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					                            spa salveo                                            spa salveo
                 thermal suite                       signature treatments

monsoon shower                                       serail mud chamber                         50mins

Imagine the exhilaration that showering with         This traditional Arabic cleansing ritual is the
over fifty litres of water a minute can provide,     ideal treatment to share with your partner or
with either thermostatically controlled hot or       friend. The skin is prepared by body brushing,
invigoratingly cold water. Add the subtle mood       which is the first step to detoxifying the
                                                     system. The self application of therapeutic
enhancing red or blue lights and “the monsoon”
                                                     muds follows, whereupon you enter a double
is the ultimate shower experience.
                                                     treatment room. Herbal steam is released,
                                                     while the muds work to detoxify and soften the
salt brine inhalation room                           skin. Enjoy and invigorating shower before an
                                                     application of hydrating oil, leaving you skin
This steam room infuses saline solution into         like velvet.
the air, providing an environment that is            The theraputic mud has outstanding healing
excellent for anyone with sinus concerns.            properties, excellent for aching joints and muscles,
                                                     rheumatism and skin disorders.

scented steam room
                                                     dry flotation
Let the gentle warmth of steam infused with
natural essences completely relax the mind           Floating is a wonderful way of attaining deep
                                                     relaxation - it has been said that just one
and body whilst listening to the sounds of
                                                     hour of floating can have the effect of four
birdsong a gentle flowing stream or waves
                                                     hours of deep sleep. The dry float is a flexible
lapping on a tropical shore. Relaxing fibre
                                                     membrane of heated water. Experience the
optic lighting fills the ceiling with an array of
                                                     benefits of virtual weightlessness in the warmth
constantly changing colour.                          and comfort on a float.
                                                     Choose from the following wraps:

herbal sauna                                         • Moor Mud Wrap                           55 mins
Allow yourself to be immersed in the comfort         Moor Mud is legendary for its powerful therapeutic
                                                     properties. Several thousand-year-old moor mud
and warmth of the herbal sauna. The unique
                                                     remineralizes, soothes and rejuvenates tired
lighting system provides colour therapy that
                                                     muscles and dull skin.
soothes the mind and soul.
                                                     • Organic Essential Oil Wrap         55 mins
                                                     A luxurious application of Organic
aromatherapy grotto                                  aromatherapy oils mixed with Thermal Mineral
De-stress and relax in a warm room filled with       Crème to relieve muscle tension, promote
the soothing aromas of lavender rosemary or          detoxification and hydration. Your skin is left
                                                     superbly hydrated and nourished.
pine, under a starlit sky to the relaxing sound of
panpipes or lapping waves. The perfect room
in which to de-stress and chill out.
                                                                                  spa salveo
                                                                    spa etiquette

special considerations                              To ensure the perfect experience…
• If you have high blood pressure, heart            • Please be aware that spa Salveo’s facilities
  conditions, are pregnant or have any other          are available to persons over eighteen years
  medical complications, may we advise you            of age.
  to consult your doctor before committing to       • We recommend that you book at least 4-6
  any spa treatments. Please make your spa            weeks in advance or if you are planning a trip
  therapist aware of any medical conditions.          to stay in the hotel, at the time of reservation.
                                                    • All bookings must be confirmed with a
opening hours                                         credit card.

• Spa Salveo is open daily from 8am to 8pm,         • Please arrive 30 minutes prior your treatment
  although we would appreciate if you could           booking time, arriving late may interfere with
                                                      your treatment and in some cases we may be
  contact reception to confirm in case of any
                                                      forced to re-schedule your appointment. All
  change to this schedule.
                                                      appointments will end at their scheduled time
• Open seven per week.                                so that the next guest will not be delayed.
                                                    • Spa Packages are to be paid in full prior
                                                      to arrival.
gift vouchers
                                                    • Cancellation a minimum of 24 hours in order
• The ideal gift for any special occasion, Spa
                                                      to reschedule your treatments booked. Failure
  Salveo gift vouchers are available for any          to cancel treatments will result in the treatment
  treatment, product or package.                      being charged in full to your credit card.
• Gift vouchers are non-refundable and must be      • Vouchers are suitable for payments of
  presented at time of treatment or purchase.         treatments, packages and product, vouchers
  Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.              can not be refunded.
                                                    • If you suffer from any medical condition -
cancellation                                          including pregnancy, please advise us prior
                                                      to arrival.
• A minimum of 48 hours notice must be
                                                    • Please keep noise to a minimum.
  offered when cancelling a booking or the full
  cost of the appointment will be charged.          • Please turn off mobile phones and lap tops.
• Treatment details and prices are correct at the   • Swim wear must be worn in the pool and
  time of going to print although management          thermal suites.
  reserve the right to alter them at any time.      • Caps must be worn in pool.
                                                    • Underwear must be worn during spa treatments.
                                                    • Please communicate comfort levels
                                                      throughout your treatment.
                                                    • Gratuities are not included in the treatment price.
                                                    • Your therapist will advise on a home care
                                                      package after your treatments, your home
                                                      care recommendation will be tailored to
                                                      your specific concerns.
                                                                                     spa salveo
                                                             massage therapy

