Clay Electric’s distribution system.
This situation could result in serious injury or death to an unsuspecting co-op lineman, a
neighbor or family member. And, never operate a generator inside an enclosed area. Carbon monoxide
gases produced by a gasoline or propane engine can also cause death. Generators should be operated in
well ventilated areas, a minimum of 10 feet from operable windows and doors.
 A Word of Caution: Residential portable generators are not designed to be operated continuously. They
usually have 3,000 to 4,000 hours life expectancy. We recommend running the generator during emergency
situations for a few hours then shutting it off for a short period of time. This helps conserve on gas/propane
since they may not be readily available for the first few days after a major storm. Never leave the generator
running when the home is unoccupied.

About Generators
   There are two basic types of generators – (1) Portable and (2) Standby.
   Portable generators are designed to supply auxiliary power to specific appliances/equipment using exten-
sion cords. Most portable generators are mobile, gasoline fueled and electric or manually started. They may
cost from $500 to $2,000 or more. The rated wattage of portable generators is from 1,500 to 15,000 watts.
 Stand-by generators are designed to be hard-wired to the home’s electrical system. They automatically
operate when there is a power interruption and they shut off when the utility power is restored. They are
powered by LP, natural gas, diesel fuel or gasoline and they should be installed by a licensed electrician. The
installed cost of standby generators may range from $3,000 to $10,000. The wattage ranges from about 5,000
to 20,000 watts for residential use.
 For both types of generators, the size (watts) of the generator determines the number of appliances/equip-
ment you can safely operate at one time. Any appliance/equipment with a motor or compressor will draw
more current during start-up than during normal run time. The start-up of these motor/compressor loads
must be considered when sizing a generator for your needs. The extension cords used with a portable gen-
erator also should be properly sized to handle the electrical requirements of the appliance. See the appliance
usage chart on the next page to help you determine the total amount of watts you may need.
 Standby generators use a transfer switch designed to connect certain electrical circuits within a home to
the generator. You must determine which electrical circuits you want to be supplied with auxiliary power. A
licensed electrician should install the transfer switch. The standard transfer switch costs between $300 and
$500 and has the capability of connecting 6 to 12 circuits to the generator.
   A new type of switch now available for portable generators is the “meter based” transfer switch. It costs
between $600 and $800. The meter based transfer switch allows operation of any circuits in the home up to
the capacity of the switch and generator.

How Much Will it Cost to Operate?
   A 7,500 watts generator will consume an average of 1.2 gallons of propane per hour. This generator, con-
nected to a 100-pound propane cylinder, will provide approximately 24 hours of emergency power at full
load. The average cost of refilling a 100-pound cylinder is around $86. A 7,500 watts gasoline generator will
consume an average of 1-2 gallons of gas per hour.

6/KILOWATT                                                                                          JULY 2008
                                                                                Restoring power...
     Appliance Usage Guide                                                      From page 5
   Use this Appliance Usage Guide to estimate the power                         The number of members
   requirements of various appliances/equipment. This will help                 served by each of Clay
   you determine the size generator you may want to purchase.
                                                                                Electric’s distribution substa-
   Appliance/Equipment Running Watts (avg.) Starting Watts (avg.)               tions can range from a few
   Water Pump ½ HP            1,000                3,000                        hundred to nearly 9,000 – so
   Water Pump ¾ HP            1,500                4,500                        getting the substations back
   Sump Pump                  1,000                3,000                        in service is essential. Indi-
   Refrigerator               750                  1,500                        vidual tap lines are next in
   Freezer                    500                  1,000                        the restoration plan because
   Microwave                  600-1,500
                                                                                they serve the fewest number
   Lights                     40-200
                                                                                of members.
   Television                 150-400
                                                                                   Essential Service Ac-
   Radio                      6-15
   Oscillating Fan            50-100                                            counts include hospitals,
   Water Heater               4500                                              law enforcement, fire, radio
   Coffee Maker               750-1,200                                         and television stations, cell
   Toaster Oven               1,100                                             towers and water providers.
   8,000 BTU AC (window unit) 1,000                3000                         Of course, these accounts are
   3 Ton A/C or Heat Pump     6,000                 32,400                      given a priority status in the
   Garage Door opener         500                                               restoration process because
   Computer                   120                                               they are essential to com-
   Fax Machine                50-1,000                                          munity safety, health, and
   Home Security System       24                                                communications.
                                                                                   Rebuilding large portions
   This appliance usage guide is the estimated average usage of                 of a distribution system that
   electrical equipment. Generators have to be sized large enough to
                                                                                stretches into 14 counties
   handle the starting wattage of motorized equipment. A 5,000 watts
   generator will handle the operation of appliances listed above except        takes time, and the under-
   the 3 ton A/C or heat pump. All appliances can’t be in operation             standing and patience of
   simultaneously but you can control the sequence of operating time.           members during a time of
                                                                                extended outages is helpful.

What’s in a name?
