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									                   for the Cure
Hearth is a six letter word that for many means Hope, Encouragement, Acceptance,
Reassurance, Trust and Help. We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website
and showing an interest in this six letter word and our Commission for the Cure campaign.

As a drop in centre, in the comfort of a home like atmosphere, Hearth Place Cancer Support
Centre is committed to providing community support for patients and their families dealing
with cancer through peer support, information, a resource centre, wellness programs and an
ongoing lecture and discussion series. Hearth Place also offers a puppet show for elementary
students to teach them compassion and caring for children who have returned to school
following cancer treatment. As Hearth Place explores new programs for 2009, they are looking
at ways of incorporating music therapy, a couple's connection retreat, community outreach
and a healing garden. Hearth Place is a support centre where cancer patients and their
families can come and share their experiences, find resources and discover new ways to care
for themselves and each other.

Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre is the first place recommended by physicians and
Oncology experts at Lakeridge Health Oshawa as well as other Hospitals around the GTA to visit
when one has been diagnosed with any type of
Cancers. (Programs click)

Support Commission for the Cure:
Hearth Place does not receive ongoing government funding and relies on corporate
sponsorships, donations from the public as well as fundraising events in the community. In
these times of economic uncertainty for so many, the need for support for our families is
greater than ever. This is why we at McRobert Homes have created the Commission for the
Cure campaign, at no charge to you.
We have created Gift Cards that can be used for our services to buy and/or sell your property.
We will then, on your behalf, donate $ 500.00 per sale and $500.00 per purchase from our
commissions earned to Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre for a total of $1,000.00 donation!
You will be provided with a charitable tax receipt from Hearth Place for this donation.

McRobert eserve it!
          D       You 
How can you help?

1. Order your Free Gift Card for You, a Friend or Family Member.

2. Have a home to sell, buy or Pay it Forward to someone who does by passing on the Gift

3. Present us with the Commission for the Cure Gift Card.

4. Use our service for buying and selling your property.

5. Upon closing $500 for buying and/or $500 for selling of our commissions earned will be made
to Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre on your behalf.

6. You will receive a Charitable Tax Receipt for the amount donated.

7. Have the Extraordinary Feeling of helping a great cause in our community.

Where to get your Gift Cards?
Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre: Jenny Souch, phone number: 905-579-4833
Commission For the Cure web site:
McRobert Homes Web Site:
Coldwell Banker RMR Oshawa: 179 King St E, Oshawa, ON
Various Events around Durham:
Carway Motors: Tyler Jacklyn: 71 Bloor St East Oshawa
RBC Mortgage Spiciest Andrew Brown:

Do you have an experience you would like to share with others on why you are
supporting the Commission for the Cure campaign?

If you would like to share your experience with cancer, Hearth Place or write on the behalf of
someone you know that inspired you to experience the Commission for the Cure campaign,
please send your letters to Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre or to us at and we will include your letters on our website to help inspire
Commission for the Cure Sponsors:
We would like to thank our Sponsors for all there help and generosity. We highly recommend these companies to serve you.

                                                                          businessprojectservices inc.
                                                                          graphic design & photography

                                                                          Adam Strongman

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