           aromatherapy            spa salveo deep tissue full body massage                 50mins
                                   This deep massage is focuses on stress and eases chronic muscle
      For thousands of years,      tension. Rhythmic massage pressure gives the body a vigorous
       people have relied on       work out. This massage can be tailored concentrating on your
    the power of plants and        specific areas of concern.
     scent to lift their moods,    spa salveo deep tissue back,
        calm their minds, and      neck and shoulder massage                                  20mins
  awaken their spirits. Kerstin    This deep massage focuses primarily on the back neck and shoulders
           Florian, we’ve spent    to relive chronic muscle tension.
        years researching the
                                   spa salveo swedish full body massage                     50mins
  connections between the
                                   A soothing relaxing massage tailor made to suit your needs, using
life-enhancing constituents
                                   a blend of aromatherapy oil.
      of essential oils and the
      sense of smell to refine     spa salveo swedish back massage                                 20mins
   this ancient approach to        Soothing back, neck and shoulder massage.
    renewal and well-being.        deluxe hot stone therapy massage (full body)             60mins
        With a select bouquet      This powerful and luxurious treatment uses heated basalt stones
    of organic aromatic oils,      to penetrate deeply into the muscle to relieve muscular tension,
        Kerstin Florian created    promoting physical and psychological relaxation, promoting inner
         a line of unsurpassed     peace and a healthier state of well being.
                                   deluxe hot stone back, neck and shoulder                         25mins
     products. Our masterful       This powerful and luxurious treatment uses heated basalt stones to
   compositions derive from        penetrate deeply into the muscle to relieve muscular tension, promoting
      fruits, blossoms, leaves,    physical and psychological relaxation, promoting inner peace and a
    bark, roots, berries, twigs,   healthier state of well being. Back neck and shoulders.
    seeds and rind. Whether
                                   therapeutic infrared massage (full body)                         60mins
           in a bath or creme,
                                   Experience the healing effects of this alternative massage, combining
         they confer lightness,    conventional therapeutic massage with Infrared therapy relieves stress,
   energy, peace, or clarity.      muscle spasms, aching joints, muscle pain and arthritis associated pain.
      Reawaken your senses.
      Reconnect with nature.       therapeutic infrared massage
     And restore your health.      (back, neck and shoulders)                              30mins
                                   A therapeutic massage concentrating primarily on the muscles on
                                   the back, neck and shoulders.

                                   spa spa salveo ritual                                          115mins
                                   From the soles of your feet to the crown of your head, this treatment is
                                   the ultimate in skin therapy. Full Body deep tissue massage followed
                                   by a relaxing specific facial, achieve dramatic results insantly!

                                   turkish scrub and full body massage                            90mins
                                   Unique Turkish mineral salts exfoliate the skin, stimulate circulation,
                                   uplift and energise, the salt scrub is removed with hot towels, a
                                   relaxing full body massage follows leaving your skin like velvet.
                                                                                      spa salveo
                                                                body treatments

