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									                                                                                                           VOLUME 26, ISSUE 98

        WINTER 2009

                              “YOU MADE CHRISTMAS BETTER”
   Damascus                                                     us, but you know we have
                                  For most of us, Christmas                                        blankets, sheets and tow-
  Community Church is                                           been through a lot and some
                              is a fun time. We’re with                                            els and also fun items like
  honored each year                                             have not been with our fami-
                              people we enjoy, we eat food                                         sports equipment, games,
  to participate in                                             lies in a long time.
  Youth Guidance
                              we enjoy, we receive gifts we                                        DVD’s, and movie tickets.
                              enjoy. We don’t think of          Sam: You have given me             These are things that the
  Association’s                                                 hope and joy from your gift.
  Up a Life                   Christmas as being a bad                                             kids will benefit from
                              experience; but for many of       Thank you for lighting up my       throughout the year, and
  program. This year                                            life with your thoughtfulness.
  God gave us an              the kids in our programs, it is                                      we are so grateful.
                                                                Steve: Thank you for the gift
  opportunity to              a sad and lonely time. It is a                                          This year, we were also
                                                                card. I love it! Now I can go
  involve both our            reminder that they are away                                          blessed to receive three
                                                                Christmas shopping for the
  church body and the         from their families and they      rest of my family. Thank you       very special gifts: a Bow-
  students of our             don’t know when, if ever,         for giving me a Christmas.         flex exercise machine for
  Damascus Christian          they will be with them again.     Joey: I want to thank you for      our Charis Ridge Program
  High School in this         It is a reminder that their       the sweatshirt. It means a         and a big-screen TV and all
  rewarding ministry          futures are uncertain.            lot to me. Thanks for caring. It   -wood foosball table for
  that is meeting the            As I read the thank you        makes me feel better.              Son Village. The Bowflex is
  real needs of hurting       notes the kids wrote this         Ellis: Thank you for spending      perfect for our setting, and
  kids in our ‘Judea
                              year, I was struck by how         the time, effort, and money        the boys started using it
  and Samaria.’ It is
                              many of our young people          to help us have a better           immediately. They were so
  our joy to join with
                              commented on the fact that        Christmas. Our holiday spirit      excited. Needless to say,
  YGA, and we look                                              was buoyed knowing that
                              receiving the gifts and notes                                        the big screen TV was also
  forward to a                                                  people out there care about
                              through “Light Up A Life” did                                        a BIG hit! And there is a
  growing partnership                                           us.
  in the future.”
                              make Christmas better for         Chris: Thank you very much         special story behind the
                              them; and I thought the best      for taking the time to get         foosball table. We have a
       —Andy McClellan        way to express our apprecia-                                         staff person named Jeromi,
                                                                these gifts for us. I think if
                              tion to you for your support      everyone was as caring and         who started working as a
                              would be to share some of         thoughtful as people like you,     residential counselor at
                              those comments with you—          this world would be a lot          Son Village 17 months ago.
                              to let you hear directly from     better than it is today.           From the beginning, Jeromi
                              the kids.                         People like you
YGA WELCOMES              2
                              Matthew: As for us, we had a      make Christmas
MEMBER                        wonderful Christmas. We           a little easier for
                              were really blessed thanks to     us guys.
WISH LIST                 2
                              people like you who go out of        In addition to
YOU MADE                  2
                              their way to make sure kids       the individual
CHRISTMAS BETTER              who are in programs can have      gifts that were
CONT’D                        something for Christmas. You      given, people
                              made things better for us all,    contributed
DESK                          and I just wanted to tell you     very practical
                              that I really appreciate it.      and needed
A LIFE OF SERVICE         3   Roger: I know you don’t know
                                                                items like
       ADVOCATE                                                                                     Page 2


