Cooper Standard Automotive Award by akgame


									                           Application for:

                           Cooper Standard Automotive Award

Applicant Information:

Name _______________________________________                         I.D. # ________________________

Program/Plan _________________________________                       Year/Term ____________________

Home Address _________________________________________________________________

Local Address _________________________________________________________________

E-mail _______________________________________                       Phone ________________________

Award Description:
Three awards, valued at up to $1,500 each, have been established by Cooper Standard Automotive, to recognize
academic performance, demonstrated leadership abilities and financial need among students in the Faculty of
Engineering. Full-time students in Year 1 or above who have achieved an overall average of 75% or greater and
who have a demonstrated financial need are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to students studying in
the Chemical, Mechanical or Systems Design Engineering programs and to students who live in or come from
the areas of: Perth County, Huron County or the Regional Municipality of Halton. Students who have an interest
in manufacturing and/or process engineering as they relate to the automotive industry are encouraged to apply.
Interested students should apply using the Cooper Standard Automotive Award Application and attach a
completed Full-time Bursary/Award Application by the general bursary deadlines.

Application Deadline:       Submit completed applications to the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office, 2nd
                            Floor, Needles Hall on or before:
                            Fall Term: October 15, Winter Term: February 1, Spring Term: June 15
                            (If the deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline date is the preceding Friday).

Award Requirements:

1. In letter format, indicate how you satisfy the terms of the award as described above. Provide as much detail
   as possible and attach additional information as required.

2. Financial Need: Please attach a completed Full-time Bursary/Award Application Form. Explain in detail why
   your resources are insufficient to meet your needs. Staple this cover sheet to the front of the bursary

3. Have you lived in Ontario for 12 consecutive months prior to beginning your post-secondary studies?  yes
    no

4. Please provide the name of the County/Region in Ontario where you attended high school:


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