T    he first official list of named storms began
     in 1953, with Tropical Storm Alice. At
that time, tropical storm systems were given
                                                             history. Some of the more notable retired names in
                                                             recent years include Hugo (1989), Andrew (1992),
                                                             Floyd (1999) and Jeanne (2004). The 2005 hurricane
exclusively female names. In 1978 male names                 season saw the greatest number of retirees, with
were incorporated into the lists to make up for a            five names retired that year – Dennis, Katrina, Rita,
shortage of available female names, and that year            Stan and Wilma. When a name is retired, another
saw the first male hurricane, Daniel.                        one of the same gender is assigned to take its place
   Any hurricane that causes significant damage              on the list.
or loss of life may have its name considered                        Watch out – here they come! The Atlantic
for retirement upon request                                                     storm names for the 2008
of the country affected by                                                        hurricane season are: Arthur,
it. Carol and Hazel were                                                           Bertha, Cristobal, Dolly,
the first two names retired.                                                        Edouard, Fay, Gustav,
Both Hurricane Carol and                                                             Hanna, Ike, Josephine,
Hurricane Hazel occurred                                                             Kyle, Laura, Marco, Nana,
in 1954 and are among the                                                          Omar, Paloma, Rene, Sally,
costliest and deadliest in U.S.                                               Teddy, Vicky and Wilfred.
JULY 2008                                                                                           KILOWATT/7
                                      Here’s some additional preparation tips
 Test your                            that perhaps you hadn’t thought about...
 hurricane                            Here’s some additional things to consider as you make your hurricane
                                      preparation plans that could help you better cope with an extended outage.

 I.Q.                                 •    When freezing water in containers to help keep your food cool
                                           during an extended outage, use the largest containers you have
 1. A hurricane is immediately             room for in your freezer. Larger blocks of ice last longer than ice
 preceded developmentally by               that’s in cubes or crushed. Keep an ice pick handy in case you
 which of the following?                   need to chip the ice into smaller chunks.
 a. A tropical wave
 b. A tropical depression             •    Buy battery-operated fans (one per person) and lots of batteries
 c. A tropical trough                      to operate them.
 d. A tropical storm
                                      •    Buy a cot and sleep in the coolest spot in the house. Sleeping on
 2. On average, how much rain
                                           the floor or on an air mattress offers no breeze or draft.
 does a typical hurricane release?
                                      •    Cell phones are a lifesaver, but not necessarily when a hurricane
 a. 6-12 inches     c. 18-24 inches
 b. 12-18 inches    d. 24+ inches          knocks out the power. An old-fashioned telephone that’s
                                           plugged into the wall may be invaluable when the phone
 3. By what scale is a hurricane's         batteries die. And don’t use your cell phone as a “flashlight”
 strength measured?                        during a power outage, because the battery dies faster. In a
 a. Fujita
                                           pinch, you might be able to charge your cell phone in the car
 b. Richter
 c. Saffir-Simpson                         (don’t run the vehicle’s engine in an enclosed garage).
 d. Mercalli
                                      •    Buy a small flashlight that can be worn
 4. Most of a hurricane's damage           around your neck, or a clip-on light
 results from?                             that can be attached to a cap. This will
 a. Storm surge                            help you avoid stumbling around in
 b. Wind                                   the dark looking for a flashlight.
 c. Rain
 d. Tornadic activity
                                      •    You have power but your relatives
 5. A strong El Nino has what kind         don’t, and they’re on their way? Ask
                                                                                    A small flashlight that clips
 of effect on Atlantic hurricane           them to bring extra food and supplies to your cap might be a useful
 activity?                                 so there won’t be any shortages at your item.
 a. Makes for an active season             home. A hurricane is enough of a stress, and to run short of
 b. Strengthens hurricanes                 supplies because of the extra mouths to feed can make things
 c. More storms make landfall
 d. Dampens hurricane
                                           even worse.
                                      •     Keep an extra tank of propane on hand for the gas grill or
 6. The names for the Atlantic's           cooker during the hurricane season.
 hurricanes are selected from
 which languages?
 a. Russian, French and English           HELPFUL WEB SITES...
 b. French, English and Spanish
 c. English, Latin and French            The Florida Division of Emergency Management provides shel-
 d. Latin, Druid and Mayan
                                      ter, road and evacuation information at:
 7. What was the costliest hurri-      The State of Florida offers county-by-county relief information,
 cane in U.S. history?                insurance information and relief details at:
 a. Camille    c. Katrina   
 b. Opal       d. Andrew               The National Hurricane Center provides storm updates at:
 Answer Key:
 1(d) 2(a) 3(c) 4(a) 5(d) 6(b)
                                       FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) is on the
 7(c)                                 web at:
                                         The Red Cross is on the web at:

8/KILOWATT                                                                                            JULY 2008
If your home’s electrical service is damaged:
   Who’s responsible for what?
W       hen the storm subsides and you venture out-
        side to see what has been damaged, please be
very careful of debris and the likelihood that power
lines may be lying on the ground.
   If you see damage to the electrical equipment that
brings power into your home (the weatherhead, the
metal conduit that shields the electrical wires, and
the meter can), please contact a licensed electrician
to have the damage repaired. Please see illustrations
for clarification. Clay Electric is not responsible for
repairing this equipment if it has been damaged by a
storm or hurricane. Restoring power to an electrical
service that has been damaged could result in a fire
or threat to personal safety.
   Once an electrician has completed the repairs, and
the work has been inspected and deemed to meet
local codes, power can be restored to the home.
   If the electric meter is damaged, Clay Electric will
repair or replace it.
   Members are also urged to be wary if the home
has been damaged in a way which has allowed rain-
water to seep into walls and around electrical wir-
ing. A licensed electrician should make an inspection
to determine if damage has occurred to the home’s
electrical circuits, or if electrical hazards exist.

 Document your home and possessions
   T   he American Association of Retired Per-
       sons (AARP) suggests that you take photos
   before and after a storm. These images can be a
                                                          a detailed tour of your home before a storm.