                                in 1997, John completed      School Resource Officer          swimming competitively in
                                a double degree in           for Sam Barlow HS and,           hopes of making it into
                                Speech Communication         among his other respon-          the Olympics. Now he is
                                and Christian Theology at    sibilities, is also a Public     content to swim and
                                Whitworth College. John      Information Officer and          have fun with his kids.
                                had an excellent rapport     Hostage Negotiator. In               When asked why he
                                with the boys at Son         asking John about his            was interested in serving
                                Village and was soon         experience with Youth            on the YGA Board, John
                                given case management        Guidance, he said that           said this: “I appreciate
                                responsibilities, which      he loved working at both         the fact that the staff
                                became his full-time role    Son Village and Charis           really value the kids.
                                in 2000.                     Ridge and that his time          The work YGA does with
                                   When John decided to      at Son Village especially        kids is incredible, and I
       The commitment of        pursue police work as        helped to prepare him for        believe that YGA’s
   our staff often goes be-     the next step in his ca-     his current role.                mission is what really
   yond the time of their       reer, he continued with          In his time outside of       sets it apart from other
   employment with YGA, as      YGA on a part-time basis,    work, John really enjoys         programs.” We are so
   is the case with John        providing essential con-     spending time with his           pleased to welcome John
   Rasmussen, our newest        sultation and training for   family. John and his             to the YGA Board and are
   Board member. John           what was then our new-       wife, Kelly, have been           confident that he will
   was born and raised in       est program, Charis          married 11 years and             play a significant role in
   the East Bay area of Cali-   Ridge. John has been         have two great kids, with        helping move the organi-
   fornia. Before coming on     with the Gresham Police      a third on the way. Earlier      zation toward achieving
   staff as a Residential       Department now for over      in his life, John spent a        its mission.
   Counselor at Son Village     three years. He is the       great deal of his free time


                                                                WE WISH WE HAD A . . .
   has considered his position a “mission” as well as a
   job. Jeromi has a huge heart for the kids he works           YGA is feeling the economic pinch, just as you probably are. In
   with, and his family immediately became interested in        spite of that, we were amazed by the generosity of the many
   what Jeromi was doing. Last fall they invited some of        people who gave to YGA during the holidays. We were thrilled
   the boys to their home for a “raclette (which is a spe-
                                                                by the many Christmas gifts that were provided for the kids in
   cial cheese from France) dinner.” The boys had a
                                                                our programs and for the Bowflex machine, foosball table and
   great time. As Christmas approached, Jeromi’s family
   talked about wanting to do something special for the         big screen TV which they will enjoy for years to come.
   boys at Son Village, and they all decided to go to-          Below are some of the things still on our wish list. If you or
   gether to purchase a new foosball table. But it wasn’t       someone you know would be interested in donating any of
   just Jeromi’s parents. It was siblings, grandparents,        these items to YGA, please contact our office (503) 234-0085.
   aunts and uncles. It spoke volumes to the kids that
   Jeromi’s whole family would do this for them. They
   even brought the foosball table to the Center and            •   Four-wheel drive tractor (capable of moving snow)
   spent three hours with the boys putting it together.         •    One or two 5 KW (or larger) generators to provide
      That is really the essence of what “Light Up A Life”          emergency backup power
   is all about. People, like you, give to help meet the        •   Pick-up truck to be used as a maintenance vehicle
   real needs of these kids; but in that simple gesture of
   kindness, you give much more—you give a message of           •   Scissors lift for a variety of maintenance projects
   love and of hope, and that not only makes Christmas
   better for them, it can make the future better, too.
   VOLUME 26, ISSUE 98                                                                              Page 3


