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Quarterly Newsletter of Baguio Fil-Am of Tidewater, Inc.                                         Volume 3, Issue 1               January 2004


Mark Your Calendars:

You can view and download a copy
of the full 2004 schedule at:

Feb-8-04 Sunday 2 p.m. Regular
Meeting/Potluck (Committee Re-
ports) at the home of Robert &
Linda Arcido, 2593 Cantwell Rd,
Virginia Beach, VA. Contact 430-

Mar-14-04 Sunday 2 p.m. Regular
Meeting/Potluck at the home of Ron
& Hilda Monte, 2220 Shinglewood
Way, Virginia Beach, VA. Contact
                                          A look backwards:                                      acknowledge their generous donations and more
                                                                                                 donations from Bing & Cory Querimit, the
Mar-20-04 Saturday 6 p.m. Spring          Our most recent meeting and potluck was held at        Espinosa, Fontano, and Rillera families, Nony
Fund Raising Dance, San Lorenzo           the home of Jimbo & Jocelyn Jimeno (the Dulce's        Abrajano from NaFFAA, and Ragaza Family from
                                          were under the weather!) on Sunday, January            P.L.C. Proceeds went to Baguio Fil-Am's Christ-
                                          11th was a big success. A status report for our        mas Fund and helped buy gifts for our members
                  (Continued on page 2)
                                          501c3 Charitable application was given by the          children and grandchildren at the Christmas Party.
                                          president, the 2004 Schedule is approved, and
                                          progress was made on plans for the "Baguio Shin-       Thanksgiving Day Party was also held at St. Pe-
      Inside this issue:                  dig" fundraiser. Some members suggested that           ter's Episcopal Church, Norfolk on Thursday Nov-
                                          we make a special effort to meet and welcome           27-03. Potluck, Shrimp, Roast Beef, Lechon were
                                          new members at one of our summer picnics, ei-          all delicious. Caroling practice was held for our
Guest Editorial                      2    ther Mother's Day or Father's Day.                     Annual Caroling drive. President Manny Vergara
                                                                                                 took this opportunity to present Outstanding Ser-
                                          To help usher in the New Year, our ever generous       vice awards to Mars Anongos, Robert & Linda
                                          President, Manny Vergara, spontaneously called         Arcido, Mario and Norma Espinosa, Robert & Glo-
Member news and News                 3    for a lunch meeting at the International Buffet on     ria Rillero, Emilia Forosan, Fely Cardenas, Nora
from Home                                 the 4th of January. For those who could make it        Salvador, and Ben & Judy Gregg. Presidents
                                          on short notice, this resulted in a fine meal, and a   Awards: Platinum - Jane Monte, Silver - Myrna
IIC-5                                4    productive meeting.                                    Velbis, Gold - John & Brigette Dangos. Gene Bar-
Recipes and Poems                                                                                ros (AKA Santa) received Manny's Samurai Sword
                                          The Christmas Party was held at St. Peter's Epis-      Award this year.
Fil Am Officers                      5    copal Church, Norfolk on Saturday, Dec-20-03.
                                          Besides a lively visit by Santa and games, Mem-        On Nov 15, 2003, Baguio Fil-Am of Tidewater, Inc.
                                          bers Exchanged gifts in a Chinese Pollyanna.           held their 18th Induction Ball at the Little Creek
                                          Again, the food was excellent, and we're already       NAB Chief Petty Officers Club. Dr. Manuel Hipol,
Health tip                           6
                                          looking forward to next years parties.                 MD, Chairman, Council of United Filipino Organi-
                                                                                                 zations of Tidewater (CUFOT), and Dr. Laarni Bi-
                                          The Annual Christmas Caroling, led by our choir-       bay, MD, President of the Philippine Medical Asso-
Birthdays & Anniversaries            7    master Mario (Bing)) Bansen spread some joyous         ciation of SE Virginia were on hand to induct the
Daily Thoughts                            cheer around the neighborhood again during the         officers.
                                          Christmas season, including Marion Manor Nurs-
President’s Corner                   8    ing Home, and the homes of the Sullivans , Aban-       Lively entertainment included Mario (Bing) Ban-
                                          dos and Sally (of Sally's Bakery). We would like to                                 (Continued on page 2)
PAGE 2                                                      T HE M OU N TAI NE ER                                                QU ARTERL Y

Guest Editorial                                                                                                     by Jocelyn Jimeno
My Reflections
Here we are welcoming another New Year, saying goodbye to
2003 and hailing in 2004.

