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									                                       CITY OF DEWITT
                                      COUNCIL MEETING
                                         July 21, 2008

         The regular meeting of the DeWitt City Council was held on July 21, 2008. Mayor Donald J.
Thiltgen presiding. Council members present Ketelsen, McAvan, Hasenmiller, Dunkin, Scheckel.
         Resolution 2008-78: Approve Change Order No. 1 on Downtown Streetscape and
Improvement Project 2008. Ketelsen moved and Hasenmiller seconded to approve Resolution 2008-78.
Motion carried with Ketelsen, Hasenmiller, Dunkin, Scheckel, McAvan, Ketelsen voting yes.
         Scheckel moved and McAvan seconded to approve minutes and bills as follows:

        ACCO UNLIMITED CORP.             JULY PROGRAM FEE                              1,912.35
        ADCRAFT PRINTWEAR                TENNIS T-SHIRTS                                 215.35
        ALLIANT/IES UTILITIES            524 6TH AVE PED BY RD/6TH AVE                33,204.28
        AMERICAN RED CROSS               LEARN TO SWIM LESSON CARDS,CPR                  272.50
        AMY PESSMAN                      INKJET REFILL                                     15.00
        ANDRESEN LANDSCAPE               PLANT FLOWER PLANTS                             288.50
        AVESIS                           VISION INSURANCE                                332.91
        BARNES FOODLAND                  CONCESSIONS                                       81.84
        BOB LOOSE                        OUT OF POCKET REIMBURSEMENT                        7.73
        C & R INDUSTRIES INC             REPAIR POOL UMBRELLA                               90.00
        CHECKFREE SERVICES               SOFTWARE UPGRADE & TRAINING                   4,633.98
        CITY OF DEWITT                   WATER BILL                                       220.00
        CLARK'S SAW CENTER               GUIDE BARS,CHAINS                                 93.40
        CLINTON CO AREA SOLID            ANNUAL ASSESSMENT                            50,490.00
        COMPUTER EVOLUTION               REPL FAN,EXPRESS SERVICE                           59.99
        CORSON'S                         GASOLINE                                         811.78
        CUSTOM ART & SIGNS               RECOVER & RELETTER CALL BOX SI                    153.10
        DAHL FORD                        REPAINT CAR LESS WARRANTY                        208.45
        DAKOTA SUPPLY GROUP              REPLACEMENT ERT-UNDER WARRANTY                      0.00
        DEANNA RODRIGUEZ                 OUT OF POCKET REIMBURSEMENT                       19.13
        DETERMANN INDUSTRIES             FULL DEPTH PATCHING,MILL & OVE               32,620.50
        DEWITT AQUATIC CENTER            AQUATIC RENTAL                                    75.00
        DEWITT DEVELOPMENT CO.           ANNUAL SUPPORT PAYMENT                       37,000.00
        DEWITT FIRE DEPARTMENT           ROORL-GASOLINE                                  682.28
        DEWITT OBSERVER                  WATER AEROBICS ADS                                68.70
        DON'S ELECTRIC CO.               PVC SEWER ELBOWS                                  24.13
        DONNA LUBBEN                     METER READING MILEAGE                             73.43
        EASTERN IA LIGHT                 WATER TOWER UTILITIES                             84.47
        FARM PLAN                        LINK-EYE BOLT                                     24.85
        FAYE VOSS/PETTY CASH             PETTY CASH REIMBURSEMENT                        116.68
        FIRST CENTRAL STATE              1ST CENTRAL LOAN                                100.00
        FLEET FUELING                    GASOLINE                                      6,399.69
        FORT DEARBO LIFE INSU            DENTAL INSURANCE                                454.00
        FRANKLIN COVEY CO                DAILY PLANNING PACKAGE,BINDER                     39.92
        FULTON TECHNOLOGIES              START UP STORM SIRENS                           901.00
        G. BAKER DIST. INC.              CO2 TANKS                                      700.87
        GATEWAY SUPPLY LTD               ROLL TOWELS, CLEANING SUPPLIES                  625.35
        GRAYBAR                          ELECTRIC PULL BOX                               835.21
        HARLAND TECHNOLOGY               HARDWARE MAINT CONTRACT                         338.50
        HOME DEPOT                       6X6S FOR BATTING CAGE                            463.52
        ICMA-RETIREMENT TRUST            457 DEFERRED COMP PLAN                           975.02
        IIMC                             ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES                           190.00

