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Google Earth Internet Assignment


									                Google Earth Internet Assignment
In this exercise you will become familiar with Google Earth. This amazing software uses
high resolution, satellite images from around the world. The principles of this application
are similar to the layers we will be using in ArcGIS.

Pair up with a partner and using Google Earth visit the following locations. Answer any
applicable questions for each location.

   1. Turn on the Geographic Web layer and visit Vatican City, Rome. View St
      Peter’s Basilica and the surrounding Vatican City.
          a. Using the Wikipedia icon what information can you glean concerning
              Vatican City
          b. What is the distance from St Peter’s Basilica to Castel Sant'Angelo?
          c. From St. Peter’s to the Pantheon?

   2. Activate the Discovery Networks layer in the Featured Content layer. Click on
      the Discovery icon in Madrid Spain and then click on the link “the center of
      Spain” Enjoy the audio tour

   3. Find the house that you grew up in and include a screen shot of it here.

   4. Navigate to the Augusta National Golf Course where the Masters Golf
      tournament is played each year (is it not beautiful?). Measure the length of each
      hole in Amen Corner (holes #11, 12, and 13) in yards. The tee box for hole #11 is
      located at: 33° 29’54.36N 82° 01’09.77W

   5. Visit the Cape Fear Community College campus. Is the picture of our dock
      accurate? How is it different? What other differences do you note in the
      downtown area?

   6. Navigate to the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana. Was this picture
      taken post or pre hurricane Katrina. Which layer would you activate to determine
      when the picture was taken?

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