It has been a good year, and has been a quieter more peace-
ful and hopefully a happier one for all of us. The camaraderie
has been great and we always look forward to those times.

But as the festivities end, as the merriment fades, let us pre-
serve all these positive feelings to use for more positive
changes towards the further betterment of our Baguio Fil-am              I am an Igorot, I am an Ilocano, I am Tagalog.... but after that
Association.                                                             what comes next????

We call on all the membership---the old-timers and the new-              Our generation is not getting any younger, and time flies so
comers -- to share with us their positive energies, so we can            fast we cannot catch it...will we let another year go by...with
all embrace each other to rebuild and strengthen the bond that           just wishful thinking???
we have shared.
                                                                         Let us all do our parts to keep the Baguio Fil-am banner flying
As we deal with the idiosyncrasies of daily life, we tend to for-        proudly. We have a myriad of talented gals and guys young
get our obligation of being in a community. Let us try to make           and old...let us keep the songs playing, let us keep the games
our little community of the Baguio FIL-AM, flourish so as to             going but most of all let us keep the peace and love among us
enable us to persevere and preserve the cultural heritage for            all.
our children to learn and inherit. And in so doing, we help our
children understand their heritage and hope that they will keep          The Christmas tree has come down, the lights have stopped
these traditions going for future generations.                           blinking... The carols are no longer playing.... but the spirit of
                                                                         the season remains...HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!
It is true, we are always proud to say I am a Filipino-American,

(Continued from page 1)                                                  (Continued from page 1)

Spiritual Center, 4556 Indian River Rd., Virginia Beach, VA. Espino-     sen, singer and guitarist, and Mario and Norma Espinosa, our DJs
sas-DJ, Cultural Dances Tickets $12.50- Tita Dulce 471-3990              and dance instructors.

Apr-11-04 Sunday 11 a.m. Easter Sunday Picnic Egg Hunt/Potluck at        The highlight of the evening was the Bontoc Dance presentation with
Princess Anne Park, Shelter #2, 3475 Princess Anne Rd., Virginia         John Dangos, Efren Monis, Romy Maglalang and Mario Bansen with
Beach, VA. Contact Hilda Monte 689-0609, Linda Arcido 430-2742           the Gangsa (gong).

May-9-04 Sunday 11 a.m. Dad's Surprise Celebration/Mother's Day          Female dancers were Hilda Monte, Joselyn Jimeno, and Emilia
Surprise (and Regular Meeting), location TBA. Contact Roger Velbis -     Forosan. They all were soon joined by members of the audience.
VP 486-2737
                                                                         Melinda Burdios and family marked the one year anniversary of Ce-
                                                                         sar's departure by inviting everyone to join them for a special memo-
                                                                         rial service at their home on Sunday November 16, Warm memories
                                                                         of Cesar abounded.

                                                                         On Sunday Nov. 9th, our president, Manny Vergara called a Special
                                                                         General Meeting/Potluck which was held at his home, to finalize
                                                                         preparations for the Induction Ball, and enjoy a great cookout.

                                                                         Mario (Bing) Bansen, our PRO and a talented musician in his own
                                                                         right, hosted a Dinner/Dance at San Lorenzo on Friday October 24th.
                                                                         Between memorable food, music, singing, Gansa dancing, DJing by
                                                                         the Espinosas, and a personal appearance by Elvis Dangos, the
                                                                         event was a roaring success.

                                                                         We failed to report previously that during the 4th of July Fil-Am
                                                                         Friendship Day, Roger Velbis, Amy Labadan, Joyce Mayaen and all
                                                                         the Peace Officers received trophies for their outstanding service.
Happy 2003 recipients of our annual boxes of school supplies,
which go out to the various provinces of the Cordillera." -
Thanks to the advice and help of Erlinda Arcido and her (better?)
                                                                                                                         (Continued on page 5)
PAGE 3                                                           T HE M OU N TAI NE ER                                                     QU ARTERL Y