              kur program          thermal mineral kur                                           90mins
                                   Based on the centuries old European tradition of using mud, and light
                  For centuries,   massage therapy, this treatment has a detoxifying and totally relaxing
             the European spa      effect. Two treatments in one, this Kur begins with an organic Moor
        experience has been        Mud body wrap. The mineral mud is showered off and the treatment
         centered around the       is followed by a full body massage using a soothing mineral crème
practice of “Taking the Kur”,      mixed with a detoxifying essential oil.
  a series of treatments that      lavender dreams                                             90mins
typically continue for ten to      Relax. Dreams of lavender fields kissed by the French sun envelop
 twenty days at a time, four       your senses as you drift on waves of blue. Breathe deep. Inhale the
  times a year. Using natural      calming and balancing benefits of wild lavender in this completely
  resources such as thermal        uplifting and rejuvenating spa experience which includes a two step
       mineral water, purifying    invigorating full body scrub, and a full body massage.
  algae, rare mud, essential       aromatherapy kur                                                   90mins
        oils and herbs, the Kur    Experience a 3,000-year-old ritual of rejuvenation. This unique treatment
 satisfies the body’s craving      begins with an invigorating mineral salt and essential oil exfoliation. A
   for minerals and nutrients,     luxurious aromatherapy massage follows the wrap using essential oils
    leaving the skin refreshed     intuitively chosen by the therapist.
 and the mind relaxed and          kräuter kur                                              90mins
      balanced. The following      Two treatments in one, this Kur commences with a soothing
         treatment packages        Chamomile Body Scrub to cleanse and exfloliate and a full body
     remineralise, nourish and     massage with lavender oil completes the experience, leaving one
            balance the body:      feeling totally revitalized.

                                                                                      spa salveo
                                                                           body scrubs
      Traditionally, salt and      turkish salt scrub                                              45mins
        granulated pumice          An invigorating thermal mineral salt exfoliation applied in a two-step
  stone have been used for         treatment utilizing thermal salt, rich in minerals and trace elements,
                                   followed by a loofah scrub with Thermal Mineral Shower/Bath Gel.
            centuries to clean
           the body. We have       hungarian body scrub                                     45mins
  followed this tradition and      A two-step, deep cleansing body exfoliation utilizing Exfoliating
      have assembled three         Body Scrub based on granulated pumice stone, thermal minerals
                                   and aromatherapy oils followed by a loofah scrub with Thermal
       body scrubs to suit all
                                   Mineral Shower/Bath Gel.
      skin types. Invigorating,
        medium and gentle.         chamomile body scrub                                         45mins
                                   This two-step, gentle body exfoliation utilizes a granulated pumice
                                   stone in a creme-base followed by a loofah scrub with Chamomile
                                   Shower/Bath Gel, rich in botanicals.
                              spa salveo                                             spa salveo
             hand and foot                                                   body wraps

aroma hand treatment                        45mins      Natural Resources such as thermal mud and
                                                        essential oils warmed during treatments,
This deluxe treatment incorporates a soothing
thermal mineral soak followed by a hand                 soothe the mind, promote circulation and
exfoliation, scalp, hand and arm massage.               detoxify the skin, as they help to relieve
                                                        muscle aches and pains.

aroma hand treatment
with manicure                               75mins      spirulina wrap                             60mins

This deluxe treatment incorporates a soothing           Using an all-natural, live Spirulina Algae harvested
mineral soak followed by a hand exfoliation,            from pure salt lakes in Southern California, this
scalp, hand and arm massage. Treatment                  seaweed treatment imparts essential vitamins,
includes full manicure and nail paint.                  minerals and protein to nourish and revitalize
                                                        the body. Very effective when used as part of a
                                                        slimming or nourishing program.
deluxe foot treatment                       45mins
This deluxe foot treatment stimulates the               moor mud wrap                              60mins
circulation to revitalize and re-mineralise the feet.
It includes a relaxing foot soak using Fuß‚ salts and   Moor Mud is legendary for its powerful therapeutic
eucalyptus bath, followed by a Turkish exfoliation      properties. This moor mud is a blend of botanical
scrub and completed with a de-stressing foot            materials, which has had natural interaction with
massage using cooling Fuß balm.                         thermal mineral water. Several thousand-year-old
                                                        moor mud remineralizes, soothes and rejuvenates
                                                        tired muscles and dull skin. Applied in a full body
deluxe foot treatment                                   wrap, including face application.
with pedicure                               75mins
This deluxe foot treatment stimulates the               essential oil wrap                         60mins
circulation to revitalize and re-mineralise the
feet. It includes a relaxing foot soak using Fuß‚       A luxurious application of aromatherapy oils
salts and eucalyptus bath, followed by a Turkish        mixed with Thermal Mineral Crème to relieve
exfoliation scrub and completed with a de-              muscle tension, promote detoxification and
stressing foot massage using cooling Fuß balm.          hydration. Your oil is chosen specifically for your
The treatment includes a full pedicure and              needs and blended with the crème. Your body
nail paint.                                             is first exfoliated after which you are lulled into
                                                        unconsciousness as your oils are applied. While
                                                        your oils penetrate deeply, the face is gently
                                                        massaged. Your skin is left superbly hydrated
                                                        and nourished.
                                                                                        spa salveo
                                                                         facial therapy

                   Kerstin Florian has created luxurious facials, which address all skin types.
Unique to Kerstin Florian treatments are two distinctive facial massages along with a results
                                               orientated fifteen point acupressure exercise.

