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MLA Style Reports by uke41009


									MLA Style Reports
                MLA Report
•   Set all margins to 1 inch.
•   Set header and footer margin at .5 inches.
•   Double space entire report.
•   Create a header with your last name and
    page number right aligned.
    – View/Header Footer
             MLA Style Report
•  At Left Margin type
  – Your Name
  – Instructor's name (Mr. Mosbacher)
  – Course (Eighth Grade Technical Lab)
  – Due Date (11 February 2009)
  – Press enter
• Center title on the top line and type in initial
   caps. If the title is longer than one line, then
   double space between the lines.
          MLA Style Report
• Indent paragraphs.
• In the body of the paper, references are
  placed in parentheses using the author’s last
  name and the page number(s) where the
  referenced information is located, like:
   (Brown 21-24) or if author is unknown list
  by article title (“Pearl Harbor”).
• Parenthetical reference is place before
  ending punctuation.
          MLA Style Report
• Paper is not written in first person
• Paper is written in five-paragraph essay
 MLA Style “Works Cited Page”
• Used instead of bibliography. Use a separate
  numbered page. Title of the page is "Works
  Cited" (without quotes), centered 1-inch from
  the top of page.
• Double space all lines.
• Use a ½" hanging indent for all source entries.
• Author’s last name goes first. Alphabetize
  entries. Paste from prior citation document.

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