Member News:                                                                   of Northern Sagada (BANSA) for the implementation, with Bangan
                                                                               punong barangay Osenio Lay-os on the helm.
Trina P. Monis is slated to be the Director of the Cardiac Program at the
University of South Carolina this fall.                                        Features include biodiversity conservation, nursery establishment,
                                                                               forest protection and expansion, and preservation of traditional forest
Jane Monte received Honorable Mention for her piano music in the Vir-          policies.
ginia Beach citywide Reflections contest.
                                                                               During the project launching earlier this year, Sagada Mayor Thomas
                                                                               Killip noted its potential to succeed because it will be directly imple-
Congratulations to the proud parents and grandpar-                             mented by the villagers themselves in accordance with their tradi-
ents of newborns:                                                              tional practices.
Lucas Michael White (Born 18 October '03)                                      "You have been doing similar projects on your own and this is no dif-
Keagan Neal Bolinto Cullifer (Born 18 December '03)                            ferent, except that the project content as initially presented, is in Eng-
Katrina Leon (Born 8 January '04)                                              lish, but which you can translate to our own dialect," Killip said during
                                                                               the briefing on the project features.
Mission of Mercy:
                                                                               As planned, the children will soon be walking through the pine and
Tragic disaster occurred in the province of Leyte following December 20,       mossy forest and hunting grounds in an experiential learning process
2003's devastating landslides and flash floods that killed more than 150       patterned after the indigenous practices handed down through the
people in the central and northeastern part of Mindanao.                       generations.

Our Mission of Mercy organization, a Filipino Community Disaster Relief        "With support from the elders, they will be planting and caring for
Organization of Hampton Roads, is again activated to lend its support by       trees the way our ancestors maintained these forests" said Julie Ta-
helping to raise funds to help assist the victims in the Philippines. We       guinay, head of the project's education committee.
are appealing again to all of you for your support.
                                                                               For now, the kids are learning to interview their grandparents and
If you have any question regarding the Mission of Mercy please give            village elders to gain insight into and record these indigenous prac-
Nony E. Abrajano a call at 420-4181 or Father Manalo at 471-8949 or            tices that they will validate through the forest and village walks.
Richie Santander at 427-0277. Pass this info to your Hampton Roads
Filipino community network.                                                    "One of the common cultural practices in Northern Sagada is the
                                                                               maintenance of a Osaguday¹", sixth grader Kristelle Ngina wrote in
News from Home:                                                                her initial vignette, "This is a certain portion of land communally taken
                                                                               cared of by a group of families, usually of one clan, starting from their
Sagada Kids Revive Cultural Wisdom for Watershed Enhancement                   past generations up to the present."
by Ramon Dacawi
                                                                               Her schoolmate, Roflyne Fangayen, focused her study on the Ouba-
SAGADA, Mt. Province - Children in this upland indigenous community            ya¹ holiday and the Opatpatayan¹, a ritual tree held sacred by her
are tracing their cultural and environmental roots, literally and otherwise.   ancestors in Bangaan barangay.
In so doing, they are being given a voice and empowered to help con-
serve and promote such heritage.                                               " OUbaya¹ is a holiday for the villagers, (when) no one is allowed to
                                                                               work in the fields for it is considered a rest day for the villagers,"
Villagers in the six northern barangays of this scenic Cordillera town         Roflyne noted in her writing book. "Patpatayan is sacred tree. It is
have tapped the kids as key players in a two-year watershed project            where offerings such as chickens, pigs are butchered."
anchored on traditional resource conservation practices of Sagada's
pine and mossy forests.                                                        From her talks with the elders, Mary Ann Paclan of Tanulong baran-
                                                                               gay learned that her ancestors came from Bika, a place in neighbor-
Supported by the Small Grants Programme of the United National De-             ing Abra province. She retold the story of how, in their search for a
velopment Programme, the project has been dubbed "Headwaters En-               new settlement, a dog led them to a big tree.
hancement Project". This is to stress the vital role of the barangays serv-
ing as watershed of the Amlusong River, a major tributary of the Chico         "This tree was called Otanulong¹ and that's how our village got its
River that feeds the rice lands downstream, into the Cagayan Valley.           name," she said.

