MARKET STEER by housework


									                                MARKET STEER

                                        Class - 11

                              Chairperson: Zac Cohoon

                       Sunday Labour Day Weekend - 11 a.m.

                           RULES AND REGULATIONS

1. All exhibitors to read the “Livestock” Rules and Regulations as well as the “General”
    Rules and Regulations (See Index – Page 1).
2. Entry Fee - $10.00 per exhibitor + $5.00 Membership Fee = $15.00 total fee.
3. All exhibitors registered before August 17, 2007 will receive one (1) gate pass
    (owner) and one (1) vehicle pass in the mail. After this date, exhibitors must pay at
    the gate and then speak with their chairperson for a refund card which can be
    brought to the office.
4. All animals to be properly finished for slaughter.
5. Open to any breed of Beef Breed Purebred, Grade or Crossbred.
6. All Steers will be weighed upon arrival and auctioned with a 3 percent shrink (scales
    will be provided).
7. Cattle must be on the grounds by 11:00 a.m.
8. All animals entered must be sold at auction immediately after showing of beef cattle
    is completed.
9. One entry allowed per farm enterprise.
10. Cattle MUST be removed the night of the sale.
11. Animals do not need to be halter broken. HORNS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.
12. Buyers must make cheques payable to the Port Perry Agricultural Society, the day of
    the sale.
13. Judging for the Market Division will be by the Ontario County Beef Improvement
14. Holding pens and unloading chute will be provided.
15. This class is open to the first sixteen (16) animals entered only.
16. Cattle must be owned by the exhibitor for at least 90 days. Exhibitor may be asked to
    sign affidavit to this effect.
17. There will be no refunds of entry fee.
18. Prize money will be paid at the end of the show. Cheques for the sale of the
    animal will be sent 1 week after the fair.
19. One percent (1%) of the selling price will be retained by the Port Perry Agricultural
    Society. This will be used towards the promotion of this event.
20. Maximum weight – 1,350 lbs. Any cattle over 1,350 lbs. will not be sold.

                             Prize Money Donated By
                         REID’S INDEPENDENT GROCER

      FIRST                  SECOND                  THIRD
      $500.00                 $300.00                $200.00

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