                                                          Cheap and easily stored on a DVD, these videos
                                                          provide a lot of detail.
   big help if your property sustains serious dam-          Keep all photographs, video, documents and
   age and you need to make an insurance claim.           other important records in a secure location.
     You may want to use a disposable video               A safe, portable fire proof box or a bank safe
   camera (about $30 at some chain stores), to give       deposit box will do the job.

JULY 2008                                                                                    KILOWATT/9
Youth Tour to                                                                           any others - truly it was
                                                                                        an assembly of future
Washington                                                                              leaders.”
 From page 1                                                                             Lauren Moore of Flem-
and joined a larger group                                                               ing Island High School
of students from around                                                                 found the Capitol’s his-
Florida to begin their tour of                                                          tory fascinating. “I never
monuments, museums, legis-                                                              realized how fascinating
lative buildings and historic                                                           history can be, specifi-
landmarks.                                                                              cally the founding of our
 During their first after-                                                              country and the run-
noon in Washington, the           Florida’s Youth Tour group poses for a
                                                                                        ning of our country. The
group toured the World War II     photo in front of the Capitol building.      Capitol building was such a
Memorial and the Holocaust                                                     motivator in seeing so many men
Museum. The next day, their        and nearby museums in the Mall              and women who are successful
schedule included a tour of        area. Later, the group visited              through hard work and educa-
Arlington National Cemetery, a     the National Cathedral. Evening             tion. Attending the Marine Corps
visit to the Iwo Jima Monument,    activities included an All States           Sunset Parade and Arlington
plus tours of the Korean, Lin-     dinner and dance. Thursday                  Cemetery gave me a strong ap-
coln, Viet Nam, FDR and Jeffer-    morning, the group departed                 preciation of the military, those
son memorials.                     Washington on their flight home.            in the past and in the present.”
 On Monday, the group partici-  “Probably my favorite thing                     Lauren also expressed her
pated in a Youth Day program       was the friends that I made on              appreciation of Clay Electric pro-
in the morning. Afternoon visits   the trip,” wrote Clint Williams,            viding students a chance to visit
included the Newseum and           a student at Union County High              Washington, D. C.
Ford’s Theater. That evening, the School. “It was a wonderful                   “This trip was an inspiring
students enjoyed a Potomac boat experience and one I’m sure I’ll               opportunity and I am bedazzled
cruise and dance.                  keep with me a lifetime.”                   at the co-op’s dedication to us,”
 Tuesday’s activities included a    For Williston High’s Arielle               Lauren wrote.
visit to Mount Vernon and a tour Claude, the trip was a valuable                John Bennett was very im-
of the Capitol building. While at  learning experience. “This trip             pressed with the caliber of stu-
the Capitol, Congressman Allen     helped me realize possible career           dents attending the Youth Tour.
Boyd spent some time with the      goals such as in agriculture,                “This is the best group I’ve
students talking about the legis-  politics and teaching,” Arielle             been associated with - very
lative process. Later, the group   wrote. “I thank everyone for this           responsible, well behaved, intel-
returned to the Iwo Jima Monu-     opportunity.”                               ligent, and they got along well.
ment to watch the Marine Corps      Drew Burgett of Santa Fe High              They seemed very inspired with
Sunset Parade.                     School was impressed with his               the sights and tours. I’m glad we
 On Wednesday, the group           fellow students. “The people I              had the opportunity to chaper-
toured the Air & Space Museum      met on the this trip were unlike            one them,” Bennett said.

                                                             Cabana Banana Boats
 Hear, ye children, the instruction
of a father, and attend to know         4 ripe bananas                       bananas on a baking sheet and split
understanding.                          1/2 cup chocolate chips              down the middle (like a boat) with
  For I give you good doctrine,         1/2 cup shredded coconut             the peel still on. Stuff each banana
forsake ye not my law.                  1/2 cup raisins                      with 1/4 of the nut mixture. Sprinkle
 For I was my father’s son, tender      1/2 cup chopped pistachio or         lightly with rum and bake 20 minutes
and only beloved in the sight of my     macadamia nuts                       or until banana skins turn dark brown.
mother.                                 Dark spiced rum*                     Top with whipped cream immediately
 He taught me also, and said                                                 before serving. *You can omit the rum
unto me, Let thine heart retain my      Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In      if desired.
words: keep my commandments,            a small bowl, mix chocolate chips,   Recipe courtesy of
and live.      Proverbs 4: 1, 2, 3, 4   coconut, raisins and nuts. Place     Rob Hernandez of Gainesville

10/KILOWATT                                                                                              JULY 2008
       The Trading                           vertible, mint $15,500; 37’ Irwin Ketch,
                                             center cockpit, diesel engine, used
                                                                                          mals. 9 miles north of Branford off high-
                                                                                          way 129, Suwannee County. $82,500.
                                                                                          Also, 3 wooded lots (will not separate)
                                                                                                                                      restaurant, turn key operation, fully
                                                                                                                                      equipped. Rent $1,200 or purchase
                                                                                                                                      property for $150,000 firm. This does
                                             little, sleeps 6, $51,000. 904-291-9470.
       Post                                  Baker.
                                             SINGLEWIDE mobile home on 1.21
                                                                                          with private access to Ichetucknee/
                                                                                          Santa Rivers in Three Rivers Estates.
                                                                                                                                      not include restaurant equipment.
                                                                                                                                      904-622-6019 Baker.
