; 2009 Stay in School Request Letter
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2009 Stay in School Request Letter


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									Being a kid these days is not always easy, but sometimes an inspirational word from a role model
is all it takes to help a young person make positive choices. Through the ComFree Stay in
School program, Edmonton Eskimo players like Kamau Peterson, Patrick Kabongo and Shannon
Garrett deliver powerful messages about relevant issues such as bullying, having a positive
attitude and the importance of a good education.

In order to better serve the many requests for ComFree Stay in School visits, the players prefer to
speak to school assemblies or groups of 40 or more students in grades 4–12. The players will
speak for approximately 30 minutes, followed by a question and answer session.

To book a ComFree Stay in School visit to your school, please fill out the form below and
fax it to the Edmonton Eskimo Football Club at (780) 429-3452 Attention: Community
Relations. Please pay particular attention to minimum audience size and preferred grade level
requirements. Visits will take place in February through April and are limited in number. Only
those schools chosen to participate will be contacted. For more information, please refer to our
web site at www.esks.com and click on Community.

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