A N T I - A G E I N G FA C I A L T H E R A P Y            refresher facial                            30mins
antioxidant vitamin c facial                     60mins   A deep cleansing introductory facial based
                                                          on Hungarian Moor Mud, which refines and
This oxygenating, anti-ageing facial utilises
                                                          remineralizes dull, lifeless skin. Includes a skin
ingredients brimming with antioxidants - including
                                                          analysis and short massage of the face and
an application of a natural Spirulina Algae rich in
                                                          shoulders, as well as a hand treatment.
protein, vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts
- to combat premature ageing and provide
skin with a healthy glow. This facial includes a          spa salveo specific facial                  60mins
luxurious massage, a Vitamin C Ampoule and
                                                          A relaxing treatment for any skin type which
hydrating hand treatment. Skin becomes visibly
                                                          includes a gentle exfoliation to remove dull
smoother and younger looking.
                                                          surface skin cells, a luxurious massage, hydrating
                                                          or cleansing masque and botanical extracts to
                                                          rejuvenate and nourish the skin. A heated hand
A N T I - A G E I N G FA C I A L T H E R A P Y            treatment completes the experience.
aromatherapy facial                              90mins
Reconnect with nature, spirit and self with this          med skin rescue facial                      90mins
deluxe facial based on the ancient and influential        The ultimate sensitive skin facial protects, corrects
art of Aromatherapy. Centered around a global             and rebuilds skin affected by environmental
bouquet of skin renewing aromatic oils, this facial       elements, rosacea, aggressive peels and laser
imparts complete vitality and relaxation. Includes        treatments. Using natural Med Skin Products
an invigorating foot soak, specially developed            and original techniques this luxury treatment
aromatherapy facial, scalp and foot massage               includes an algae peel off masque to calm
and Couperose or Vitamin C Ampoule.                       inflammation and uniquely nourish and heal
                                                          each sensitive skin condition. Facial includes
                                                          a relaxing pressure point scalp massage also
A D V A N C E D A N T I - A G E I N G FA C I A L          hand, arm and nail treatment.

caviar facial                                    90mins
A decadent, luxurious facial that firms, tones,           med skin correcting facial                  90mins
refines and deeply hydrates the skin with                 This facial corrects and improves uneven skin
protein rich Caviar and powerful antioxidants.            colour, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, dull
Exclusive Caviar products infuse the skin with            or dry patches, clogged or enlarged pores
age defying nutrients to smooth fine lines and            and loss of elasticity. Using natural Med Skin
improve texture. A lifting facial massage visibly         Care products and original techniques the
firms and tones, while our Marine Matrix Sheet            treatment includes a 20% glycolic peel and
provides intensive hydration to instantly restore         enzyme peel for accelerated skin refinement.
radiance. Results are immediate, leaving                  Facial includes a relaxing pressure point scalp
skin looking supple, healthy and luminescent.             massage also hand, arm and nail treatment.
                                                                                  spa salveo
                                                          gentlemen’s club

All treatments listed in the brochure are           deluxe hot stone therapy massage
suitable for men we have picked out a               (full body)                    60mins
few of our favourites for you.                      This powerful and luxurious treatment uses heated
                                                    basalt stones to penetrate deeply into the muscle
                                                    to relieve muscular tension, promoting physical
                                                    and psychological relaxation, promoting inner
spa salveo men’s ritual                 115mins     peace and a healthier state of well being.
Full body deep tissue massage followed by a
gentlemen’s facial.                                 therapeutic infrared massage
                                                    (full body)                                60mins
spa salveo deep tissue                              Experience the healing effects of this alternative
back massage                             20mins     massage, combining conventional therapeutic
                                                    massage with Infrared therapy relieves stress,
Focusing primarily on the back neck and shoulder
                                                    muscle spasms, aching joints, muscle pain and
area, relieving stress and tension.
                                                    arthritis associated pain.

spa salveo deep tissue                              gentlemen’s facial                     60mins
full body massage                        50mins     A deep-cleansing, therapeutic facial designed
This deep massage is focuses on stress and eases    specifically for the special skin care needs
chronic muscle tension. Rhythmic massage            of men. Relaxes the skin as it refines pores.
pressure gives the body a vigorous work out.        Includes a luxurious massage and deep-
This massage can be tailored concentrating on       cleansing masque. Specifically addresses
your specific areas of concern.                     sensitivity and razor burn.