Although a world-renowned haven for tourists and where western mis-            Mildred Bolinget of the Aguid Primary School wrote that in the olden
sionary education, through the Episcopal Church, took a foothold in the        days. A Spaniard passing through asked an old woman sharpening a
1920s, Sagada has kept its cultural values intact compared to other in-        piece of wood what the village's name was.
digenous villages of the Cordillera.
                                                                               "She (misunderstood the question and) answered she was sharpen-
Elders, however, feel a fraying of the cultural fabric. This prompted Sa-      ing it for use in planting banana trees. And that's how Aguid got its
gada natives now residing in Baguio to propose the culture-based envi-         name, after the sharply pointed piece of wood."
ronmental project to be implemented by the community and its children.
                                                                               Godfrey, who did not write his family name on his piece, said his vil-
"The village elders hope it would help pass on the time-tested natural         lage of Madongo was named after a mushroom locals call Odongo¹.
resource management practices of northern Sagada," explained forester          "One day, a group men passed by and they saw many dongo growing
Manny Pogeyed who helped draft the project proposal.                           in the place. They called my village Madongo, meaning Omany don-
In an effort to help their native communities, members of the
Bangaan-Fidelisan-Tanulong-Aguid-Madungo-Pide Association of Ba-               Taguinay explained that recording folklore, traditional wisdom, culture
guio and Suburbs (BFTAMPABS) headed by Thomas Doga-ong submit-                 and history will be a vital component of the children's activities "so
ted the project proposal to the UNDP.                                          they will learn, remember and pass on to the next generation our
                                                                               common heritage".
Following its approval, the villagers organized the Barangay Association
                                                                                                                                   (Continued on page 6)
PAGE 4                                                          T HE M OU N TAI NE ER                                                        QU ARTERL Y

5th Igorot International Consultation (IIC-5):                             4. How much does it cost? Fee for 19 years and older is $125. Students
                                                                           (13-18) are $100. 12 and under are free. There is a $25 discount if you
                                                                           pay before January 31, 2004.
Anyone that might be interested in attending the 5th Igorot Interna-
tional Consultation [IIC-5] in St. Louis, is invited to learn more on
                                                                           5. What does the registration fee cover? It covers all the meals, expenses
Sunday 25 Jan., 1p.m., at the International Buffet, off Centerville
                                                                           for key speakers, rental of conference rooms and audio-visuals, snacks,
Turnpike and Kempsville Rd.
                                                                           and other miscellaneous expenses related to the IIC-5. It does not include
                                                                           payment for hotel stay.
You may also contact:
Ben Gregg, BF-A PRO
                                                                           6. Where should we stay? Since the venue for the IIC-5 is at the Radis-
                                                                           son Hotel, we recommend that you stay at the same hotel. Rates are dis-
or James Bugtong
                                                                           counted for IIC-5 delegates if you book your rooms before 1 May 2004.
                                                                           You can rent one room with two full beds (sleeps four) at $109 plus tax,
                                                                           queen bedroom at $89 plus tax and King bed at $89. plus tax. Credit Card
Below are the questions that are frequently asked about the IIC-5.
                                                                           Guarantee required.
                                                                           Cancellation Policy: CANCEL BY 4:00PM HOTEL TIME ON JUL 01 2004
1. What are the objectives of the IIC-5? The objectives are three-
                                                                           = NO PENALTY. LATE CANCEL/NO SHOWS CHARGED one night.
   a. To learn about the 1904 journey of the Igorots in the St. Louis
                                                                           With such liberal cancellation terms, it doesn't make much sense to wait
      World's Fair and how it brought us to the present day.
                                                                           to get in line.
   b. To expand our horizons by partnering with the people of St.
                                                                           Looking the Radisson online reservations, and it looks like the online
   c. To forge the pathways that lead to enlightenment, never
                                                                           regular rates are about double of the rates IIC-5 is quoted, if you can
      forgetting our dignity
                                                                           even get it to show availability. June 30th isn't discounted, and they
                                                                           wanted $169+, regular rate.
2. What's the theme. The theme," Igorot: St. Louis to the World",
                                                                           Radisson won't reveal how many rooms are left at the IIC-5 rates, so act
was voted at the San Antonio, TX meeting last year. It is to celebrate
the challenges and accomplishments of Igorots since their participa-
tion at the St. Louis World Fair in 1904. With pride and dignity, the
                                                                           For further information about the hotel go to
Igorot continues his journey to the world. He is strengthened by his
values and heritage as he faces new horizons.
                                                                           7. Where can I get the IIC-5 registration forms. It should be posted in the
3. When is the IIC-5 and where? It will be held on 1-4 July 2004 at        Igorot website - or call Ben Gregg Tel.:
the Radisson Hotel in Clayton, Missouri which is a few minutes away        757-496-7342
from St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