        Submit your Trading Post ad          acres, RV port with 240 electric and tap     High and dry, near boat ramp. $79,500.      PHOTO PRINTER -compact Canon
        by sending a post card to Clay                                                    386-497-5157 Johnson                        Selply CP510, will work with other digi-
        Electric, PO Box 308, Keystone       in to septic system., small barn and log
        Heights, FL 32656. For more          cabin, 3 car carport, pond and bridge.       5’ JOHN DEERE 165 Disc, $500;               tal cameras. Almost new $50; Storm/
        Trading Post ads, visit the Clay     Interlachen. 321-230-1067 Martin             Singer sewing machine for leather,          Patio door- EMCO 36” x 80”, screen &
        Electric web site at clayelectric.                                                $300; Craftsman Workmate table, $20;        glass sliding windows in center, all at-
        com                                  FORD Excursion 2000, white, V8 w/
                                             tow pkg; white w/blue cloth interior;        Railroad switch signal, $100; Crafts-       tachments included $50. 904-291-1493
RIVER FRONT Property, Hamilton Co,           dual air, mag wheels, running boards;        man radial arm saw, 10” blade, $300;        Cramer
10.4 acres on SR 751, paved road, ¼          keyless remote/keyless entry; cd/am/         Climbing tools, belt and hooks, $150.       ANTIQUE 10” bowl, white with pink
mile to state park, boat ramp, 1300’         fm radio; seats eight with lots of room;     352-495-2496 Nine                           roses, marked Erdmann Schlegelmilch
water front $149,000 386-697-5493.           non-smoker; runs/looks great; 133,000        ANTIQUE Upright Piano, excellent con-       Prussia $25; Antique clear glass 9”
Weaver                                       mi, $14,500. 352-494-2179 Neal               dition, $250 obo; 2001 Ford F350, 7.3       itched fruit bowl $15, Iron fireplace
HORSESHOE BCH waterfront lot with            HUNT CLUB in Dodge Country, Ga.              diesel dually, very clean, ex. Condition,   and irons $30, vintage Pyrex clear
septic tank permit, water and electric       has a few opening for members; L2500         4 dr, crew cab $18,000. 904-213-9375 /      glass peculator $35, vintage granite
hookups and seawall. Great for boating,      Kubota Tractor for sale, runs good,          904-881-1737 Harper                         wear mottled grey double boiler $15.
fishing, RV or home. Pictures avail-         with equipment, $14,000, box blade,          1 AC MINI FARM, Sth GCS 2 BR, 2             352-473-8742 King
able at             forklift, disk & brush mower, without        Bath, formal dining, sunroom, barn,         500C.1.CADILLAC Eldorado engine
$189,000. 352-473-4083 Martin                equipment $12,000 call 352-473-2417 /        storage shed, mother in law house,          assy. Complete, only 13,000 miles since
CERAMIC molds with price list,               352-318-0755. Douglas                        chainlink fence, 4 pecan, 4 persimmon,      purchased, new from General Motors
glazes, Xmas lights, bisque, greenware,      HOME 3 BR/2 Ba, shady 1 acres +/-            grapes, $130,000 20% down, balance          many years ago. Call for complete
brushes, tools, stains. Supplies and         lot in established s/d, fireplace, large     8% interest. 904-284-6287 Brown             history of it. A dream engine for air
more. 352-372-1506 Frazier                   deck,12 x 12 workshop, and much              BOAT TRAILER 1999 16 ft for flat            boating. 904-731-0060 Cassinelli
POWERTRAIN Generator-PTG-6500                more, by appointment, 386-752-8438.          bottom boats, single axle with 2 spares     AIR BOAT 11’ x 5’-8 beam, 23 hp, low
EXCS 6500 xtreme rated watts 8500            Leave message. Tompkins                      $550 obo; Heavy duty utility trailer, 5 x   hrs $4,000 OBO with trailer; 6 hp elec
watt surge contractor series, gas pow-       CHICKENS, black Australorps, +5 & up,        8’ bed, drop gate with spare tire, new,     start Tecumseh with prop, few hrs $200
ered, $750. 352-472-6436 Martin              newly hatched $3 each. 904-284-9348          used once, $850; White double shower        after 6pm 352-546-4847 Fisher
BOATS & Trailer. A 24 ft Winner              Driggers                                     enclosure with glass doors and 2 seats,     ‘70 MODEL F700 Ford truck, 36/
Fly Bridge 25 yrs old, starter needs         ‘04 KEY LARGO 16 Center Console,             $300. 386-698-2905 Cangemie.                engine, 2 speed rear end, 18ft live
replaced with tank $2500; 24’ Hvy duty       50HP Yamaha, EZ Loader, Full GPS,            INTERNATIONAL Tractor Model 806             bottom floor w/box, ideal for hauling
trailer, some rust, $595; 10’ fishing boat   Bimini cover, spare tire, all safety gear,   diesel, $6500 obo. 352-473-2009             feed, silage, shavings, etc $3,000 obo.
w/ trailer, no motor, good cond, $395.       boat is garage kept and literally like       Rogers                                      386-755-3541 Robinson
904-264-5194 Frushone                        new. Book is $9,000 - $11,000, will sell     ST. JOHNS RIVER 3/2 Immaculate              DIAMOND PLATE Tool Box w/2 keys,
TRUCK BED cover for short bed                for $8,000. 352-473-3776 Hoyt                brick home on 1.3 acres, dock, 2            works great, 62 1/2L, 20 ½ W, 13 ½
Ford Ranger PU, excel cond. $375.            TRAVEL TRAILER 2006 23’, excel               boat houses with lifts, river rock drive,   deep, off a ‘90 Dodge Dakota, $75.