            Snow in our part      work on snow and ice-          give of themselves.
   of Oregon is usually a hit     covered roadways. It
                                                                          Over three feet of
   and run event. Predic-         changed holiday visit
                                                                 snow fell at our Son
   tions of it generate high      plans for our residents. It
                                                                 Village location, necessi-
   hopes in school children,      even forced the postpone-
                                                                 tating an immense
   excitement and hype on         ment of our staff Christ-
                                                                 amount of work on the
   the news programs, and         mas party.
                                                                 grounds. Even with so
   perhaps a little anxiety
                                           It took a tremen-     many boys helping out,
   for people worried about
                                  dous amount of commit-         we weren’t able to keep up
   getting to work or what
                                  ment and effort on the         with the shoveling and
   they’ll do if school is can-
                                  part of our staff to get to    had to bring in a plow         Martin Lowen,
   celled. Such predictions
                                  work. Some were forced to      three times to dig out the     Executive Director
   usually result in a brief                                                                    Youth Guidance Association
                                  stay at work much longer       driveway and parking
   or slushy appearance on
                                  than planned to fill in for    areas. One flat roof also
   the higher hills. But this                                                                  snow to fall this winter,
                                  those who were stranded.       had to be cleared to lessen
   year has been different,                                                                    I’m confident that even if
                                  Others volunteered to fill     the weight.
   and we are still feeling                                                                    it does, our staff will con-
                                  in where needed, and all                When the snow
   the impact.                                                                                 tinue to demonstrate their
                                  did it with a positive atti-   finally did start melting
           It started before      tude and a desire to see       and sliding off the roofs,    dedication to the mission
   Christmas. Cold weather        that the kids we work          the gutters came down         of this agency.
   combined with lots of          with were well taken care      with it. The resulting
   moisture left our staff        of. We are very blessed as     damage at Son Village
   scrambling and impro-          an agency with an amazing      will exceed $3,000. While
   vising ways to get to          staff who continuously         nobody is wanting more


            It was with great       1969, spoke of the           source of encourage-
   pleasure and gratitude           model of leadership          ment in difficult situa-
   that the YGA Board hon-          Dave has provided            tions. His creative think-
   ored long-time member,           throughout the years.        ing and initiative have
   David Culver, for over 40        From the beginning,          brought about changes
   years of service to Youth        Dave has shown that          that have served the
   Guidance. Leroy Moody,           he truly has a heart for     organization very well.
   current Board Chair,             troubled kids. When                   Most of all,
   presented Dave with a            Youth Guidance was           countless young lives
   plaque granting him              formed, Dave actually        have been impacted be-
   honorary lifetime mem-           took a year off from work    cause of the leadership
   bership.                         to assist in the start up.   Dave has provided. We
            Dick Smith, who                  It has been that    cannot thank him
   became the Executive             kind of commitment that      enough for his years of
   Director when the Youth          has marked Dave’s            dedicated service and
   Guidance division of             service. He has been a       the tremendous contri-        Dave Culver, recognized for 40
                                                                                                  years of service to YGA.
   Portland Youth for Christ        source of wisdom in          bution he has made to
   was established in               challenging times and a      this organization.
                                                                                                                   Non Profit
                                                                                                                   US Postage

                                                                                                                 Permit No 5666
  BUILDING          COMMUNITIES                                                                                   Portland , OR

  Youth Guidance Association
  2730 NE Flanders
  Portland, OR 97232
  Phone: 503 234-0085


OUR MISSION                                      OUR PEOPLE                      BOARD OF REFERENCE
To help youth experience healing and develop
                                                 Martin Lowen                    Honorable Mark Hatfield
the motivation, responsibility, stable values
                                                 Executive Director              U.S. Senator Oregon (Retired)
and skills to make successful choices in life.
                                                 Shirley Heck                    Dr. Ron Post
OUR PURPOSE                                      Program Administrator           Founder of NW Medical Teams International
To meet the physical, social, emotional and
spiritual needs of youth and their families      Cecilia Ringsage                Dr. Pamela Reeve
through residential treatment, counseling,       Charis Ridge Program Director   Multnomah Bible College and Seminary
advocacy, and support services.                  Dan Rogers                      Dick Reiten
                                                 Son Village Program Director    NW Natural Gas
YGA currently operates two highly structured     Tanya Muirbrook                 Ron Timpe
residential treatment programs for troubled      Girls’ Program Director         Standard Insurance of Oregon
adolescents, Son Village and Charis Ridge.
                                                 Larry Guisinger
These programs emphasize self-discipline,
                                                 Facilities Manager
personal responsibility and respect. YGA
also has a strong commitment to working
with the families of the youth in its care.

                         VISIT OUR WEB SITE AT WWW.YGAPDX.ORG


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