                                                gayong wala namang panakal o kutsara.
              Recipes:                                                                          Poem:
                                                   Sapat na sapat ang dinikdik na luya                                 Today...
A reminder on the taste/essence of being
a Filipino or how a Filipino dish can be a
                                                   pang-alis sa lansa at gilik na lasa.         I wish you a day of ordinary miracles----
   metaphor for life's bitter & sour side.
                                                 May orasan ang pang-amoy ni nanay;             A fresh pot of coffee you didn't make yourself.
                                              nalalaman sa usok kung kailan dapat ilagay        An unexpected phone call from an old friend.
 Abot-abot ang paghanga ko kay nanay
                                                ang sahog na ampalaya't siling panigang         Green stoplights on your way to work or shop.
     kapag nagluluto siya ng paksiw.
                                                 at kung kailan sapat ang pagkakakulo           I wish you a day of little things to rejoice in...
    Kung hiwain ang katawan ng isda
                                                   at maari nang hanguin ang niluluto.          The fastest line at the grocery store.
tila may guhit na sinusundan ang kampit
                                               At kapag tinatanong ko ang lihim ng timpla,      A good sing along song on the radio.
 Buong-buo ang apdo, hasang, at bituka
                                                    tipid na ngiti at ito ang sagot niya:       Your keys right where you look.
  kapag dinukot sa tiyang wakwak na.
                                                "Anak, balang araw, matututunan mo rin          I wish you a day of happiness and perfection--
   Kapag ang isda'y nasa kaldero na,
                                                 kung paano sasarap ang pait at asim."          I wish you little bite-size pieces of perfection that
    basta-basta ibinubuhos ang suka
                                                                                                give you the funny feeling that the Lord is smiling on
                                                                                                you, holding you so gently because you are some-
   mula sa bote ng Tanduay na haba.
                                                                                                one special and rare.
                                                  - contributed by Edwin (Bing) Quirimit
         May panlasa ang matang
                                                                                                I wish You a day of Peace, Happiness and Joy. Re-
                                                                                                member to Make the Time TODAY, To do some-
   nakakaalam ng asim sa isang linga.
                                                                                                thing Special for a Total Stranger. Have a TERRI-
                                                                                                FIC day!
 Bilang na bilang ang butil na pampalasa

  kung magbudbud ng asin at paminta
                                                                                                                     - Contributed by Fely Cardenas
PAGE 5                                                              T HE M OU N TAI NE ER                                       QU ARTERL Y

Baguio Fil-Am Officers 2004:                          Conrad Gatchalian                               Fely Cardenas
(Inducted Nov 15, 2003)                               Domingo Bolinto                                 Gloria Rillera
                                                                                                      Florence Ferrera
President -                                           Peace Officers -                                Alba Bassig
Manny Vergara                                         Ron Monte
                                                      Romy Fontanos                                   Membership and Recruitment:
Vice Presidents -                                     Jimbo Jimeno                                    Roy Gatchalain
John Dangos (1st)                                     Johnny Labadan                                  Rosemarie Redes
Roger Velbis (2nd)                                    Manny Mogen                                     Benedicta Gatchalain
                                                      Jess Ladrillo                                   Delia Gatchalain
Secretaries -                                         Rudy Dulce
Joyce Mayaen (1st)                                    Romy Maglalang                                  Logistic Officers:
Amelia Labadan (2nd)                                                                                  Ron Rillera
                                                      2004 Appointees:                                Don Gatewood
Treasurers -                                                                                          Orlando De Guzman
Tita Dulce (1st)                                      Board of Directors:                             Ernie Oribello
Emelia Forosan (2nd)                                  Art Picart                                      John Hoke
                                                      Jocelyn Jimeno
Public Relations Officers -                           Rolly Cedo                                      Baguio Fil-Am of Tidewater Advisers:
Mario (Bing) Bansen                                   Wagner Buting                                   Jun Sandoval
Ben Gregg                                             Ching Monis                                     Mario Espinosa
                                                      Vickie Querimit                                 Hilda Monte
Auditors -                                            James Bugtong                                   Efren Monis
Lito Mayaen                                           Romy Daus                                       Linda Arcido
Edwin Quirimit                                        Amy Labadam                                     Willie Austria
                                                      Gene Caburian                                   Dolly Anongos
Businesses Managers -                                                                                 Manny Vergara
Rey Salvador                                          PCC Baguio Fil-Am Board of Directors:
                                                      Adie Bugtong