352-472-6436 Ergle                           cond, like new, sleeps 6, rear slide         qualified buyers only, call for app.        904-269-8680 before 8pm Simmons
F-700 Truck with 18 ft live bottom, FTO,     out, queen bed, bunk beds, bathroom,         $630,000; rifle E16 .22 cal Japan rifle     12’ FIBERGLAS Boat w/3hp Evinrude
two spd transmission good condition,         3 burners range, oven, 2 door as/            $130; Jennings Bow, hard case, special      JW-10 Antique OBM, starts easy, runs
$3000 or trade for hay round bales.          electric refrig, microwave, cd radio, air    sight, broad head arrows, $300; New         well, new impeller, recent tune-up, in-
386-755-3541 Robinson                        conditioning, awning, extra outdoors.        soft bow case, $12; New spare tire          cluded paddle, gas can, anchor, has live
NEW 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Lake-          $10,600. 352-495-2636. Thomas                mount for trailer $25; New boat dolly       well in center seat, flotation in seats,
side Hills near Florahome $159,000.          RASCAL motorized wheelchair, in good         $15; Covers for boat seat or motors $5;     boat in exc cond, ready to fish. Has
Also building lot, $14,900 owner.            condition, full sized, $500 or best offer.   904-284-6142 McCabe                         galv trailer w/new wench, new wheels &
717-532-4882 Irvin                           352-473-4195 Teske                           SOFA BED, 3 cushions sofa bed,              tires, spare tire, new trailer tongue jack.
1988 GMC S-15 Jimmy 2wd, v6, auto,           LOT FOR SALE on Orange Ave in KH             excellent condition, muted pastel colors,   $750. 352-475-3938 Riviere
body and engine in good shape, needs         cleared and ready to build on, water         $125; Utility trailer, 4 feet wide 9 x 10   WEDDING GOWN Size 10, never
transmission $800; (4) 33 x 12.50            meter is set. $25,000 352-473-5283 /         long, steel frame, rear directionals,       worn, beautiful, cost $600 asking $300,
R152T, BF Goodrich tires on alum             352-494-4104 Hodges                          $550; Homelite string trimmer, gas 2        904-215-7468. Kittell
wheels for 5 lug Ford $250; 1987 Chevy       WHEELCHAIR, Rollite by Invac $50;            cycle engine $90. 352-473-0735 Baxley       CEMETERY LOT in Forest Meadows
Silverado 4wh, 350, auto, air, slum          walker w/front wheels $25; walker            ONE OWNER/Excel cond. 2005 Forest           East, Sec K, lot 836, spaces 1 & 2, 2
toolbox, hd trailer hitch, daily driver.     on wheels $20, all good condition.           River Salem LE 31QBSS (31’-alum             vaults and companion memorial on
$3,000. 386-972-2651. Kronz                  386-325-9690 DaSaro                          sides), RV port kept, 1 slide, sleeps       16x62 base with vase. Current value
‘73 ELDORADO Coupe $4,500,                   ‘05 KAWASAKI Jet Ski, STX1500F like          8-10, rear quad bunks, queen bed, fold-     $7200 will sell for $4000. 352-759-2028
garaged, great shape, extra parts, black     new, garage kept, galv. trailer & cover.     down dinette and sofa, non-smoking,         Miller
leather; ‘76 Sunbeam Alpine series           352-494-6584 Young                           no pet unit, refrig/freezer, microwave,     3 WHEELS and Tires for 2002 sub.
5 rebuilt engine, Stromberg carbs, 4         ‘84 CAMARO, runs good, t tops,               3-burner stove, awning, A/C, furnace,       386-684-0978 Clark
spd, factory steel roof, wire wheels,        power windows, tilt steering, automatic      Am/FM/CD stereo, outside shower,            5 BDRMS/2 BA HOME on 2 acres
older restoration, extra parts, $5,200;      transmission, 2.8L, V6, mag wheels,          sp tire w/cover, GVWR 10,680 lbs,           with pond. Screened porch & large
52 Chevy Halfton truck, 5 window,            new tires, all original, $900 firm.          photos avail $15,500 (Keystone Hts.)        deck, New in–law suite with living room
older off frame restoration, drives/         386-328-1961 Carter.                         352-473-5641 Ludwig                         and office, 2 car garage, new Hardee
looks great, also extra parts, 3 spd, 216    3 ACRES M/L 5,000 sq ft concrete             BEARDED DRAGON Lizard $50;                  board siding, ½ mile off Hwy 100 near
engine, starter in the floor, $10,500;       block shop garage storage horses             Lizard, tank & accessories $250.            Keystone Hgts in Bradford Co. secluded
904-282-1922 Klaus                           with loading docks, family home + 2 or       904-282-9960 McMillan                       & tranquil. 352-473-6407 Stalnaker
HOME, 4 bdrm/2 ba, island kitchen,           3 apartments, inside pool, $300,000          FLYWHEEL ENGINES: John Deere                STEPS for modular home for sale. 1.36
dining, L room, on ½ acres land, back        $5,000 earnest, $50,000 down, 5% int.        1 ½ hp on J-D cart, restored $1,300;        in high, 1.45 in high, $300 each or $550
& front porch shaded trees! Above            Halfway between Gainesville and Waldo        Hercules Model X 3 ½ hp with Wico           for both. 352-481-0457 Geary
ground pool, swing set, central/heat         on Hwy 24. 904-298-2003 Hash                 mag original, excellent condition           15’ SAILBOAT, asking $1,200, fiber-
air, close to schools, 12 x 16 tool shed,    ROLL of field fence wire, 48”, 16’ chain     $1,500; Neway 6 hp Horizontal, no fan       glass “Osprey” 2 sails plus new trolling
lawn mower shed, $120,000; 2 Battery         line gate and a 14’ gate 4 post asking       assembly $800; Stover Model K 2 hp          motor (4 hp), call to see. 352-215-7000
operated electric wheel chairs, like new,    $100. 904-215-4469 Dowling                   Webster mag, restored $1,000; 36”           Kampa
$850 ea. 352-473-3236. Griffis               ‘93 BALDWIN Spinet Organ with Duet,          Sheet metal power shear, flat belt drive    40 ACRE TRACK located 2 miles off
HOME for sale, 2 bdrm/1 ba, just off         excellent condition, asking $1500.           $800. 386-755-4703 Landers                  Hwy 47 & I-75. 15 acres with 16 year
SR100, $89,900, sounds small but isn’t,      352-478-2285 Anders                          TWO CEMETERY Lots in “Garden                old planted pine, 18 cleared pasture,
front porch enclosed, also has back          COMPOUND bow, Martin Cougar Mag,             of the Apostles” at Good Shepherd           8 in beautiful oaks, deep well, 2 large
porch, home has all new everything,          speed flite, 65% let off, 55-70#, 29-31      Memorial Gardens, Ocala, current price      barns, (10) large pecan trees, many
shaded. 352-473-3236 Roth                    inch draw, fully equipped, excellent         $3,500. Asking $1,995. 352-625-3654         extras, asking $13,750 per acre.