                                                                                  spa salveo
                                                                    mini pampers
travellers tension                       20mins     foot and ankle massage                      20mins
Experience this neck and shoulder massage           A sensory experience for the feet, your feet will
using aromatherapy oils and feel the stress         feel like they are walking on air, with this foot and
and tension of everyday life fade away.             ankle massage followed by an application of
                                                    foot massage using cooling Fuß balm.
indian head massage                      30mins
This scalp massage incorporates ancient             spa salveo taster                           60mins
techniques, the ideal treatment for scalp           Combine a 30 minute spa express facial with
massage devotees.                                   a relaxing 30 minute back neck and shoulder
                                                    massage tailor made for your concerns.
relaxing scalp massage                   20mins
Using key pressure points, this tension relieving
scalp massage is the ultimate in promoting
relaxation and reducing stress levels.
                             spa salveo                                            spa salveo
                      mama mio                              beauty essentials

lighten up                                 30mins     At Spa Salveo we also provide a full range
A warm, fragrant mineral salt-rich Mama Mio           of beauty treatments. from make up for
Foot Soak to energise, reduce swelling and            that special day to waxing and tinting.
stimulate circulation. Includes a gentle hand,
lower leg and foot massage.
free your mind                             45mins     File and Paint                              20mins
A treatment designed to ease you of the stresses      File and French Paint                       30mins
associated with pregnancy. A cooling Mama
                                                      Manicure or Pedicure                        60mins
Mio Eye Compress combined with pulse-point
                                                      Using Essie Nail products.
Gravida therapy initiates the relaxation. A gentle
face and head massage will release cranial
and jaw tension followed by a deep neck and           make-up
shoulder massage.
                                                      Professional Make-up                        25mins
free-loader                            45mins         Pre-wedding Make-up                         60mins
A wonderful back and upper body massage
specifically designed to release tensions and         tinting
muscle fatigue. This treatment focuses on the
muscles that are responsible for supporting the       Eyebrow Tinting                             15mins
pregnant tummy.                                       Eyelash Tinting                             15mins
                                                      Eyebrow Shaping                             15mins
the yummy tummy                          45mins       * Please note that all tinting requires a
This treatment begins with an application of            patch test 24 hours prior to treatment.
Gravida Pulse Point Oil and gentle skin brushing
to increase circulation, gently exfoliate and
improve the tonicity of the skin. A concentrated
serum and deep treatment mask will be applied         Full Leg                                    30mins
to soothe and moisturize the abdomen. Enjoy           Full Leg and Bikini                         60mins
a relaxing lower leg and foot massage as the          Half Leg                                    20mins
Intensive Tummy Stretch-ease Serum and mask
                                                      Bikini Leg                                  20mins
take effect.
                                                      Back Wax                                    20mins
the smoothie                               60mins     Lip Wax                                     15mins
A gentle and effective all over exfoliation of your   Chin Wax                                    15mins
skin to stimulate cell regeneration - increasing      Upper Lip Wax                               15mins
skin strength and elasticity.                         Eye Brow Wax                                15mins
Followed by a relaxing massage… All that and
you get gorgeous glowing skin.
                                                      specialized waxing
4th trimester healing hour                  60mins
                                                      Brazilian Wax                               45mins
Up to four months after baby, your body is still      Half Leg and Brazilian Wax                  60mins
behaving as though it is pregnant - this treatment
                                                      Full Leg and Brazilian Wax                  75mins
helps alleviate the issues of water retention,
stimulates circulation and relaxing muscle and        Hollywood Wax                               45mins
nerves. New motherhood can be exhausting              Half Leg and Hollywood Wax                  60mins
and sometimes it is you who needs mothering.          Full Leg and Hollywood Wax                  75mins