(Continued from page 2)
IRS 501c3 Tax-Exempt Status Report
Our lawyer has reviewed our bylaws, and made some changes in order to comply with require-
ments for Articles of Incorporation.
We have obtained a Tax Identification number for our organization. Now we are awaiting a Deter-
mination Letter granting us tax-exempt status (Sometimes, IRS first requests more information.)
Once we obtain our Copy of the IRS Determination Letter, some of the many benefits we become
eligible are:
1. Tax-deductibility of donations to the organization < we can give tax-deductible receipts for all
cash and non-cash donations.

2. Lower nonprofit postage rates for mailing over 250 identical pieces of mail.

3. Public service announcements on radio and TV (free but limited availability).

4. Limited liability for directors and officers for operations of the organization.

5. Perpetual existence. The corporation continues on after the death of the founder(s).

6. Government and private grants are available for tax-exempt organizations.

7. Some stores and businesses give a discount to nonprofit corporations and employees of non-
profits. Some publications give an advertising discount to nonprofit organizations.

8. We may be eligible to obtain food from a government food bank.

9. Once our organization secures tax-exempt status, it is permanent. We don't have to go back
and renew it, ever.
PAGE 6                                                           T HE M OU N TAI NE ER                                                   QU ARTERL Y

(Continued from page 3)                                                 calling on the entire community and that of Sagada not to allow this to hap-
The children's feature of the headwaters enhancement project
was inspired by "Eco-Walk". A similar indigenous culture-based          The Banao Declaration, as it is now becoming known, is being circulated in
environmental program for kids in Baguio which last year received       Besao and Sagada for consensus. Once enough supporters are gathered,
the Global 500 Roll of Honour from the United Nations Environ-          through a signature campaign, the declaration will be presented to President
mental Programme.                                                       Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Eco-Walk volunteers are helping the villagers flesh out the chil-       It is hoped that once Arroyo knows the sentiments of the people in this part
dren's activities as part of the Baguio's inter-local government unit   of Mtn. Province, she will make the appropriate action. At the very least,
support program.                                                        Arroyo could inform the various arms of the government on the sentiment of
                                                                        Besao folk and take measures in order to keep the lake and its surrounding
Noting the need for cultural sensitivity and to ensure a strong         areas from being desecrated.
sense of ownership of their project, the kids here dubbed it
"Tobbogan".                                                                                                     ** Joel Belinan,

Teachers guiding the children in their writing said the term capsu-
lizes the indigenous process of enhancing the productivity of a
traditional water source. -

Besao folk declare Lake Banao sacred

Can anyone title a piece of land which has been considered sa-
cred land?

The Besao people are starting to stop such an event from hap-
pening in one of their sacred areas - the Banao Lake - by coming
                                                                             Health Tip:
up with a formal document which is hoped will stop any person
from owning any portion of its surrounding land.                             Take them to the doctor for check-ups
                                                                             Of course you take your child to the pediatrician when she's sick,
According to the oral history of Besao, the Banao Lake is hal-               but don't forget age-appropriate routine check-ups (called "well
lowed and used only by people in dire need. "Banao is a mystic               child visits"); it's much easier to prevent health problems than to
lake as its water does not come from higher ground. It is located            treat them. Schedule dental visits every six months and eye ex-
in one of the highest mountains in that area. Instead, water rises           ams every two years.
from under the mountain to form the lake and its waters flow
through outlets that eventually irrigate the rice fields of
the Besao people and other nearby communities. Its water not
only supplies irrigation but also provides drinking water for the
locals," the Besao folk's declaration said.

The declaration seeks to stop anyone from owning any part of the
Banao Lake saying that everyone must enjoy from the blessings
that the lake would grant.

Last October 27, elders gave evidences that the lake is sacred.
The practice of offering sacrificial animals to Kabunian - whom the
elders say created the lake - is but one proof that the people of
Besao consider this area of their town as holy. They also narrated
times when the lake would inexplicably dry up only to return when
offerings and prescribed rituals are once again performed.