LARGE FRANKLIN wood stove $200;              condition, $225. 904-282-9166 Heath          Miller                                      Financing with ¼ down. 386-755-0070
1986 Rumford Mit, low mileage, great         BRANFORD/Suwannee Land 10.13                 FOR SALE/LEASE, 1100 sq ft com-             Brooks
shape $7,500. 904-796-0643 Lee               acres, secluded with 12 yr planted           mercial building, historic Middleburg,      75” DOUBLE bathroom sink $25 and
‘75 MERCEDES Classic hard top con-           pines, perfect for home site and ani-        very nice property, already set up as       a solid exterior door, 36” w, 81”h, 1 ¾”
JULY 2008                                                                                                                                                 KILOWATT/11
thick for $40. 386-328-6039 Jenkins           904-264-8286 Hanks                            4-O’Clock, dried hot grove pepper for          2007 F150 STX 4x4 pay-off $17,800
GUN CABINET, solid wood, holds 10             YAMAHA RAPTOR 660R 2001, piped,               seed. SASE plus $1 per packet and              call for info. 904-282-3487 Harris
rifles, 2 drawer, 2 storage cupboard,         jetted, other YM parts, very fast, great      seed list. 813-754-4959/352-669-9450           2007 SCAG Z Cat 42” Cut (Zero Turn)
very nice asking $300; Solid wood             condition, must sell, $2600; 2001 Ya-         Halford                                        Commercial Lawn Mower. Used only
computer desk, excellent condition $45.       maha 350 stock, great condition, $1800.       BOAT, MOTOR & Trailer $3,000, 24’              7 hours, excellent condition. Asking
352-591-4589 Armanno                          352-455-6434 Dunn                             Cuddy Cabin, new 350-V8 Inboard/Out-           $5,400. 352-473-2649. Clay
ONE BDROOM Timeshare Week, The                TWO DAMON Folding Bikes-great for             drive 800 mi on trailer. 352-636-8556          GENERAC 4000 EXL Generator brand
Beach Club/St. Augustine, 2008 Main-          traveling $125 each; Damon Daybreak           McDermott                                      new, incl. 25’ heavy duty 20 amps ext
tenance fees paid; Queen Size Box             RV 1999 35,000 miles, need work, ask-         PORTABLE KENNEL for large dog, like            cord w 4 outlets plus instruction manual,
Spring and Mattress with frame (linens        ing $20,000; Large low boy dresser, old       new, very sturdy, paid $120 will sell for      $600; Metal Smith rolling mill w. stand
included) good condition $75. Call            $15. 352-468-2936. Hollis                     $60; Honda Rotary self propel mower            $300; Whirlpool window air conditioner
352-475-2357 or 904-743-3915 Catlett          OAKLAWN 4801 San Jose Blvd                    excellent condition; Folding sling lounge      w. manual $40; Craftsman elec edger
DINING ROOM set. Table, 3 straight            (2) lots, roadside property in a sold         chairs (never used) from ratio furniture       w. manual $20; Black & Decker electr
back chairs, 1 captains chair, matching       out section, Graves #4 & 5 lot 120,           new $25. 904-272-7543 Blick                    hedge cutter $15; 352-475-1343 Bartee
China cabinet, light wood with gold           section “J”. $6,500; Lift Chair, Pride        5th WHEEL Hitch for Truck, “Draw-Tite”         NEW CRAFTSMAN 9 gal wet/dry
trim $500 for both; Brothers electric         luxury line, adjust to full recline and       20,000 & 5,000 Pin Weight, Campers             vacuum in original carton $60; 19” RCA
typewriter $75; Large dog cage $25.           stand-up positions, heat and numerous         World Sale Price $700. Asking $350.            colored TV $25; Moen kitchen faucet
352-595-4464 Harrison                         massage (vibrating) positions. $500.          904-291-5158 Loeffler                          w/sprayer $10. 904-375-0230 Sluder
SET OF FOUR Custom Chrome                     904-334-8513 Miller                           1985 LINCOLN Town Car “Oldie but               2 NYLON Boat Slings, 4in x 16 ft, wt
Wheels and Tires P215SSR16, new, fit          REFRIGERATOR, Maytag side by side,            a Goodie”, low mile 54,000, good               capacity 12,800 lbs per sling, $90; Sony
late model Volvo 5 Lug, Value $850 will       white, with icemaker and in door ice          condition, one owner car, garage since         Mine Hi Fi Component system plays/
take $400 firm. 352-475-5641 Fuller           and water dispenser, black handles with       day 1. $1,500 call between 9am & 3pm.          records, cd’s, tapes, and radio. Includes
FACTORY MADE (Cargo Express)                  chrome trim $200; Microwave, Goldstar         904-264-3799 Rivers 904-264-3799               woofer and 2 floor speakers $100.
