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In this exercise_ you will use Google Earth to visually display by malj


									Chapter 4 – Google Earth Russia and Neighboring Countries

1. What is the name of the feature located in this spot? Type: 44 53 21.42N, 59 43 22.67E
a. Aral Sea
b. Laptev Sea
c. Caspian Sea
d. Black Sea

2. Regarding question 1, why is this spot an example of a major environmental disaster?
a. because of frequent dumping of radioactive waste in the water
b. because the Russians built weapons in the town and polluted the water
c. because of extensive water diversion from the two main sources feeding into the large body of
d. because too many new industries have emerged in town since the collapse of the Soviet Union

3. Which sea is located in this spot? Type: 41 23 59.98N, 50 35 24.34E
a. Kara Sea
b. Laptev Sea
c. Caspian Sea
d. Black Sea

4. While this spot is part of the Arctic Ocean, it remains ice free in the southern areas because of
the presence of an ocean. What is name of the feature located in this spot and the ocean current
which brings about warm waters in the winter? Type: 73 58 21.72N, 35 56 15.69E
a. Barents Sea and Arctic Current
b. Norwegian Sea and Equatorial Current
c. Okhotsk and Indian Ocean
d. Barents Sea and North Atlantic Drift

5. Move east of the spot in question 4. Make sure that you cross the Island of Novaya Zemlya.
What is the name of the body of water east of the island?
a. Kaza Sea
b. Kara Sea
c. Barents Sea
d. Gulf of Bothnia

6. What is the name of the feature located in this spot? Type: 46 10 51.33N, 74 20 46.14E
a. Lake Balk
b. Lake Barents
c. Lake Volga
d. Lake Balkhash

7. In which country is the spot in question 6 located?
a. Kazakhstan
b. Russia
c. Kyrgyzstan
d. Uzbekistan

8. Move north from the spot in question 6 until you see another spot namely the city of
Karaganda. What is the name of the vast region between the two spots?
a. Siberian uplands
b. Lena Highlands
c. Kara Kum
d. Kazakh Uplands

9. This is an important river in the low-lying regions of Russia and Central Asia. What is the
name of the river located in this spot? Type: 48 31 29.64N, 44 40 27.31E
a. Amu Darya River
b. Volga River
c. Obs River
d. Syr Darya River

10. From the spot in question 9, follow the river in a southward direction until it empties into a
large body of water. What is the name of the large body of water?
a. Caspian Sea
b. Black Sea
c. Sea of Russia
d. Laptev Sea

 11. This river flows in an area which is sparsely populated. In the winter months it is so cold that
the river freezes. What is the name of the river located in this spot? Type: 68 35 25.62N, 123 56
a. Caspian River
b. Black River
c. Lena River
d. Laptev River

12. The spot in question 11 flows into which body of water?
a. East Siberian Sea
b. Barrents Sea
c. Bering Sea
d. Laptev Sea

13. You are about to see a natural barrier situated in a north-south orientation and separates
Europe from Asia. What is the name of the feature located in this spot? Type: 62 11 39.91N, 59
20 38.32E
a. Central Siberian Plateau
b. Kazakh Uplands
c. East Siberian Uplands
d. Ural Mountains
14. Look at the area east of the spot in question 13. This is a vast region where in the month of
January temperature can be below freezing for several days. What is the name of this region?
a. Russian Mountains
b. Central Euroasia
c. West Siberian Plains
d. Sayan Plains

15. What is the name of the mountain range located in this spot? Type: 43 14 59.03N, 42 17
a. Black Uplands
b. Kazakh Uplands
c. Caucasus Mountains
d. Stanovoy Range

16. The location in question 15 is situated between two bodies of water. Name the bodies of
a. Barents and Kara Sea
b. Kara Sea and Laptev Sea
c. Black Sea and Caspian Sea
d. Black Sea and Baltic Sea

17. Briefly describe the settlement pattern in this vast region. Zoom out to about 1200 miles
(Eye alt) to see the whole area. Type: 69 08 39.36N, 101 01 59.40E
a. there is no noticeable human settlement
b. the area is earmarked for future development
c. there is a secret military city from the Soviet era
d. Only foreigners are allowed to build in the region

18. This industrial city in western Siberia is regarded as the most polluted in Russia. If you
explore the city, you will see evidence of activities that have led to extensive pollution. What is
the name of this city? Type: 69 18 55.11N, 88 12 09.96E
a. Moscow
b. Kiev
c. Yakutsk
d. Norilsk

19. While in the city identified in question 18, scroll up until the river is in view. East of the river
is an area that looks like a maze or puzzle. What are you looking at in this spot?
a. high rise apartments
b. Military housing
c. Warehouse
d. Prisons