The land surrounding Lake Banao can be tilled by anyone from
Besao and neighboring Sagada, but only when circumstances
drive them to. The elders said that when iBesaos or iSagadas find
themselves with nothing left to eat, they are allowed by the elders
to cultivate the land so that they can have something to eat and
tide over the hard times.

But throughout the history of this mountain community, no one
has tried to own any part of the sacred Banao Lake. That is until
recent history when some residents have tried to declare portions
of it their own through tax declarations. Some even went to the
extent of fencing off prime areas for their own profit.

There was even a time when a building was constructed close to
the lake which included a proposed fish hatchery. The elders
called for the stop of the construction and the building remains a
skeleton marring the beautiful landscape of the lake.

But the efforts to protect the lake by the elders may all come to
naught if the plan of some to title its surrounding land comes to
fruition. The Banao declaration hopes to stop such speculation by
PAGE 7                                                       T HE M OU N TAI NE ER                                                QU ARTERL Y

                                                 March                               Daily thoughts:
         Sincere condolences go out to           3-2 Jeff Sampilo
                 the families of                 3-4 Rene Leon                       1. The length of a film should be directly related to the
                                                 3-4 Benito Balawos                  endurance of the human bladder. Alfred Hitchcock
Isabel Mata passed away on 04 Jan 2004           3-6 Ron Madera
( mother of Myrna & Nato Leon)                   3-7 Susan Sullivan                  2. Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you in
                                                 3-7 La Picart                       trouble. -- Frank Tyger
Sonny Vicente, the husband of Lily Vicente,      3-9 Percy Azarias
passed away on 26 Dec. '03.                      3-11 Tony Picardo                   3. The greatest gift that you can give yourself is a little
                                                 3-11 Mellisa Querimit               bit of your own attention. -- Anthony J. D'Angelo
Wilfred E. Calica, the husband of Rosezella      3-11 Melinda Querimit
Calica, passed away on Dec. 30, 2003.            3-12 KC Salvador                    4. People and things do not upset us, rather we upset
                                                 3-15 Jennifer Azarias               ourselves by believing that they can upset us. -- Al-
Lorna Degusman's father, who passed away         3-17 Patrick Digman                 bert Ellis
November 8, 2003.                                3-17 Patrick Aquintey
                                                 3-23 Gloria Hermoso                 5. People forget how fast you did a good job, but they
New Members:                                     3-26 Gerry Cenzon                   remember how well you did it. -- Howard W. Newton
Laddie & Maria Cruz                              3-27 Roger Panelo
Carlito Gambito                                  April                               6. What a strange illusion it is to suppose that beauty
David & Debbie Greig                             4-2 Ada Bugtong                     is goodness. -- Leo Tolstoy
Lucia Johnson                                    4-2 Brian Panelo
Dennis & Aurora Barao                            4-3 Julius Anongos                  7. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever
Benhur & Yvonne Damag (recruited by Julius       4-4 Steve Redd                      wasted. -- Aesop
& Maurice Damag)                                 4-4 Alysson Quiling
Chris & Linda Dentith (recruited by Susan Sul-   4-7 Art Bautista                    8. Talking much about oneself can also be a means to
livan)                                           4-8 Lovella Panelo                  conceal oneself. -- Friedrich Nietzsche
Roger Llamar (recruited by Rolly Cedo)           4-11 Romy Maglalang
                                                 4-12 Bob Arcido                     9. A soft answer turneth away wrath. Proverbs 15:1
Returning Members:                               4-14 Tasha Lei Vergara
Richard & Susan Sullivan                         4-14 Kristopher Gatchalian          10. Know how to ask. There is nothing more difficult
                                                 4-14 Rex Aycud                      for some people, nor, for others, easier. -- Baltazar
Get Well Soon:                                   4-15 John Alferes                   Gracian
John Hoke, Julie Aycud McCollum and Perla        4-18 Mary Jane Panelo
Tabancura, who has asked us to pray for a        4-19 Rudy Hermoso                   11. Experience is a great advantage. The problem is
miracle!                                         4-20 Jasmine Bibay                  that when you get the experience, you're too damned
                                                 4-21 Joseph Daus                    old to do anything about it. -- Jimmy Connors
Birthdays:                                       4-23 Arlene Digman
January                                          4-23 Arlene Aquintey                12. The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working
1-1 Jun Sandoval                                 4-27 Lita Anongos                   the moment you get up in the morning and does not
1-2 Linda Gutierrez                              4-30 Michelle Flora                 stop until you get into the office. -- Robert Frost
1-6 Gary Baltazar
1-7 Anne Cabacoy                                 Anniversaries (Weddings):           13. That is the saving grace of humor, if you fail, no
1-7 Cory Querimit                                January                             one is laughing at you. -- A. Whitey Brown
1-12 Ching Monis                                 1-3 Richard and Susan Sullivan
1-17 Karen Picardo                               1-20 Tony & Karen Picardo           14. Consider the rights of others before your own feel-
1-22 Katherine Cabacoy                           1-26 Ron & Hilda Monte              ings, and the feelings of others before your own
1-25 Tyler Madera                                February                            rights. -- John Wooden
1-25 Lito Mayaen                                 2-6 Gene & Susan Barros
1-27 Larry Damron                                2-15 Steve & Joyce Redd             15. The public will believe anything, so long as it is
1-31 Roland Bibay                                March                               not founded on truth. -- Edith Sitwell
February                                         3-16 Butch & Florence Rio
2-3 Joseph Dentith                               3-27 Ed and Cora Querimit           16. A professional is a person who can do his/her
2-6 Romy Daus                                    April                               best at a time when he/she doesn't particularly feel
2-7 Jerel Gutierrez                              4-2 Johnny & Amy Labadan            like it. -- Alistair Cooke
2-9 Emilie Ladrillono                            4-3 Rey & Nora Salvador
2-12 Renato Leon                                 4-8 Efren & Ching Monis             17. When one person hesitates because he feels infe-
2-13 Juan Presto                                 4-10 Myke and Jennifer Pangwi       rior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming
2-14 Hazel Daus                                  4-16 Larry and Margaret Damron      superior. -- Henry C. Link
2-15 Janelle Gutierrez                           4-17 Primo and Alice Alferes
2-15 Silvestre Agnaonao                          4-23 Jess & Vicky Querimit          18. Obstacles are those frightful things you see when
2-16 Lilibeth Aycud                              4-26 Fred and Lydia Veraque         you take your eyes off the goal. -- Hannah More
2-18 Jenny Sampilo                               4-30 Roger and Myrna Velbis
2-23 Jocelyn Veraque                                                                 19. I write down everything I want to remember. That
2-23 Rosalind Piluden                                                                way, instead of spending a lot of time trying to remem-
2-24 Mario Marasigan                                                                 ber what it is I wrote down, I spend the time looking
2-28 Connie Manalac                                                                  for the paper I wrote it down on. -- Beryl Pfizer