Enclosed Trailer. 5ft wide, 10 ft long, 6     by LG Electronics, over the range with        HAY RING (Cattle) size 7’6” diameter x         386-467-8182 Cunningham
ft high, side door, better than new with      $40; Dishwasher, Maytag under counter         42” high, in good condition $125, obo.         7.5 HP Mercury outboard 1979-80
extras $1,500 obo; Power tools, like          built in, black frnt with chrome trim $110;   386-661-2002 Smith                             model $175. 352-473-7482 Cole
roofing nail guns with auto oilers $85 ea     Sony TV, Triniton 13” color, can be used      18’ POLAR boat, center console, excel          SEARS 10” radial arm saw on castored
etc. 352-473-3423. Gifford                    as a computer monitor or as TV $50; all       cond, 2002 model and 115 hp Yamaha             stand, $200; Sears band saw on stand,
AIRSTREAM (35ft), Great for camping           in exc cond. 352-475-5277 Meyer               motor. Alum trl, custom T-Top with stor-       Sears drill press on stand, Sears router
and hunting, good shape, easy to pull,        CITRUS TREES in 15gal pots, over              age box and rod holders, Garmin GPS            with table $25 each. 904-264-4876.
1953. 904-699-2119 Blevins                    5ft tall with fruit $50 in Interlachen; 08    and fish finder. Ship to shore radio,          Younts
LEASE LAND, Have 5 opening for                Hyundai Accent less than 8000 mi, 10yr        lighted compass, many extras, boat             HORSE HAY 2008, 12-16% protein
hunting club in Clayton Ala, 380 acres,       factory guarantee, take over payments         and motor less then 200 original hours.        $6 square bales; $60 per roll.
was a peanut farm for 30 years, good          of $397.42. 386-684-4326 Blackstock           Runs excel, asking $12,500. daytime            386-623-0523 / 386-623-2245 Howard
deer and turkey hunting, planted pines        NORTH GA. Mountains, Hiawassee,               352-475-5585 or 352-475-9366 Geraci            BASS BOAT 15’ Glasstream with trailer
and oaks. Dues are $600 a year.               3.26 acres reduced $65,000, also 2            PYGMY GOAT, Doeling, bottle raised             and 115 hp Johnson outboard, needs
352-473-9458 Weeks                            bedroom mobile home, fully furnished,         pet, bonded to large dogs & people,            some work $900. 352-475-3074 Barton
SNAPPER TILLER, chain drive, runs             car port, large detached screed room          does not associate with herd goats at          ‘97 NEWMAR Kountry Star 37’ gas,
good, $100 obo. 352-475-9541 Coombs           with fire place, joins national forest,       all, collar & leash trained, very loving &     27,000 mi, living/dining slideout,
‘95 600R Ninja motorcycle, new clutch,        small spring, many turkey, deer and           playful. $50. 352-236-4664 Dorff               generator, two a/c units, convection
& tires, low mileage, with headers, call      occasional bear on 3+ acres, call             7.5 ACRES in Eastman GA, Hard                  microwave, asking $39,900 obo.
after 5pm. 386-684-9234 Atkins                706-781-4001 Simpson                          road frontage, 5 miles from Wal-Mart,          352-473-2000. Erhart
CHAPEL HILLS & Memory Gardens                 CEMETERY PLOTS - 2 plots in the               Deer and turkey $37,000. Will hold             1.19 ACRES located on lot off CR
Cemetery, Jacksonville, FL. 4 choice          “Garden of the Apostles” section of Riv-      some mortgage. 352-546-3665 /                  218, 1.7 miles from Blanding corner lot
plots in Sermon on the Mount, 160D,           erside Memorial Park in Jacksonville,         352-817-4404 Wainwright                        300 ft on paved rd 85,000; 1956 Ford
1-4, valued at $7,800, will sell for $4000    asking $2,000 for both (side by side).        2006 F250 Diesel 4 x 4 Lariat, Crew            automobile does not run 3000 obo.