        INTERNAL REVENUE                 FEDERAL WITHHOLDING                           15,923.55
        IOWA DEPT OF TRANSPO          VEHICLE INSPECTION                     60.00
        IOWA ONE CALL                 NOTIFICATIONS                          31.50
        IOWA PRISON INDUSTRIES        IDPH NO SMOKING SIGNS                 92.40
        IOWA TELECOM                  PHONE SERVICE                      1,047.52
        IOWA WORKFOR DEVELOP          UNEMPLOYMENT                         712.00
        JACKSON CO PUBLIC HOSP        DRUG SCREENING                         20.00
        JANE KEDLEY                   CAMERA,BATTERIES                     149.96
        JANSEN ELECTRIC INC           REPAIRS TO PUMP WIRES              1,401.10
        KENDRICK PEST CONTROL         PEST CONTROL SERVICE                  40.00
        KIRBY WATER CONDIT            LOMNI FILTER                           12.00
        LECTRONICS INC                FIRE/BURGLAR ALARM MAINT              27.00
        LINCOLN FINANCIAL             LIFE INSURANCE                       145.40
        MAC TOOLS                     CODE READER                           69.99
        MCAVAN'S MAYTAG               USED REFRIGERATOR,SERVICE CALL      150.00
        MYERS-COX CO.                 CANDY                             2,501.32
        NAPA AUTO PARTS               CORE DEPOSIT                         265.20
        OFFICE DEPOT                  PRINTER RIBBONS,ENVELOPES             66.48
        OFFICEMAX                     CDRW SPINDLE,CD-R,CD/DVD SLEEV        39.97
        PENNY JACOBI                  MILEAGE-PICK UP UMBRELLA            110.55
        PETTY CASH/PENNY JACOBI       POSTAGE                                2.02
        PORTZEN CONSTRUCTION          6TH AVE RECONSTRUCTION          32,411.67
        Q.C. NET WORKS INC            VINYL AND VINYL ADHESIVE             35.00
        QC ANALYTICAL SRVIC LLC       OUTSIDE LAB TESTS                1,180.00
        QUAD CITY COU OF CRIMI        ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES               30.00
        QUILL CORPORATION             PAPER TOWELS                       366.30
        R.K. OIL COMPANY              GASOLINE                         1,220.33
        SPAHN & ROSE LUMBER           INSIDE CONNECTOR                 1,454.50
        ST LUKES CENTER FOR OCC       DRUG TEST                           36.00
        STEVE LINDNER                 INSURANCE DEDUCT                   159.66
        STREICHER'S                   AMMUNITION                       1,943.56
        T&W GRINDING                  GRIND BRUSH PILE                 3,900.00
        TARGET                        CAMERA, BATTERIES                  149.96-
        TELRITE CORPORATION           PHONE SERVICE                       334.24
        THE OFFICE CENTER             BINDERS,RECIEPT BOOKS                81.98
        THEISEN'S                     QUIKRETE SAND MIX                  794.84
        TIRES-N-MORE                  TIRE REPAIR,TIRE ROTATE              11.50
        TOTAL MAINTENANCE INC         BUILDING MAINT CONTRACT             760.00
        TREASURER STATE OF IA         SALES TAX DEPOSIT                7,714.33
        TRI-COUNTY IMPLEMENT          COMM MOWER WITH 60" DECK        13,550.00
        TRIPLE T ENTERPRISES INC      1-10 COMPENDIUMS                     47.75
        TRUE VALUE HARDWARE           CHAINSAW BLADE                     108.46
        TSCHIGGFRIE EXCAVA            RECONSTRUCTION 7TH,8TH,9TH ST  189,678.01
        U.S. CELLULAR                 PHONE SERVICE                       136.66
        UNITED HEALTHCARE             HEALTH INSURANCE                    540.14
        UNIVERSITY HYGIENIC LAB.      OUTSIDE LAB TESTS                   106.00
        USA BLUEBOOK                  LMI REPAIR KIT                      418.13
        VALVOLINE INSTANT OIL         OIL CHANGE                            30.59
        WAL-MART                      TRIMMER LINE                          53.52
        WILLIAM GOBLE                 YOUTH TENNIS INSTRUCTION            285.00
        XPERT CLEANING CO             JUNE CLEANING SERVICES               950.00

Categorized by the following funds:
        001   GENERAL FUND                                    112,837.47
        110   ROAD USE                                             498.97
        121   LOCAL OPTION SALES TAX                           39,660.71
        167   T & A LIBRARY TRUST FUND                              75.00
        315   6TH AVE RECONSTRUCTION                           223,362.79
        600   WATER UTILITY                                      7,602.03
        610   SEWER UTILITY                                     16,755.52
        670   GARBAGE & RECYCLING COL                           50,497.85
        740   STORM WATER UTILITY                                1,470.37
        830   PAYROLL CLEARING                                  13,318.64
                        ***********                                           466,079.35

         Approve Additional Funds for SCADA System Estimated to Be $4,000.00. Hasenmiller
moved and Dunkin seconded to approve additional funds. Motion carried with Hasenmiller, Dunkin,
Scheckel, McAvan, Ketelsen voting yes.
         Resolution 2008-79: Approve Final Acceptance of Supplemental Agreement for the 6 th
Avenue Reconstruction 2006 Project. Scheckel moved and Ketelsen seconded to approve Resolution
2008-79. Motion carried with Scheckel, Ketelsen, Dunkin, Hasenmiller, McAvan voting yes.
         Resolution 2008-80: A Resolution Correction Resolution No. 2008-74 Naming City
Depositories to Resolution 2008-76. McAvan moved and Hasenmiller seconded to approve Resolution
2008-80. Motion carried with McAvan, Hasenmiller, Ketelsen, Dunkin, Scheckel voting yes.
         Approve Using Unreserved General Funds to Balance Cemetery Budget. Ketelsen moved and
Scheckel seconded to approve using funds to balance cemetery budget. Motion carried with Ketelsen,
Scheckel, McAvan, Dunkin, Hasenmiller voting yes.
         Closed Session: Chapter 21.5J “To Discuss the Purchase of Particular Real Estate.” Ketelsen
moved and Scheckel seconded to open closed session. Motion carried with Ketelsen, Scheckel,
Hasenmiller, Dunkin, McAvan voting yes. Scheckel moved and McAvan seconded to go out of closed
session. Motion carried with Scheckel, McAvan, Dunkin, Hasenmiller, Ketelsen voting yes.
         Scheckel moved to adjourn meeting at 7:42 p.m.

_______________________________________                   ____________________________________
Donald J. Thiltgen, Mayor                                 Catherine M. Benthin, City Clerk

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