20. In 1986 there was a major nuclear reactor explosion in this area, and the damage extending
far to the north. How many cooling towers are shown at this facility? (Hint: there is a large
cooling pond in the vicinity) Type: 51 22 35.10N, 30 07 58.03E
a. Two
b. Three
c. four
d. five

21. What was the name of the nuclear facility identified in question 20?
a. Kiev Nuclear Power
b. Ukraine Power Plant
c. Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
d. Russian Nuclear Power Plant

22. This community looks lifeless, lacking any form of human activity. Why is this place
lifeless? Type: 51 24 30.77N, 30 03 04.95E
a. because the Russian government evacuated the complex in order to reinforce the values of the
Bolshevik revolution
b. People left the town to seek greener pastures in Moscow
c. People abandoned their homes following the Chernobyl disaster.
d. It was an experimental garden city which failed to materialize

23. Many outdated and inefficient plants in this region have been abandoned following the
collapse of the Soviet empire in 1991. This region can be found in the country of Ukraine. What
is the name of this region? Type: 44 34 32.09N, 33 29 15.09E
a. Soviet region
b. Chernobyl region
c. Siberian region
d. Crimea region

24. What is the name of this Russian Island? Type: 51 05 25.91N, 142 52 20.33E
a. Kuko Island
b. Lenin Hask
c. Iceland
d. Sakhalin Island

25. In regard to question 24, which foreign country has a longstanding claim for the island?
a. China
b. Japan
c. North Korea
d. United States

26. What used to be the main occupation in this city? (Hint: think about the city’s proximity to
the Aral Sea) Type: 43 46 06.91N, 59 01 22.41E
a. Boating
b. Hunting
c. Mining
d. Fishing
27. The building with a dome in the background represents something other than religion. What
is the purpose of the building? (Hint: huge parking lot with vehicles) Type: 41 19 35.82N, 69 14
a. indoor sports arena
b. indoor food market
c. national convention center
d. movie theater

28. Go to this spot by typing: 41 15 34.91N, 69 16 50.43E. Now zoom in to find Runway 26R.
Use the measurement tool to determine the distance of the runway. Start from the edge of
Runway 26R and move to the other end (left) to determine the distance. What is the approximate
distance? (Click Tools and Ruler)
a. approximately 1.2 miles
b. approximately 2.5 miles
c. approximately 3.5 miles
d. approximately 4.8 miles

 29. You are a captain and about to land a large aircraft at the airport above. You have been told
by air traffic controllers to approach and land from the west. Which runway choices do you have
in this instance?
a. 08R & 26L
b 08L & 08R
c. 26R & 260L
d. 08L & 26R

30. This location has a long history in terms of political power in Moscow, Russia. What is the
name of this historical center? (Zoom in to about 2,500 feet) Type: 55 45 06.97N, 37 37 01.11E.
a. Moscow
b. Arhangelskiy
d. The Kremlin

31. Which famous building is located in this spot? Type: 55 45 08.80N, 37 37 24.42E
a. St. Joseph Cathedral
b. St. Basil’s Cathedral
c. St. Peter’s Cathedral
d. Ivan’s Cathedral

32. Look at this red building in the background. What is the purpose of this red building? Type:
55 45 13.40N, 37 37 11.86E
a. Visitor Center
b. Office where tour tickets are sold
c. Church of the Twelve Apostles
d. Lenin’s Mausoleum
33. You will soon see a railroad bridge south of the city of Novosibirsk, Russia. This railroad is
part of an extensive transportation system starting from Moscow and ending near the Pacific
Ocean. What is the name of the railway system? Type: 54 57 40.60N, 82 59 06.54E
a. Tran-Moscow Railway System
b. Russian Federation Railway System
c. Siberian-Central Asian Railway System
d. Trans-Siberian Railway

34. Take a brief tour of this city, the largest in the Siberian region. Why is this city very
important in the Siberian region?
a. it shelters the rich people from Moscow
b. it hosts a number of nuclear weapons
c. it is an industrial and transportation hub
d. it has been abandoned after the collapse of the Soviet Union

35. Take a quick trip to the largest city in Kazakhstan. Why is this location the largest city in the
country? Type: 43 15 18.71N, 76 54 45.51E
a. it used to be capital of the country
b. it is a major commercial center
c. it once filed an application to host the Winter Olympics
d. all of the above

36. You are a tourist in this city. Which dominant religion are you likely to find in the city?
Type: 40 25 50.62N, 67 57 45.60E
a. Confucianism
b. Islam
c. Christianity
d. Hinduism

37. This body of water flows into the Persian Gulf through which country? Type: 41 23 59.98N,
50 35 24.34E
a. Iran
b. Iraq
c. Turkmenistan
d. none of the above

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