                                                                                                             - Contributed by Roger Velbis
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                         Presidents Corner:
                         Brothers, sisters, old, young and new members-

                         Greetings to all. As you must already know, I've been called upon to serve as your president for another year, so my farewell message in the
                         last issue was a little premature.

                         Those of you who didn't make it to our induction, Thanksgiving and Christmas Parties missed a lot of fun, friendship and bonding to our Associa-
                         tion. To begin, I would like to thank your Manang Hilda and Jocelyn for doing an outstanding job during Thanksgiving and Christmas, and all
                         officers and members who came and helped us for the Induction, Thanksgiving, Caroling and Christmas.

This years Fil-AM Friendship Day will continue to be held on July 4th instead of moving to Filipino Independence Day, as had been mentioned as a possibility.

Since I will be attending the IIC in St Louis on July 4, I want to thank the Vice President Roger Velbis for taking over the helm for the Filipino American Friendship Day
picnic and parade in Redwing Park.

A "Let's get together Party" was one of the ideas at our last meeting so we could meet the new members of our organization. So I call upon you to Please come and
attend our gatherings. We welcome you with open arms. This is an opportunity for new friendships. We've started a new tradition of bringing to the monthly meetings a
Birthday Cake for those members whose birthday falls in that month. So don't miss out!

I hope to report on the progress of our scholarship project when I get back from my trip to the Philippines. While in the Philippines next month, I also hope to be of assis-
tance by recruiting medical personnel. More details can be found at:

May this year be a fruitful and successful one for all of us.

Manny B. Vergara
President 2004

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