obo. 904-710-4065/904-275-2704 Miller         904-964-9214 Loiacano                         cab, auto trans, auto hubs, tan leather        904-282-1554 Lyda
PVC Furniture, Love seat, 3 chairs,           10 ACRES high and dry, very secluded,         interior, Leer topper, Line-x bedliner,        BLOCK HOME w/ lg detached garage
1 lounge chair, 2 Ottomans, 1                 15 minutes to Gainesville, Bradford           55gal aux fuel tank with toolbox, step         on 2 lots in Postmaster’s Village in
table, lamp, 1 end table, 1 tea cart,         County; Boat Trailer 15” wheels, 2000 lb      bars, Pioneer DVD/CD/GPS/XM, tinted            Keystone Hgts, 2bdrms/2ba, security
1 magazine holder, 1 lamp, excellent          capacity $250; 2 cemetery lots , Green        windows, 32K miles, (only 13 mo old).          sys, good well wtr, appliances, carport,
condition, white, asking $200 for all,        Lawn Cemetery, Beach Blvd Jax FLA             $34,000 obo. 904-657-1151 Haney                $125K obo; 1 lot in Postmaster’s Vil-
cash only. Call after 4pm, Middleburg.        $4,000 for both; 5-45 Acres, eastern          ST. JOHNS Riverfront, approx 150 ft on         lage, $35K obo. 352-235-1660 Johnson
904-215-2247 Townsend                         Alachua Co, lots of game; 28 x 39 Metal       river, beautiful, ready to build on, paved     ‘73 INT’L SCOUT II, for parts, $550,
3 BA /2BA LAKEFRONT Home on 13                Bldg; 2 bedroom block, wood home.             road in lovely homes only area. Close          304 Int’l V8, all extras for the yr., frnt
acres for sale, quiet, beautiful, wildlife,   352-475-3894 Martin                           to Green Cove. 386-496-1357 Sweat              end locking hubs, 2-sp transfer case,
private, 2 out buildings, 2 carports,         LIVE OAK TREES 15 & 30 Gal pots.              ’96 ALPENLITE 29rk, 5th wheel, 25th            auto trans, rusted top, some rust on
hardwood floors, newer kitchen                386-467-1951 Morris                           ann pkg, dr/lr slide, 2 dr frig, qn bed,       body, last cranked ‘05. 352-473-4424
cabinets, fireplace, $320,000 obo             1984 F150, New Crate Motor 14,000,            a/c, power jacks, 6 volt batts, porcelain      Bruce
352-546-4957 Templeton                        Rebuilt transmission, short bed $2,000        toilet w/spray, black tank flush, all          ‘89 SUNBIRD 21’ walk-around cuddy
WHEEL CHAIR, 6 wheels, new bat-               call 904-652-8086 / 904-545-1526. Hall        carpet, 8 furniture protected cover, no        cabin, garage kept, redone in ‘04 with
teries, like new, work good $600; the         10 WAREHOUSE/Barn Lights, 3 ph,               shoes on carpet, this is one owner n/s         a 175 hp Johnson, new tandem alum
Free Treadle Sewing Machine $200.             208v hanging w/shades & bulbs. $450           well maintained & kept in rv port, hold-       trlr, gauges, $3,000 in new electronics,
386-684-2253                                  obo. Citra. 813-294-5555 Hudson               ing tanks 100 fresh, so galley, 50 bath,       comes with all accessories: anchor,
WATERFRONT, Coosawattee River                 STEEL MESH Wagon with Sides $20;              50 black; $12,895. 352-473-3111 Ward           dock lines, seat cushions, etc., boat in
Resort, Gilmer County, Ellijay, Ga., 3        Perform 770 EKG Treadmill $200;               5 BUGEYE Sprite Steel Wheels $100;             mint condition! $17,000. (386) 328-7620
separate lots. Home on center lot, 4          Women’s motorcycle helmet, size M,            Igloo max cold cooler $12; Dog crate           Thompson
bdrm home on 3.64 acres. Over 450             new $20. 904-282-3915 Savor                   mat $15; Beige rug 30”x50” $12; Dale           HOVER-ROUND electric wheelchair,
feet on the Coosawattee River. All            2 YAMAHA Wave Runners and a                   Earnhart wheaties collector cars; VHS          great condition, w/ charger, $450.
kitchen appliances furnished, ameni-          double trailer Ready to ride $1,900.          tapes; Porsche books; Call for list or         352-473-5983 Marinkov
ties include fireplace in great room, 3       352-351-8193. Lewis                           more info. 904-264-6708 Purinton.                    RENTALS
large porches with 1 screened, 2 full         26 CF white Maytag refrigerator/freezer,      JOHN DEERE Model M, Hood, year                 MOUNTAIN CABIN 2 BR/2BA near
kitchens, 3 full baths, and full privileges   water and ice in door, like new condi-        1947-1952, $100; 1979 Bronco front             Helen, GA, accepting reservations
in resort’s 3 pools & other facilities,       tion. $450. 904-406-4644 Seibel               bucket seats & front & rear chrome             for rest for 2008, 2 people $80 per
fantastic fishing, low taxes. 2,100+ sq ft    SEEDS Red/Yellow Catlea Guava, large          bumpers $50. 386-755-3905 Kemp.                night $500 per week; 4 people $100
heated/cooled. Appraised last year at         white Guava, Beautyberry, Coontie,            ORIGINAL 8 paned windows, 60 plus              per night $650 per week; 3 night min.
$400K. Discounted over $70K for sale.         Raintree, Coral bean, Wild Persimmon,         years old, good to paint, put mirrors on       706-878-1566 / 912-422-3776 leave
                                                                                            or wall hanging w/flower box inside or         msg. Bennett.
                                                                                            outside. 904-276-4668 Tyre.                    SANTA FE LAKE Vacation Rental,
                                                                                            CHEST TYPE Freezer 22:7 cu ft with             extra nice, clean, private, deck, dock,
                                                                                            interior light, flash defrost, five lift out   great swimming area, sunset view $700
                                                                                            basket, 2 lower & 3 upper adjustable           wk. 352-475-2838 Breedlove
                                                                                            cold control. $300. 904-284-9743 Ennis
12/KILOWATT                                                                                                                                                        JULY 2008

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