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					Mini Star
                                                          Length 54”, Width 35”, Height 63”
                                                          13hp Gas Engine, Electric Start
                                                          H.D. Electromagnetic Clutch (Remote Control)
                                                          Positive Displacement Blower
                                                          Triple Shear Pin Protection
                                                          Spiral Shredder System
                                                          Quick Change Seals (Rotor)
                                                          All Heavy Duty Construction
                                                          Wireless Remote & Castors Optional
                                                          Production (lbs per hour):
                                                          •	 Cellulose - 2000
                                                          •	 Fiberglass - 700
                                                          •	 Rockwool - 1350

                                                          This unit is ultra portable and lightweight, can
                                                          be rolled into a half-ton, but built to the same
                                                          durable standards as the rest of the Star line!

All powered units are equipped with quick change seals (rotor), new “spiral” shredder system,
tachometer,	dual	air	relief,	triple	shear	pin	protection,	all	precision	shafting,	flexible	ducting	and	flange	
for	motor/engine	air	intake,	extension	and	flange	for	exhaust	pipe,	extension	and	screening	for	blower	
air intake, and on board fuel tank.

   The engine, blower & clutches are all warranted by their respective manufacturer. The balance
   of the equipment is warranted against manufacturing defects for one year from the time of
   sale. Warranty does not cover service neglect or physical damage to the equipment.

                             Star Machine (2007) Limited
                             8732 Birchwood Rd., Hwy 204, R.R. #2
                             Oxford,	N.S,	Canada	B0M	1P0
                             Phone:	902.447.2461	|	Fax:	902.447.3260
                             Toll Free: 1-877-782-7883

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